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Memes: Super Smash Bros.
Falcon Punch: It Solves Everything. note 

Announcer, North American commercials for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Super Smash Bros. has a tendency to create memes.
  • Captain Falcon, the series' resident Fountain of Memes. Hell, some consider his memetic status on par with that of real life memetic badass Chuck Norris:
    • "FALCON PUUUUUUNCH!!!"Explanation 
    • "YES!!!!"Explanation 
    • Show me ya moves!Explanation 
    • SHOW ME YOUR BOOBS!Explanation 
      • Show me a MOOSE!
    • Captain Falcon punched Chrom so hard he fell out of the roster.Explanation 
  • Other popular Mondegreens include "Hands off my bread!", "Too easy, pizza-cake!", "Falcon Thrust!", "Rape the targets!", and "Landbastard!"
  • "No items, Fox only, Final Destination."Explanation 
    • "Final items, no only, Fox Destination!"
    • As of the 3DS and Wii U Smash games, No Items and Final Destination have achieved Ascended Meme status, in the online multiplayer mode For Glory. In contrast, For Fun mode enables most features, but explicitly bans Final Destination.
      • For Glory Mode, Fox only! Explanation 
      • BOWSER of all characters has been subject to the long running meme as of the SDCC 3DS tournament where, you guessed it, quite a few competitors used the King of the Koopas due to how much more agile he is in the fourth game.
    • Ike fights for his friends.
    • For Freedom.
  • JAPAN TIEMExplanation 
    • Sakurai: -laughs-Explanation 
    • "Have you ever made a game?" Explanation 
    • You know why he's laughing? Because REAL MANS USE ITEMS!!!1!1
  • No JohnsExplanation 
    • This one got a small revival in 2014 after Reggie included it in a speech he made for EVO, though it apparently fell into disuse in the meantime as there were some half-joking comments asking why Reggie didn't like people named John.
  • Ike's "I FIGHT FOR MY FRIENDS"Explanation 
  • TVTROPES CONFIRMED FOR BRAWL or TVTROPES joins the Brawl!Explanation 
    • Naturally, the newcomer intros are also done with various other characters. As seen here.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: "YOU'RE TOO SLOW! YOU'RE TOO SLOW! YOU'RE TOO SLOW! YOU'RE TOO SLOW!..." Explanation 
    • The other taunt, "COME ON! STEP IT UP!" gets this a lot too.
    • Within the Sonic boards, Winning Steak (based on a misspelling of "owning streak").
    • Also, Sonic was once considered the fifth-worst character in the game. Now a handful of players are calling for a move to high tier. And justifiably so (YMMV).
      • Related: the "miracle at MLG", in which two of Sonic's best players got fifth and sixth at a major Smash tournament.
    • Almost the entirety of Sonic being in Brawl is a meme in and of itself. Certain parts of the Smash Fandumb and the Sonic Hatedumb are at arms with this, and pretend to be in disbelief to Sonic's inclusion in the game, combined with the unexpected success Sonic players have achieved in certain tournaments, as well as the rising of his tier. All layered with the above memes as reasoning.
  • Fire Emblem: Marth(a)Explanation 
  • Pikachu + Ganondorf's moves = Pikaman! (AKA Longchu and Ganonchu)Explanation 
  • Warning! Challenger Approaching! Explanation 
  • TIRES DON EXITS!!Explanation 
  • Snake, do you know who that is?
  • Anything from the three Brawl Taunts videos from Newgrounds... (but most people saw them on YouTube.)
  • At one point, there was always a new meme every day (mostly started by mentioning Wario and Dedede, or by misspelling a character's name, eg. Chairzard and Snoic) on the GameFAQs board for Brawl.
  • You must recover!Explanation 
    • You have no time to ponder such questions, as this troper has just grabbed a Meme Ball.Explanation 
  • "2:04, Ganon. No strategies, just fighting as hard as I could."Explanation 
  • Stafy, why did you even come here?Explanation 
  • WOMBO COMBO!!!Explanation 
    • That ain't Falco!
    • Look at that Up Smash! And now Up - Uh-oh, poor Zhu!
