Trope Co / Boarding Pod

You know that feeling you get when you see a starship you've just got to have? What do you do when the other side doesn't want you to have it?

Our patented Boarding Pods will fit any standard large mass accelerator or missile launch tube* and come with inertial dampeners and Unobtainium hull plating guaranteed to keep your Red Shirt Army alive or your money back!** With frontal fusion torches to cut through any unpenetrated armor and enough room for up to a full platoon of Super Soldiers depending on model selected, you'll never have to worry about losing expensive assault shuttles, teleport interdiction fields, or airlocks again!

Available in a wide variety of colors from basic black to Eshin Grey. For an extra 1,000 Cr per pod we will include a proprietary stealth coating to reduce its signature on the enemy's Everything Sensors.


* See included documentation for compatible models.

** Trope Co. is not responsible for combat losses and only guarantees that your troops will reach the target. What happens next is a circumstance beyond our control.