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Headscratchers: Bad Lip Reading
  • Why is Zazoom always around so many graves? (Considering Michael Bublé poisoned his dog to save a baby giraffe...)
    • So he can leave his scent on them, of course.
  • Is Bruno Mars the prettiest at the store?
    • Do you want to tell a guy with a posse of people wearing monkey masks that he isn't the prettiest?
  • Why would it not be good if Madonna married a real giant?
    • Because never mind.
  • Why shouldn't you ever feed a sick child thick toast?
    • You never make a sick child thick toast. They can eat it, they just need to make their own.
    • Also, something as dense as thick toast may not agree with a sick child. Better safe than sorry.
  • Why shouldn't you freak if your Xbox ain't a payphone?
  • Why would Madonna gobble that sardine if she had a wooden statue?
  • Why is a dark threat in the oasis giving Miley Cyrus encouragement? And why the hell is it calling her "Shorty"?
    • Considering how her career has gone, it was probably cheering on the Start of Darkness.
  • Why would The Seventies being "gone, baby" be hard for anyone who likes gummy bears?
  • Why can't long-legged women tell there's a blue-eyed Hobbit?
  • Is Eddie a fan of the Pikachu?
  • And why doesn't Mitt Romney like twin ducks or baby ducks, or those little terriers that everybody likes,and why does that make him a loser?


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