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    Wild Mass Guessing / Headscratchers 
  • This conversation in Headscratchers: Memetic Mutation
    Why does M.Bison find Guile being beat up delicious?
    It's the handheld television he finds delicious. The last shot is a first person perspective from the TV, moving closer and closer to his mouth.
  • The Headscratchers page for Clue. For some reason pointing out the logical flaws of a board game as if it were a serious murder mystery is funny in and of itself, but I nearly collapsed in laughter when someone postulated "Maybe he explodes when something touches him" I've never heard of whatever the Pot Hole references, but good god that was funny.
    • Also:
    I know it's just a board game and it's all supposed to be abstract, but wouldn't it be really easy to at least narrow down the murder weapon by examining the late Mr. Boddy? Even a kindergartner should be able to tell (for instance) whether or not he had been stabbed, thus ruling the knife in or out
    You'd allow a kindergartner to do that?
    "Now Molly quit yer crying and tell the police how he died!"
  • The discussion on Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans on the Harry Potter Headscratchers page.
    • This line, a couple topics down:
      "And how would you know how a gerbil tastes in the first place?"
      "Gerbil-flavored Bertie Bott's, of course!"
  • This bit from the Kim Possible Wild Mass Guessing page.
    ** She even said she's into boys "Sometimes."
    ** Though this seemed more like "Other times I think they're just a pain," rather than "The rest of the time I'm into girls."
    *** SHHHHHHHH.
  • The Twilight Headscratchers page has these gems:
    • The plothole about why "a family of immortal vampires has a sippy cup in their household".
    Sometimes Esme's baby-mania gets the better of her and decides that one of her "children" needs a diaper change and a bed time story. Edward doesn't like to talk about those times very much, probably because he's her most common target (why else would he be so fucked up?).
    • This plothole:
    Why did it take the Volturi so long to reach Forks? Irina runs off, and suddenly Alice sees the Volturi a couple months. Alice and Bella get there in New Moon in less than a few days. The Volturi are rich and should have capable transportation, and everyone is already in Volterra so they don't need to spend time gathering their forces. Even if Irina didn't have access to a phone, she could have run to the Voluturi within a few days. Did they get lost at the airport? Did they misplace where they had packed their wives? Did they take a stroll through Russia?
    Now I want to read THAT book: 'The Terminal: Volturi Edition!' It'd be awesome, with Jane inflicting her psychic torture on immigration officials and Aro giggling over those turny baggage things and the entire gang taking up a whole section of the airport and creeping people out, but none of the humans say anything because they don't want to be Mistaken for Racist.
  • From the Wild Mass Guessing page of Les Misérables is a theory that Katniss Everdeen is related to Inspector Javert. Why? Because "Who else would be so fixated over a loaf of bread?"
  • From the Mushishi Headscratchers page, as to why Ginko's Fan Nickname is 'Pimp-ko':
    Because he's so incredibly cool, ofcourse. He wins the hearts of most female characters and then ditches them saying he can't stick along for long periods of time 'because of the mushis'. He travels from town to town breaking hearts and kicking ass. He doesn't need to get the girl, he knows he can, and that's enough for him and his hordes of fans.
  • From Up Headscratchers, explaining why Carl didn't get in trouble with the FAA:
    "Hello, is this the FAA? Yeah, there's this guy flying in a house. Yes, he's attached his house to a million balloons and he's just flying it down the... hello? Hello?"
    • Also from that page, this comment from the argument over whether or not Russell is Asian:
      Flik was blue, Sully was blue, Mike was green, Remy was grey, WALL-E was brown, Lightning McQueen was red, and Nemo and Marlon were orange with white stripes. How much more diverse can you get?
  • From the Prototype Headscratchers page, on the "powers" of civilian disguises:
    God knows I always wanted to use the power of accounting after I eat a civilian...
    "Sir, we've spotted Mercer! He's— He's... ... ...uh, sir, he's recalculating the city's debt on the side of the Chrysler Building..."
  • On the Persona 4 WMG page there was this exchanged based on the idea that Naoto and Minato were siblings.
    Guys, Come on. This idea is milked so many times in Fan Fiction that it's probably canon in the minds of thousands.
  • Also on the "Persona 4" WMG page, but I just posted the whole thing here as its better like this:
    TV Tropes is the Shadow of The Other Wiki.
    Wikipedia has largely become a regulated stopover on the way to more "valid" research. It struggles to feel accepted academically while still suffering the derision of teachers everywhere. Wikipedia struggles to be accepted through strict regulation and cold hard facts; a far cry from the more lax, Rule of Fun oriented TV Tropes. Wikipedia, in an effort to stamp out its more trivial side, inadvertently gave birth to TV Tropes as its Shadow self. It cannot bear to reconcile knowledge with fun and so it cannot bring itself to face TV Tropes. But TV Tropes is Wikipedia. And The Other Wiki is TV Tropes...
    That Troper is the Shadow born of the collective ego of all Tropers...including you.
    That Troper
    How long are you planning on denying it? Beneath your thin veneer of snarky sophistication your true desires are laid plain before me. Who hasn't secretly pimped their own Fan Work under pseudonyms and puppet accounts? Don't you feel the need to rant and rave about asininely stupid programming that everyone else seems to fawn over? The Headscratchers pages for Twilight and Inheritance Cycle alone allude to your true nature.
    My opinions are right and all the garbage just hides the fact that I'm openly tearing down something I don't like and NO I WILL NOT TAKE IT TO THE FORUMS!!! And why shouldn't I? So what if there isn't a page for Cartwheeling Dynamite Puppy; there should be damnit, even if I have to pimp it to high heaven! Who are they to say what is and isn't A Trope?! "Some Tropers think...Your Milage May Vary But...Please exercise Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement when blah blah blah blah blah blah!" That weasel talk makes me sick!! Why shouldn't I say exactly what's on my mind?! MINE is the only opinion that matters!!!
    My OTP IS the Fan-Preferred Couple! Katara is a Canon Sue and I don't care who disagrees! Don't you take my entry down! I'M right, YOU'RE wrong!
    Isn't that what you truly feel?
    Villinize me all you'd like. Just accept the inevitable truth: you are me...and I am you
    I'm right here, you're over there, therefore, as you do not share the same place as me, you are not me.
    Ahhh, shit...Let's get "I'll Face Myself" up and running...
    NO! You're not me!
    Alright, I've been waiting for this! Let's battle! You're nothing like me anyway!!!
    Yes, yes, I know, I'm an egotistical asshole here for my own entertainment rather than the betterment of the wiki, pushing my own opinions with varying degrees of subtlety and lack thereof while pretending its neutrality. Now hurry up and transform into a Persona already, I want superpowers and don't want to get my hands dirty with a boss fight.
    The strength of heart to face one's self has been made manifest. Troper has obtained the facade used to overcome life's hardships, the Persona ...?
    Thou art I and I am thou. From the sea of thy soul, I emerge. I am The Other Troper, Protector of the Wiki.
  • In the WMG page for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, there's a WMG regarding if Percy and Annabeth will have a son and, if they do, if the boy's name will be Luke. Hilarity Ensues.
    Not if Rick Riordan wants to fend off all those accusations of being a Harry Potter knockoff...
    The son will have his memory wiped and be sent back in time to host Kronos. They named their son after their son!
    Now we've gone from stealing Harry Potter to stealing Doctor Who! Are you TRYING to piss off the major nerd fanbases?
  • This bit from the Headscratchers page for The Princess and the Frog is Made of Win, purely for the mental picture:
    * And what was Eudora's reaction when her daughter who'd been missing for three days came through the door wearing an enormous sparkly dress, along with her new husband and alligator buddy?
    ** "Now I'll live to see my grandkids!"?
    *** First thing this troper thought of was Louis shouting "GRAMMA!" and jumping in Eudora's arms. "I want cookies and sweaters and stories about what it was like in the old days!"
  • From Batman: Arkham Asylum Headscratchers:
    "New game idea: "I'm Batman". In this platformer-action adventure-MMORPG-RTS-Beat 'Em Up-Rhythm Game, you play as the Dark Knight, going around and holding up Gotham's deadliest villains by the neck and saying "I'm Batman". There are 'aggression' and 'volume' meters that you have to max out, as well as 'the' and 'goddamn' buttons that provide bonus points if you use them in the right situation. Playable on 'Conroy', 'Keaton' and 'Bale' difficulty levels, with an unlockable bonus mode in which you play as Adam West. Not Adam West's Batman. You're just Adam West going around shouting at people. DLC has been announced, but not yet specified. Available Fall 2010, on Xbox360, PC and PS3."
    • Just the line, "You're just Adam West going around shouting at people," conjures up the most hilarious image I've gotten in my head from this site.
      • You mean like this?:
    Harrison Ford: (repeatedly grabs random people and yells at them) Give me back my family!
  • From the Peanuts Headscratchers page:
    * Jesus, Lucy, Violet, and Patty are CRUEL to poor Charlie Brown! They expect him to get an over-commercialized tree, made of pink aluminum? Charlie brings back a tree that looks like one that would be next to the humble manger, and they all laugh at him! Even damned SNOOPY! Although it sets up a Crowning Moment of Awesome with the "That's what Christmas is all about" speech, I just want to wring those three bitches' neck!!
    ** Is it bad that I read the start of this entry as a list of 4 names, rather than an expletive and 3 names?
    *** Jesus is laughing at Charlie Brown for having a great Christmas spirit! The irony!
    *** Nope. I did it, too. As did my parents, Ayn Rand and God.
    *** Your parents are Ayn Rand and God?
  • Although many of the theories on Lady Gaga's WMG page are quite funny, special mention goes to the one that claims The Fame Monster is a Take That at Twilight (may also be a Crowning Moment of Awesome, if you're part of Twilight's Hatedom). Also, the one about her secretly being her own parents and/or John Lennon.
  • The Marble Hornets Headscratchers page when someone asks where the character's families are during all this.
  • From the Get a Hold of Yourself Man page:
    Name an episode of Revolutionary Girl Utena that doesn't have someone being slapped. I don't think it exists. Forget duels, slapping is the prefered method of doing harm to someone in the show.
  • The Running Gag on the Disney Animated Canon Headscratchers page concerning Bambi's mother. She was in season and tasted good smoked and/or made into sausage.
  • This exchange on the Headscratchers page for The Lord of the Rings:
    "And yet no one is complaining about the 'taters'."
    "What's... "taters", precious? What's taters, eh?"
  • The long list of possible people possessing Mr. Mew in The World Ends with You's WMG page.
  • One troper's psychotic breakdown over the permanent deaths of Amie and Shandra on the Neverwinter Nights 2 Headscratchers page.
  • From the Headscratchers.The Internet page
    *** ...say, are you single?
    *** As a matter of fact, I am.
    *** Well, won't this will be a wonderful story to tell your grandkids:
    "That's right Billy, I met your grandmother while meticulously collating vast amounts of pop culture information on the Internet"
  • From the WMG page for The Room:
    * The sex scenes are POV shots.
    ** Denny: I just like to watch you guys.
  • The entire Headscratchers page for SpongeBob SquarePants, especially the following:
    * SpongeBob has Negative Continuity.
    ** SpongeBob IS Negative Continuity.
  • The Headscratchers page for The Emperor's New Clothes.
  • The Headscratchers for classic folklore, that one post on The Tortoise and the Hare was just so unexpected in contrast to the discussions on the true moral of the story that it's hard not to laugh.
  • On the Kyon: Big Damn Heroes WMG page, the entry about Durandall is FUCKING HILARIOUS.
  • On the late Headscratchers page for Flipping the Bird, this lovely conversation occurs when someone wants to know why actually doing the flipping kind of is painful:
