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Falcon Punch: It Solves Everything. note 

Xander Mobus, Announcer, North American commercials for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

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The whole series
  • Warning! Challenger Approaching! Explanation 
  • TVTROPES CONFIRMED FOR SMASH or TVTROPES joins the Battle!Explanation 
    • Naturally, the newcomer intros are also done with various other characters. As seen here.

  • Captain Falcon, the series' resident Fountain of Memes. Hell, some consider his memetic status on par with that of real life memetic badass Chuck Norris:
    • "FALCON PUUUUUUNCH!!!"Explanation 
    • "HYES!!!!"Explanation 
    • Show me ya moves!Explanation 
      • "Shoyu mousse!" is a very popular Mondegreen in Japan, meaning "soy sauce mousse".
    • Captain Falcon punched Chrom so hard he fell out of the roster.Explanation 
  • Kirby: Ever since the first game came out it's been a popular trend on art sites to make character hats for Kirby. Explanation 
    • Speaking of copying, it's a popular trend to have Kirby copy Captain Falcon make remix videos of his version of Falcon Punch with Gourmet Race in the background like this one.
  • Ike's "I FIGHT FOR MY FRIENDS"Explanation 
    • GREAT! AETHERRRR!!! (or as they say in Japan, I! HATE! YOU!)
    • Ike isn't immune to this in Japan either. Thanks to this snapshot from the official Brawl website, it is a common joke in the fandom to superimpose a doughnut on Ike's face and call him "Donutman".
    • After Ike's new, Radiant Dawn-based appearance in the fourth game, plenty of jokes have been made about how he has bulked up since Brawl. The Japanese fandom has taken to calling this model of him "Gorilla Ike". He is usually grouped up with Mega Swampert from Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and Knuckles from Sonic Boom due to the similar buffed up appearances.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: "YOU'RE TOO SLOW! YOU'RE TOO SLOW! YOU'RE TOO SLOW! YOU'RE TOO SLOW!..." Explanation 
  • "HIYAYAYAYA!!" Explanation 
  • Marth(a)Explanation 
    • His white costume looking like a wedding dress.
    • "Just the tip."
  • From Robin and Lucina's reveal trailer, the "No, you'll get it today" subtitle at the end became memetic around the Japanese fanbase, often used to mock other characters who didn't become playable.
    • Also, good luck mentioning Robin without someone mentioning tipping scales somewhere along the thread. This has sometimes been lumped together with the "Shulk time" meme mentioned below.
    • To a lesser extent, Lucina's "I challenge my fate!" line has seemed to become somewhat quotable around the fanbase, as it was in her original game.
    • Robin, the Avatar. Master of All Four ElementsExplanation 
  • The Villager's constant smile and soulless eyes have made the fandom deem him Cute and Psycho. It doesn't help that even his reveal trailer seems to hint that there's a mean streak behind the carefree face. His unsettlingly happy smile and gleam in his eye has been interpreted in many, many horrifying ways.
  • Numerous pics have been made joking about how Lucario and Greninja were chosen over Mewtwo for Smash Bros. 4.
    • Greninja fights with Mewtwo fans' tears.
    • Most of this is now Hilarious in Hindsight with Mewtwo's reveal as a DLC character.
    • "Wait, [insert minor complaint here]!? Better nerf Greninja." Explanation 
  • I hope you enjoy my good friend Shulk :)Explanation 
    • Now it's Shulk time!Explanation 
    • "I'm really feeling it!"Explanation 
    • One of Shulk's lines in Japanese, "Odayaka janai desu ne?"Translation , also has gone memetic in the Japanese fanbase. This quote is used in place of his "Shulk time" taunt in the Japanese versions, and in Xenoblade itself is the equivalent to "It looks like we don't have a choice!", meaning it was also his trailer title, possibly explaining its popularity. Strangely, Shulk is still memetic in Japan despite his lack of an accent in the original.
    • "This is the Monado's power!" Explanation 
    • Shulk is just a photoshopped Little Mac.Explanation 
    • "Back Slash!" "Air Slash!" Explanation 
  • "Roy is in Super Smash Bros. 4!" Explanation 
    • Among the Japanese fanbase, Roy (FE) is associated with curry, thanks to the winner of a photo contest from the Melee days. There is always at least one curry-related post that can be seen floating around in his Miiverse sub-community, and even his Wii U/3DS reveal trailer references the photo.
    • Since the Young Lion's DLC release, its become common to show art of the two Roys being friends, if not rivals.
  • Where's Meta Knight's sword?Explanation 
    • Looks like Meta Knight borrowed Roy's sword for Smash 4. Explanation 
  • "You ain't no air-fighter, Mac." Explanation 
    • Little Mac jumping off the edge of Final Destination.Explanation 
    • Dicking on Little Mac. Explanation 
    • Following the above, "Dash Attack Does Not Work On Shield." Explanation 
  • Hoo! Hah! Explanation 
  • Ganondunk! Explanation 
    • Ganondorf, King of Disrespect! Explanation 
    • In the Japanese version of Brawl, in the Corneria stage Easter Egg, Falco says that the enemy attacks are "like soumen" (a type of noodle; translated as "overcooked noodles"), causing the others to lampshade how ridiculous that sounds. The fandom ran with this, and he earned the eternal nickname "soumen".
  • After Pac-Man's reveal, it became common among some Japanese Miiverse posters to have him conjure up various items; this soon led to him conjuring sprites of unconfirmed characters like Ness with the aforementioned "No, you'll get it today" subtitle (which in Japanese read more like "not really").
  • For whatever reason, Shrek/Goku in Smash. Explanation 
    • "Here's your Shrek and Goku. You happy now?" Explanation 
  • "Talk is cheap." Explanation 
    • "My/Your range was one fist short."Explanation 
    • Sakurai: "Capcom, could we put Ryu in Smash?" Capcom: "Sure you can!"Explanation 
  • Because I'm a big fan of Meow Meow Mario.Explanation 
  • BOWSER! ...Junior? Explanation 

