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Funny: Super Smash Bros.
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    Throughout the series 
  • Whenever Peach hits someone in the head with her frying pan. Bonus points if it's Bowser, Mario, or someone more serious like Meta Knight. Just imagine the characters' reaction if they spoke.
  • Starting in Melee, when a character gets knocked off-screen upwards in regular fights, there's a rare chance where instead of getting Star-KO'd, they end up getting launched into the screen. The fourth game makes this even funnier by having the character get stuck to the screen before sliding down. The look on their faces when this happens is priceless.
  • Whether you're fighting against other players or computers, any given battle in this series can be hilarious. This is usually the case when items are involved, as they add an element of randomness. Items or not, the ridiculous ways people get KO'd will usually make them laugh, often taking their loss in stride. Some players have made montages of these moments and uploaded them online, such as this one. Even awesome moments like this can make people laugh, because of how over-the-top they are.
  • Doubles as an Awesome Moment, but beating an oppenent. Using only Falcon Punch.

  • The original commercial.
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it part during the intro, which has Pikachu rolling atop a Pokéball.


  • All of Snake's codecs. Some favorites:
  • Their insight on Captain Falcon:
    Otacon: FALCON KIIICK!
  • On Lucario:
    Snake: The cornered rat will bite the cat... sounds like trouble.
    Mei Ling: Hey! When did you become so good at proverbs?
    Snake: You must have rubbed off on me.
    Mei Ling: Well, come back in one piece, and I'll teach you all the Chinese proverbs you can handle.
  • Oh, God, Luigi's:
    Snake: That guy with the mustache...
    Colonel: Ha. You mean the king of second bananas!
    Snake: Hey! That's Luigi! Show some respect!
    Colonel: Look at that pale skin. He's been living in his brother's shadow for too long.
    Snake: That's a low blow, Colonel!
    Colonel: Face it, Snake! Once a kid brother, always a kid brother!
    Snake: Colonel, what's gotten into you?!
    Colonel: La li lu le lo! La li lu le lo! La li lu le lo!
    Snake: Colonel, snap out of it! Colonel?! COOOOOOOOOOLONEEEEEEEEL!
  • On Marth, these two lines:
    Mei Ling: Snake, have you heard the saying "politics make strange bedfellows"?
    Snake: Don't tell me that's a Chinese proverb.
  • Meta Knight's:
    Snake: What kind of weirdo puts their face on the bow of a ship, anyway?
    Mei Ling: Maybe he's a little narcissistic. Kind of like someone else I know...
    Snake: Really... And who would that be?
    Mei Ling: Use your imagination...
  • On Olimar:
    Mei Ling: Snake, have you ever heard the ancient Chinese story, "The Vain Ocean Of Wealth"?
    Snake: I've been waiting for the movie.
  • Discussing Peach and her relationship to Mario:
    Mei Ling: But still, don't you think it's romantic? I mean, to have a guy who's always there for you?
    Snake: If he was smart, he'd tell her to stop getting kidnapped.
    Mei Ling: ...You don't get a lot of dates, do you, Snake?
  • Pikachu's:
    Mei Ling: Could you catch Pikachu for me? Pleeeeeease?
    Snake: Oh, come on! What do I look like, a Pokémon Trainer?
    Mei Ling: Fine... Sorry I asked.
  • Pit:
    Otacon: He used to be a weakling, but countless trials over the years have toughened him up.
    Snake: By trials, you mean game overs?
    Otacon: Yeah, you'd know all about that.
  • On Pokémon Trainer:
    Colonel: Let's do this together, partner.
    Snake: Whatever you say, Colonel.
    • Even better in context. (Colonel has just delivered a spiel on how soldiers and commanders rely on each other for maximum effectiveness, effectively making them a team. Snake is... skeptical of this viewpoint.)
  • Jigglypuff:
    Snake: Aw, there's a big eyeball walking around here...
    Colonel: That's just Jigglypuff.
    Snake: Jigglypuff? That some kind of marshmallow?
  • Oh, lordy, Sonic:
    Snake: *grumbles*
    Otacon: Snake, what is it?