    • You may also want to try cracking your knuckles more often. Loosen up the joints a little. Plus, you don't have to have your other fingers down at the knuckle and flush with your palm; just enough to get the point across.
      • TV Tropes... where we teach you how to be an asshole.
  • This bit from the Cats Don't Dance page:
    * Parental Abandonment: Where are Darla's, exactly?
    ** She probably killed them.
  • This absolute bloody gem from the Goblet of Fire Headscratchers page:
    It's called polyphasic sleep. One of my friends at college did it. You sleep for 30 minutes every 6 hours, and it forces your body to abandon natural circadian rhythms. It's intended to give you more time awake each day. Of course, if you do it improperly it causes you to hallucinate and think you're in The Legend of Zelda, but there you are.
  • From the Doctor Who WMG page:
    After the Events of Victory of the Daleks the Dalek Rangers threw the most awesome victory party the universe has ever seen, in celebration of finally pulling one over on the Doctor. I only bring this up because the idea of the Daleks OF ALL RACES doing your typical wild party antics with those screeching voices of theirs amuses me.
    ** Someone has to draw that now, complete with Dalek Scientist scuttling around at top speed with a lampshade on its head.
    * Truth or Dare with Daleks. I swear, that would be the best party ever.
    Eternal: ...TRUTH.
    Eternal: ...CAN I DO A FORFEIT?
  • The Headscratchers page for Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • This response to the WMG that Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes is a furry in development and Hobbes is his fursona: "Bill Watterson is spinning in his grave, and he's not even dead!"
  • This little exchange on the Fairy Tail Headscratchers page is quite amusing:
    * There're still other jobs that I wouldn't really trust Fairy Tail members with. One job once was to teach a bunch of little kids you really want a Fairy Tail member to corrupt your young?
    ** YES.
  • On The Flintstones WMG page, the third & fifth entries and the reactions to them.
  • This bit from the Mathematician's Answer Headscratchers page:
    About the most recognized use of Mathematician's Answer is answering "yes" when meaning "both". "Do you prefer it shaken, or unstirred?" "Yes." This is universally understood by more or less everyone on the Internet. Which is what bugs me, since technically, mathematically if you will, such an answer would mean "yeah, one or more of them", which is nearly no answer at all. What is appalling is that no one else seems to notice the incongruity, and the Internet should be smarter than that. Am I wrong? Are they wrong? Is the Internet broken? The uncertainty is tearing me apart.
  • From the Headscratchers page for The Dresden Files, this analogy to the Alpha's vigilante work around the University of Chicago campus:
    The College isn't some five-star restaurant that everyone's trying to get into. It's McDonald's. A McDonald's where whenever you try to get a burger, someone punches you in the nose and knocks it out of your hand. After a while of that, you just say fuck it and go to Burger King instead.
  • From the Futurama Headscratchers page:
    Troper: You mean the military that treats Zapp Brannigan like the reincarnations of Sun Tzu and Napoleon combined?
    Zoidberg: Sunpoleon? I love that guy!
  • From the Dirty Dancing Headscratchers page:
    * How does Neil Kellerman know that there aren't any books in Johnny's room? It's not like he would have a reason to go there, right?
    ** Obviously he sneaks into his room frequently to steal his underwear to smell at night... or the guy was just being condescending and assuming (probably rightly) that Johnny is not much of a reader and that that simply wasn't a believable excuse.
    *** I prefer the first option.
  • From the Wild Mass Guessing for A Song of Ice and Fire:
    * Or neither. My favorite WMG is Joffrey killed himself, by eating Tyrion's pie, which was poisoned by Olenna and Cersei's minions. (Joffrey even said "its the pie" as he died.) LF lies about it to Sansa to impress her. LF's obsession with Catelyn, and later Sansa, is due to the prophecy he received as a boy. Just like Cersei, it messed him up big time.
    ** Hot Pie killed Joffrey.
  • From The Magic School Bus Headscratchers
    * How would Ms. Frizzle teach sex ed?
    ** Why, she would encourage her students to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy, of course! ...Oh.
  • While the WMG pages of the Ace Attorney page are chock-full of Funny Moments because of the tendency of their fans to treat discussions like Cross-Examinations (complete with the signature Memetic Mutation Big Word Shouts), one in particular proved so controversial and so funny that it became a post-based Roleplay featuring a plethora of characters from the work itself. Observe:
    Ema Skye is hot. Don't deny it. Its better than the other theories here...
    ** HOLD IT! Ema Skye the stand-in for Maya, or Ema Skye the detective? Choose your answer carefully.
    *** Let's see. The problem is, she's kind of a bitch in Apollo Justice...
    *** TAKE THAT! But the other one is sixteen.
    *** Objection! 16 years is too old for lolicon!
    *** OBJECTION! Have you SEEN Mia!?
    *** OBJECTION! You honor, the purpose of this inquiry is not to determine "Is Ema Sky hotter than Mia Fey?" but rather "Is Ema Skye hot?". Mia's hotness, while smokin', has no relevance to the case at hand! If the opposition wishes to claim Mia's hotness holds some relevance to the case of Ema's hotness, I must ask they prove it... with evidence!
    *** TAKE THAT! Phoenix (or you the player, whichever you prefer) has been with both, Ema and Mia at some point during his career. Phoenix has only worked with Ema on one case and that was when she was a hyper spunky 16 year old (thus not being legal in some parts of the world) while Mia was in her 20s before she died and even after death, she is summoned back many times to help Phoenix in his cases. As mentioned before, Ema, nearly 7-10 years later, has become a cold ice queen unless you bribe her with Snackoos or a fingerprint duster. Not to mention she can be somewhat flaky. Mia, however, can not only retain her "goods" while being channeled, but she always has something to help you out with and has a much nicer personality. Between a smart and smokin' woman and another woman who stuffs her face whenever you even annoy her, the defense proposes that Mia is an easier fish to catch compared to Ema!
    *** OBJECTION! ::Smirks, wags finger:: Nice try, rookie. But look back. What have you proven? 'Mia Fey is a very nice, smoking hot lady. Nicer and hotter than Ema, certainly.' ::Slams hand on desk:: As if anyone with eyes did not already know this! ::Points:: Yes, Mia IS hotter than Ema, smarter, and nicer! And if that were the purpose of this trial, you might have managed a full acquittal! But I must remind you again, the purpose of this trial is to determine 'is Ema Skye hot?', and ONLY to determine that fact! Mia Fey's hotness ::Slams hand on desk:: still has no relevance!
    *** Urk! (I thought I was on the right track...? Damn, I don't have any other options!) The defense...the defense...
    *** Phoenix...your looking at this the wrong way. Don't ask why she isn't hot...point out evidence that only exists because she isn' Is that her? And I thought Lana was hot...Nevermind, Wright. Your on your own on this one.
    *** Phoenix Wright!!! You foolishly foolish fool! Only an idiot would not think of a night with Ema once laying eyes on her ——>I mean...was that out loud? Shut up, lets go home Adrian.
    *** No fisher brags about any fish but the one that got away, Trite. Ema is not nearly so objectionable as you claim. The unavailable ice queen angle is still quite attractive. Or would you really ::slams mug on desk:: ...turn down Franziska Von Karma as well?!
    *** ...! Godot! ::slams hand on desk:: I must ask you not to bring up Wright's relationship with Franziska! reasons.
    *** The defense would like to propose that Detective Skye is, indeed, a stone-cold fox, if you manage to snap her out of her bitchiness. As evidence, he would like to present various pieces of forensic investigation equipment, which make her instantly more personable. If you date her, bring a fingerprinting kit.
    *** I find her young self cute as heck, and for her older self, the ice queen types normally annoy me, but something her ——>attitude is funny (QUIET, SNACK TIME) and her happy go lucky self can come out every so often, generally with the aid of ——>scientific crap.
    *** ORDER! (bangs gavel) We're here to discuss if Ema Skye can be considered "hot". We aren't discussing if she's the hottest thing in the series, just does she qualify. Any more bickering about irrelevant topics will result in penalties!
    *** TAKE THAT! Ema is definitely hot. ::holds paper sheets in his hand while hitting them, triumph music starts playing:: She was asked to provide security in The Gavinners concert, even though she publicly dislikes Klavier, such a band surely has the power (both as celebrities and as law officers) to have any member of the police staff they requested. On top of that, there weren't any groupies waiting in the Gavinners' dressing room. given all this evidence, one can assume that one or more of the Gavinners had the intention of performing actions of questionable nature with the detective. ::Slams hand on bench:: And why would someone have this intentions? ::Points finger::Because she is indeed hot!!!
    *** (Gasp!) Mr. Nick! How dare you do that to Mystic Maya! (Slap)
    *** What's going on in this thread, pal?
    *** Say, Nick, you can hook me up with this Ema chick, right? Nick, buddy?
    *** ::Wince:: Your Honor...this is...this is undue badgering of the troper! I won't let this...rookie slander the woman whom rid me of my hair!
    *** Wait a sec, folks. This gal's got her two cents, too! Ain't this "Mia" gal dead? ::Looks at picture:: HOO DOGGY! That's ghost I saw in my picture!
    *** (Slams Gavel) That's enough! The evidence presented to me is quite clear. I see no reason to continue this trial. This court finds Ema Skye VERY HOT BUT IS STILL A DEFROSTING ICE QUEEN!
  • Most of Headscratchers.Rule Thirty Four may count, but these stand out:
    Half the fun of Rule 34 is actively contributing to it. The horrified reactions of the rest of the internet are the other half.
    • As well as...
    Hydrogen atoms are kinky as heck. Being the most common element and being equally happy to gain or lose an electron, they really get around. Now, helium atoms, they're kinda prudes.
  • The Headscratchers page for Bioshock Infinite is absolutely massive, due to a combination of an intricate plot that revolves around time travel and alternate universes, a very detailed background, developed characters, and the hype that surrounded the game which, of course, means many people have something to say and/or ask about it. So, every plot element, every character's motivation, every design choice is meticulously analyzed. What's the last entry on the page as of today (14th of March, 2014)? Whether or not a character has a mustache. What a combination of Mood Whiplash and Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking!
  • The troper who always assumes someone is a Time Lord finally got it right on the Bravest Warriors WMG page.
  • One of the WMGs for The Walking Dead Telltale game gets an hilarious response:
    *Lee Everett never existed
    He's just a figment of Clementine's imagination. Everything Lee does, Clementine actually does herself. The story ends with her realising she no longer needs him.
  • On the Headscratchers page for Portal, some tropers began wondering what the In-Universe reason for orange gel being banned was; it was the one gel with no hazardous properties mentioned. Eventually, the tropers decided to make up a reason.
    ** Let's make one up! How about interior friction burns? Oh, and cancer. Everything causes cancer.
    *** Running into a wall at 90 miles per hour seems like a pretty bad side effect.
    *** The lab boys tell me that if you get this stuff on you, there's a good chance trying to move would... I don't know, something about peeling an egg with a sand blaster, I wasn't really paying attention. Now I'm hungry. Caroline, what's the lunch situation?
    *** I'm sure it stains pretty badly as well.
  • In Pirates of the Caribbean, the blacksmith protagonist is shown a drawing of a certain chest key and told he needs to sneak onto the Flying Dutchman to get it. Why don't they just copy the key? After a long discussion...
    Plus, would the audience seriously enjoy watching thirty minutes of Will Turner in his blacksmithing shop hammering together that same key in variety of thickness? May as well call it Pirates of the Caribbean: Turner makes Keyes
    Turner: Locksmith of the Caribbean is in development for CBS. It's scheduled to air after Treebeard, where the Ent plays a Columbo-style detective who solves crime... very slowly.

