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Headscratchers: Tom and Jerry
  • Why is Jerry only taking care of Nibbles part of the time? I've always wondered that.
    • This is a Wild Mass Guess, but I think some orphanages and foster homes have programs where a child will stay with a volunteer surrogate dad for a weekend or something, I always figured Jerry was kind enough to volunteer to care for the child that was left on his doorstep part-time, but was prevented from adopting him full-time by the dangers posed by Tom. And Jerry is his Honorary Uncle, not his biological one.
    • This is supported by "The Little Orphan", actually, where Nibbles is an orphan from the "Bide a Wee Mouse Home" that Jerry agreed to have over for Thanksgiving dinner.
    • The shorts dont have any canon, each of them are self contained, with only certain aspects transfering from one to another. Thats why Nibbler is an orphan in some shorts, or Jerrys nephew in others.
    • More than likely faulty time stream hypothothis stands true even as far back here. What you see was true of their timeline at the moment, but not guaranteed to carry over to the next episode. It's practically the Bible for anything Hanna and Barbera ever touched.
  • How racist is Mammy Two-Shoes, really? I mean I'll admit her name (which is never really spoken in the shorts) is in somewhat poor taste, but because she's often the only human in the shorts it's not like we ever see her taking orders from any white person or anything like that. As far as we know she owns the house, pretty progressive for its time I'd say. And since she's The Faceless we aren't treated to any offensive exaggerations of her facial features either.
    • Actually Mammy Two-Shoes face is seen in one scene from an an episode I can't remember. "Mammy Two-Shoes"
    • It's probably her stereotypical voice and those light-skinned palms, which is still pretty racist by today's standards.
      • But the skin on the palms of our hands and soles of our feet is supposed to be lighter in color than the average skin color of our bodies, regardless of skin color, race, and ethnic group. Lighter colored palms and soles is a general characteristic of the human species.
      • She was in fact portrayed as a house maid in some early shorts. Her original voice over was also dubbed over in many modern airings due to her broken speech pattern which is indeed considered offensive to many these days. Admittedly those exposed to only the dubbed versions of the later shorts may be oblivious to her being anything more than a comically obese Sassy Black Woman which is standard in even modern cartoons.
  • So is it Nibbles, or Tuffy? Does that little gray mouse have two different names, or are they two different mice altogether?
    • In "Two Little Indians" there actually are two little gray mice, so it's not impossible for both to exist. I've noticed that Tuffy speaks more, while Nibbles usually prefers to eat.
  • In the Ugly Duckling short, why didn't Jerry point out to Quackers that the "duckling" in the story was an infant swan, not a duck? It would have saved both of them a lot of grief.
    • He actually did point out the ending to the story via the book they were reading, but Quacker, being Quacker, refuses to listen and continues moping.

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