  • Even in death. Snake can kill you.
  • Ridley is too bigExplanation 
    • "X for Brawl!" "He's too big."Explanation 
    • Bigley. Explanation 
    • Related: Geno. Likely won't ever get in because of copyright issues with Square, but still a very common request.
  • X da bessExplanation 
  • "Heroes always arrive late."Explanation 
  • "Big Gay Thunder!" "Big Gay Fire!" "Peanut Butter!" "Big Gay Dance!" "PK Tenor!" "PK Flush!"Explanation 
  • "Why is Misty?" "She's a trophy"Explanation 
  • "Kirby Cheat?" "Furby Meat?" (etc.)Explanation 
  • Mr. Game & Watch CLEARLY Cheats At Brawl.
  • "Mei Ling, Samus took her clothes off!"
    • "That's Wario, Snake." This conversation was popular around the time a few of Snake's codec conversations were revealed.
    • "Are you kidding me?!" Snake's reaction to learning that Wario can fly by farting.
  • I'll be the Marth, e.g. noob... note 
  • There was going to be another meme here, but we cut it in favor of Environmental Noises.Explanation 
  • TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT!Explanation 
  • LANDMASTER!Explanation 
  • The Mario is better than MarioExplanation .
    • Mario will never get in!Explanation 
  • Gordondarf.Explanation 
  • Who would you is the original Smash Bros.?Explanation 
  • "shoots SA2 in the foot."Explanation 
  • TOURNAMENTS!Explanation 
  • The Villager's constant smile and soulless eyes have made the fandom deem him Cute and Psycho. It doesn't help that even his reveal trailer seems to hint that there's a mean streak behind the carefree face. His unsettlingly happy smile and gleam in his eye has been interpreted in many horrifying ways.
  • TALK SHIT GET FITExplanation 
    • I'm going to make you fit... INTO A COFFIN.
    • Visualise your ideal body... BAG.
    • Your ideal heart rate... IS ZERO.
    • Some women just want to watch the world burn... calories.
  • This Droste Image of DK seems to be making it around.
  • Bowser's increased speed & slimmer appearance in the 4th game has fans believe that he tried out Wii Fit to lose some weight, especially with the Wii Fit Trainer being around.
    • The same joke is then applied to Yoshi, whose posture also is changed in the fourth Smash game.
    • And before then, Rosalina is touted as a "Stand user" because of how she utilizes Luma.
    • Phantom Zelda was also revealed with regular Zelda nearby, leading to it being referred to as Zelda's Stand. Becomes Hilarious in Hindsight because that Phantom is actually Zelda's new Down B, and it's summoned as if it was a Stand.
    • And now even Little Mac has been connected to JoJo, due to this screenshot where Mac's face bears a surprising resemblance to Joeseph Joestar, the internet ran with it, and we ended up with this.
    • Diddy's reveal came with an image of his stretching his arms out, leading to a war of whether characters should be 'JoJofied' or 'One Pieced'
    • Wii Fit Trainer is a JoJo character too, apparently. S/he breathes in air to power up and uses the energy of the sun as one of the attacks. Definitely a Ripple user.
    • Ike's reappearance comes with a huge muscle upgrade, putting him more in line with the exaggerated characters in Jojo.
    • This speaks for itself.
    • And THIS speaks in another level for itself.
    • DK's newly revealed Storm Punch has drawn connections with Wham.
    • Robin has some fun with his/her spellcasting.
  • When TV Tropes joins the battle, Alfonzo is in charge of the tropes. Alfonzo: "Leave it to me!" Explanation 
  • Luigi's Nose confirmed Explanation 
  • Numerous pics have been made joking about how Lucario and Greninja were chosen over Mewtwo for Smash Bros. 4.
    • Greninja fights with Mewtwo fans' tears.
  • SALUTE THE SUN! Explanation 
  • Sakurai's hand movements in the Smash Direct attracted much attention, leading to videos like this.
    • Now with an updated version courtesy of the Smash Bros. Invitational.