    Laconic / Playing W. / Haiku 

    Troper Tales / Fetish Fuel 

NOTE: This wiki no longer has any Troper Tales or Fetish Fuel pages, but that doesn't mean you can't laugh at some of the stuff that used to be there!

  • The Fetish Fuel examples being cut and moved to a separate wiki.
  • The following from the Family Guy Fetish Fuel page:
    Chris, anyone? There's definitely a market for big dumb blond men with freakishly big dicks who are easy to manipulate.
    • I presume that that was one of the reasons why Fetish Fuel was moved; to protect the rest of us.
  • The Troper Tales page for Raging Stiffie. Totally relatable yet totally hilarious! Especially the Eiffel Tower bit.
  • This exchange on the Kuudere Troper Tales page:
    This Troper probably qualifies as one. On the outside, she's either a Shrinking Violet or cynical, tough, cold, and antisocial. Which she's really not. She's just really shy among strangers and doesn't like talking, but once she gets used to people or generally starts feeling comfortable, she's a Cloudcuckoolander, very playful, endlessly talkative, tends to joke a lot, and very much the opposite of what she seems.
    I don't remember leaving a story here. Hm.
    Nobody move. I think you may both be me.
    I didn't know I had three other identical personalities!
    That's because you actually have four. Take that as you will.
    Jesus Christ. Who are you people and why am I a clone now?
    Who are you and how did you take over my body?
    I didn't know I had female clones.
    Well it turns out that you have one more here.
    Someone forgot to turn the clone machine off.
  • The entire Troper Tales page for Biggus Dickus, starting with the very first line: Any guy who posts anything about himself on this page is a liar.
  • Certain examples from Troper Tales Epic Fail. To be specific:
    • The story about entering the Batcave in Arkham Asylum.
    • The story about CPR class.
    • The story about the assassination attempt in Hitman: Blood Money.
    • The story about the female mage attempting to open a door with a staff.
    • The story about the nationalist rally in Armenia.
  • Found on the Fetish Fuel page for Fullmetal Alchemist:
    * Two words: TINY MINISKIRTS!
    ** Not to mention that his love of dogs can be misinterpreted...
    *** Where my bitches at?
  • From the Fetish Fuel page for Zelda:
    * I like to imagine what Link, Zelda, and Midna did at the end of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess after the final battle.
    ** Talked a bit, cleaned up Ganondorf's body and then went home?
  • From the Fetish Fuel page for Hellsing:
    * This troper has a major fetish for long hair. Forget Alucard, Pip was driving her up the wall.
    ** Or so she wished... -Bah-Dum-Tish-
  • From the Troper Tales pages for Acceptable Nationality Targets:
* And of course, this Antarctican troper is completely ignored. Send some sadism my way, tropers!
** Quack quack quack.
** Before we start making fun of you, can we have a sample of your blood and something hot? What for? Oh... no reason...
** Since when can penguins use keyboards?
*** Er... since igloos started getting internet access?
*** Igloos are Northern Hemisphere structures.
*** How do you expect me to know that! I'm American!
  • This gem from Troper Tales Big Lipped Alligator Moment:
    * This troper and his cousin had talked about going to the premiere of Revenge of the Fallen dressed as a Heavy/Medic pair, telling everyone that we were there to see the "TF2 movie". This was back before the official title was revealed and it was just referred to as Transformers 2, and we didn't bother to go through with it once the acronym didn't work anymore.
  • The Troper Tales for Rule 34 have made many tropers laugh uncontrollably, for varying reasons. Some find the idea that someone, somewhere is getting off on cartoon porn is amusing, others say it's the other tropers and their subsequent horror of what can be pornified that's hilarious.
    • This particular example is especially funny:
    This Troper has seen LazyTown porn. How I wish I hadn't.
    * Hey, SOME of us are in fact counting the days to May 26, 2009.
    * What happens then, may I ask?
    * I'm actually sad I researched this. It's the day the actress playing Stephanie turns 18.
    * It happened yesterday. Er... celebrate?
    * Celebrate!!!
    • As is this one:
    "This Troper once saw a picture of Princess Peach being raped by a unicycle with three penises, one of which was painted as a clown, one of which was painted as Mario, and one of which was painted as a ninja. Ugh."
  • The Troper Tales section for Gargle Blaster. Especially the creation of the Screaming Crackwhore.
    So for want of a better name, since we took something nasty and made it good with Coke... The Screaming Crackwhore.
  • This little gem from the Phineas and Ferb Troper Tales page:
    * This Troper's sister works at Disney World. On a recent trip down to visit I found myself finding P&F references at every opportunity. She'd only seen an episode or two and didn't understand most of the running gags so as the week went on she got increasingly annoyed at me cracking jokes at everything, including the fact that of all the merchandise they sell, I couldn't find the plush Perry that I wanted. In a Fridge Brilliance moment when I got home, I realized I had spent the last 6 days driving my sister insane.
  • The "are you me?" Running Gag on the Troper Tales page for Covert Pervert.
  • From the Too Dumb to Live Troper Tales:
    * This troper's sister has a host of Too Dumb to Live moments. She once asked what a baseball team, passenger train, and airport were.
    ** But you could technically live without knowing what those are. Maybe an isolated, hermit's life but still a life.
    ** She already knew what they were.
    ** This troper is now picturing a massive, eight-tracked train — like something out of Against a Dark Background — with planes landing and taking off of its roof, managed by an AI assembled by combining the brainscans of a major baseball team — like Ennesby from Schlock Mercenary — because, of course, baseball players are excellent at teamwork and ballistic trajectories.
    *** Please report to the front desk to collect your ten internets, sir.
  • From the Troper Tales page for Beware the Nice Ones:
    * Arguably, this Troper is probably the youngest of which who suffers from this Trope. This is practically the invisible label that's under the invisible Berserk Button of this 13-year old kid. He broke 33 pencils in his life, and had a good friend break two of those pencils because they were too hard. He even yelled at someone because that guy was the third person who asked if he could be punched for the third time, with a teacher only a mile ahead!
    *** Wow, multiple Beware the Nice Ones-related tropes here. I really am a young Yandere, aren't I? :D
  • The guy on the Secret Identity Troper Tales page who likes to pretend to be named Mike in Starbucks.
  • From the Fetish Fuel page for Zelda:
    Morpha's tentacles? Sure, why not. Stupid Sexy Link getting tentacled? Sure, why not.
  • The Old Shame Troper Tales page. Some of the stuff people came up with is utterly hilarious.
  • The whole bottom section of the Troper Tales page for Perverse Sexual Lust, but these two bits take the cake:
    *** Well, it's not like we would ever have to divide by character... right?
    *** (Stares at above troper) That's just asking for it.
    • And:
    * The diversity of human sexuality never fails to amuse.
    ** I think you mean arouse.
  • This from Troper Tales Refuge in Audacity:
    * This Troper is writing a vampire story. At the end they have kids. How is it explained nobody finds out they're a family of vampires? Well, when you were a kid, you always pretended to be a wizard or whatever, right? Basically, children won't be believed when they say they're a vampire, and adults are smart enough to keep it a secret.
    ** Okay, who let Stephenie Meyer on this page?
  • This line from the Silent Hill Perverse Sexual Lust page is Made of Win:
    This Troper knows she's actually an Eldritch Abomination, but he would fuck Maria from Silent Hill 2 until she hates her pussy.
  • This bit from the Getting Crap Past the Radar Troper Tales page:
    * This troper had an 11th grade English teacher way back in 2001 who was a few months from retirement. He didn't censor his mouth, he showed us R-rated movies without permission slips - his excuse? "What's the worst they can do, FIRE ME?".
    ** The absolute best example of his non-censoredness was when he told the rambunctious class to quiet down, and two boys in the corner ignored him. He went right over to them and said "This is one of those things that Joe Jacobs is not supposed to say, but GOD DAMNIT, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" The class had been deathly silent during that outburst, but we all erupted into uncontrollable laughter afterwards except for the two who had been admonished.
  • This quote from Troper Tales/Fetish Retardant:
    "Bad grammar, spelling, etc. I'm reading to fap; I shouldn't need to use seven methods of critical analysis to understand what the hell's going on."
  • The entire Troper Tales/ Funny Moments page.