  • "No items, Fox only, Final Destination."Explanation 
    • "Final items, no only, Fox Destination!"
    • As of the 3DS and Wii U Smash games, No Items and Final Destination have achieved Ascended Meme status, in the online multiplayer mode For Glory. In contrast, For Fun mode enables most features, but explicitly bans Final Destination.
      • For Glory Mode, Fox only! Explanation 
      • BOWSER of all characters has been subject to the long running meme as of the SDCC 3DS tournament where, you guessed it, quite a few competitors used the King of the Koopas due to how much more agile he is in the fourth game.
  • No JohnsExplanation 
    • This one got a small revival in 2014 after Reggie Fils-Aimé included it in a speech he made for EVO, though it apparently fell into disuse in the meantime as there were some half-joking comments asking why Reggie didn't like people named John.
    • Officially an Ascended Meme as a randomly generated nickname in Smash 4.
  • TIRES DON EXITS!!Explanation 
  • WOMBO COMBO!!!Explanation 
    • That ain't Falco! Explanation 
  • For Glory Mac Mode. [[labelnote:Explanation]] Short after release, Little Mac being fairly simple to use and perfect for final destination, became one of the most used characters on For Glory mode (and by consequence, one of the most hated).
  • FalcoMaster3000. Explanation 
  • "Press 1 if you feel *insert emotion* for Hungrybox/*insert player*" explanation 
  • We Esports now. Explanation 

Fan Videos

Forums (usually Game FA Qs)
  • At one point, there was always a new meme every day (mostly started by mentioning Wario and Dedede, or by misspelling a character's name, eg. Chairzard, Snoic, Noss, or especially Metrod, which also adds the "Samus is not Metroid" meme to the mix) on the GameFAQs board for Brawl.
  • "Why is Misty?" "She's a trophy"Explanation 
  • "Kirby Cheat?" "Furby Meat?" (etc.)Explanation 
  • Who would you is the original Smash Bros.?Explanation 
  • "20xxbot, define tvtropes." "I'm sorry, I wasn't able to find that term in my database, most likely due to a misspelling, the desired term not coming right after "define", or the term not being in my database. The correct way to ask me for a definition is "20xxbot define [term]". If you'd like for the term you asked for to be added to my database, please message kirby_freak and he'll look into it!A list of terms that 20xxbot recognizes is listed here." Explanation 
  • "Old Man Yells at Cloud" Explanation 

Masahiro Sakurai
  • JAPAN TIMEExplanation 
    • Sakurai: -laughs-Explanation 
  • Sakurai's hand movements in the Smash Direct attracted much attention, leading to videos like this.
  • Mashpotato Samurai.Explanation 
    • Anything that sounds vaguely like Masahiro Sakurai (e.g. Massive Hero Sack of Fries) also works
  • Sakurai hates Chrom.Explanation 
  • Sakurai Bias.Explanation 

  • Pikachu + Ganondorf's moves = Pikaman! (AKA Longchu and Ganonchu)Explanation 


  • Snake, do you know who that is?
  • Stafy, why did you even come here?Explanation 
  • Ridley is too bigExplanation 
  • "Heroes always arrive late."Explanation 
  • "Mei Ling, Samus took her clothes off!"
  • There was going to be another meme here, but we cut it in favor of Environmental Noises.Explanation 
  • LANDMASTER!Explanation 
  • BANNED!Explanation 
  • Photorealistic Substitute DollExplanation 
  • They invited Pac-Man?! Explanation 
  • The year is 20XX. Everyone plays Fox. Explanation 
  • Mario's stars-and-stripes NES Open Tournament Golf costume has already earned nicknames like "Uncle Mario" and "'Murica Mario". Many jokes like this one are popping up.
  • "I suppose I'll get my chance... another day..." Explanation 
  • Yes, you can play as a female Robin. No, it didn't double our work load to make that character @Ubisoft. Explanation 
  • "I told you, Pit. It's Super Bash Sisters." Explanation 
  • The Hotter and Sexier design of Samus's Zero Suit has resulted in everyone getting drawn in her Zero Suit, and we do mean everyone.
  • "Settle it in Smash!"Explanation 
  • So happy together... Explanation 
  • Da Cunt Explanation 
  • Chuggaaconroy wrote these descriptions.Explanation 
  • The "50 Facts" Direct for the Wii U version has become a Fountain of Memes in itself thanks to the amazingly theatrical (and surprisingly young) Xander Mobus, its Large Ham Announcer:
    • BUTTONS!!! Explanation 
    • A MICROPHONE! Explanation 
    • IT'S NOT EVEN COMPARABLE! Explanation 
  • Please secure your wrist strap to safely contain hype. Explanation 
  • Naming characters in Smash Bros. Explanation 
    • Of the "serious" character nominations, the fanbase that appear to be the most desperate for wanting their character to win would have to be Princess Daisy fans. Like Ridley, people have joked about Daisy's exclusion from Smash.
  • Bowser broke the stream.Explanation 

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