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     Volume 1 

     Volume 2 
  • The fact that the school has been organising Kyubey hunts almost every year and succeeding. Also, the fact that Kyubey has developed fear from being hunted by everyone so long, especially Nora, who it fears for trying to eat it.
  • The Slender Man saving Weiss and Jaune from being abducted, before revealing his true a bonafide badass who has no small love for anime.
  • Hokuago Tea-Time vs Team RWBY. That is all. Especially when Hokuago Tea-Time wins, forcing Blake into a Heroic BSoD caused by her favoured manliness being beaten horribly by the power of moeblobs.
  • Raven versus Adam during Animecon. Bonus points for the Big Damn Heroes moment from teams RWBY and JNPR.
    • Props to Adam for, using nothing but a quickdraw, parrying what was essentially the Tsubame Gaeshi. To add some context: the Tsubame Gaeshi is essentially a sword strike from multiple directions at the same time with one slash. Raven managed to replicate it with her Semblance. Adam, without using a Semblance or Dust, parried it.
    • Props to Minako, too, for blocking the blindingly fast Adam's sword with an even faster summon of Orpheus Telos.
  • The Tankery Club versus the Mecha Club. The entire thing.
    • Nora being a Combat Pragmatist with Miltiades and taking out the Nirvash and Shinkiro before they can do anything, leaving Blake to face a Spiral-buffed Panzer IV, Tiger I and the Edelweiss.
    • Isara's smoke shells fooling Blake into an ambush that she would have outright lost if it wasn't for Giga Drill Maximum.
    • The fact that a bunch of WWII-era tanks beat a Humongous Mecha- and the Gurren Lagann of all giant mecha, using nothing more than tank shells, smokescreens and pragmatism.
    • Nora throwing back Blake's Borrowed Catchphrase before engaging her in battle is awesome, as well as Nora replacing it with PANZER VOR!.
    • The fact that it was also a Curb-Stomp Battle on the part of the Tankery club, who took out the other two mecha before they could fight, and nearly beat Blake if it wasn't for Giga Drill Maximum counts. Not only that, but the Gurren Lagann is outright wrecked by the end, while the Tiger and the Panzer are only missing pieces of armor and one tread, and the Edelweiss is barely scorched- making it an outright loss for Blake overall.
    • Finally, an ordinary Panzer IV standing up to the Edelweiss is also a moment of awesome, even if overshadowed by their Enemy Mine against Blake.
  • Beth subverting Karma Houdini and forcing Yang to face a detention during the Yangilocks chapter by judicious use of a grappling hook.
  • The Cockerel Festival, even if the Reality Subtext is a Tear Jerker, is still full of this.
    For a moment, as Blake studied Ozpin's expression, she was reminded not of a kindly, eccentric mentor, but of a far older, ancient warrior, his will to fight tempered by years upon years of endless battles, unintimidated by anything that would attempt to make him feel fear. This was not Ozpin the headmaster of Beacon, this was Ozpin, the Huntsman of old, feared throughout the Four Kingdoms and even amongst the Magus Association, the fighter of battles known and unknown, whose name was still whispered in hushed whispers though he had exchanged his battle armor for the robes of a scholar.

    And in all her obsession with manliness, Blake realised that even her beloved Kamina paled in the calm fury Ozpin was hiding underneath the surface.
    • Ren versus Ruby: Ren and Ruby beat each other around the city hard, fight through a falling pile of rubble until Ren wins and gets to a superior position. He then pulls off Monty's Badass Armfold pose before using his Lotus Palm- a Shout-Out to Kung Fu Hustle- to beat Ruby- only for Ruby to retort with her own Finishing Move, Petal Storm.
    • Ren also deserves kudos for not only surviving the attack but never losing until the finals despite basically everyone being stronger than him. He is only ultimately beaten by ring-out- compare to Blake, who loses by total knock-out.
    • Siegmund versus Weiss- the fact that Weiss holds out so long against Siegmund - who, by the way, ended up being implied to have killed Ruby's mother and fought off the likes of Ozpin, Glynda and Cinder- is impressive in itself. The fact that she does this while giving him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech can't hurt. Hell, Siegmund deserves some credit himself, for simply making even Ozpin tremble at his name.
    • Siegmund versus Team RWBY- the former never even stood a chance the moment team RWBY pulled a Big Damn Heroes. He ends up having all four of the team's Finishing Moves being thrown at him before being subjected to a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. And that's not even going in to the Bolivian Army Ending where he now has to face the incredibly angry parents of team RWBY- where he proves himself badass again by still standing up to face all of them, knowing full well how it will end.
    • Said Finishing Moves: aside from the Giga Drill Break and Petal Storm, Yang's Torchlight Breaker, and Weiss' Omnislash. Again, the fact that Siegmund survived all four of these- when one was used to finish most of the fights- turns him into the dark sort of badass.
    • Earlier in the chapter, the whole of the student cast of Beacon rally to team RWBY's side- even Isara, who admits she doesn't even know Weiss, and Dove, who spends most of his story time bullying Weiss, despite knowing full well Siegmund's reputation. Sun and Isara deserve one for managing to hack together a working program to help unscramble the teleportation trails left by Siegmund in a matter of several hours.
    • If you read the above, you have read the plot synopsis for the entirety of the Cockerel Festival. That is how packed full of awesome the arc is.
  • Chapter 98 has Yang use herself as bait to lure off a large pack of Grimm, seemingly performing a Heroic Sacrifice... Only to have -offscreen- delivered a beatdown to the extent the pack makes her ALPHA in time to pull a Big Damn Heroes against the Grimmfather in the next chapter.
  • Chapter 99 reveals Jaune's true Semblance, Aura Amplification. The reason people are attracted to him is because his Semblance makes everyone around him feel mentally and physically better than they did before. He proceeds to use this to break out of the illusions created by the Grimmfather, and even it seems surprised by this.
  • Chapter 100. Gretchen stated the best she could do when first fighting the Grimmfather was seal it away to another world. The Grimmfather is now dead, and it's because of ten teenagers and a plushie. Ozpin states that if they weren't students, he'd be awarding them the highest possible award for killing it.

