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Tear Jerker / Weightless (Mass Effect)

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This story is quite dark, so moments that bring tears to your eyes are bound to appear.

  • Ghost abandoned Seraph just because she was attracted to aliens. Just before he left, he also called her a fool and told her that she will die alone.
  • Chapter 9 to 13 is a series of tearjerker. For summaries:
    • Chapter 9: Shepard ill-handled rejection of Garrus:
    Garrus: When I first saw you, I thought you were an angel. But now I finally see, after all this time. You're a monster.
    • Chapter 11: Shepard’s talk with Wrex are both this and crowning moment of heartwarming.
    Shepard: I never had a brother. But if I did, I wish he were you.
    • Shepard’s last memory of Garrus as she drifted weightlessly in space.
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    • Chapter 12: Joker’s P.O.V as he try to remain with the Normandy.
      • Liara tried to break the news to Garrus but unable to do so and his reaction.
    • Chapter 13: Garrus, who was overwhelming with grief, preparing to assassinate Udina. According to Word of God, he was also feeling guilty about trying to rush things physically with Shepard (i.e. the massage incident in chapter 7) because at that time, he’d already known that she was raped in the past.
      • Shepard’s video speech managed to stop Garrus and turned him into Archangel. He left his apartment with her name on his heart.
  • Chapter 18: Garrus’s dream about Shepard’s past. Despite her memories keep bringing him pain and suffering, he’d never once regretting about having them and only wish to hold her even just for one moment.
  • Chapter 19: Mierin’s death, Garrus’s talk with Melanis before she went with Mierin.
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  • Chapter 28: The first half was a big tearjerker with Shepard’s revealing about her childhood.
  • Chapter 31: Seraph was attacked, assaulted and left for dead in the snow.
    Nihlus: He had never, in all his travels, seen a species so cruel to its own children.

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