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04:06:25 PM Aug 28th 2016
Should competitive SSB get its own page or its own section in this page, like League and CS?
09:20:09 PM Apr 24th 2015
Should the 3DS/Wii U section get its own page? It seems to have extended quite a lot.
06:04:11 AM Apr 13th 2014
Entries about fan works have no place in a series' main article. I've moved those kinds of entries here to have them in case those fan works get their own pages.

Web Original

  • Brawl Taunts. Simply hilarious.
  • SSBB: Dubspace Emissary, by Kyutwo. All of these videos will have you laughing your lungs out. Special mention goes to episodes 1, 3, 9, 13, and 17.
    • From part 9:
    Mario: Wait, hold on. (Sees Peach in trophy form in the back of King DDD's car) MY PUSSY! He has Luigi, too, but who gives a shit!
    • Evil Zelda: (Takes out arrow gun) Time to represent the west si-eee-de!
    • Part 1:
    Zelda: (Both she and K.R.B. escape an explosion) Wait, what about the audience?
    K.R.B: Who gives a shit?
    • K.R.B.: (notices bomb) Oh, shit. We forgot about the boooommmbb!
    • "You suck, Mario!" "Who said THAT!"
    • Part 14:
    Captain Falcon: Falcon Kick! (Kills most of the pikmin)
    Captain Olimar: Captain Falcon, you bastard.
    Captain Falcon: Yes!
    • Meta Knight: Did you take my ship?!
    • Part 15:
    Meta Knight: Wait, look up there! That's my ship! Come on, let's go!
    Marth: Um, we might have one small problem.
    Ike: Yeah, like gravity?
    Meta Knight: Yeah. Well, gravity can kiss my ass!
    • Peach: (singing) I saw Zelda naked!
    • Meta Knight: (to Lucario) Did you take my ship, Mewtwo reject!?
    • Ice Climbers: (falling down the mountain) We were useless!
    • "Martyrdom(?)" "Jesus!" "Triceratops!" "T-Tiger" "YOSHI!!"
    • When Snake and Lucario started talking about "Two Girls, One Cup", much to the disgust of Meta Knight.
      • And then Meta Knight starts singing the alphabet to drown out the noise.
    • "Do the barrel role!" "I'll barrel your role if you don't stop SAYING THAT!!!"
    • Meta Knight: (finally gets his ship) Oh, it's OK, baby. Daddy is here now. Everything will be alright. Heh-heh. (groans) I soooo need a girlfriend...
    • Part 3. Dear god, part 3:
    Bowser: (walks up to the kong duo) What's up, niiigggaaaas!?
    Both Diddy and DK: Oh, HELL no!
    DK: Lets go kick his ass.
    Diddy: Oh, I got this! Back up, I know Kung-fu!
    Bowser: What? Bitch, I got a gun! Fuck your tai-kwon-doh!
    • "Fire the butt-cheek cannons!"
    • "Holy shit, drive!"
    • "Snipen'!"
    • Rayquaza: ''Hakuna Matata....MOTHER FUCKA!
    • "Who dares challenge these man breasts?"
    • "Looks like I'm blasting off again!"
    • "And it's time...for badass anime pose!" (BOOM!)
    • Goomba: (Gets punched sky high by DK) I'm getting too old for this shiiiiiitt...
    • "It's worthless!" "Just like Slippy!"
    • "Screw the rules, I have money."
    • Part 5:
    Ike: I have the pooooowerrrrr! (Slash)
    Ancient Minister: (gets hit) FUUUUUUUUCCCCK! (flies off) Whoa, whao, ow, gettin' dizzy!
    Ike: Thanks to steroids, I kill people for my friends.
    • Meta Knight: You stole my ship, motherfucker!
    • "Wait a minute, that's not the sun!"
    • "You now have the brains of fan girls now."

  • This Subspace Emissary walkthrough not only uses custom music themes through the whole game, but also gives characters some funny lines with the use of captions (be sure to turn them on), these include characters giving various Take Thats at either the game or their series or even Breaking the Fourth Wall.
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