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Awesome / The Wheel and the Butterfly Saga

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  • Dan accidentally saving Pinkie Pie, by taking out the mugger who was harassing her, when she first arrived.
  • Dan managed to decipher that Pinkie Pie, a girl he had just met was a pony from a world of magical talking ponies, just from small details, like how she talked and walked like she wasn't used to walking on two legs.
  • Pinkie telling Dan off, after one too many insults.
  • Many of Dan and Pinkie's plans are this.
  • The Author somehow made Pinkie trying to check out at the clothing store one of the most awesome, memorable, funny, and breathtaking scenes ever.
    • Though they're played for laughs, the employees of said store are made of awesome.
  • Pinkie telling off the restraint, after they accidentally put cheese on Dan's sandwich. Even Dan is impressed.
  • Dan, Chris, and Pinkie, working together to tear apart an android with medieval weapons, after he made them run an obstacle course, than burning down said course.
    • Pinkie being able to learn moves that took Sunset months.
  • Chris and Pinker Pie OWNING Sunset Shimmer, at the ice skating contest, especially after the sheer amount of Jerkass Sunset displayed beforehand. Topped off with Flash dumping her.
  • Although it quickly becomes a Tear Jerker; Dan and Pinkie fighting each other to a draw, while armed with a baseball bat and crowbar respectively, was pretty cool. Especially for Dan, who earlier in the story, was terrified of Pinkie to the point of being completely at her mercy. Goes to show, 'no one can piss Dan off forever.
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  • When Dan is about to set a fancy hotel on fire for being a fancy hotel while Pinkie begs him not to, Elise calmly remind him that they told Chris and Pinkie they could have as much as they want at the buffet. He happily "forgives" the hotel.
  • Pinkie giving a well-earned "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Elise's parents.
  • Elise saving her family from the Serial Killer/ Wendigo.
  • Elise delivering an epic and much needed No Holds Barred Beat Down to father and telling off both her parents, for trying to control her life, to the point attempting to murder her husband and set her up with her Jerkass ex-boyfriend.
    • Afterwards, when Elise's father tries to tries to save face and offers Chris a hug, after trying to outright murder him. Chris accepts by giving him a tight hug (While he is still bruised from Elise's beating), before giving an Ironic Echo to an exchange they had in the original series.
  • Don (Elise's dad) has been giving Chris crap about not being a real (Despite Chris showing he was willing to run out and save them.) man the whole time, while he himself has done nothing but complain. Chris finally tells him off for this, before saving all of them, by luring the Wendigo away, to give them a chance to kill it.
    • Also, Pinkie and Dan shutting Don up, after the latter suggested they "honor" Chris' sacrifice by saving themselves.
    Pinkie: Ooo Ooo! Or I could chop off Don's legs with my chainsaw and let the monster eat him while we escape.
    (Don Looks at Pinkie's chainsaw)
    Don: Uh...
    Dan: Don't think she won't do it.
  • Chris transforming into his "Bear Mode", when the monster catches him
    Chris: Alright monster. You want a fight? Let’s get feral.
  • The ensuing battle does not disappoint:
    • Bear!Chris catching the Wendigo off guard and knocking it down and then fighting the creature literally tooth nail, while shrugging off powerful blows, from the fifteen foot monster with claws several feet long!
      • At one point, Chris jumps on its face and bites its nose!
    • Just as it looks like Chris on the ropes, we hear shots coming out of nowhere to reveal Elise, her parents, Dan, and Pinkie pulling an epic Big Damn Heroes moment!
    • First Don blinds the thing by hitting a birdy with a badminton, into the Wendigo's eye! Then Pinkie using her mouth, starts her chainsaw, as she runs towards the beast, before jumping up and driving said chainsaw into its guts! Meanwhile, Dan slides under its legs and hacks its artery with a machete!
    • Then, after the beast collapses, Dan jumps up and runs on its chest, holding a canteen of hot lard (It Makes Sense in Context). But when the creature tries to slam its claws onto Dan, Pinkie hacks into the part of its chest over the heart, where Dan pours the liquid in!
    • As the creature lashes out in agony, it smack Dan into a tree, where while going to check on him, Pinkie and Dan have a first The Big Damn Kiss. Not to mention Dan shrugs it off like he just bump his head.
  • Pinkie telling off Elise for talking like she is on any moral high ground over Dan by throwing down her secret file (That they obtained while successfully breaking into a government agency) and reminding her that she and Dan are Not So Different.
  • Dan, Pinkie, Elise, and the mechanic teaming up to build a giant robot, just because it's awesome!
  • The climax of the Dr. Jerk and Party Hard vs. Terry-Guy arc.
  • Dan playing Twilight like a boss, to put on a magic show for him and later, to give him an Hyperspace Arsenal to store his blessed bainets.
  • As of chapter 163, Dan and Pinkie get to team up with Ash Williams in order to fight off a Deadite invasion. Let that sink in.
  • The entirety of part 9, Dan & Pinkie vs. the Order Keepers. After the aforementioned TOK kidnap Pinkie and Dan, the guy's rage fuels him with enough energy to take the void and rip it a new one, traumatizing the eldritch horrors. The pair can't actually kill any of them, but like the Auditors in the Discworld, once corporeal, they can still feel pain...

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