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Who knew a series of animated Canadian reality shows starring groups of teenagers could be so terrifying?
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  • A few moments from the series count as Fridge Horror if you think about it. For example, Izzy has been confirmed to be on the RCMP's Most Wanted list. Just what horrible crime is that psycho capable of?? Also, Area 51 in this universe is full of alien artifacts, a cloning machine, and at least one box that contains real. Live. Aliens!!! How many other aliens are trapped in Area 51, what are they capable of doing, and what terror would be unleashed if they got out???
  • Pretty much any fate of the interns has nightmare fuel to some degree ESPECIALLY in World Tour. The episodes that provide these are Walk Like An Egyptian Part 2, Anything Yukon Do I Can Do Better, Jamaica Me Sweat, Greece's Pieces, Picnic At Hanging Dork, African Lying Safari, Rapa-phooey, Awww, Drumheller, and Hawaiian Punch. For those curious about what their fates are, here is a link to them
  • Courtney. On the outside, she seems like a sweet, obedient, slightly bossy, rule-following overachiever, but starting from the first special, she's had no qualms about exposing her true colors - ruthless, mean-spirited, manipulative, and vicious. And she's perfectly willing to let someone die if it means she gets what she wants. Case in point: In the first special, she was willing to drop Owen, DJ, Cody and Tyler to their deaths just so she could have the $1,000,000.
  • Cody's weird stretchy expressions. The face he makes whenever he's flirting with Gwen makes him look like a rapist. The way his mouth stretches and the gap in his teeth goes all huge and his eyes go small, is just...urgh.
  • For only competing in three episodes, Eva's made of this. Superhuman strength combined with a fuse about half an inch long and an ability to hold grudges that would make Courtney proud makes her incredibly dangerous. The "superhuman" thing isn't exaggerating either: she tangled with Sasquatchanakwa, a monster five times her size and probably ten times her weight, and curbstomped it in seconds. If she can do that, imagine what she would have done to Bridgette had the other campers not voted her out so quickly.
    Eva: (after Bridgette nominates her to fight Sasquatchanakwa due to being pressured by the other campers) Here's a toe tag, surfer girl. You'll be needing it for later.
  • The confession cams are put in the communal bathrooms, right? So just how many hours of teenagers using the bathroom does Chris have?
    • Actually, the confessional bathrooms are different from, the communal bathrooms, but its very possible Owen wasn't the only one to get them mixed up.

  • Cody after the garbage bomb explosion in "Phobia Factor". He looks like a zombie. Can't blame Bridgette for freaking out.
  • Boney Island from "Up the Creek". The monstrous creatures...
  • In "Who Can You Trust?" one of the challenges was to prepare fugu blowfish sushi and give it to a teammate without poisoning them. As it was, Trent made the mistake of allowing Lindsay to prepare the sushi for him. After eating a blob of what was left of the blowfish, he fell down, started to puke, and turned blue. As if that wasn't bad enough, the next thing we see is Chef in a nurse's uniform about to give him CPR, then the screen goes black and all we can hear is Trent dry heaving.
  • Lindsay's muffled screaming when the burning hot marshmallow wax gets dropped onto her face in "No Pain, No Game". Her excitement afterwards over how the wax took off her lip hair offsets it a little, but still...yikes.
  • Izzy absofriggenlutely covered in bees. Damn...

  • Courtney in season two. She can tear through a hotel like rice paper. Especially some of her facial expressions.
    • Trent in season two could qualify too. All of a sudden, he has a strange obsession with both Gwen and the number nine, complete with a creepy Leitmotif whenever both obsessions are provoked. Also, try comparing his character last season when he was one of the normal contestants to his character this season when he is one of the crazier contestants.
      • Season one Trent too. Things like the way it takes him a split-second to go from his usual nice guy act to threatening the beat Cody up if he's lying about Gwen liking him then straight back to nice guy again in Up the Creek, or how he encourages Chris (who definitely would have been treating Geoff badly enough on his own) to hurt Geoff worse with his worst fear might be little moments, but are still troublesome.
  • Chris falling and being impaled on a pole in "The Sand Witch Project", complete with a horrifying amount of blood. He was actually faking the whole thing, but that still doesn't stop this scene from being particularly horrifying to watch.
