Tropers / GastonRabbit

I edit various pages from time to time if I feel the urge to edit mistakes or add examples on a page I'm reading (and said reading material tends to be more than one page at a time, considering the nature of this site). However, for whatever reason most of my editing became focused on the pages for Vinesauce as of mid-2015 or so, including the Vinesauce Tomodachi Life, Mayor Vine, and Vinesauce Miitopia pages as of those series' separation from the main Vinesauce pages.

A while back, I made a page on the ROM hack Super Mario Bros. 3Mix (which I have since completed) after I played some of it (and also after I watched Vinny from Vinesauce play it). I also made a very unfinished page on the hack Super Mario: Mushroom Mayhem, which I found out about not long after playing Mario Adventure, though I kind of regret not waiting until the hack itself was finished before making a page for it, especially because the title I used for those pages turned out to be a working title.

As of 2016, I've been playing more Fan Translations than "typical" ROM hacks (like the two Super Mario Bros. 3 hacks I mentioned), particularly of Super Famicom RPGs. Should it ever be relevant, I usually use either a Wii U in Wii mode or an actual Wii to play hacks and fan translations, in case I end up referencing a bug not found in computer-based emulators.

Regarding my edits to the Vinesauce pages, I also made the 3DS version of Vineschnoz and I'm not proud of how the final product turned out (by which I mean I think he ended up being kind of rushed). I finished a project to recap the Mayor Vine streams in December 2017 and have an ongoing project to document quotes from the Vinesauce Tomodachi Life pages, which pretty much stalled when I started working on the Mayor Vine pages and generally took longer than I hoped. I have no plans to do either with Vinesauce Miitopia, but I'd be willing to edit pages for them if someone else made them.

I'm also a pretty big fan of Yuriofwind and I've edited his pages quite a bit as of early 2017.

I'm not very good at drawing, but I sometimes make Miis.

My editing tends to be fueled by boredom, insomnia, and caffeine. See Troping Under the Influence for why the second of the three has its downsides and why I sometimes make errors that even I find weird (and hopefully fix later).

In case you're wondering, I originally came up with this username in 2003 for a now-defunct Animal Crossing message board and stuck with it out of habit.