    Snake: Something about that hedgehog rubs me the wrong way.
    Otacon: ...oh, you mean Sonic the Hedgehog! But everyone loves Sonic! He's a big star! Do you have any idea how excited people are that he's here in Brawl?
    Snake: Yeah, I know, but there's something about him I just don't like.
    Otacon: But...why? You must have some kind of reason?
    Snake: ...nope. Just don't like him.
    • The Wild Mass Guessing this has spawned is incredible. So far, the most prominent theory seems to be that this is an Actor Allusion; Snake's Japanese voice actor's father voices Dr. Eggman.
  • One simple line on Wolf:
    Snake: Wolf. Real imaginative name.
  • And finally, Zero Suit Samus:
    Snake: Mei Ling, Samus took her clothes off!
    Mei Ling: That's Zero Suit Samus, Snake.
    Snake: Without that bulky Power Suit, she's gotten a lot more agile... maybe if I took off all this heavy gear I could chase her.
    Mei Ling: Uh, yeah, you wish.
    Snake: Her loss.
  • "Copy, Snake! This is Slippy!"
  • Don't forget Kirby.
    Otacon: Snake! Watch out!
    Snake: For what? That pink marshmallow?
  • What about Wario?
    Colonel: He (Wario) also attacks by farting. He can fart to fly around, too.
    Snake: By... farting. Are you kidding me?!
  • And this line about Bowser:
    Colonel: Careful, Snake! That's the great and powerful Bowser!
    Snake: Bowser? Looks like a cheap movie monster.

The Subspace Emissary
  • Diddy Kong's appeals to Fox and then, later, to Falco. Especially how thoroughly unhappy Falco looks at the end of the scene.
    • The way his arms are folded, he looks like he's telling Fox "This is YOUR fault, y'know."
  • This entire cutscene also deserves mentioning. Luigi further solidifying his Butt Monkey status by being scared... of a Waddle Dee (the remix of the Luigi's Mansion theme helps too), and then Wario getting his ride jacked by King Dedede.
    • Luigi is there simply for comedic relief. His Subspace Trophy pose is different from his actual trophy pose in the game, to a funny extent. He was thrown into the cart upside down. Dedede even stuck one of his badges onto Luigi's trophified nose.
  • King Dedede's face when he sees Kirby on the cart he stole from Wario much earlier. (Skip to around 1:18, but no farther than 1:20)
  • In one scene, Samus and Pikachu enter a room. It seems pretty safe and they're just walking along calmly when *SWOOP* ... Uh, what the heck just happened? Where's Samus? The pure Mood Whiplash of Ridley's entrance is quite funny.
  • This scene where Captain Falcon makes his grand entrance... killing almost all of Olimar's Pikmin in the process.
  • Right before Meta Knight battles Lucario, the cutscene cuts back to the Ice Climbers, who do a Loud Gulp.
  • Peach breaking up a fight between Fox and Sheik by offering tea.
  • Snake hiding from Lucario and Meta Knight in a cardboard box, then Lucario seeing through the box and picking it up, causing a "They'll never find me in - WTF HOW DID YOU KNOW?!" reaction from Snake.
  • When Mr. Game & Watch is revived, Peach lets him play with her parasol. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Ganondorf turning the trophy gun on Bowser. Even funnier is that about two seconds later, he gets swatted by Tabuu.
    • Even funnier is what Bowser does to Ganondorf's trophy afterwards. Disrespect does not begin to cover it. It's basically a montage of him attacking it in so many different ways...
      • Ganondorf is revived in a later cutscene, and is clearly a little groggy.
  • After defeating Bowser, King Dedede revives his trophy, leading him to retake his intimidating roars from before. When Dedede then nonchalantly dope slaps him in response, the giant Koopa makes a sulky "what the hell was that for?" gesture.
  • When Kirby and Dedede's group meet up near the end, Dedede immediately glomps Kirby, and then drags him off while Kirby has a complete "WTF?" look on his face. Priceless.
  • Wario gets a few moments of funny in the game:
    • His jaw dropping upon seeing Luigi and Ness help Dedede up.
    • His complete indifference to Master Hand's corpse.