  • In "Masters of Disasters" the second stunt goes horribly wrong when Chef accidentally breaks the lever for the water flow, leaving the campers trapped inside a submarine prop rapidly filling up with water. Since the Grips had accidentally destroyed the combination lock code paper they won earlier, and the other exits were blocked by a shark and a jet of fire, they would all have drowned if Harold hadn't been able to crack the lock. While this situation is scary in and of itself, this reminds us that while Chris and Chef aren't actually trying to kill the contestants, Chris does like to make the challenges a little more interesting every now and then, with near fatal results at times. The fact that this is a kid's show and that Chris would face horrible lawsuits if anyone did die does nothing to deter this possibility.
    • The first challenge had this with Owen getting his jaw crushed by Chef's memoirs.
  • Kelsey from the Aftermath shows just how obsessive with Trent she is. Not to mention her poem...
    "Your hair is black...
    My heart is blue...
    I'll stuff you with rags...
    And sew you up too!"
    • To make it worse, Word Of God confirms Kelsey is based on a real life fan and her Cody Doll. Although she isn't nearly as frightening,Or is she?

    World Tour 
  • Some of the campers' angry facial expressions from World Tour can give you the nightmares if you pause the show exactly at the right time.
  • "Boyfriend Kisser". The song is pretty catchy and the lyrics aren't too bad, but the visuals are very disturbing. The song is about Courtney wanting to get back at Gwen for kissing Duncan. In the video, it shows blueprint-style images of Gwen being crushed with rocks four times and ending up badly hospitalized and, near the end, being shot at directly with three missiles. Nothing exceedingly graphic is shown, but the implications are terrifying and full of Disproportionate Retribution, which is made worse if you're a Gwen fan.
    But first me must cease dropping
    Our goal here would be stopping
    Before we smash into the ground from the sky
    Flat into little pieces
  • Sierra's stalkerish obsession with Cody.
    • Her knowledge of the Total Drama cast can be very nightmare-inducing. Especially since most of her information comes from their personal lives and have not been mentioned on the show or fanbase anytime before.
    • She's lied to his family to get information on him, discovered government protected information about him, watches him as he sleeps, put her arm-pit stink covered thumb in his mouth WHILE he was sleeping, hugs him so hard that he physically cannot breathe, molests him on a regular basis, forced him to marry her, wanted to strip him in public and even paralyzed his entire body and did who-knows-what to him while he was frozen. The fact that she ignores his pleads for her to stop makes everything all the more horrific. *shivers*
  • In episode 2 of World Tour, Chris explains how the scarabs in Egypt have become dangerous since they're in heat, right before Chef releases a whole swarm of them. We see a bunch crawl onto one of the interns, and less than ten seconds later we see the intern's bones, picked clean of all meat.
  • Some fans might have been frightened a bit after watching Ezekiel's cameo in Japan for the first time, a startling silhouette complete with red eyes and menacing facial expression.
  • The baby mountain goat in "Slap Slap Revolution". Chef opens a crate with a nuclear symbol on the side, and a cute little baby goat hops out, next to an adult mountain goat. It bleats, the adult goat growls, and the baby goat ROARS, showing off a mouth full of massive, razor-sharp teeth. Chef covers his eyes with his hands...cut back to the baby goat, slurping down the adult goat's leg. And then it starts chasing down the contestants.
  • Gwen's deranged facial expressions when high on Cody's allergy medicine in "The Am-AH-zon Race", especially up close. Those eyes...
  • There were a lot of offhand remarks about interns that died or got injured, and they were pretty funny in a dark sort of way. But actually witnessing an intern go flatline in the infirmary is a bit much.
  • Zombie Ezekiel. Good lord.
  • There's Cody's alien doppelganger in "The Ex-Files", who is arguably creepier than Zombie Ezekiel. His facial expression as he closes in on Cody leaves little to the imagination...
    • Also, you know who later arrives and sees two Cody's, one of which happens to be the alien clone. Once Sierra hugs them both, the fake one bursts ectoplasm on both Sierra and the actual Cody.
