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Funny: Starbound
  • Some of the descriptions for items can veer into this. Especially with some of the posters, and particularly with a Floran PC
    Glitch: (On a poster reading "Keep Calm and-" with the rest scrawled) "Frustration. Trying to guess the missing text will irritate me for days."
    Glitch (On a Hylotl statue) "Critical. It appears the Hylotl have always suffered from poor fashion sense."
    Apex: (On the same Keep Calm poster) "If this was a Miniknog poster, the missing text would read 'you won't be terminated'."
    Human: (On an "OBEY" poster) "Apex propaganda. I should draw a funny moustache on it."
    Human: (On a Disgusting Public Toilet) "Nothing a bit of bleach and napalm won't sort."
    Floran:(On a "There is no need to be upset" poster) "Big fat monkeyman sssssays wordsssss. Floran punch in face."
    Floran:(On a poster for "10 things I hate about Florans") "Want to stab this poster."
    Floran:(On a blood bank) "A vending machine!"
    Floran:(On a restaurant sign) "Floran rather eat frogman than frogman food"
    Hylotl: (On a Hyotl warning sign) "The sign warns of the dangers of texting while walking."
    Hylotl: (On a "Mess Hall" sign) "Why would humans label a room as messy instead of tidying up? Maybe I'm misunderstanding.."
    Avian: (Observing a Glitchspeare Portrait) "This Glitch has facial hair. How is that possible?"
    • Several comments along these lines while in Hylotl towns make clear that, no matter how peaceful, they definitely do not like them. To the point when they misread a sign and take it as claiming they kidnap children (actually a plan for rescuing their tadpoles that float up to the surface), one of them even says something along the lines of "I knew it".
      • Try talking to a Glitch as a Hylotl sometime. There'll be bragging, there'll be condescending comments, and even genuinely well-meaning comments on how they're sure the Hylotl will eventually be as advanced as them. Keep in mind the glitch are technically stuck in medieval ages.
  • Any lore entry involving Hylotl adventurer Hiraki Corale. The innocence and naivety in her writing just sells it.
  • From the introduction of the Novakids:
    "An Avian diplomat reportedly described a Novakid he met as “dense”, and elaborated upon his statement by mentioning that the Novakid in question had cheerily asked him if his god, Kluex, was real."
  • Pretty much anything the Floran PC says.
  • Despite some rather horrific codex entries, some of them fall straight into this.
    Big Ape: So, let's get started then. We have important things to discuss.
    Greenfinger: [Redacted]
    Thornwing: [Redacted]
    [Redacted]: Are you serious?
    Big Ape: [Redacted]
    Big Ape: [Redacted]
    Big Ape: [Redacted]
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