  • BANNED!Explanation 
  • Photorealistic Substitute DollExplanation 
  • Reggie Fils A MechExplanation 
  • After Ike's new, Radiant Dawn-based appearance in the fourth game, plenty of jokes have been made about how he has bulked up since Brawl.
  • This Gamefaqs post has been making this way around some Smash communities. Multiple references have been made to King Dedede from Kirby Air Ride, Urkle's Shirt, Machoman with a fishing pole riding the sun and the suns got sunglasses, and so on.
    • Naturally, this was edited into the actual intro.
    • Another famous moment was the celebrity match where Greninja was able to use his Final Smash on Kirby and Link... but Bowser, having sent flying off the stage earlier, is still floating on his recovery platform as the Final Smash continues.
    • It became a running gag during the invitational to hold up Pikachu cards during the fan favorite votes, long after Pikachu's player, MilkTea, had been eliminated.
    • The zap thing! Explanation 
  • They invited Pac-Man?! Explanation 
  • E3 2014 had an amusing fight sequence between Iwata and Reggie that was to promote Mii Fighters in Super Smash Bros. 4. Naturally, memes have sprouted around this, including edits of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure footage putting Iwata as Star Platinum and Reggie either as Dio or as Jotaro and using Iwata as his stand.
  • With multiple accounts of Chunky Kong being an assist trophy yet still no footage of it, images like this are starting to crop up.
  • Year 20XX. Explanation 
  • Press 1 if you feel bad for Hungrybox. Explanation 
  • Mario's stars-and-stripes NES Open Tournament Golf costume has already earned nicknames like "Uncle Mario" and "'Murica Mario". Many jokes like this one are popping up.
    • "Looks like Mango has found his new main." Explanation 
  • Mashpotato Samurai.Explanation 
  • "I suppose I'll get my chance... another day..." Explanation 
    • Friend Zoned By Smash Bros. Explanation 
  • Yes, you can play as a female Robin. No, it didn't double our work load to make that character @Ubisoft. Explanation 
  • "I told you, Pit. It's Super Bash Sisters." Explanation 
  • The Hotter and Sexier design of Samus's Zero Suit has resulted in everyone getting drawn in her Zero Suit, and we do mean everyone.
  • With Samus having jet heels and Bayonetta having Samus's Power Suit as a costume in the Wii U version of Bayonetta, a lot of fans joke that Samus traded her Power Suit for Bayonetta's gun heels.
  • We Esports now. Explanation 
      • If your esports lasts for more than four hours, please contact your doctor.
  • Super Hat Bros Explanation 
  • "Did you hear that Smash Run will be a playable mode on the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS?" Explanation 
  • I hope you enjoy my good friend Shulk :)Explanation 
  • Now it's Shulk time!Explanation 
  • "I'm really feeling it!"Explanation 
  • Shulk is just a photoshopped Little Mac.Explanation 
  • FUCKING MENUSExplanation 
  • "Roy is in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U!" Explanation 
    • It's come full circle: the crowd chants "Roy's our boy!" when Roy the Koopaling is ing well in the English version, in an amusing Call Back to Roy from Fire Emblem.
  • The Mario Kart 8 fandom's mockery of pointless filler character variants like Baby Rosalina and Pink Gold Peach spread to this fandom too; a few rather astonishing characters that came up at one point are "Dr. Baby Paper Pink Gold Metal Toon Young Ridley in her Sports Outfit" and "Pink Hoodie Wireframe Dr. Pink Gold Dark Dry Baby Metal Honey Queen In Her Sports Outfit, In Her Zero Suit, In a Landmaster, In Its Sports Outfit" and quite possibly the greatest of them all "Zero Suit Pac Mr. Metal Dr. Toon Ice Game Pink Tanooki Baby Gold Dark Dark Pit Jr. Knuckles & Watch Climber & Knuckles... featurin Dante from the Devil May Cry series!".
  • 9/11 never forget.Explanation 
  • "I have a rather... Embarrassing problem with Peach."Explanation 
    • /u/[Character Name]ProblemExplanation 
  • R.I.P. Trophy Explanation 
  • "Settle it in Smash!"Explanation 
    • So happy together... Explanation 
  • Da Cunt Explanation 

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