Creator / Emily Youcis
Creator Emily Youcis, in all her glory.
"I am a stray dog, woof woof! AHGGG"

Describe Emily Youcis hereŚwait, is that even possible?

We will do our best. Emily Rose Youcis (b. 1990) is a self-described disturbed individual who had "fallen of the edge" sometime in her late adolescence. the eclectic bipolar offspring of crude comedy and deranged Punk Rock with a bloodstream comprised of liquid Stylistic Suck. Think of that, but in the best way possible! Her many professions include animator, blogger, amateur musician, web talk show host, pistachio vendor, and possibly stripper. She holds a tight standard of no standards in her works, other than being naturally sacrilegious, bizarre, then often violent and obscene. Emily is well known within the internet underground for her works.

She is probably best known for her animations, primarily Alfred Alfer, a fictional pitbull suffering from dissociative identity disorder and sexual disturbance, featuring his comedic adventures turned psychotic rampage. A movie starring him and his redemption is now in the works. Among Alfred, there have been plenty of other web aanimations by her. These include "Wal-Mart Siblings", music videos, mockeries of WWII politicians, and fan pornography of Metalocalypse.

Concerning her speaking and live-action roles, ScrappleTV hosts Da Emily Show, her low-budget variety show wherein she acts in a multitude of skits and gags. These range from average stoner humor to music videos to the simply unexplainable. Mostly her doing whatever she feels like while high. Emily also has had a multitude of interviews regarding her Alfred Character and other works, as heard on Smut Cave and Wedge Radio.

Also well known for her collaborative projects. She has been an influence in Jimmy ScreamerClaus' works, mainly regarding the Where the Dead Go to Die series. The music video to MC Bushpig and the Butchers' Harem song Eat My Rotten Meat was hers. She also plays part-time in her band, Emily Pukis and the Vagrants, a GG Allin tribute band.

General traits to this Creator:

  • Author Appeal: Famous dictators appear in a lot of her works. She has been known to write erotic fanfiction of Lavrenti Beria and often makes public appearances dressed to resemble Muammar Gaddafi.
  • Cloudcuckooo Lander: In spades. Her mind is very rarely grounded in reality. Most often, she is only coherent within her political activism, her serious interviews, and her fan appreciation posts.
  • The Confidant: Emily is a loyal friend with many of other creators she collaborates with, especially the other members of her band. She and Leanne have been friends for ages and could be considered True Companions.
  • A Day In The Lime Light: Emily is known to share the spotlight with certain fans.
  • Insistent Terminology: Alfred "poarn", never "porn".
  • The Lad-ette: Emily is a good real-life example of this trope. She's pretty energetic and outspoken, likes to drink, makes sexually explicit and violent videos, and swears quite a bit.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: Don't let all of the horrifying surreality of her work put you off. Those lucky enough to know her personally will tell you she is very sweet, especially to her fans (she claims that having a regular job where she screams at people to buy snacks from her helps her externalize her frustration).
    • Need some more convincing? There was an autistic fan of hers who enjoyed roleplaying her character. When Emily discovered him, she thought he was so cool that she tagged him in an official post for the Alfred Alfer movie so that she could share some of her fame with him. Now that deserves an award on its own.
  • Mellow Fellow: She may become frustrated with the progress of some of her projects and also with her her political rivals, but other than those occurences she is generally easy going. In her professional life, there is much trolling from both sides, but she is always able to laugh it off. It takes a lot to actually get her pissed off. Picking on her fans, in instance, is one way to do that.
  • Nice Gal: Emily cherishes her fans dearly. On her social network profile she will often showcase fan art and other works, gushing how much she adores the homage.
  • Pretty Fly for a White Girl: In addition to being pals with several underground horrorcore rappers, she wrote her own short rap on her social network profile about life in her city. Not something new for her either.
  • Rebellious Spirit: Emily naturally naturally defies every and any class she is associated with. Even to the point where she wholeheartedly supports Donald Trump, but adamantly insists that she doesn't follow politics.
  • Troll/Screwy Squirrel: Often scours that site which shall remain nameless and starts arguments with non-fans for amusement. More recently, when she became a staunch supporter of Donald Trump's presidential campaign, she'd often make loud pro-Trump statements to see how non-supporters would react.

Tropes relating specifically to her art/animation:

  • Art Evolution: For what had began as crude cut-and-paste MS Paint doodles animated into distorted music videos has slowly evolved into more and more sophisticated Flash animations. Most recently, the Alfred Alfer movie has produced segments featuring detailed expressions, shadows and lighting, and smoother motions.
  • Bowdlerisation: The Alfred Christmas Episode had received mixed reviews and some criticism on Newgrounds, mainly for Emily's heavy use of "lame" euphemisms and less offensive humor.
  • Brother Chuck: In her early animations, Emily had another dog character, named Phat Dawg, who played Sidekick to Alfred. After "Perpetual Limbo of the Room", there was no mention or appearance of him there onwards. Coincidentally, the voice of Phat Dawg happened to be her own brother, Lee.
  • Darker and Edgier: Her earliest works comprised mostly of Affectionate Parodies and goofy, lighthearted skits of Alfred Alfer and an abandoned character called Phat Dawg. Over the past decade, the animations she's produced have grown increasingly sexual, violent, and depressing. Her current project crosses over with Where the Dead Go to Die.
  • Deranged Animation: You'll have a hard time finding a work of hers that isn't Up to Eleven in wackiness. The most outrageous (and that's putting it lightly) has got be her music video for MC Bushpig's "Eat My Rotten Meat".
  • Early Installment Weirdness: See Darker and Edgier entry.
  • Mad Artist: She has a touch of this trope. She's very odd, random, and full of energy... But it pretty much just makes her charming and funny. You can watch her and be like, "Yeah, that's the person who made Alfred's Playhouse".
  • Reference Overdosed: All of her animations make abundant references to all her favorite media, far too much for this page alone. For a full list, see her Reference Overdosed entry.
  • Take That: Emily claims that the titular character from Mr. Pickles had been a rip off of her character Dictator Pickles, so in a teaser for the Alfred movie she has Alfred tie him up and violate him with a pickle, post-mortem.

Tropes relating to her music:

Da Emily Show and other live-action tropes:

  • Blasphemous Boast: In an episode of Da Emily Show she inquires of the audience if she would be on the stage and "this throne" if she were not the Savior.
  • Comedic Underwear Exposure: Although exhibitionism is nothing new for her, there was a particular example of her half-nude as a gag in an episode of Smut Cave. Notably, the Spelunker auctioning off her worn undies in the Christmas Episode. Unwashed, of course.
  • Large Ham: On camera, she is known to bark, howl, spontaneously begin headbanging and so forth; all to express her identity as thee Emily Youcis.
  • The Stoner: She acts and looks stoned, constantly, and can occasionally be seen lighting up during livestreams. This is especially evident in her show which by and large is her convulsing and uttering non-sense.
  • Surreal Humor: Her standard style of comedy.