    Interface / Edit Reasons / YKTTW 
  • Every option in the new Relationship Status section in the user profile.
  • The YKTTW that launched Dada Comics. The troper hivemind took a blank YKTTW and ran with it.
    i think we have something here, i'm gonna launch it
  • AMNK's edit reason when deleting some first person stuff on the AwesomeMusic.Iron Maiden page:
    Don't put yourself in examples. You are not a trope.
  • In the history of Game of Thrones page, someone was cleaning up exclamation marks and left this comment.
    If Elvis Presley returned from the dead, killed the President, and declared the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, it might- might- merit a second exclamation mark, if you were feeling particularly excitable.

    Forum / Discussion / Reviews 
  • This image suggestion for Impaled Palm.
  • This forum discussion. Since it's discussing FATAL, there's need for regular Brain Bleach, but the concentrations of sarcasm, schadenfreude, and Running Gags is extremely hilarious.
  • This gem by A.Rex, in this thread:
    "The thing I'm worried about is that it's due to happen right before Christmas. I mean, what kind of dick move is that?"
  • Ambar Sonof Deshar shares his thoughts about Mane-iac in the Complete Monster cleanup thread:
    "RE: Mane-iac. Oh God, not another MLP "example". And one whose goal is to give the cast bad hair. I'm, I'm not even sure how to respond to that. I mean, how is that even an MEH? Hell, how is that anything worse than a bad practical joke? At least previous nominees had done something actually villainous. This? No, no, and NO!"
  • Mikado's glowing review of FATAL.
  • Puppet Chaos's review of Sonichu.
  • This forum post by Blackmoon.
    Charlatan: Mighty Anonym boldsizing his Jesus bit in his signature rubs me the wrong way.
    Blackmoon: "boldsizing his Jesus bit" Thank you, Charlie, I now have a new synonym for jerking off.
  • This forum disscusion (ITT: We are in a Slasher Movie) certainly looks like it is starting to belong here.
  • On December 28, 2010, the day after it was announced the It Just Bugs Me! forum was shutting down, SPACETRAVEL gave us a jumble of various recurrent topics, under the title "It's not funny anymore.":
    First of all, I'm going to assume that you already understand that adaptations are never better than the originals, but to the point:

    It's not cute, it's not sympathetic, it doesn't make you any more of a catboy, so cut it out. I hate it when people abuse their senses of humor this way, thinking their jokes are harmless and affectionate when they're really dehumanizing those nearest and dearest to them by doing shit like this. When you talk that way about your friends, you may not know it, but it sounds to me like you're saying they ought to put on your jammies. Dorm etiquette, man. Learn it, and someday, you might be able to support your own health care.

    Besides, the crude style of comedy in question went out of style in the 30s. Yep, even in the Great Depression, when resources were tight, a whole form of entertainment was spent—because it just wasn't funny. I'm anticipating objections from the "FDR and the Atheists did Fetishes" crowd, and I challenge them to:

    * One: explain to me why they think such a conspiracy, if there was one, was such a bad thing.
    * Two: man up.

    As well, it's blatantly camp homophobic. The use of only heterophones in the the centrally important iambic pentameter section to the exclusion of even the homophones that would be more concise and versatile additions to the song betrays a structure built to make a statement against people attracted to the same sex. And it's not even funny. I've been more amused by arguments about abortion, so I am for both women and men having the legal right to abort this fallacy. Death of the Author with a vengeance.

    And worst of all, it's just lazy writing. Put some thought and time into your work and give us some sound quality that doesn't smell like pot. People with asthma will thank you. Transcend the Fan Dumb.

    Oh, and inb4 "What are you talking about?" and "What is 'it'?" I know what I'm talking about, and if you don't, maybe you should take a look at yourself. Maybe you should stop it, because it's not funny anymore.

    Hastily added expression of hope that I do not get banned for this. Lie that the thread is a self-demonstrating Headscratchers about performance art, which actually doesn't bug me at all. Series of too many apologies.