     Volume 3 
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Demeter Rose. Let us count the ways.
    • So strong, skilled and revered that Weiss didn't believe Yang and Ruby when they said Demeter was their grandmother.
    • Blake states she's fought five Goliaths at once, and participated in something called the Siege of Vale.
    • She's the entire inspiration for Yang becoming a Huntress, and somewhat influenced Ruby's decision to.
    • Demeter is apparently in the Antic Order, and is high ranked enough to basically order Quirinus Albus- confirmed to be only taking orders from either the very head of the Antic Order itself or Reflet, herself a high-ranked member- to move aside so she can investigate.
    • When the above doesn't work, she pulls out her rank of Hunter-General, which is implied to be very high.
    • She also seems to be one of the only people not afraid of Professor Faust.
    • Both Ruby and Yang don't believe that she'd pull her rank just for some blackmail. Demeter seems to be one of the few people Yang won't make fun of, too.
    • When talking about keeping the item in Faust's basement, Cinder mentions that Demeter might want it. Ozpin is completely unsure about if anybody can stop her. This bears emphasis: Ozpin is a personal friend of the most badass Hunters and Huntresses of the kingdom, such as the Four Horsemen and the aforementioned Professor Faust, and he is unsure any of them can stop Demeter if she wanted the item.
  • Weiss Reacts to Newspapers. After the school newspaper, the Daily Light, posted an article speculating on Weiss and Ruby's relationship, the Antic Order subtly pushes Weiss to start her own newspaper. Not only does the new paper, the Schnee Herald, completely devastate the old paper, Weiss reveals that she knew that the Antic Order was trying to manipulate her. At the end of part 2, Ren pulls out a folder labeled "Evidence for Antic Order Expose".
    Yang: ...oh. Oh. Weiss, you sneaky little minx.
    • Part 3 has Weiss reveal her whole plan. When the Order tries to stop the article getting out, Weiss reveals that they have to let her go, or the article is released, their pranking supplies will be ruined, and their reputation destroyed. Ren, an Antic Grandmaster, is actually forced to admit defeat.
  • A huge one for Ozpin is seen in the The Stinger for the Volume 3 Reaction. It reveals that he and every other adult character mentioned thus far AND the Antic Order have actually been working behind the scenes to prevent the events of canon from happening. Roman and Cinder actually watched the series to ensure that this plan went off without a single hitch, which it did.
  • The Mandatory Training Arc:
    • Ruby gets one really significant one. She uses her silver eyes to nuke the Grimm when she thinks Weiss has been killed at their hands. The explosion inadvertently saves Pyrrha when she uses the distraction to attack the poachers first and Winter when the Grimm run away from the explosion.
    • Jaune's Big Damn Heroes moment, tanking the tanking the armor-piercing hit with his shield and then beating the stuffing out of the poacher attempting to kill Pyrrha. Coupled with a Heartwarming Moment due to his Anguished Declaration of Love and then him more or less throwing down the gauntlet against destiny itself by challenging it to Go Through Me.
    • Shortly after, Jaune and Pyrrha's first fight as a Battle Couple, pretty much countering every hit from the poachers for each other and ending up with a dual Finishing Move from both of them.

  • Meta example: Volume 1 has inspired several fanfics about itself and has even surpassed the fic that inspired it in popularity, to the point of achieving the "Weird Al" Effect. It is also the most reviewed fic in the RWBY archive. Not bad for an author who started out, by their own admission, writing crappy Rammstein songfics.
    • Likewise, many of the authors the fanfic features give their Approval of God to the reactions of the Reacts cast to their fanfics. Some authors have even given Elf permission to review more of their work in Weiss Reacts because of how much they enjoyed the chapter.
    • Somewhat less seriously, the fact that he tackles Dark Fic and Troll Fic with equal gusto as lighter or more serious fare.

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