Trope Co / Trope Co.
Since 2004.

Trope Co.® (TSX: TROPE) is a mega-conglomerate specializing in surplus goods for discerning villains, Applied Phlebotinum, and quick narrative devices for harried writers.

Like all morally-conscious corporations, Trope Co.® maintains a strong political lobby aimed to combat the notion that a wiki doesn't require novelty narration techniques to be good. It's well-known that:

Therefore, it's safe to conclude that without parody infomercials, TV Tropes would be just like it. You can thank us and help us on our mission by re-writing unrelated tropes as if you were selling them. Don’t forget to use gratuitous exclamation marks whenever making product claims! We love that in advertising.

Our fine list of products includes:
  • Acme™ Products: We're a full-line Acme dealer. From jet-powered roller skates to Instant Martians (Just Add Water), if you need it, we supply it!
  • Amazing Technicolor Battlefield™: Why? Your regular battlefield just isn't enough!
  • Bag of Holding™: Tired of not being able to hold everything you get? Need more storage space? Wonder no more! It's the Bag of Holding™, with special techniques that make this bag a lot Bigger on the Inside than out.
  • Bag of Spilling™: Are you tired of retaining information on your walk through life? Do you wish you could go back and do it all over again? The Bag of Spilling has you covered by removing acquired character development and life experiences as one chapter closes and an identical one opens.
  • Brain Bleach™: The new stain remover designed to get rid of the horrible things you've seen in life, from fan-made porn on the Internet to awful movies to all matter of Nightmare and Nausea Fuel. Brain Bleach is also effective in removing hard stains left behind by grass, chocolate, tomato sauce, grape juice, pen ink, grease, motor oil, red wine, house paint, and blood.
  • Beehive Barrier™:, a marvel in non-Euclidian engineering, made of precision crafted FDA approved hexagons into a spherical barrier of utter protection. Guaranteed to withstand The Worf Barrage and intercept a Macross Missile Massacre, or your money back!
  • Bling-Bling-BANG!™: Pimp out your tired, dull-looking firearms and turn them into dazzling setpieces.
  • Boarding Pod™: Get your Space Marines aboard the enemy ship without all the hassle of using airlocks.
  • Board of Directors™: A staple for any Corrupt Corporate Executive.
  • Cat Girl™, our new dating service feature, when you need a lady who just purrs at your touch!
  • Chiaroscuro™, hiring light and shadows dedicated to making the most compelling images!
  • Clam Trap™: Foes giving you trouble underwater? The Clam Trap can get rid of them in a snap!
  • Cunning Linguist™: Tired of Blind Idiot Translations? Need a good Woolseyism? Here's your answer: The Cunning Linguist! He can tell the local Funny Foreigner just how many eels are in your hovercraft, and he's even Fluent In Gibberish!
  • Department of Redundancy Department™: Under Construction™
  • Department of Redundancy Department™: Under Construction™, but you knew that already.
  • Distressed Damsel™ for when you need a good hostage/Rescuee. As an added bonus, if you become one yourself, they're highly dependable rescuers.
  • Evil Hand™! Defend your right to bear arms and go out on a limb with the Evil Hand™, Trope Co™'s revolution in limb transplant surgery made possible by a new breakthrough in medical science. With the procedure perfected to degrees thought previously impossible, the Evil Hand™ is not a mere functional replacement for a lost limb, but a limb to love for the rest of your life. Some of our models even have the previous owner's muscular powers and/or personality intact; call us for more details. Comes in every color, especially red!note 
  • Elemental Baggage™, so the proud owner and practitioner of Elemental Powers™ can practice them nearly anywhere. Who insists that energy and matter can neither be created nor destroyed? At Trope Co™, we don't! Thanks to reverse-engineered Hyperspace Mallet™ technology, you can carry as much water, fire, earth, and (when underwater or in space) air as you could possibly want!
  • Elite Mooks™: When normal mooks are too weak to do your dirty work.
  • Excessive Evil Eye Makeup: Because every Baroness needs to look her evilest when facing down those stupid heroes.
  • Faceless Masses™: When you need your extras to be discreet.
  • Fade Around the Eyes™: A specialized face-detecting lightbulb to put a fitting end to any dramatic scene!
  • Fairy Godmother™: When you wish upon a star, we'll send someone over to grant it!
  • Fanservice with a Smile™ is a favored product to spice up any diner.
  • Faster Than Light Drive™ : Need to get your Cool Starship somewhere fast? Look no further!
  • Femme Fatale™ has satisfied over 500 supervillains with reliable service while providing women with much-needed jobs!
  • Fetish Fuel™, useful for jump-starting those NSFW fantasies. Use it in your car to get the nude party started!
