Fridge / Starbound

Fridge Brilliance:

  • Why do the glitch need to eat like anybody else? Well, they're simulations of advancement, of course they would need to eat to simulate. If they just had oil to worry about, they would never properly simulate organic development because they have different needs than a flesh and blood, but by making them require food, they can easily simulate the advancement of technology of an organic race.
    • It's for the same reason that Glitch who become self-aware are seen as aberrant and branded as Outcasts. Glitch are programmed to simulate. Everything about the way they live is contained within the simulation. When a Glitch gains self-awareness, they disrupt the simulation and introduce conflict with the Glitch's programming. To maintain the simulation, the other Glitch fall back on simulating medieval superstition and persecution: the self-aware Glitch is a heretic, so therefore, we must Burn the Witch!
    • And even then, the simulation appears to be slowly wearing away over time. The Glitch PC will occasionally take note of distinctly non-medieval objects found around Glitch villages and strongholds. For instance, inspecting a Glitch cash register will prompt the PC to remark that Glitch never had use for such a device, as Glitch didn't use forms of currency. They then wonder if Glitch had begun trading in pixels. Talking to the Glitch merchant standing next to the register confirms that indeed, they have.
  • Why do the Hylotl have an air meter underwater despite being amphibious? Frogs in real life can't breathe underwater, but they can absorb oxygen through their skin. Hylotl are much bigger than frogs and thus the oxygen absorption probably wouldn't be enough to help them breathe.
    • Many amphibians in real life lose the ability to breath underwater once they have aged into adulthood.
  • It might seem a bit silly at first that the high-tech matter manipulator is worse at mining than a simple stone pickaxe, but then you realize that mining or woodcutting is probably not what it was designed for. It's more likely the manipulator was designed for construction and moving heavy objects - which is why it's how players place down any item that can be placed, and at reasonable distances.
    • It's also said to work on the nanometer level. Perfect for precise positions and sticking things together, but shaking things apart when you're working at that level is actually incredibly difficult. A nice big wedge-shaped hunk of metal is unspeakably more energy-efficient for splitting solid matter.
  • The Golden Pickaxe and Drills are stronger than their silver/copper variants, even though gold is one of the softest metals around. Then you realize that they both require a silver pick/drill to craft. You're not actually making tools out of gold, you're adding gold to them as an alloy, which is much stronger than the pure metal.
  • To make the Florans into a race of violently predatory savages is actually very fitting. As anyone who's ever studied botany knows, plants are actually viciously competitive with one another; a plant's entire existence is devoted to trying to steal away all the water and soil nutrients it can in order to crowd out other plants and prosper. Gardeners learn quite early, if they want to succeed, that certain plants can't be grown together or even near other plants at all, as they secrete chemicals to kill off other plants. It's only logical, then, that a plant that actually became a mobile sentient would be a rapacious predator that cannibalises its own kind and any other species it encounters; a plant's mindset is fundamentally totally self-centered and focused on its own survival. And, to a plant, the thing it depends on most is a source of nourishment.
    • At the same time, not only is there a natural evolutionary pressure for them to start growing out of this (lest they be driven into extinction by their own aggressiveness being combined with their primitive natures), but there are also reasons for them to develop non-hostile relations with other races. In the real world, many plants rely on symbiosis with animals, usually for protection or reproduction.
  • Why do Florans love meat so much? Meat is rich in all sorts of elements and minerals, making it very good nutrition and very energy rich. Also, the structure of fleshy tissue makes it a lot easier to break down than, say, soil or vegetable matter. So, to Florans, meat is super-nutritious and super-easy to digest; no wonder they love it so much. Even in the real world, many plants grow better by feeding on decomposing animal matter.
  • Why the Floran's Torture Device, which seemingly is an innocuous small fountain, scare Glitches, Avians, and their own so much? Machines, obviously, suffer short-circuit when their chipboards are wet. Dipped feathers weigh down tremendously, or at least it feels so, for the aerodynamic, frailly-muscular bodies of birds. Carnivore plants, the origin of the Floran, thrive on poorly-hydrated soil, and get all they need from their victims. As a tradeoff for that evolution, they risk dying off when exposed to mild quantities of water. Of course, that's not the exact case with Florans, but some degree of Old Habits Die Hard may be the case.
  • The Novakids don't pass on any information directly, with the younger generations just learning through observation and tinkering. This could explain why they don't have much backstory In-Universe (Apart from being an added playable race).

Fridge Logic:

  • You can clone people, but can't clone meat for food. As said by Scott Manley:
    "We can replicate a person... but we can't apparently replicate meat."
    • Your character will always pull out the matter manipulator if he/she is going to place an item down into/on the world. Even if he/she doesn't have it in their inventory or on their hotbar.
    • Have you ever tasted cloned meat? It tastes horrible, because even if you clone the tissue, it's just that - stringy tissue, rather than juicy meat. You probably need to spend time stimulating the muscle before it's anywhere near edible. Of course, this raises the question as to why people are perfectly fine right after being cloned, but still.
  • To construct a Robotics Crafting Table, you must first get a Processor Board. To get the processor board, you must first construct a robot. There's a causality paradox somewhere in there.
    • Perhaps the Robot, commanded by the superior and enhanced brain, automatically regenerates its circuitry. The whole reason you're building and fighting it is to get a sturdy, battle-hardened chip which is suitable for robotic crafting.
    • Turns into a bit of Fridge Brilliance if you care to examine the robot before actually activating it. The PC states that he hopes/bets that it will be friendly, and let's be honest, having a robot friend around would be pretty sweet. Using the processor for the crafting table hadn't occured to your character at that point. But your character wasn't expecting it to be hostile when he or she activated the robot. After destroying it, all that's left is the processor. Oh well, might as well make a neat crafting table with it.
      • The Glitch PCs notice something a little off when inspecting it.
    • It's a Robotic Crafting Table (as in it has robot arms), not a Robotics Crafting Table.

Fridge Horror

  • When exploring Avian tombs you can frequently find Raw Alien Meat ... in the coffins. Considering the other most common drop is Bones, this is clearly the meat of the inhabitant. Which can be cooked and eaten by any race, including Avians.
    • This also implies that the coffins were filled recently enough for the meat to still be fresh.
    • What's more, a few of the coffins are opened, and the only living thing with any interest in them are the Avian guards posted in the tombs. Flavor text indicates that these Avians are very much alive, and NOT ghosts or reanimated remains of those buried in the tomb. Well, those guards have to eat something, and sometimes the rations run a little short...
  • Similarly, the mutant humans in the Erchius Mining Facility can also drop Raw Alien Meat.
  • The Humans left Earth because of a giant tentacle monster that was growing inside the planet started rampaging. Yeah, at first it seems like just one random outbreak, until you come across multiple planets, seemingly dead, covered in those same kinds of tentacles, which suggests that this has happened elsewhere. A lot. Who knows, your home planet might be next...
    • A codex by Greenfinger on the Beast reveals it was CREATED BY THE FLORANS and has indeed been used on other worlds. His notes also state that he didn't expect it to be able to become so powerful.
      • To hammer the nail even further, he expresses some fear of what may come if humans learn the truth. The most likely outcome? War. And given the Florans' racial fear of fire, one option in particular would seem exceptionally karmic.