Trivia: Starbound

  • Homage: The Apex themselves are nothing but a giant homage to both 1984 and Planet of the Apes. It's as creepy as it sounds.
  • Name's the Same: Dreadwing the Penguin shares his name with a Decepticon.
  • Pre-Order Bonus: In order to help get extra funds to speed development along, Chucklefish set up one of the most elaborate digital examples of one to date. Apart from Kickstarter-esque stretch goals (two of which were reached within a week), the more expensive preorder packages came with different perks:
    • Pixel Tier ($15): The game on release, a beta invite, and the soundtrack.
    • Silver Tier ($20): Same as Pixel, plus a forum badge.
    • Gold Tier ($45): Same as Silver, plus the donor's name appears in the NPC name pool.
    • Diamond Tier ($75): Same as Gold, plus the donor's name appears in the game credits.
    • Platinum Tier ($500): Same as Diamond, plus the ability to design a hat to be included to the game. (No longer available as all 30 have been sold out)
    • Solarium Tier ($1000): Same as Diamond, plus to ability to help design a gun to be included in the game.
    • Impervium Tier ($2000): Same as Diamond, plus the donor gets immortalized as an in-game statue for players to build.
  • Schedule Slip: The game was originally scheduled for a summer 2013, but missed the deadline. The development team has now given a rough estimate as to the release date of their game for "when it's done". Thankfully, those who pre-ordered are guaranteed beta access by the end of the year. The beta release was announced for December 4th. Unfortunately, stable updates were abandoned after February 18, 2014, with the team resorting to unstable updates, then giving up on those and releasing only nightly builds that they warned "might crash your system and kill your dog".
  • What Could Have Been: It was originally planned for each character to use space stations as their main base, however that idea had given way to a single, personal spaceship for each player that has all they need in terms of advanced space travel and advanced item crafting.
  • The Wiki Rule: Three of them.
  • Trolling Creator: The devs are prone to trolling the fanbase, such as showcasing the fake Glitch AI (a busty woman with a horse's head) which was later replaced with a wizard Glitch. The horse head was later used for the Novakid AI, minus the woman's body. This has resulted in heavily mixed reactions, with most players either being amused or rolling with the jokes, but a rather vocal segment of the player base will usually voice their displeasure when they believe a joke either was in bad taste or has overstayed its welcome, such as the aforementioned Novakid AI incident.
  • Troper Critical Mass: The game was highly anticipated across the entire net, thanks to word of mouth and many preorder promotions. The result? The Main page broke the 100 trope count a week after the beta was released.