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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry really do talk.
It's just that their chases really doesn't give them time for that.

Spike knows Jerry is responsible for hurting him (and Tyke). He pretends not to know in order to torment Tom.
Well, just how oblivious and gullible he can be? Somehow, while sleeping, he one-eye peaks to realize Jerry is plotting to get Tom into trouble. For example, when Jerry puts dynamite on his stomach, he peaks on him to find that out, but instead make it look like Tom caused it. In later shorts, where his son Tyke appears, Spike orders Jerry to hurt Tyke while he watches it happened. But being a Papa Wolf, he will rescue Tyke at the right time. An example would be when Jerry gets Tyke dirty. Spike will rescue him when he is dressed like a chicken. All these have cases have in common is that Jerry and Spike are not looking in the eye after Tom gets into trouble. This is to prevent him from discovering Spike plotted all this with Jerry. If you think about it, it makes sense.

The animals are Mammy Two-Shoes' parts of her mind.
  • Tom = Id
  • Jerry = Super Ego
  • Spike = Ego

Jerry only watches Nibbles part time or on weekends, the rest of the time Nibbles stays at an orphanage.
Jerry is only prevented from adopting Nibbles full time because of the dangers posed by Tom.
  • I could guess Spike has this kind of setting to Tyke.
    • Perhaps he has joint custody with Tyke's mother. They were divorced which is why we never see her.

Edited versions of their cartoons winding up on the Spotlight Collections was no accident.
Warner Bros. had a gambit going on. They knew only hardcore cartoon buffs were going to complain about it, so they made a replacement program for them, while giving the general public the edited versions, and everyone's happy.
  • Jossed: It really was an accident. The upcoming Golden Collections are going to be presented completely uncut, hence why "Mouse Cleaning" (which was deliberately left out of the Spotlight sets) is already planned for the future release of Vol. 2.
  • Actually, now that it's confirmed the banned shorts will not be on the Golden Collections after all, this guess may well have been reopened.

Jasper and Tom are two different cats.
  • After Mammy threw Jasper out at the end of Puss Gets the Boot, she bought a new cat; Tom. This explains why they look so different.

Spike is an abusive father to Tyke.
But not directly. As a result, he indirectly abuses him by using Jerry. Although he knows Jerry is responsible, he pins the blame on Tom.

The League Of Cats is the Midnight Crew. if they were written by Nepeta.
In an episode of Tom and Jerry Tales, Tom joins a group of three cats to catch Jerry. All of them wear different ties which hold different symbols. Three of them wear a Spades (Tom), Hearts (The Long, Orange One) And Clubs (The Small, Yellow One). The fourth one, while not wearing a suit, does indeed act like Diamonds Droog, who acts through manipulation and treachery.
  • This. Makes. So. Much. SENSE.

Tuffy and Nibbles are two different mice

Watch Two Little Indians and you see two different mice. They act differently in different shorts too.

The later episodes without Mammy take place after she finally kicked Tom out for good.
Tom spent the next few years being taken in by various owners. And of course, as seen in The Lonesome Mouse, Jerry followed Tom because he can't stand the boredom of not having Tom around.

Ms. Two-Shoes of Tom and Jerry Tales is Mammy Two-Shoe's daughter.
She's the product of an inter-racial marriage.

Tom survived "The Two Mousketeers".
Come on, it's a cartoon. It seems final, but even if you survived the decapitation, it would probably smart like a motherfucker.
  • Not to mention, he got his entire body sliced in half earlier in the episode. If he could survive that, he can probably survive anything.
  • In truth, we hear the guillotine fall, and watch the mice nod their heads a moment in sorrow, but you never actually see first hand Tom lose his head. Maybe Tom escaped or was pardoned and someone else was executed; the mice had assumed it was Tom.
  • Which one of Tom's lives was that one?

Gene Deitch upped the violence and abuse to get himself fired
There are statements that Gene Deitch did hate Tom and Jerry for its violence and racist stereotypes. Not to mention, his run was rather short. So he could've been doing it for the money at the time, but hated it and couldn't take it anymore.

The Gene Deitch Tom and Jerry shorts that featured the sadistically abusive human male owner who's almost never punished for his abuses to Tom became the direct influence for the WhatACartoonShow short 'By One, Get One Free'
The short in question stars a cat bought by a man with a hair-trigger temper who says that he'll bring the cat to the violin factory if he sees one scratch on any of his stuff during his date with a woman. During his date, another cat brought in by the girlfriend invites a party of other cats into the guy's high-rise apartment and completely trash it, leaving the guy to go furious and try to tear up his cat in front of his girlfriend when is was essentially the other cat who was really responsible for the mess. this leads his girlfriend to call the sanity ward to restrain the guy -who say that cats have feelings like him- and break ''him'' up before being taken away and sparing the cat of any more abuse.

The reason Tom and Jerry Show of 1975 ever existed is because....
Tom got fed up with Mammy Two Shoes and ran away. Jerry ran away with him, and Tom didn't attempt to eat him because Mammy Two Shoes always forced him to chase him down, and so they searched for a good owner and a calm life. Most of the owners were good but the life with them wasn't, and so, by the end of each episode, they continued to search.
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