Trope Co / Fetish Fuel

Fanservice not serving you? Has Casual Kink become too casual? Need something to help you “light the fire”? Well then, you’ve come to the right place!

We here at Trope Co.™ know just what you need — Fetish Fuel! Our patented “special formula” is just what you need to kickstart even the naughtiest of events. Sprinkle some on a tentacle, and you’ve got instant Hentai! Significant other not hot enough for you? Give him/her some Fetish Fuel, and watch him become Mr. Fanservice, or her become Ms. Fanservice, as appropriate. Even the most ordinary of objects becomes an instant Lust Object!

Fetish Fuel comes in three strengths:
  • Kinky for otherwise 'vanilla' tropers,
  • Extra-Strength for BDSM aficionados, and
  • High-Octane (without going into outright porn) for hardcore perverts (you know who you are!)

Please specify which strength you require when ordering.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to technical difficulties with abuse of Fetish Fuel, we at Trope Co.™ have had to discontinue this item recently. All current orders have been cancelled, and refunds are being issued. We apologize for any inconvenience.