    How many threads can you find in this jumble?
  • This suggestion from one troper to another on worldbuilding.
    Get drunk. Get pen. See what happens.
    Not recommended for those under the drinking age, those who operate heavy machinery, or fans of Twilight.
  • This attempt by tropers to make the memetastically cheesy lines from Star Fox 64 more verbose.
  • The following from the Lady Gaga Discussion page:
    Do we need a Lady Gaga Music Video Drinking Game? Of course we do. These are the ones a friend and I came up with.
    Every time two people start making out, take a shot. Every time Gaga's costume changes, take a shot. Every time a video makes a callback to a past song, video, or some other aspect of her performing career, take a shot. Every time you see subliminal advertising, take a shot. For every instance of gratuitous foreign language, take a shot. For every cameo of her dogs, take a shot. Every time Gaga puts something in her mouth, take a shot. Whenever she pantomimes a gun, take a shot.
  • This forum thread. It starts out complaining about an upcoming movie, then turns into an assassination plot.
  • You can find some pretty hilarious things that Tropers have dreamed here. For example, a troper's dream about Princess Celestia and jelly beans.
    Had one weird dream last night... I was watching Darkwing Duck and it just went off. The next show was on, and there were aliens that invaded lizard cavemen. (One of them even sounded like DW.) Anyway, the aliens wanted hair that was growing on the cavemen for no apparent reason. After they got enough of their hair, and some of their scales, they began eating them, which in turn merged all of them into one giant smiling jellybean. The jellybean then exploded into tons of other jellybeans, and who emerged from the jellybean explosion?
    None other than Princess Celestia herself!
    Then the My Little Pony theme started up...
    I was ballroom dancing with Waluigi. I'm not even sure what to think of this one. At least he was good at it.
  • This review of The Avengers.
  • This thread that was obviously going to become a complaining thread. The funy part was when one of the mods were the first person to reply to it. (surprisingly, it didn't get locked).
  • The TMNT: Out of the Shadows thread gets off to a fine start.
    JAF 1970: XBLA and PSN this Summer. *trailer link*
    Zeromaeus: Aahh! Get back in the shadows!
  • A clock notice in the Purple Prose TRS conversation is so Purple that the OP didn't understand what it's trying to say.
  • The Memetic Sex God page has a comment that puts the failed attempts at replacing the page image in a snarky manner:
    No consensus has been reached on replacing the Hef.

    Left Fielder 

The Left Fielder page in its entirety:It's all gone now, because some people thought it was useless. So here it is, reproduced in all its glory:

  • Deliberate Left Fielders are common on image boards such as 4chan, where they will generally announce their presence with the cry "Thread Hijack!" (Or if on /m/, "Trombe Override!")
  • There are the people who start a thread where the "image is not related". In such cases it's very easy for the discussion to be about the image posted rather than the intended topic.
  • Boring or unpopular topics on some GameFAQs boards would often be deliberately derailed with the fad phrase "This topic sucks and is now about trains". A good 50% of the time, people would then start discussing trains for a while before the topic died.
  • A phenomenon specific to the "Anime & Manga: [adult swim] Action" board is to label a topic with "Can any [as] action character (insert blank)" with the real topic being about the (insert blank) (or not even about that). This is done in order to insert off-topic topics into the board that would otherwise be deleted.
  • Infamous on Usenet was Jabriol, a borderline incoherent idiot obsessed with evolution to the extent that he could turn any topic, any topic at all, into a diatribe on how evolution was evil. His most typical behavior was to get into a forum related to some form of human tragedy (rape victim support fora, spouse abuse survivors, etc.), then post about how evolutionists strongly favor whatever horror the members of said forum had experienced. Last encountered trying to argue evolutionists loved it when people killed themselves for reasons only clear to him.
    • Is it bad that I can guess what that train of thought was?
    • I read a sci-fi book once (I'll put the name when I remember it), where the kids of people genetically enhanced not to need sleep were so smart, they thought and communicated in a series of complex webs. This made their conversations appear to be nothing BUT Left Fielders to anyone NOT these kids. It took me several chapters to figure out what the parents' problem with this was, ie MOST people must not think like this. I find that state of affairs mildly disturbing, and boring. And now, pie!
    • This troper, who has Asperger's Syndrome, has experienced this first-hand... Sometimes I will make connections that other people won't, which makes them very confused, and makes me seem like a Left Fielder (I seldom have this problem talking with other Aspergians).
      • This troper ain't an Aspergian (...probably) but he does the exact same thing. It gets hilarious when I recount the exactly train track of thought when someone asks how I thought of something and it's an eight-track-jump process.
  • runs on this. If a thread's been going for more than 10 posts and hasn't spawned a discussion about beer, something has gone wrong. If it's been going for more than 10 posts and is still about the works of Terry Pratchett, it's a sign of the apocalypse. (Or, possibly, that there's a new book out).
  • On that note, I declare this trope to now be about baseball.
  • In addition to his left field work, Rickey Henderson set records for runs scored and bases stolen that remain intact to this day.
  • He was a skilled player.
    • Or he had superpowers.
  • Baseball sucks, let's talk about pennies.
  • Did you know the Abe Lincoln penny was the first U.S. coin minted with a president's likeness?
  • FROG-BLAST THE VENT CORE! Let's see what that stirs up...
  • Bob Jam? Apply Grenades liberally.
  • I prefer sticky grenades.
    • Made of win. Marathon is awesome.
  • ROBIN WILLIAMS!!1112344
  • Do you mind? We were TRYING to discuss baseball!
  • Have you noticed that a lot of vampires from the 70s look like Jesus?
    • Or Richard Roundtree.
    • Well, Jesus did rise from the dead, so maybe they're trying abstract symbolism. The second one, it's just being one bad mother.
    • Maybe they are trying to confuse the real Jesus?
  • Gary Oldman once played Dracula.
  • Um, guys? Whales?
  • Are the Beatles really a 70's band?
    • No. They're not even a '70s band.
      • Well technically you could call them a 50's band, seeing as they were originally called the Quarrymen, who were from 1957 which evolved into the Beatles in 1959.
      • Nope, not even then. The Quarrymen were a '50s band, but never a 50's band. Learn your apostrophes.
  • Wasn't this supposed to be about Whales During the Time of Christ, or something?
  • whale can hear through its lower jaw.
  • I'm telling you, Led Zepplin was better than The Beatles!
    • Was not.
      • Was TOO.
  • Hitler!
    • Godwin's Law can't be evoked, silly - it has to form by itself. ^_^
      • Only a Nazi-sympathizer would say that!
      • Yup, you got me; I think the winners wrote history to defame WW2-era Germany.
    • Do you know who else liked Led Zepplin? Hitler.
  • Y'ever been so bored you've set yourself on fire?
    • Only once. Good times.
      • I set pencils on fire once. It made the room smell awful.
    • No, I only do it when I need to make sure ninjas don't catch me.
  • I prefer clawing holes in my head.
  • TV Tropes is better than boredom.
    • Rincewind would probably disagree, but then again, he lives in a world with no TV or internet, so his opinion isn't really valid here.
  • Seriously, guys... baseball? So how about them Dodgers, huh?
    • I don't follow baseball. So I don't know what I'm doing here.
  • Video game example: the Love Point's "Do you remember love?" and pretty much everything the Turning Point says in Immortal Defense. (I'm a genius! What's more outta left field than putting a serious example in an article about left-fielders?)
    • 42.
  • Every time a thread over at Fandom Wank gets out of hand, the discussion always turns to how sexy Alan Rickman is.
    • Or boobies.
  • ...uh, wasn't this thread about people who jump in with random topics?
  • Damn it why did they remove that running gag on the Chain of Deals entry about the red paperclip trade, I LIKED that gag!
  • That reminds me-! Three vampires walk into a bar...
    • ...and then Van Helsing says, "And that's how you make a bloodless Mary."
  • How sexy is Alan Rickman?
    • Screw Justin Timberlake, Rickman's the one bringing sexy back.
    • Isn't he the guy who plays Sev in the HP movies? I'm writing a lot of HP fanfiction, my latest ones have centered around good ol' Sevvy. I've been getting really good grades when I turn in my fanfics in English class. I need to bring up my GPA. Did you know Turk in Tarzan was female? I totally didn't know that for YEARS, now she's my favourite Disney female. Pocahontas really sucks, I used to like it but then I read up on the real Pocahontas and I'm mad. Susan B. Anthony would be ashamed of modern-day feminists. How did I get from Alan Rickman to Susan B. Anthony?
    • Alan Rickman can impregnate by touch alone.
  • Would you like to hear a funny story about tomatoes? In stores, they're located in the vegetable department, even though they're really fruit.
    • Tomatoes are vegetables so they can be taxed! The man is milk even more money out of us! Fight the power!
      • The man is milkING even more money out of us!
    • Tommytoes. Say "Tommytoes."
  • Boobies.
    • With that, I add Busen Memo to this GeekList.
    • I hate birds.
    • I shoot birds at the airport.
  • Corn is good food.
  • I want to show you a piece of my mind.
  • Remember that guy who tied helium balloons to a lawn chair and traveled several thousand feet into the sky on it? Also, why does everything fall apart?
    • Because you touch yourself at night.
    • Wasn't the lawnchair guy Rhys Ifans or something? Or was he in the movie about it? And isn't he the same guy as David Thewlis? Also, what ever happened to Paul Henreid? He was in Casablanca but I haven't seen him in anything else.
  • Man, I remember when this Wiki was actually about TV Tropes, and when you started a discussion, by golly, you either stayed on topic or somehow tied it to Doctor Who or Firefly.
  • I bet Big Boss could take on The Doctor.
  • You've been left on your own, like a rainbow in the dark
  • Metal Gear Gekko looks retarded.
    • Speaking of geckos, how many of you who own one or more motor vehicles are paying more than you ought to be paying for car insurance?
    • Straight from the gecko.
  • Seriously guys, what's the deal with airplane food?
    • I wouldn't know. Unless I'm terribly mistaken, they don't give you food on airplanes at all any more. Not even peanuts, which were the best part.
      • Yes they do. Well, they do on the airline we used for our trip to Mexico, anyways.
      • Southwest does. Unless someone calls the airline ahead of time and says they're allergic. Then they'll serve pretzels. Speaking of pretzels, how relaxing is yoga?
  • Peanuts was a good comic. Got boring sometimes.
  • Yeah, but I don't think Snoopy handed out airline food on his flights against the Red Baron.
  • ChUnKy or smooth peanut butter? Also, why is chocolate poisonous to dogs?
  • Wouldn't it be cool if Alan Rickman had been on Firefly?
    • YES.