    • Word of God stating that even though Wario joined the Subspace Army, he "cares very little for the actual objective he was given and wants to continue just doing whatever he likes."

The rest of the game
  • The original E3 2006 trailer opens with Mario, Kirby, Link, and Pikachu in their Melee models running towards each other on a black screen. Then, the Battlefield from Brawl appears in the background as everyone changes to their updated Brawl models... Except for Kirby, who didn't have a game of his own on the Wii at the time. Kirby himself looks confused.
    • Wario's role in the trailer. After several awesome moments, he crashes in on his bike, surrounded by the other characters. Wario gets up, sees the others, grins sheepishly... and then the waft begins charging. The Smashers recoil a bit and it cuts to Wario about to unleash it. We then get a split-second shot of everyone's Mass "Oh, Crap!" before the explosion.
  • The very fact that Wario attacks by farting!
  • Back when Brawl was first released in Japan, we had this memorable gem during gameplay, frequently called "the Failmaster" on Youtube.
  • It's hilarious to watch characters flail around with Superspicy Curry. Particularly if it's someone like Ganondorf, Marth, or even R.O.B.
  • Whenever the crowd cheers for a character, it sounds like the entire audience is getting in on it... unless you're playing as Luigi, in which only a few people are cheering for him.
  • This is what the item description for the Banana Peel says. "Just makes people slip. What did you expect?"
  • The item description for Mr. Saturn. It just reads, "Pwaaaaah. Pwaaaaah."
  • In Brawl, Assist Trophies have a chance to spawn Mr. Resetti. Normally, this means you spend more than a minute with a huge text box spouting an angry rant at you. However, since Resetti is a mole, he's stuck on whatever platform he spawns on, which means his platform can collapse or scroll offscreen. If he does, not only does his rant end early, but there's a special, highly amusing line of dialogue for when this happens.
    "H-hey! Don't you ditch me, punk!"
    • Anytime Resetti does an "impression" of one of the characters on the field. It only shows up as plain text, but it's hilarious to imagine him attempting to sound like one of the characters.

  • Brawl- takes the liberty of putting voice clips in hilarious places. Example: Snake's "Nom nom nom... Tasty." and Captain Falcon's "YESZ!!!" But by far Peach's forward throw takes the cake. "This is fun! *slap*"
  • Pikaman is probably either this or Nightmare Fuel. Or both.

  • The E3 2013 trailer:
    • Villager managing to give Mario a death glare through that blissful expression. This caused Villager to gain Memetic Mutation status as a cold-blooded, psychotic killer within MINUTES of his announcement.
    • Mario's face when he almost gets hit by flying Metal Blades in Megaman's Reveal Trailer for Smash Bros. 4.
  • In Wii Fit Trainer's Reveal Trailer:
    • Mario, Link, and Kirby are "playing" Wii Fit, trying to hold the tree pose when she casually walks up, taps Mario on the shoulder, then strikes another pose, OHKOing all three of them.
    • What makes it even funnier is that after this, the game says "Great, keep it up!". It's as if she was encouraged for beating the crap out of people.
    • What also makes it funnier is how they do the pose. Mario can't get his arms over his hat, Kirby (having no legs) just puts his foot over the other and can't get his arms over his head because he's too round. Link (having a more realistically human shape than the others) is the only one doing the pose right, but he still has trouble keeping it.
    • And if you pause at the right time you see Mario was smashed Down, then up, then BACK DOWN, before finally smashing up off the screen.
  • If Mr. Sakurai wants it, my body is ready.
  • Rosalina's Trailer:
    • It starts off with Kirby and his Warp Star causing chaos on Rainbow Road. The Mother of the Cosmos gives him a time out.
    • When the race comes to a halt, Donkey Kong pokes Kirby curiously a couple of times.
    • Kirby and Luma dancing at the end, with Rosalina apparently conducting them and the other racers just looking on in the background.
  • In Little Mac's debut trailer:
  • The Smash Bros. Direct had plenty of these moments.
    • The various little fake-outs that were done, like pretending that Zero Suit Samus was deconfirmed, complete with showing an image of her Brawl incarnation fading to black and white, as if to say she is only a memory now.
