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Shout Out: Starbound
  • The human and Apex respawn animations have the character built up to the muscles, then put through some kind of light-based skin regrowth process. This bears a resemblance to a similar sequence from The Fifth Element. And you can find and wear the iconic white monokini from the movie.
  • The theocratic, aztec-esque architecture of the Avian as a whole could be a reference to the Chozo.
  • The Film Noir-style store of a Glitch detective looking for a "malfunctioning" Glitch in a murder case rings of Blade Runner.
  • The snow infantry armor set offers excellent protection against the cold and bears an uncanny resemblance to the clothing worn by the rebel soldiers on Hoth. On Glitch, it makes them resemble Quote as well.
  • A few screenshots show demo players wielding clear nods to the assault rifle from the Alien franchise. You can also come across penal colonies run by the USCM.
  • The tool that players use to place and build is very similar to the Covenant plasma pistol from Halo.
  • One of the head options for the robot race Glitch in the online character creator is clearly meant to look like the iconic helmet of Dead Space protagonist Isaac Clarke.
  • The player can craft and wear the helmet worn by the hero of Doom. Notice how Armagon has been playing Brutal Doom lately...
  • A mock-up of the quest system has one possible quest with an Avian named Toras Belanna.
  • The demonstrations of the instruments and singing system featured songs from Portal (Still Alive) and Sonic the Hedgehog (Bridge Zone Music, from the Master System opus). The very first video also featured a rendition of Für Elise. Other songs with a .abc attachment can be added to the PC version of the game as well.
  • It seems that Terraria isn't going to be the only one featuring hero's clothes (the human on the left).
  • Inevitably, there are multiple to Terraria itself. Considering the main programmer of the game did work on Terraria, this was bound to happen, even if it didn't bear more than passing resemblance.
    • Humans start out with the Broken Hero Sword, a rare drop during Terraria's solar eclipse (which can't be used as a weapon in Terraria itself).
    • The Flesh Cavern and Heck mini-biomes strongly resemble the Underground Crimson.
    • As the Merchant in Terraria did, most races will point out that dirt blocks look extra dirty when examining them.
    • A meta-example: A hole straight down from surface to mantle is often called a Hellevator, even by the developers.
    • The Rabbit Statue found ingame looks very similar to Terraria's bunnies.
    • One of the names a randomly-generated pistol may have is Zapenator, one letter away from Terraria's Dummied Out weapon Zapinator.
  • Bombs look exactly like bob-ombs without legs.
    • Upon examining a "Fireflower", a human will wonder if they'll gain the ability to throw fireballs by eating it.
  • Creepers and Diamond Pickaxes are also in this game.
  • In this mockup, a Poke Ball can be seen on one of the posters. Furthermore, it's possible to craft "Capture Pods", catch young monsters, and get them to fight alongside you. They can even evolve into adult monsters if given enough time!
  • One of the possible technologies that has been shown is a morph ball.
  • Two of the Glitch heads in the online character creator look like the helmets worn by the band Daft Punk (a single visor with lights across it and a large display that goes to the top of the skull). A third Glitch head resembles a Borg drone, with a large optic unit with glowing wires sticking out of it, and a fourth resembles RoboCop's helmet.
  • It: The decorative wall pipe from the sewer biome. The description reads. "A sewer pipe. Watch out for clowns." A reference to the clown in the book hiding in the sewers and storm drains.
  • If a player tries to give herself an item that does not exist, the result is a "Perfectly Generic Item," which, like the "Perfectly Generic Object" from Homestuck, is a simple green cube. The developers are known to be fans of the comic.
    • Actually, it is a possible loot. You can rarely find these in some random old chests. Perhaps it is just a placeholder.
  • There is a notable novel called "Floran Peace". in case you don't get it read the name out loud, pronouncing it "Floor An"
  • A character's jumping animation bares a slight resemblance to Mega Man (Classic). Coincidentally, the animation used when the player beams to and from the ship resembles Mega Man's stage entry.
    • Damn, there's a MEGABUSTER among the test assets for guns!
    • The gate to your ship's cockpit is exactly the same one from the SNES Mega Man X games.
  • The description for potato seeds says 'Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew.' The description for the potatoes themselves? "Po-ta-to."
