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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.

Florans don't natively have a concept of names

Instead, they identify each other via plant-like means - the scent of pollen they give off, the color and pattern of their leaves and petals, ect. That's why they call themselves "floran" in their Third-Person Person speech, and why they see floran statue as poor likenesses of themselves: apart from their pride, the statue is also one flat color and doesn't smell of anything, so they can't tell who it's intended to be and project. That said, they have started to grasp the concept from other races, if only so those that aren't xenophobes can identify themselves and other to non-florans.
  • The last bit about learning the concept would be an in-universe excuse for being able to name your playable Floran. It's just that they use "Floran" when inspecting things as a self-identification noun.

The Hylotl are actually vicious warlords that have been pacified via a drug

The water surrounding Hylotl Cities, and the air inside the air filled parts, are all medicated. A solution of calming and pacifying liquid is either mixed into the water, or vaporized into the breathing air. This would essentially make any citizen reduced to a state of pacifism. People who were born and raised in this environment would not understand, much less feel any aggression, and would have no need for combat. Give a few generations, and the majority of the species is not only pacified, but their culture has experienced a massive shift in morality and behavior. Weaponry is now for looks, combat is an art form and not used for practicality. The City Guards likely are given a modified solution that inducts one into passive nature, but would allow them to suddenly switch into a fully aggressive, combat ready state.
  • The Hylotl does not have much trouble digesting food and things that a carnivore or omnivore would be able to digest. The Player is able to keep down an alien meat steak, which shows they at some point evolved to be omnivores. They have the potential to eat life forms from alien worlds, and nearly anything that has meat. Early on in their history, it is quite likely that The Hylotl nearly drove large groups of Marine Life to extinction, if not having driven them to extinction by the time the solution was created and deemed needed. The Vegetarianism can be explained as the species choosing to subsist on vegetation, and adapting to a new lifestyle, instead of having to hunt and kill, or to slaughter for sustenance.
  • The Player Character Hylotl, a trained monk, is raised in these ways of pacifism, but likely learned survival and combat as an art form. The second they get off world, they are no longer medicated with the solution. A species with a violent nature, and aggression as natural, would experience a massive shock, which would explain the Player killing wild animals for sport, or exterminating an entire village. However, due to being trained, and selected as a missionary for their peaceful ways, the Player will exhibit restraint, and may even manage pure vegetarianism, and pacifism in comparison to other beings exploring space.
  • Was just reading this, but holy fishcakes this actually is feasible! I know it sounds insane, but look through the Hylotl Armors. Just look at them. Why would a race of pacifists even have battle ready armor? They have what seems to be stealth and infantry style armor, along with ones that their ancestors would wear while riding gigantic fish into battle. Even if they had a violent past, that doesn't truly contradict with this. There is armor for deep sea exploration, and for tending to the hatcheries, sure, but the fact still remains a majority of the armor for the species, is violent in nature. There are parts that are still for art, but the armor looks as if it is blood thirsty. Note, this troper originally wrote this bit before writing the above/rest of the WMG Theory. He merely wants you to know he read the one line description of the WMG, and then suddenly realized it fits.

The Races that made the Glitch are...

  • Human: Just given the fast that they in a Medieval are like Earth at the Medieval time.
  • Apex: They are the most technologically advanced race.
  • The same race that give Avian the technology.
  • Engi: They conducted these experiments by building separate robots and monitoring how their civilizations evolved.

The Avian god is actually the leader of the Apex.

Think about an advanced race gave the Avians star ship tech, which they misinterpreted as a god.This seems to this troper that it would be something Big Ape would plan. Why rule one race when you can rule two and be thought of as a god?

The Big Ape will be one of the bosses.

If not the tier 10 Boss.

The simulations that resulted in The Glitch were conducted by the Engi.

The Glitch can suffocate in airless spaces and so can the Engi. They conducted these experiments by building separate robots and monitoring how their civilizations evolved.

The tentacle monsters are to some extent giant plants
Large tentacle trees drop regular wood when felled on tentacle planets. We know the relatively plant-habitable Earth was tentacle'd. Tentacle juice is just water with the pigment full of baby tentacle monsters.
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