Shout Out / Steambot Chronicles

This game boasts a number of mentions to popular American culture.

  • A fictional film poster in the Nefroburg theater is titled: Welcome back, Trotter. A reference to Welcome Back, Kotter.
  • Two enemies that are encountered in the ruins near Fort Raven are called Dig D.U.G.G and Totem Recal; a shout out to Dig Dug and Total Recall (1990).
  • One of the Bloody Mantis agents goes by the name 0007, take away one 0, and you have Mr. 007.
  • Two gladiators have the nicknames Bomber Boy and Dancing Queen. Adding to the musical references.
  • An old woman at the Garland city Arena say "I feel asleep." A reference to the one of the most iconic Engrish lines from the NES version of Metal Gear.
  • A man working at the movie theatre shouts "You Meddling kids!" after being called out for hiding the last film reel.
  • About halfway through the game, the player can participate in the Ultimate Trotmobile Championship: basically, the Ultimate Fighting Championship with steam-powered mechs.