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Funny / The Wheel and the Butterfly Saga

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  • Anytime Dan and Pinkie put their insane brains together. Pancake launcher anyone?
    • Especially if they are at a Lenny's.
      • Chris and Elise's reaction to them spotting a Lenny's.
  • This exchange, while Chris is picking a place to eat:
    Elise: Say Burgerphile and I will hurt you.
    Pinkie: Say Lenny's and I can't be responsible for what I do.
    Dan: Say anything and I will punch. (Beat) I wanted to be a part of the conversation.
  • After a brutally going at each other with blunt force weapons and having a touching friendship moment, what do Pinkie and Dan do? They start poking each other's bruises.
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  • As with the show, much of Chris and Dan's bickering is amusing.
  • 'Every single second of Pinkie's attempt to check out at a clothing store. And it happens every time!
  • Dan and Chris trying recreate Pinkie's photo album is this combined with a dose of Heartwarming.
  • The entire chapter with Dan meeting Pinkie's friends from Equestria for the first time is full of funny moments.
  • The In-universe shipping is pretty amusing.
  • The ranking in the Army of Dan debate.note 
  • Pinkie and Dan taking Crazy-Prepared and Genre Savvy to new levels in the camping arc.
  • Though kind of sad, a monster subverting "Friendship fixes everything" and Pinkie's friends attempting to patch her up is pretty funny.
  • Dan and Pinkie made a list of twenty six possible solutions to problems, in alphabetical order with every letter. Viewable as the bonus chapter in part six.
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  • The gang’s antics at the bakery.
  • Dan proving he isn't an impostor to Chris outside the bakery.
  • Pinkie trying to telling Dan they are both dorks, only for Dan to accidentally quote a famous scene, while trying to deny.
    Dan: That’s impossible!!!!
    Pinkie: Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
  • The chaos and anarchy that follows, after Pinkie curiously ventures into the adult only part of an Anime shop.
  • The teams conflicts with the Jerkass Super Hero/Villain Terry-Guy.
    • Him showing up to harass Pinkie and Dan at the supermarket, only for Dan to immediately hit him with a bottle of hot sauce, his one weakness.
      • His constant complaining about having a literal Weak Sauce Weakness and the fact that it seems to be well known.
    • The very idea of Dan and Pinkie Pie forming a villainous duo (Dr. Jerk and Party Hard), is comedy gold!
    • Pinkie trying to stop Dan from hitting Terry with another bottle, only for Dan to explain what Terry meant when he called her a "street walker". Cue Pinkie grabbing a bottle herself.
      • Terry constantly trying to swear vengeance, only for all party members to ignore him.
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    • Dan and Pinkie critiquing Terry's Evil Costume Switch, pointing out how cliche the Red and Black and Evil All Over look is, and then getting distracted by the cool names of a couple shades of purple they thought would look better.
    • Dan and Elise still bickering, even while trying to fend off a mad superhero.
      • At one point, Dan says he'll take back 'one bad thing he's said to Elise.
    • Terry making an Accidental Pun when he says he'll take down Dan with his pinkie (finger).
    • Pinkie getting a mega caffeine/sugar rush and fighting Terry is both this and a CMOA. Anything that could be put here could not do it justice.
  • The next couple chapters, were a welcome fun pair of Breather Episodes, in between two long arcs.
  • Dan manipulating Twilight into putting on a magic show and later, giving him a Hyperspace Arsenal.

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