  • It�s important that Gwen and eucalyptus leaves as far away from each other as possible and never let them be anywhere near each other. Because when you do, YOU GET THIS!!!
  • The entire Gainax Ending of season three. Sure there's the ever-so-nightmarish Zombie Ezekiel and Darth Alejandro to threaten your dreams, but there's also the entire cast swimming for their lives away from falling lava rocks, Chris and Chef's boat crashing, and Heather about to be crushed by a giant flaming boulder. Also, never mind how Blaineley disappeared from the rest of the cast when they reached the water, (notice she's attached to a dolly). It probably makes you wonder, "What the hell were the producers thinking? Did they even think about how their fans would react to this?"

    Revenge of the Island 
  • The various mutant animals in Revenge of the Island. The gigantic woolly beavers with spikes sticking out of their backs, the hairless squirrel that can shoot lightning out of its eyes, the venomous seagull-octopus fusions, the frog with three eyes, the supersized bipedal rabbit with two heads, the humongous land anglerfish, and the maggot that is more than a hundred times its logical size, with more to come. The only non-mutated animals that have been sighted thus far are the bird that Dawn was talking to in Truth or Laser Shark and the worm it was eating.
    • As of "A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste", we can add supersized mutant naked mole rats to the list.
  • Chris' Evil Laugh in episode 1 of Total Drama Revenge of the Island. Even the new contestants are creeped out.
    Chris: Relax, it'll all make sense eventually! Heh. Hehehheh. Heheheheheh! AHAHAHAHA! AHAHAHA AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  • In "Runaway Model", Chris ponders what happened to the interns he sent to Boney Island for him. Of course, we are treated to a panning shot of their remains.
  • Dakota turning into a mutated monster, with plenty of Body Horror to spare. While it can be debated that the other contestants, such as Alejandro and Ezekiel deserved their fates, her only crime was being a bit of an Attention Whore. Most of the time, she's actually Spoiled Sweet.
    • In the same episode, Dakota actually plans to ''kill'' Chris for that! Yikes!
  • In "Grand Chef Auto," Mike finally controls his MPD. However, just as giving a speech, for a split second, you can see a silouette of Mike smiling evily. Even though he got voted off, this is possible foreshadowing for the next season. Big Bad for next season? Or something far worse than that?
    • This has officially come to fruition in "Evil Dread." After getting knocked out during the challenge, we cut to Mike's mind where his alternate personalities are playing Go Fish. Manitoba, who was knocked into Mike's mind due to being the active personality when Mike was knocked out, warns the others that the "Malevolent One" is coming and the picture they have of Mike dissolves like a film real, revealing Mike's new personality, while the others scream in the background. Mike wakes up normally, but fails to bring out Manitoba by putting on a fedora. The Malevolent One then appears when the Hamsters are spectating the Vultures' elimination ceremony saying "One by one, they will all fall," but Mike doesn't seem to notice.
    • Speaking of Mike's multiple personalities, Fridge Horror kicks in when you think about how he even got the personalities in the first place. The triggers for his personalities are typically based off trauma. Considering he has four other personalities, all pretty weird and totally different, how screwed up has Mike's life been?!?!
      • Multiple Personality Disorder (more commonly known as Dissociative Identity Disorder), is developed in childhood after a recurring series of traumatic events, most often sexual and physical abuse. It's a psychological defense mechanism that "turns off" a person's sense of reality to escape a bad situation. This is called "dissociation". When this happens multiple times, that "turned off", or dissociated, state eventually develops its own experiences and perceptions and becomes a separate personality. Essentially, the birth personality retreats and is replaced by other personalities during times of distress. No, seriously. Google the Symptoms and Causes of Dissociative Identity Disorder. The truth behind Mike's disorder is, in this Troper's opinion, the most terrifying thing the show has done. And it's equally screwed up that Mike's disorder is played for comedy. Again, 99% of the time, this mental disorder develops in ABUSED CHILDREN!!! How did this get past the radar?
