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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.

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    Weight of the World 

  • Emerald thinks Matthew Williams is a pathetic weakling and clearly looks down on him, seeing him as inferior to herself. Canada trounces Emerald in their spar.
  • The nations subdue Ozpinati without the Huntsmen getting a single shot in.
  • A small one, but Jaune brings up the possibility of someone using a Semblance that "messes with people's heads", something no one else on RWB or JNPR thought of. note  Even Ironwood dismisses such a notion when it is brought up, but Jaune is able to convince his friends that a hallucination Semblance is possible.
  • In the Battle of Beacon, England throws Grimm and White Fang around like nothing. Weiss guesses his attacks must be his Semblance since they are too powerful to be Dust.
  • Japan is clearly stronger and more skilled than Neo. He calmly and precisely deflects Neo's attacks and sees through her illusions as she grows more and more frustrated. He easily would have won the fight if Ruby did not interfere.
  • Ruby defeats Neo by deploying her umbrella. While falling unconscious after losing an eye.
  • When Roman tries to attack a distracted Japan, Italy bum-rushes the criminal and shoves him off the airship.
  • While in severe pain and barely conscious from the failed transfer, America defends Pyrrha and Jaune from Cinder. He's so weak he cannot stand by himself, yet he still manages to shove Cinder's flames away from his friends.
  • Canada, Prussia, and Pyrrha work together to kill Cinder. Canada walks through her flames and depletes her Aura and Pyrrha shoots her in the back. When Cinder tries to attack Canada when his back is turned, Canada beheads her in one swipe.

    The Shattered Soul 

  • Canada freezes an entire swarm of Grimm to defend the civilian-filled airship.
  • In a flashback, Vale easily defeats the bandits Neo/Mistral sent after her.
  • Though also terrifying, Alfred's display of power and Tranquil Fury in Kuroyuri is epic. Among his many feats, he blasts a Nevermore from the sky in one hit.
  • France cuts off Tyrian's tail with Maple Frost.

    The Depths of Deception 

  • America skillfully stops his boss from digging for information about Remnant, citing that his amnesia prevents him from accurately sharing what happened. In turn, this stops (or at least, delays) his boss learning what Atlas did to him and Canada, and the Earth vs Remnant war that might come with such knowledge.
  • Pyrrha manages to get through to a stubborn England and tell him the amnesiac America is still his brother. England is thousands of years older than her and does not know her well enough to appreciate or seek her advice, but he listens.
  • Tony creates artificial Dust that is indiscernible from the original, and does not blow up as easily.
  • He and America also create a working hologram room that can transform into anything from a beach to a Deadly Training Area.
  • After suffering from boatloads of self-loathing and doubt, America refuses to listen Greenlee's spiel that he owed Remnant anything and that the twins should consider themselves lucky that they were chosen.
  • After everyone struggles against the the Karkadann Grimm, America kills it with a lightning blast to the head.

    The Atrocities of Atlas 
  • Lithuania kills the Phoenix Grimm by shooting it in the eye.
  • After being helpless for so long, America is finally able to fight back and blasts the Ax-Crazy soldier— the man who tortured and scarred him— to ashes.
  • America's fight with Penny 2.0 and Ironwood. He holds them both off while trying to escape the mines, and burns Ironwood through his Aura to break free of his grasp.
  • "Negative. My mission is to protect Alfred F. Jones. As the one who gave me that mission, logic dictated our goals aligned. That assessment is false."
  • Atlas tries to brainwash France into forgetting his own language. He responds by cussing her out in French and declares Atlas will burn.
  • America refuses to scream or show any reaction when Atlas tortures him. He merely stares at her in contempt and silently rejects her claims that she is superior to everyone and she will be Remnant's savior with a single shake of his head.
  • Italy faces SE!Ruby despite knowing he stands no chance against her. He successfully stops her from killing Japan, and tearfully realizes he is going to die. He accepts that, and is glad to be a distraction so hopefully another person can stop SE!Ruby. Ruby's disintegrating silver light goes through him without harming him. At first Italy is confused and thinks Ruby stopped herself, but that isn't the case. He doesn't realize he unlocked his Semblance, but he uses it to knock SE!Ruby out before she can harm anyone else.
  • Canada's final assault on Atlas. After she degrades America and explains his torture in detail, Canada utterly wrecks her, during which Atlas is tossed around like a ragdoll and gets an ice-shard through the eye. Its makes you wonder how powerful Mantle was before his deterioration.
  • A grievously wounded America uses the last of his strength to drag himself up Atlas's spear to slash her with his cyanide ring. It is that injury that ends up killing her.
  • With Jaune's Semblance enhancing her, Pyrrha manages to stop a gigantic Atlesian military airship from falling on the city. She maneuvers it so it fits between the buildings and gets it to the ground without it crashing and exploding.

    The Charlatan of Choice 
  • America manages to evade capture at the hands of Ironwood and Hazel while stuck in handcuffs and a collar that drugs him if he uses either of his Semblances. He also does this while he is trying to escape a burning airship.
  • Austria's left arm is trapped in the jaws of a Byakko Grimm. He uses the dagger in his right to stab it through the eye. It does not bring the beast down but it allows Lithuania, Poland, and Prussia to defeat it.
  • After the airship crashes, America uses Vale's Semblance to vaporize thousands of Grimm at once.
  • Seeing the heroes band together to defeat Salem's projected form. Complete with nation-RWBY-JNPR-Winter combo attacks.
  • Oscar wrestles control back from Ozpin to save America, Pyrrha, and Penny.
  • Oscar fights Hazel to protect America and Penny. He loses, but the effort deserves applause.
  • A villainous example: Roman uses his Semblance to incapacitate everyone. This allows the villains to capture America.
  • Hazel manages to hold off Salem, Roman, and Emerald on his own. He successfully escapes them too without getting himself killed.
  • How America kills Roman. Preceded by this short but sweet "The Reason You Suck" Speech:
    "Little selfish Roman, always looking out for Number One. Betraying everyone that knows him just to keep on surviving. You've killed so many people. You escaped prison and death, but that is alright. Now I can choose your judgment." (America serenely lays his hand on Roman's chest.) "I choose death." (Roman bursts into flames.)
  • Penny lets her Aura out, unlocks her Semblance, and uses it to blast a hole straight through Watts's chest.
  • Sun uses his Vacuo Semblance to create a giant sandstorm. It blinds the Grimm Dragon and allows Ironwood to kill it, at the cost of Ironwood's life.
  • England No Sells Salem's emotion-manipulating Semblance using his own Semblance.
  • America uses the Relic of Choice to help Ruby control Silver Eyes. She wipes out swarms of Grimm with them.
  • America, Canada, and Ruby kill Salem in a huge combination attack consisting of blue fire, the Relic of Destruction, and Silver Eyes.
  • The nations' awakened Auras affected their people. Twenty years later, most people on Earth have Auras and Semblances like the Huntsmen on Remnant do. Terrans do not know those names so they call the people with powers superheroes because they use those powers to save people.


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