Trivia / Starcade

  • Canon Discontinuity: This promo for the Twitch streaming marathon does its' best to downplay Mark Richards— he isn't seen, and brief clips from a report on the show featuring him from Entertainment Tonight are played over clips with Geoff Edwards; but his voice can still be heard, particularly at the end where he says "Let's play.... Starcade!"
  • Development Hell: The Starcade 2000 revival fell into this; Mavis Arthur said in an interview "Same problems as the ‘80s, a TV show about arcade games is a tough sell." They indicated that they might go the Kickstarter route or try to put on a Starcade tribute show; however, a Hope Spot has appeared with the announcement that Shout! Factory is planning to reboot the series.
  • Fan Community Nicknames: "Starcaders". The contestants were also called this occasionally.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: For the most part, averted. JM Productions has almost all the master tapes (except apparently for episode 35) and has put many episodes onto the Starcade website; the Dragon's Lair 20th Anniversary DVD also includes a full episode (where a Dragon's Lair machine was the grand prize) as an extra. More recently, Shout! Factory held a streaming marathon of the show on Twitch in August/September 2017, and has uploaded assorted episodes on their website. There are also clips of the Eruzione and Trebek pilots around.
  • Missing Episode: Episode 35, as stated above. To date, it is NOT on the trading circuit.
  • One of Us: After getting the job, Geoff immersed himself into the genre, becoming a fan and gamer in the process. He frequently gave hints before contestants played—some relatively obvious, others not so much, but always in consideration of the strict time limits; for example, in shooting games he often suggests focusing only on destroying enemies and not doing otherwise normal actions like docking at the base in Star Trek or gathering Sinibombs in Sinistar. A "Starcade Hotline" segment consisted of him playing and beating Sinistar (a notoriously difficult game) after a taping. Geoff remained a devoted fan for the rest of his life, playing modern games as well as the classics.
  • Troubled Production: It was a long and winding road to get the series on air; this article details all the roadblocks and bumps.
  • What Could Have Been: The USA Network revival plans from 2006, which would've featured totally different, tournament-style rules had it progressed further.