      • Mike could've been involved in several accidents that led him to develop these issues from trauma rather than outright abuse as mentioned. His personalities might have developed by using figures at the various incidents to cope with the memories. For instance as one could infer from various sources, such as his biography and audition tape, and general ideas; Chester might have been formed after his grandfather's death and being frightened by his corpse at his funeral he attended; Vito was possibly formed after an auto incident at a garage where his possible uncle worked; Svetlana could have formed from a ballet incident; and Manitoba Smith might have formed after going to Australia or being mauled by one of its fauna. The show might very well portray all these incidents as Hilariously Abusive/Unlucky Childhood for laughs in order to keep a lighter tone.
      • This combined with the existance of "The Malevolent One" is extremely frightening to consider.
  • Heather's implied death in "Up Up and Away" was pretty gruesome even for this show. She gets chopped up by a rocket engine, explodes, and then sinks to the bottom of the sea in a giant blimp. There's no blood or anything, but damn.
  • Scott's fate near the end of the season. He has a toxic marshmallow burn into him after his elimination is announced and ends up covered in a cast on the catapult with Fang the shark, who was eager to maul him all season. The next time he is seen he's placed in a machine, most of his body is implied to be gone, and he can't move or speak. Similar to Alejandro, his condition also appears to leave him far from recovery. Although by the next season, he's fully recovered.
  • The fact that it's sort of implied that Blainely died at the end of "Hawaiian Punch". She isn't seen with the other characters in the ocean at the end of the episode nor has she been seen or mentioned on the show since.
    • Word of God confirmed she isn't dead but will not be making any more appearances. However, an exclusive clip after "Evil Dread" reveals that she is alive and well and has fully recovered, too.

    All Stars 
  • The prison scene at the beginning of Total Drama All Stars and Chris's Sanity Slippage is a mix of unsettling and hilarious.
  • Alejandro got so injured in the 'World Tour' final that he needed mechanical assistance to survive and recover; at 'All Stars' first episode, we realize he had been inside that robotic suit for A WHOLE YEAR. Did his parents know where he was the whole time? And if they did, they even care? Probably not if they allowed their son to spend a whole year in these conditions.
    • Chris mentions that the communication chip broke while he was in prison, leaving Alejandro trapped, alone and unable to speak for as long as several months.
      • Not to mention that Dakota and Ezekiel are still in their monster and feral states, respectively... So, after more than one year, they hadn't recovered at all. It's possible that their conditions are irreversible.
  • Mike's sixth personality, anyone?
    • Not only are the other personalities terrified of him but now Mike can't find them in his head. The last thing we heard was Svetlana screaming as the evil one re-emerges...
      • This becomes even scarier for him since, at this point, Mike had finally started to gain some control over his personalities, and seeing them as an important part of his life. Mike literally feels that part of himself is missing, and getting extreme loneliness.
    • Then there's the fact that unlike the other personalities, the Malevolent One doesn't need a trigger to take over Mike's body, coming out as he pleases with Mike being unaware of this. Also, this personality seems to 'bleed' into Mike's normal personality like when he laughed at Sam's jellyfish sting, despite it being out of character for him.
  • Sam loses a considerable amount of blood from a mosquito's bite, enough to get anemia symptoms almost immediately after he wakes up. Even if this is Played for Laughs, it shows that the island's wildlife can still be quite lethal even if they're no longer mutated. If two or more of these mosquitoes bite a person, he/she can be literally bleed to death while sleeping!!
  • Without Cody around, Sierra is losing what's left of her sanity, and finds Cameron a suitable replacement, going as far as imagining Cameron with Cody's aspect. After a full episode of being in very good terms with her, Cameron starts fearing Sierra, knowing already about her stalker-ish ways and how far she can go with them. Later on, she acts more and more delusional even when Cameron's on the other team.
  • The Malevolent One secretly sabotages the challenge in "Food Fright", possibly traumatizing Courtney for life.
    Courtney: "Seen future... (takes a deep breath) Must. Stop. Eating. Cake."
  • Sierra hallucinating Cody's head on her teammates' bodies... including Zoey's. The combination of his head and her anatomy is not quite nightmarish, but still rather unsettling.
    • Especially Cody's noodle neck on Sam's massive body.
  • Mike's evil personality took over Mike's body in Moon Madness. It gets worse, he can now act and sound like Mike, and he almost killed Zoey and Cameron.
