Tropers: GastonRabbit

—A sign for a KFC that apparently ran out of chickennote 

Not to be confused with Dr. Rabbit.

AKA Evice on That Other Wiki and a few other sites, like YTMND and Uncyclopedia (I go by GastonRabbit on RationalWiki and now several other wikis such as those affiliated with NIWA, except for Bulbapedia, on which I go by Evice, and I go by Agahnim on FSTDT). I forgot why I decided on that username instead of my usual one that I also use here (I first used Evice on YTMND), but it came from Pokémon Colosseum.

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I would, but you don't want to hear about me. That would be boring, and you didn't come to this site to get bored. You came to have your life ruined.

My username came from the Animal Crossing series. Gaston is a villager in it. Take a guess at what kind of animal he is.note 

I'm an American from the eastern part of south-central Illinois (right next to southwestern Indiana, in fact, but about six hours from Chicago, the city people tend to associate with Illinois). I took classes on computers in college until 2011 and I access the Internet (including this site) using Mozilla Firefox on Ubuntu 13.04 (64-bit version) and have Windows 7 Ultimate installed as well.

Aside from spending a lot of time on the computer I play a lot of Video Games. Although most of my computer work is related to fixing hardware and software issues, I've taken Web page and programming classes, and in terms of programming, I've grown to dislike C++ (because of the picky and unintuitive syntax) and grown to like Visual Basic and C# (because I get to choose where stuff appears on the screen and, for the former, typing code for what it does isn't as picky with how it's typed, and for the latter it's basically a more intuitive version of C++'s), which thanks to Mono I can use on my main any non-Windows operating system. I've also been looking into Python, but haven't made much progress due to my poor programming skills.

Now that George W. Bush is no longer President of the United States, Google searches for "miserable failure" should bring up results for Jon Arbuckle. The only problem is the fact that Google made it impossible.

Thanks to TV Tropes I now know that Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue was released the day I turned a year old. Fast forward to me as an adult and I went from not being able to comprehend it to, uh... still not being able to comprehend it (well, the Nostalgia Critic review of it, anyway).

Now you've read my page, you can't unread it. Also, you're still as hungry as before.

Those of you who use odd capitalization for Wiki Words, I'll have you know that The Penis Mightier for Warrior The Rapist (though not for his sidekick, Ho Mage).

Pages I've made (in this order)

I'm not much of a writer, so about any wiki entry I make ends up short. (This applies to That Other Wiki as well.) I would appreciate help expanding these pages due to my combination of laziness and a lack of creativity.