    • How the Motion-Sensor Bomb is demonstrated: Link is standing close to Peach while Zelda is standing behind him, Zelda throws the bomb, then waves at Link to come over to her. Link falls for it hook, line, and sinker.
      • This is even funnier if you saw some of the pictures on the official website and the pics of the day, as there was a Running Gag of Link having an affair with Peach. Woman Scorned indeed.
    • Before showing the Pokémon that would be usable in the game, we were treated to Sakurai replaced with a stuffed Substitute doll.
      • This moment is even better after Greninja's reveal; the frog ninja has Substitute as one of his moves.
    • Sakurai actually referencing the "No items! Fox Only! Final Destination!" meme with "For Glory" mode for online multiplayer, minus the "Fox only!" part.
    • The fact that one of the Assist Trophies is the Color TV Game 15! A video game fighting inside of a video game! Complete with a scoreboard at the top of the screen.
    • In one of the Trophy Quizzes, the answer seems obvious that it is Palutena. But nope, it's Pseudo-Palutena. What makes it even better is that upon "her" reveal, the camera is zoomed in on "her" face to create a Jump Scare-like effect.
      • Even meaner is that this was done before Palutena's widely-anticipated reveal as a playable character, so the thought of her being a mere trophy caused many a proverbial heart attack. People were happy to be wrong.
    • Mega Man's Crash Bomber special lands on Yoshi's tail. The dinosaur spins around, (presumably trying to take it off,) before it explodes.
    • Villager's Pocket move continues to be hilarious, with the trailer showing him stealing a Spring from under Sonic, and stealing Zelda's summoned Phantom and then attacking her with her own Phantom.
    • When demonstrating how Lucario's aura was buffed, Sakurai demonstrates a potential downside to it by having Lucario use his Up-Special and flying ''over'' the stage, dying.
    • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment during Rosalina's moveset explanation, when it gets to her Star Bits attack. Rosalina sends the Luma out to attack Diddy Kong, but this leaves her open for Donkey Kong to grab and carry her off in the background. The Mother of Cosmos was ape-napped. Also, Diddy Kong scratches his behind right before the scene change.
    • Sakurai's comments on Little Mac, ranging from his poor air moves (complete with funny graphic) and poor recovery (And That's Terrible) to questioning if Giga Mac and Little Mac are the same person.
    • When Charizard enters the fray, each of the fighters prepares to launch an attack. Link throws the Gale Boomerang, Kirby fires a star from the Star Rod, Samus fires a missile, Mario runs at Charizard head on, and Olimar? He throws a Pikmin at it, and the Pikmin doesn't even reach it.
    • At one point in Greninja's trailer, Mario and Luigi try to sneak up on Lucario and Greninja with Poké Balls in hand.
  • E3 2014. So how do you promote your Mii Fighters? By making Reggie and Iwata fight each other to the death, and then having their Miis duke it out.
  • Palutena's trailer:
    • How does she make her entrance? By activating Pit's Power of Flight to toss him away screaming.
    • When Palutena showcases what appears to be her Final Smash on Yoshi and Samus, she comes down and we're treated to Pit "crouching" while she merely spins, crosses her arms, and gives him a look while we hear him say "You don't have to prove anything to ME, Lady Palutena!" Those who've played Uprising can just IMAGINE the expression on his face.
    • Just as she mentions how the rest of the fighters are Worthy Opponents, the screen cuts to King Dedede doing his "crouching" pose.
    • Villager watering Pikmin in a Freeze-Frame Bonus.
  • Pac-Man's trailer:
  • In Lucina and Robin's trailer:
    • Chrom is essentially a Butt Monkey in this trailer. Him being beaten by Captain Falcon isn't funny on its own, until you hear his only line in the trailer, practically lampshading how he's gotten the short end of the stick compared to his daughter and friend.
      Chrom: I suppose I'll get my chance another day.
    • Then there's the bluntness of the text as Chrom's role in Robin's Final Smash is revealed.