  • When Chris is watching the challenge right before the commercial break in Moon Madness, the far left monitor shows Slenderman.Hope he's carrying $20
    • Though it's Played for Laughs, a lot of fans were thoroughly disturbed by nice Heather, even in-universe.
    Alejandro: I've never seen Heather so nice before, and it is terrifying.
  • Larry's babies and one of them has a face of Chris. How did he manage to knock-up a plant you wonder?
    • Made worse by the fact Larry is treated like a son/daughter by Chris.
    • Larry was exposed to the toxic waste and due to their relationship that would explain why one looks like Chris
    • Imagine that seedling growing up to become a giant man-eating Chris face
  • Mike's evil personality is in complete control after Mike hits himself in the head with a boulder in "No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition", and Mike's original personality ends trapped inside his own mind, shackled to the same boulder he used, and unable to escape. Then when Duncan finally recognizes him due to his whistling to the song "In The Hall Of The Mountain King", he tells the viewers that Mike, in his evil personality, was known as Mal and was also in the juvie that Duncan was in and that he basically ran the place. Afterwards, we learn that Duncan fears him.
  • Zoey nearly being eaten alive by piranhas and Mike is having trouble saving her because Mike wants to save her but Mal doesn't. Ultimately Mal chooses to save Zoey solely to not blow his cover
  • Scott being used as live bait; especially terrifying considering what Fang did to him previously, and even more when we see that Fang doesn't really care about any other contestant, seeing Scott as his Trademark Favorite Food.
    • It's unsettling in general how often Scott's post traumatic stress over Fang is played for comedy.
  • Even if Chris is a total sadist, Duncan blowing up Chris' mansion just to restore his reputation is quite scary. What could he do if he really mad?
  • Mal was actually willing to kill Cameron by dropping a boulder on him in "Zeek and Ye Shall Find. Fortunately, he doesn't get the chance.
  • Ezekiel is back on the island, and with a murderous vendetta against Chris, who, at the end of 'Zeek and Ye Shall Find', ends terrified of him. Even if this can be seen as karmic retribution from all the stuff Chris did to him (he even mentions them in this episode), the point is that now there's a feral killer on the loose, and one that still conserves enough human-like intelligence to set up a trap and capture those who might try rescue his prey.
    • Also, Zeke now has acidic spit, thanks to the toxic waste exposure.
      • Most of the episode is pure Nightmare Fuel for Gwen; she goes underground (her biggest phobia), knowing there's mutant feral psycho around, and she's also in complete darkness for a while until Zoey finds her, and the psycho captures her shortly after, leaving Gwen alone again; and when she finds another contestant, Cameron, he's in a near-death experience. All this to save Chris of all people!! For her, this is also a Call-Back to the Slasher Movie's challenge from Season 1, and the Jack The Ripper's one from Season 3, but this time knowing the danger is real and that those targeted by Ezekiel might not survive.
      • Adding to that, think of how terrifying it must have been to be in Cameron's position. He's convinced that Mike and Zoey are the only people he can trust, after being extremely confused when seeing all the votes against him under Mike's bed. He's left hanging to his possible death but he won't even let Alejandro save him because of how convinced he is to not trust anyone but Mike. And then, he gets crushed by boulders, causing his elimination. During his final goodbye to Mike, Mal reveals himself. And there's nothing Cameron can do but scream. That must really damage someone psychologically. He's left to wonder what was ever real between him and Mike, considering how easily Mal was able to disguise himself.
  • Mal promises to destroy Mike, Mal and Mike are in the same body, let that sink in.
    • Then there was Mal punching the camera.
      • Less scary when you remember that the camera is taped to the door.
  • Mal gave Svetlana the choice to either sculpt fish out of butter, or cease to exist! Oh, and it doesn't help that before we learn that Mal is accessing Svetlana's powers, we see her flickering on and off, like she's about to disappear!
  • Mal's departing words to Cameron
    Mal: Oh, Mike's gone. I'm Mal. And I let you fall. See you around, sucker.
  • In "Sundae, Muddy Sundae", it's revealed that Mal forced Vito to do a ventriloquist act with a puppet that looks just like Mal. Said puppet then comes to life and reveals that it's watching them with scary red eyes. Then, Mal says they'll never beat him, with a flame coming out of the doll's eye...
