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Nightmare Fuel: Tom and Jerry
  • The famous "Don't you believe it!"line from the short "Mouse Trouble".
  • Many Gene Deitch-directed Tom and Jerry shorts due to the deranged, limited animation and odd sound effects.
  • There's also the "Heavenly Puss" short where Tom gets sent to Hell, even after getting Jerry's forgiveness (though it turns out that it was All Just a Dream.) That probably scared a few kids rather than amusing them. Matt Groening (the man behind The Simpsons, Futurama, and Life in Hell) even cited this as one of the darkest things he's seen.
    • Also in "Heavenly Puss" is the moment where the gatekeeper calls the name of Fluff, Muff and Puff, and we see a sack hopping along the floor accompanied by wet sounds before it pops open and three mewling kittens emerge. If the image of three kittens whose owner tied them in a sack and drowned them in a river wasn't enough, the gatekeeper's resigned response to it implies he has seen the same thing a lot.
    Gatekeeper: What some people wont do...
    • Some of the other souls in the line werent too happy either. One, who looks like Butch, is stated to have been brutally killed by vicious dogs.
  • And then there's "Blue Cat Blues", which has a Downer Ending of a depressed Tom and Jerry sitting on the train tracks with the train just about to come. No wonder it's not shown much in syndication (TNT and a lot of independent local stations in the 1980s and 1990s showed this, but good luck finding it on Cartoon Network, Boomerang, and on officially-released DVDs).
  • There's also one where Tom's about to eat Quacker, then Jerry throws a brick at Tom, and Tom breaks apart, leaving only his outline.
  • In "Year of the Mouse", Jerry and a mouse friend basically gaslight Tom. The poor cat's just trying to nap, but keeps waking up to find signs that he might be trying to kill himself as he sleeps.
    • Well, at least he won in that cartoon.
  • "Southbound Duckling" ends with Jerry and Quacker in a beach thinking they've defeated Tom. End of episode, right? Not so fast; Tom is right behind them and traps them under a bucket. Then he pulls down an umbrella to hide both him and the bucket, laughing evilly. Common enough sight in the middle of these cartoons, but in this case, that's where the episode ends...
  • "Pecos Pest" features Jerry's Uncle Pecos chasing Tom with an ax, because he needs "Yer' wisker for mah' git-ar string!". It sounds funny until you see that Pecos is The Determinator when it comes to getting that string, and consider the consequences had he wanted anything else.
  • The early forms of the characters could count. Especially Spike who was also completely berserk in his debut appearance. (Dog Trouble)
  • And how could this list be complete without Tom actually getting guillotined at the end of "The Two Mouseketeers"?
    Nibbles: Pouvre, pouvre, pussy cat. (shrugs) C'est la guerre.
  • Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry-ous is a lot Darker and Edgier than the show it's based on, with several characters actually dying onscreen (and many more dying offscreen). Perhaps the worst death goes to the Corrupt Corporate Executive head of Globwobbler Studios (the company behind the race): The President of Hollywood (depicted here as a middle-aged guy in a stereotypical Egyptian Pharaoh outfit) shoots a ray from his staff that burns the guy to ashes.
    • A similar situation happened with one of the characters in Blast Off to Mars.
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