  • Y'know, I'm usually polite enough to wait for a break in the conversation to change the topic. Bunch of unmannered pricks. I also know someone who will try to introduce a topic (usually one of his favorite video games or Transformers) right in the middle of a discussion. Exactly how did Left 4 Dead remind you of Transformers, again? It's damn annoying, but I'm too polite to tell him to stop doing this.
  • Speaking of baseball, cricket. I suppose the equivalent of left field in cricket might be "cow corner", as it's kind of the same area of the field from the point of view of a right-handed batsman. It's sort of between midwicket and square leg, for those who don't know, and it's the traditional destination of a good old-fashioned slog (when a batsman just looks to clobber the ball as hard as they can without any thought as to technique).
    • Baseball was invented as a game for British schoolgirls to play while the boys played cricket. True story.
  • There aren't that many crickets where I live. Sometimes you hear them, though * chirp, chirp* . Also, who's ever seen a potato bug / mediterannean beetle? Big, ugly lil' bastards, ain't they? Riftworm.
  • I'm so proud... I was the one who successfully derailed a trope page. -tear- note 
  • Anyone torn open a laptop for shits and giggles? I have.
  • You know what? I like Tomo, I don't care what anyone says.
    • Who the hell is that?
  • Why aren't there any bears in Finland?
    • They are damn good at hiding. Especially polar bears. And damn are they sneaky! I know a kid who almost got eaten by one! They really should start hunting them, but noooo.
  • I'm beginning to think you guys just don't want to talk about whales...
    • Go look up Ambulocetus. That thing was neat. It was a whale with feet. Hey, I rhyme!
  • Have you ever noticed how a lot of anime from the '70s look like vampires?
  • How can a leek cure anything when it's the nastiest food in the world?
    • Only on St. Crispin's Day.
  • Who created the universe, Shinji Ikari or Haruhi Suzumiya?
  • Ooh, fancomics! Chess Piece is particularly awesome. It involves mostly Danny Phantom and then at least one character from almost every Nicktoon ever made. Doug's the urban planner, Catdog's a fashion designer (or rather Cat is) Oblina is a nurse, Iroh is Vlad's good friend and even Dora the Explorer has a cameo of sorts, which involves a stolen Swiper doll and will likely tramatize that girl for life. Phantom is Ax-Crazy and for some reason, I thought it was funny as hell. Plus it quotes a lot of stuff... like Beatles and Buffy. Neo Yi is truely awesome.
  • Something I've always wondered: if someone gives you a penny for your thoughts, and you proceed to put your two cents in, where did the extra money come from?
    • Inflation.
  • I have no idea what you're talking about, so here's a bunny with a pancake on its head.
  • Hey gaiz how about that Lampshade Hanging huh?
  • Eh, it clashes with the Drapes.
  • Doesn't everyone think underwear is awesome?
  • Don't forget to watch our awesome TV show!!
  • Is a Barrel Roll or a Rick Roll a better defence against Furry Fandom IN SPACE!? They keep setting us up the bomb.
    • Use fire. It's easier.
    • Hey, shut the %)(& up! We're people, too! And man... is a feeling creature.
      • Yeah! Do you have any idea how much that hurts? How bad singed fur SMELLS! It takes FOREVER to get that smell out of your fur!
    • In my experience, rat poison works pretty well. Although now I want to combine the two... rat poison on fire? Or maybe just go straight to the napalm. I love that gasoline smell.
  • Have you ever noticed how much vampires look like vampires?
  • Oh hey, I'm not late, am I?
    • Last Post is a fun trumpet piece, because you don't have to use the valves at all. It's all in the lip, people.
  • Derail. This thread is now about kittens.
  • Brawl in the Family fans: try reading the page for Hostile Show Takeover without laughing. In fact, try it anyway.
  • Uh, to get this entry back on topic, the Urban Legends Reference Pages forum has an "Unhijackable Thread" where every new post must Left Field the previous one. And, with that said, may I ask what is the best way to attach the granny squares together for this afghan I'm making? Granny circles, for that matter?
    • My granny only circles when she's had too much to drink. Speaking of that, what's your favorite type of drink?
    • (Granny)^2 = Graham cracker.
    • They made a horror movie called Rabid Grannies. Just thought I'd mention it.
  • ...The Aristocrats!
    • The Aristocats!
  • Alright, stop that, stop that, this article has become too silly.
    • MAKE ME.
  • We have entered an endless recursion of time.
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus was awesome.
  • Guys, my house is on fire. What should I do?
    • Put it out with a vampiric anime Jesus whale. From the 70s.
      • Alternately, from the '70s. Learn to use apostrophes, people.
  • Guys, I just accidentally set a glass of water on fire with a match. What should I do?
  • This Trope is now about random things coming out of the Left Field.
  • We have entered an endless recursion of time.
  • Wendee Lee Count: 22!
  • Anyone remember that one guy whose last name was Cummings? He was in some sort of movie. Oh yeah, and Harry Potter 6 sucked.
  • I think we should reference Cloudcuckoolander in this article. Thoughts?
  • I like clouds. And weren't Cuckoos in that game that all the fangirls like?
  • Speaking of fangirls. Jesus has them. They're called Nuns. Think about that...
    • In a chaste way, sure.
  • I tried to think about it, but for some reason, I thought about the Grim Reaper, who is the exact opposite of a nun.
  • Would the ocean be deeper if there were more whales in it, or fewer sponges?
    • Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
    • We wear short shorts!
  • Firefly is overrated and anyone who thinks it's good is a Joss Whedon Lickspittle!
  • We have entered an endless recursion of time.
    • We have entered an endless recursion of time.
    • We have entered an endless recursion of time.
    • We have entered an endless recursion of time.
    • Kyon-kun, denwa?
    • We have entered an endless recursion of time.
    • We have entered an endless recursion of time.
    • Kyon-kun, denwa?
    • Kyon-kun, denwa?
    • We have entered an endless recursion of time.
    • We have entered an endless recursion of time.
    • There is no time. Your sword is enough.
      • Endless Eight taught me how to say "classified information" in Japanese! Think of all the applications!
  • Huh. I thought this trope was about when people bring up other topics out of nowhere. Like those people that get on every news article about Obama and then bring up his birth certificate, regardless of the original topic of the article? Oh well, I guess not. So anyway, why isn't Puerto Rico a state yet? And btw, Firefly totally rocks. The previous troper is obviously a moron that enjoys bad television.
  • I wonder what fire tastes like...
  • The RIPE Program was so cold. So cruel.
  • Derail. This trope is now about train derailments.
    • Train derailments are a fertilizing rather than a destructive event.
    • Your derailments cannot harm me, are you a fucking ass? Do you not know who I am, he must not know who I am, I'M THE JUGGERNAUT BITCH, IMA HITCHA WITCHYO OWN TRAIN! I'm bad, I'm the badder motherfucker on the word.
    • Well, I love the Power Glove. It's so bad.
    • I'm a 12.0 on the 10.0 scale of badness!
    • Okay, Edgar. Now drop a train on him.
  • Traveling by train is fun, but you can't cross the ocean. To do that you need either a plane or a ship.
    • Or Theodore The Friendly Tugboat.
    • I hate traveling by plane, the lines are too long.
  • I just thought I'd take this moment to plug my various work doing {{Dramatic Reading}]s of Atlanta Nights and My Inner Life.
  • Natter sucsk. Wiiki page are for TROPE EXAMPLE.
    • Give a bit more details. What's the make of the motherboard, what's the clock speed?
      • That's not important. It won't fly with this tire thickness anyway.
      • Not another politics discussion!
      • You're all wrong, it's 456.
      • So how old is she anyway?
      • I do, and I want some fries with that!
      • It is time for the hoboes to overthrow the United States government.
      • We have entered an endless recursion of time.
      • There is no time. Your sword is enough.
    • What about Wikus pages?
  • Does anyone know where I can find installation keys for my copy of The Sims 3?
  • We Await Silent Trystero's Empire.
    • The Empire?! They can't stop us! Let 'em try! For Heavy Meta we would die!
      • Don't Ever Antagonize The Horn.
  • Am I the only one who finds it annoying when a thread derails off topic away from what it was originally about?
  • It is time for the hobos to overthrow the United States government.
    • Hobos can't overthrow the government unless they ally with the bums and slackers.
  • Does anyone else hate it when people give out things like fortune cookies on Halloween?
  • So Milhouse really IS a meme!
  • Oh good, I found the power switch to the internet!
  • I always wonder... If you chrush cookies and mix water in the crumbs, can you make new cookies with the mix?