  • The newly "repaired" Total Drama Machine. It's missing an eye, is fixed together with planks, ropes, and tape, and has a mallet for a hand, which it will use mercilessly beat on anyone. Naturally, that anyone is Scott.
    • The Scream Discretion Shot in which the robot pummels Scott is a bit on the disturbing side as well. It starts off humorous, but grows more and more unsettling as Scott's screams become more blood curdling.
    • Not only that, but it can rotate its head 180 degress.
      • A relatively minor example in this same episode; a huge crocodile attacks Zoey, and Chris pauses the action before going to commercial break. What makes it scarier is that Zoey is on her own, her feet stuck on the swamp, and Mike's certainly not gonna save her this time. It's only thanks to her quick thinking and Improbable Aiming Skills that she survives.
  • Mal gets even creepier here! He even sends Chris to the panic room after he sneaks up behind Gwen!
  • Mal briefly tricks Mike into thinking that he was the original personality instead of Mike.
  • Zoey is in the final two now, competing against her boyfriend's Axe-Crazy Super-Powered Evil Side, without anyone who can really help her stop Mal from hurting her if he wants to, and now that Mal is almost sure Zoey discovered the truth, he has no reasons to restrain himself.
  • The eliminated All-stars being trapped in balloons that are filled with Owen farts. That would be bad enough, but while Gwen, Cameron, Heather and Al are freed, the others float away and don't return. AT ALL. It's even said that they may be floating toward the SUN. All we hear of them are their terrified screams...
    • Adding to it, it really makes the theme song's line of "I wanna live close to the sun." incredibly disturbing.
  • Mal saying that if Heather and Al get in his way at all, he'll bury them alive!
  • The final challenge, a moat of toxic waste, a moat of lava, a moat with Fang, and finally Chef with a meatball cannon.
    • In fact, Chris's lawyers told him too tone it down, repeatedly! Chris even says that they will likely die.
  • Mal was going to throw Heather in toxic waste and drown Zoey.
  • Chris allowing Heather, Alejandro, Cameron, and Gwen a chance at winning just to see people suffer. Even for Chris that's low.
  • Mike gives Alejandro the tooth he knocked out from Fang's mouth, tricking the shark into thinking Alejandro is the one who did it. with Scott started on first place; Fang might not stop hunting Alejandro until getting his tooth back and then doing to the guy exactly what he did to Scott.
    • At the end of the finale, Fang continues to chase Alejandro and Heather even the former does not have his tooth.

    Pahkitew Island 
  • Amy's treatment of her sister is outright abusive and deadly considering she kicked her off to her presumed death when she didn't know she had a working parachute. She was even upset she had one.
  • Amy's fate at the end of Twinning Isn't Everything. She ends up eating a poison apple and is presumed to suffer from an inflamed esophagus, causing her to look like she's suffocating. To add insult to injury, she is promptly eliminated.
    • Made worse by the fact that Samey willingly fed her sister the poison apple, knowing full well that it was poisoned. She deserved it, but still.
  • Chris' Perpetual Smiler face in "Blast From The Past"
  • As Ella sings her elimination song, her final line is "I'll try my best not to die."
  • Scarlett Fever, through and through.
    • The entire island going haywire and almost self-destructing.
    • The robot animals under the island, with glowing red eyes and parts of their "skin" missing.
    • Evil Scarlett, both in and out of universe. In her audition video, she has a globe with a knife and a knife in it. Unlike a character like Izzy, this is completely played straight.
      • She shares in a confessional that she purposely traumatized her brother by making his toys attack him at night, every night, for six years. All because he once pulled her hair. He's apparently still in therapy for it. Makes one wonder what sort of things she does to people who really anger her.
      • Max is seen sucking his thumb in the fetal position in the confessional after she reveals her true self.
      • Topher even realizes something is up with her before her reveal.
    "Um... When did Scarlett get so scary?"
    • Scarlett pretending to still be on the other contestants' sides in order to trick them into entering a room full of Chris-bots (which are creepy enough by themselves), where she promptly traps them in.

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