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  • In the Prologue: a teenage Shepard hijacked a small batarian slaver ship all by herself and kill all the three guys on it before they even had a chance to react.
  • Mierin gave Garrus several reasons why he was not as good as he thought and managed to make him teaming up with her and Vortash.
    Mierin: "I've been watching you for months. I thought about killing you. It would have been easy. You always pick the same piece of shit motels to sleep in, and your check in times are as regular as trigonometry. You eat at the same times every day, drink the same things. You may have had dozens of names, but your identity is always exactly the same because it's yours. No change in your posture, no difference in your step. You drink tea constantly, a dead give away. You have no concept of how to transcend your own personality undercover. You know the mechanics, but not the art."
    "-And nothing looks more suspicious than consistently checking in the early morning and out at late evening. And never pay with a card you fool, even if the accounts are opened and closed in the same week. What were you thinking? You're getting it right by changing locations as often as possible, but you need to break up your habits. Painfully predictable. Not to mention that any additional layer of security over the place you choose to fade into only assists in keeping you unseen. Hiding only amongst the impoverished and addicted is a beginner's mistake. You need to be able to disappear anywhere, and at any time."
    "You only see me right now because I want you to see me. You're fighting a war; a war in which you're outnumbered one thousand to one. The only way, the only chance you have of making an impact, is to become invisible in plain sight. Foolish engineer, you think you can do anything if you think hard enough about it, analyze it to death. No amount of thought alone will make you disappear in a crowd. It must be taught. It must be learned. I can see you're trained, but you are not a master."
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  • Chapter 22: Chakwas and her speech to Shepard:
    Chakwas: Oh, and one more thing. Don't let anybody condescend you for liking aliens. If the bloody men can fancy asari without anybody losing their damn hat – and they're not even technically female – then fuck all and cheers.
  • Thane called Garrus out for shutting himself off to wallow in the past and his treatment with Shepard despite had promised to not leave her again.
    Garrus: "How long have you been spying on me?"
    Thane: "Spying? No. Not spying. Realizing"... "Long enough to doubt that you are doing anything here at all."..."Except stare into things better left behind."
    "When your last hours come, on their fiery wings. Inescapable. Inevitable. Your gun won't save you."..."When you finally see, after your whole life..."..."The time you wasted. And you stand there, looking, into that impossible light, the light that leaves you behind...that claims all that you love, all that you built..and where she goes, you cannot follow..."
    "You should have died that day...And yet you just keep breathing...Wasting."..."Every.Breath. Nothing. Nothing, will buy that time back. The time I watch you squander with every passing day."..."Do you hear me? Nothing. And have everything...Everything...And yet, here with your thoughts and your memories of places long dead you waste the gifts of the living...No more...No more can I watch while you squander two miracles when there are some who would kill for only one."
    "Go to her."..."She waits."..."For you."
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  • Samara showed Garrus the reason you don't mess with a Justicar.
    Garrus: So basically, never piss you off.
  • Jack first appearance involved a baptism made from Warden Kuril's blood.

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