oh god how did this get here

  • i am not good with computer
  • Guys I accidentally the internet.
    • Troper... I am disappoint.
      • All your base are belong to Tropes
      • You just divided by zero, didn't you?
    • Accidentally what?
      • More to do with the square root of a negative number, really. Also, KHAAAAAAAAAAN!
  • Raaaar! Whatcha doin', Mr. Volcano?

  • We have entered an endless recursion of time.
      • There is no time. Your sword is enough.

Talk about scary video game enemies here instead of anything else

  • Giygas isn't really that scary for me. Except for at night with %99.999999999999 darkness.
  • I've got a loaded shovel and I ain't afraid to use it!
  • I use bold font to make people like me.
  • Why is it named bold font, anyway? I mean, cheesecake is SO much of a better name!
    • Maybe a butter name...
  • Man that eel from Super Mario 64 is fucking creepy. Also those mangled bunnies from Psychnoats.
  • Video games have taught me to shoot people.
  • Candle Jack. This sentence wi
  • Personally I think Queen outdoes them all.
  • We have entered a recursionless end of time.
    • Kun-den, Wa-kyon.

Thread is now about boobs.

Thread is now about weaponry.

  • Personally I prefer hammers. You can smash things with them!
  • but Katanas Are Just Better!
  • Back to the original topic, the Snopes message boards ingeniously created the "Unhijackable thread" specifically for the purpose of creating as many left fields as possible. Oh, and speaking of, it's Baseball Bats all the way, baby!
  • Bubs gives away flamethrowers that shoot chocolate hundred dollar bills.
  • Flamethrower katanas that shoot shurikens and lightning. Made from the bones of Master Asia.
  • My weapon of choice: Stalk of Broccoli to the jugular.
  • Lollipops.

Thread is now about Star Trek.

  • Star Trek is So Cool It's Awesome!
  • I pre-ordered the Star Trek MMO and it ended up being too awesome for my computer to handle. But it'll be worth it when I get a new one and retrieve my Tribble.
  • Tribbles 'N' Bits?

Thread is now about cookie dough

  • Why? Dammit, you people and your cookie dough — why can't we discuss crème brûlée?
  • Guys, um... I kind of... I accidentally Jesus. The whole thing. Can somebody please help? Please?
  • I thought this was the Haruhi Suziyama thread.

Thread is now about Red leader, standing by!