  • The "eyesword" weapon type has teeth and an eye in its hilt. Similarly, one of the Glitch heads has swept-back wing-like projections similar to Nightmare's helmet in Soul Calibur II.
  • Upon finding a lone glith castle, the noble will sometimes shout "Referential: Hark! A Vagrant!"
  • Apex "dungeons" are extremely similar in style and tone to Aperture Science's Testing Facility. Driving the point home, examining a level designation poster with a Glitch will cause them to wistfully reminisce how an old friend of theirs used to run a facility like this.
  • Examining a Rainbow Painting with each race has them reference the "double rainbow" meme.
    Apex: This painting... so intense...
    Avian: A painting of two rainbows. What does this mean?
    Human: Wow, wow, oh my god. Look at that painting of a rainbow.
  • Examining a Horizontal Danger Sign with a Floran will cause them to say they "laugh in the face of danger. Haha!"
  • The "Decorative Troll Mask" found in Avian tombs is in the shape of... well... what else?
  • You can find a Dance-Dance game console. Floran characters will even complain about the arrows going too fast.
  • The "Gothic Painting" item is intended to be the American Gothic painting by Grant Wood.
  • The Florans have an unusually sibilant way of talking, are very violent and cunning, and have an extreme affinity for the word "stab." They share these, and several other attributes, with the Tediz from Conkers Bad Fur Day, particularly the Sneekers from Live and Reloaded.
  • A painting of a Glitch with a very familiar hairstyle and outfit can be found.
  • Another Glitch painting resembles Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory".
  • The item description for the Floran Statue notes that it "looks almost alive." This is a reference to the infamous Deku Scrub sculpture that can be found in the beginning of Majora's Mask. This is further reinforced by Florans noting that it looks like them, but is a bad likeness; in MM, your Fairy will comment that the statue looks somewhat like Link, who is trapped as a Deku Scrub.
  • Among several fairly ordinary hairstyles to choose from for male human player characters, eleven in particular stand out.
    • They're even in order.
    • In addition, one of the available heads for the Glitch is Cyberman-esque.
    • Adding even more, there's an item called "Cool Fez", with the description: "Fezes are... neat!", referencing Eleven's catchphrase.
    • And even after that, you can find a medical display examining a human with two hearts.
  • The flavor text for the wiring station is "It's time to take chances, make mistakes, get messy!"
  • The Space Uniform costume bears a resemblance to the Starfleet uniforms from Star Trek.
  • The Turtle Shell's flavor text: "A turtle shell. Pizza not included."
  • The Hylotl-exclusive Tier 9 spear Seaserpent looks suspiciously like the Lance of Longinus from End of Evangelion.
  • Sometimes, a player can encounter a ruined town populated by armored demons. One of the phrases a demon can say upon charging the player is "I...See...You!", a reference to the Emberverse books by S.M. Stirling.
    • This could also be seen as a reference to In the Mouth of Madnezs
  • According to the Hylotl PC when examining a pineapple plant, one would never find pineapples under the sea.
  • One of the arcade machines is called Psychedelic Rodeo Melee.
  • One of the cosmetic item sets available is a greenish jump suit, mentioned as being made in Deep 13.
  • The Tool Merchants sell three things: Flares (which contain oil), Rope and Bombs. Lamp oil, rope, bombs, anyone?
  • Rarely, in USCM bases, you can find holograms of the Death Star, complete with the flavor text "That's no moon..."
  • When examining certain plants as a Floran, the PC will say "Floran weak to color yellow."
  • Cooked bacon's description: "Bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips!"
  • Some Avian Airships contain the diary of Mallard Wrenolyds.
  • The Iron Throne is a piece of furniture.
  • The Wizard costume set looks suspiciously like Wizard Mickey's robe....
  • One of the Human hairstyles resembles Son Goku's.
  • A Hylotl examining a metal bookshelf: "Tomes rich with human history. This one chronicles the life of a man who dressed like a bat and fought crime".
  • Wooden bookcases have a book called Fifty Shades of Green. "It's about aliens".
  • One of the legendary weapons is a "Slave Sword". Besides being a play on the Master Sword, it also fires out a similar Sword Beam, and makes a similar sound to an enemy getting struck in LoZ when the projectile hits them.

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