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Awesome / We Were Young Once

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  • Sauron tortures Bregolion and blinds him, then leaves him to be eaten by wolves. Thranduil rescues him. Does Bregolion succumb to his injuries or fade? No.
    ...Thranduil could not manage to despair so long as Bregolion bravely sat his horse regardless of the pain it must be causing him, grasping the mane with his remaining fingers and wearing a linen bandage over his sightless eyes. Tortured and turned out to the mercy of the necromancer's beasts, many others would have already forsaken their lives. Thranduil recognized in him the same indomitable resilience he had seen in Gwaelas, the same will to endure that Sauron had failed to appreciate.
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  • Thranduil returns from Imladris to find Sauron has encroached further into the Greenwood. He and his army promptly go and kill every Orc, warg, spider, etc. in their part of the forest.


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