Trope Co / Law Enforcement, Inc.

Law Enforcement, Inc.

Are you a Cowboy Cop who's been told to Turn in Your Badge? Are you an Anti-Hero who needs an outlet for your unorthodox, frequently semi-legal methods of law enforcement? Are you a freelance espionage agent looking for an outfit to call your own?

Well, look no further than yourself! That's right! Now you too can start your very own vigilante firm with our brand new Law Enforcement Incorporated seminar kit! Let us show you how!

We here at Trope Co.®, in cooperation with "actual" ex-military and police personnel, have developed a system for creating a self-funded, self-supporting private agency which can act as a legal authority and law enforcement power, or as an official military outfit, even with minimal (if any) ties to actual government/military/police organizations. And now it can be yours!

Your agents will be able to act as fully deputized and authorized agents of the law and/or government without bothering with official credentials, pesky background checks or the like. Our proven techniques are equally effective whether you choose to have only one field agent or an entire Red Shirt Army. You'll learn how to set up your own rigorous training regiments; or, if you'd prefer to take the easy path, how to recruit former solders and policemen and use that training budget for Donut Night! It's just that easy!

Trope Co.®'s LEInc package shows you how your agents can wield every bit as much legal power as their official police or military counterparts — and then some! This is because they will be unfettered by the letter of the law or by rules and procedures which apply to traditional agencies, laws which seem designed to protect the guilty while punishing the innocent. We'll teach you how this aspect can be spotlighted, or even outright exaggerated, in order to increase the effectiveness of your group. And the best part is that you won't actually be working directly for the government; but if you stick with our program, the government just might sub-contract all its dirty work to you! And the government pays BIG for it! Call now!

MANDATORY DISCLAIMER: Since they have no actual governmental or police credentials, your LEInc agents will not be able to use their phantom legal power to walk into secured facilities as a real government official; they must still sneak or break in as per the usual espionage procedures, and they are still subject to arrest and/or obstruction by Corrupt Hicks or even well-meaning police, which might necessitate a breakout. But don't worry; our seminar will show you how!

If you prefer to form an actual government agency, and are willing to put up with all the bureaucratic red tape required to obtain full government credentials, then visit Heroes "R" Us. Second door on the right down at the South Side Mini Mall, behind the Burger Fool.