    • Lucina isn't completely free of this herself. During the beginning, her debut states "Lucina wakes her blade?!" Then Robin shows up with his own debut card, and it appears as he's stealing the spot of both of his companions.
    • Robin gets a jab...or rather, female Robin. At the end of the trailer.
      P.S. Also you can play as female Robin!
  • Shulk's trailer:
    • While it's likely a coincidence, his reveal trailer is named Looks like we don't have a choice!, which seems like a sly jab at the leak.
    • In the beginning, Bowser lets out a mighty roar....only for a butterfly to fly pass him. Even better, he gets distracted by said butterfly enough to let down his guard!
    • Shulk casually steals his friend's catchphrase.
      Shulk: Now it's Shulk time!
    • Towards the end of the trailer, Shulk is seen jumping thrice. While the first two jumps have him in his normal clothes, the third one has him in his swimwear. The guy stripped his clothes off!
  • Every character has some amusing reactions when being tossed at the camera, but special mention must go to Wii Fit Trainer who keeps doing exercises even after being thrown at the camera. Heck, EVERY Screen K.O is this. Especially on more serious characters such as Zelda or Samus.
  • Pretty much EVERY time Donkey Kong has a prominent appearance in a trailer or promotional screenshot.
  • Villager's Final Smash? Getting Tom Nook and his nephews to build an exploding house over the opponent.
  • Wii Fit Trainer as a whole because her moves are ridiculously funny: yoga poses for every single thing. Yes, this includes her Final Smash.
  • Sakurai confirms that Miis are going to be new fighters, and near-completely customizable, and admits that, with this new system, you can have media celebrities fight each other if you so choose, even showing examples like Ice-T, Elijah Wood, and Abraham Lincoln, complete with the announcement screens the game uses.
    • Ice-T Pours it on!
    • Elijah Wood Like To Battle!
  • Pac-Man's promotional artwork features 8-bit versions of several smashers in Pac-Man's iconic maze, all with some silliness going on such as Link holding a cherry in his Item Get pose, and Kirby eating a bunch of Pac-Dots.
  • Shulk joins the his swimwear!!

  • King Dedede is back and making good use of his improved facial animations. In the image before the one before on King Dedede's character page, he's lying down on the floor while Wii Fit Trainer is facing his direction, making the image that came after even more hilarious, considering Dedede's weight and personality.
  • The pic of the day for February 10 has this caption: "A bored-looking dog staring at the TV… Occasionally, the Super Smash Bros. series really makes me confused about what I'm creating."
  • This screenshot posted on the Smash Bros. website after Zero Suit Samus was confirmed. Samus wearing a bunny hood is fanservice to the point where it borders on parody. Even better, Luigi and Dedede are right behind her, and Samus's expression gives the impression that she's not thrilled about this at all, or perhaps annoyed that they're ignoring her.
  • For April 23, 2014, we have Charizard biting Waddle Dee's face. Sakurai says "Don't eat him. You can't eat him."
  • On May 2, we have the Assist Trophy Dillon introduced, with Sakurai noting that "He may rival Sonic in the art of rolling." Sonic's expression is priceless.
  • A series of photos shows Princess Peach stealing Link from Zelda.
  • Hours before the big stream that revealed Lucina, Robin, and Captain Falcon, his Pic of the Day showed a trophy...of Rayman.
  • The caption for July 14th pic has even Sakurai wondering when Captain Falcon will get another game of his own.
  • The pic of the day for July 18th has Mario and Little Mac suffering a Screen K.O. But instead of simply bouncing off like in Brawl, their faces are smushed against the camera. Even better, the Villager is smiling on the stage.
  • This one's going to need a little context: before Meta Knight's reveal there was a picture highlighting the new feature of Mii costumes. One of the two Miis in the picture had Meta-Knight's mask on, which led to no little speculation on Meta-Knight's return. Fast-Forward to Meta-Knight's reveal pic with Sakurai speaking as Meta-Knight saying he "introduced that imposter to his sword". Yup, Sakurai just implied Meta-Knight straight-up killed a Mii for daring to steal his look.
  • One of Shulk's pictures on the website jokingly turns him into a pro wrestler, taking advantage of his shirtless alt and all.


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