  • Filler Villain™: Providing work for villains, even in these unstable economic times!
  • Force-Field Door™ gives you the peace of mind from knowing your enemies are trapped in annote  inescapable prison.
  • Flying Brick™ provides a convenient package of time-tested Stock Superpowers for a low, low price!
  • Frilly Upgrade™: Now you can battle your mortal enemies while keeping up with the latest fashions!
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere™: Because sometimes you just need a threat from out of the blue.
  • Hazardous Water™: Because regular water just doesn't cut it for slasher villains!
  • Heel-Face Brainwashing Cream™: Don't wanna make the effort for a Heel–Face Turn? Tired of waiting for a brainwashing? Order now!
  • Hellfire™: Firey and evil? Imported directly from the Fire and Brimstone Hell itself, look no further!
  • Holy Halo™: Whether dispensing divine justice on sinners or simply preaching to the masses, nothing says "Holy" like a Trope Co.®-approved Holy Halo™!
  • Holy Hand Grenade™: The perfect last resort when faced with any evil, be it the Big Bad, a Killer Rabbit, or even an annoying worm infestation!
  • Humongous Mecha™: What's more to say? You know you want one. (Souls sold separately. Please contact store for offer details.)
  • Hypnotized Princess: This item is no longer being sold.note 
  • An Ice Suit™: You want a creative, comfortable, compelling cold costume?
  • Instant A.I. Kit™: Whether you are aiming for world domination, but not so good at strategy and tactics, or just need a science fair project quick, we supply you with the parts you need to build your own super-powered robot brain!
  • Instant Messenger Pigeon™: When regular pigeons don't please you.
  • iSophagus: When you have a friend whose voice would be better if it were replaced by music.
  • Karma Houdini Warranty™: For the Karma Houdinis among us. Provides dissuasion against fictional retribution.
  • Kill Sat™: When laser guns just won't do.
  • Kung Fu-Proof Mook™: These mooks are immune to the hero's tricks! Buy two for the price of two!
  • Law Enforcement, Inc.™: Learn how to start up your very own private police force with our do-it-yourself package!
  • Nightmare Fuel™: For those nights when sweet dreams just won't do. Use it in your car to scare people away!
  • Part of a Balanced Breakfast Stone Soup™: The whole line of incredibly efficient products based on recent state-of-the-art development in synergetics, with applications ranging from cooking to linguistics.
  • Pimped-Out Dress™: Never have to worry about looking anything less than your best with our awesome gowns!
  • Portable Hole™: When you drop it on the floor, your enemies will be sent falling down! This hole really works wherever you want it!
  • Power Crystal™: Need a power boost? Want to pimp your Humongous Mecha? Then get these fabulous crystalline fixtures!
  • Power Gives You Wings™: What better way to show off your latest power up than with glorious wings?!
  • Praetorian Guard™: When you want assurance that you're staying in power, accept no substitute.
  • Psycho Serum™, the easy way to gain Stock Super Powers. Also try Super Serum™, for those of you who want a more mild effect.
  • Rocks: Still using massively overpowered monsters to destroy your party? Try new Rocks!
  • Requisite Royal Regalia™, for showing off that you are the ruling class.
  • Reverse Shrapnel™, the ultimately useful, impossibly indispensable weapon even cheating AIs can't dodge.
  • Rush Delivery Service™, for when you need a trope fast.
  • Shipping Goggles™: For all your slash and shipping needs!
  • Sealed Evilin A Can™: Want a way to surprise the heroes? Let the evil out of this can when the heroes less expect them!
  • This Trope Will Change Your Life. New from our pharmacy, the supplement everyone should try!
  • Thememobile™, for all of your driving needs!
  • Thing-O-Matic™: you'll never need any other brand of electronic appliances!
  • Tradesnark™™ is your Solution™ for all your Marketing Needs™ State-Of-The-Art Tropenology™ allows you to absolutely, positively ensure with a single symbol that something has Sold Out™.
  • Transcripts of The Universal Genre Savvy Guide: Never bring ignorance-induced failure upon you or your travelling party again! For the budding despots among you, copies of the Evil Overlord List are sold separately. Avoid the dooms of your forerunners!
  • Transformation Trinket™: Turn into an alternate, superpowered version of yourself!

So call within the next ten minutes! Operators Are Standing By. Offer Void In Nebraska.

Those living in Ruritania, Molossia, the Banana Republic, Bulungi, Qurac or Those Wacky Nazis should remember to take into account shipping costs. Regretfully, due to a tragic shipping accident Trope Co.® is temporarily prohibited from shipping to Latverian addresses.

WARNING: Some Trope Co.® products May Contain Evil™. Trope Co.® and its affiliates take no responsibility for any Unpredictable Results or odd behaviors that may ensue.

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