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Funny: Super Robot Wars Z

Super Robot Wars Z

  • Rand's route is full of these, at least in the first half.
  • The entire Onsen/ping pong tournament episode of Gravion on Setsuko's route on the Special Disk.
    • The part where Amuro completely owns Kamille and Setsuko's team up with his hax newtype powers, AT PING PONG.
    • Speaking of Setsuko, she Can't Hold Her Liquor AT ALL.
    • Sandman does exactly what he does in the series and kicks everyone's asses with a SHOE instead of a paddle. While calling his attacks.
  • There's also the diet episode, where the young ladies in Rand's route try to lose weight, and got a little 'help' from the Dark Angels, which takes away an entire week's supply of food. The mission itself can be considered a Scrappy Level since it forces you to waste 3 turns with all your stats halved, no seishin usage, and your morale set to 50. By the end of the episode, thanks to one day of complete binging, they're heavier than when they started. The part when they binged shows Silvia, Tsugumi, and Reika in celestial bliss. Literally. The part where they realized what happened to their weight plays right after that, complete with ominous music.
  • The end of Stage 54. It's a bit awkwardly done, but try to imagine it in your head with normal-sized mecha.

Super Robot Wars Z 2.1 Hakai-Hen

  • Let's see, the game puts meticulous planner Lelouch in charge of a force that includes Kamina.
  • Dai-Guard's Ground vs. Air Drill Arm animation, in reference to an equally humorous moment from the original series.
  • Kamille, who just got transported to the Z2 world, asks Kouji how Duke and Tetsuya are doing. This Kouji however isn't the same one that joined ZEUTH back in Z1's world and did not recognize any of them. After Shinn explains this to Kamille, he introduces himself to Kouji. Kouji remarks that Kamille as a name sounds quite feminine, but Shinn kindly explains to him that he is quite, err... sensitive about his name.
  • In one of the early scenarios, Celestial Being decides to stage an intervention, only to find that Dancougar Nova has gotten there and put an end to the battle before they arrived.
    Lockon: Setsuna, Look at all the Gundams we got now.
    Setsuna: ...They look like Gundams but...
    Lockon: Hmm?
    Setsuna: I want to be Gundam like them as well.
    Heero: Then together we shall become Gundam, Setsuna.
    Kira: Only through understanding can we all become Gundam.
    Shinn: ...Will I become Gundam?
    Luna: Not you too...
  • Duo and Lockon bond instantly over their common roles as "babysitters" for anti-social teammates.
  • In order to distract the Red Shoulders, Coconna, Vanilla and Gotho drop 30000G onto the field so that the civilians would try to take it, getting in the way of the RS. Unfortunately... Crow decided he wanted a piece of the action too.
  • The episode from Code Geass where Arthur steals Lelouch's Zero mask plays out here, but this time one of the people chasing the cat is Kamina.
    • Context makes it even funnier: Kamina doesn't trust Zero (and the lack of respect is reciprocated), even though Kouji and the Getter Team try to play peacemakers. In this version, people actually see that the cat has Zero's mask, so Kamina decides that if he returns it, he can demand a favor in return and get to see Zero's face. He marshals the Gurren-dan (and Kouji) to find the mask, while Kallen grabs the Black Knights (plus Heero and Duo) to prevent this. Neither Kouji nor Duo is too happy about being lumped into someone else's group, but Heero goes along with it with his usual "Mission Accepted".
  • Kamina and Kallen arm wrestling over the name of Gurren.
  • Kamina stealing the stage at Sheryl's concert after the beastmen arrive. Starting to see a pattern with him?
  • When Gainer and Sara see the movie version of Anemone, they are visibly shocked. Cynthia however...
    Cynthia: Haha! She became an old lady!
  • Ranka needs a ride back to civilization, and Ozma shows up to screen (read: deny) potential chauffeurs. Of course, he's got a good reason, since one of the volunteers is Kei Katsuragi. The best part is when Athrun volunteers, and Ozma, despite having absolutely no knowledge of Athrun's Unwanted Harem, pretty much flat-out tells him "I don't trust you with her."
    • Athrun didn't actually volunteer for that, Ozma just says feels Athrun can't be trusted with reasons unknown. But the real best part comes as Ozma found Ranka talking with Renton, and he says Renton can help him since Renton is "harmless" (as he's too dedicated to Eureka). Cue the following line:
    Athrun: I am...harmful?
    • Kira's response to this scene adds to the humor: he chuckles as if he's aware of Athrun's reputation. This is the guy who's his best friend.
      • Although as it turns out, the whole thing was a setup to send Renton out alone, so Holland would come after him, with everyone but him being in on it. Athrun was apparantly deliberately taking advantage of his reputation.
  • Stage 31. The whole smackdown to rescue Takeru's mom can be considered as a Crowning Moment of Awesome or this.

Super Robot Wars Z2.2 Saisei-Hen

Super Robot Wars Z 3: Jigoku-Hen

  • Chogokin Hello Kitty confirmed?! April Fools!
  • Just on the conceptual level: The Mazinger and SMS teams transfer to Kaname's school the day after Sousuke.
    • And in execution: While everyone introduces themselves Count Brocken shows up out of nowhere, only for Sousuke to pull out a gun and immediately shoot him. He brags that his cyborg body is Immune to Bullets. So Sousuke, being Sousuke, pulls out a grenade. That works.
  • ''Celestial Being : The Movie'' makes its glorious debut! Now featuring most of ZEXIS in non-speaking roles (including Tetsujin who wasn't even there when they fought Alejandro) and mass-produced Altos (his VF-25 appears by the dozens). Saji is a meek enough person to let it slide calmly ; the rest of your crew watching the movie with him aren't and proceed to RiffTrax the hell out of it.
  • On stage 17A, the three martial artists from FullMetalPanicFumoffu challenge Kamille, Sosuke and Hibiki to keep Kaname from tearing down their rundown dojo. One of them asks who Kamille was and when Kamille gives him his name says that it's a girl's name. Kamille beats the crap out of him with his lines fully voiced.
    Kamille : Kamille's a man's name! And I'm a man!
    • Immediately after Fa scolds him, yelling that attacking someone because of his name was what started the events that lead into him running into the AEUG in the first place. This was something that Kamille had kept to himself for the entire series thus far (he first appears in Z1 already part of AEUG) and everyone is floored by the fact that his rise to heroism started from him beating up someone for making fun of his name. Kamille just smiles at that and asks that everyone keep it a secret from Shin.
  • Banpresto somehow made Gates even crazier. He manages to turn Zero into Z-ERO and tells Setsuna to Setsuna F SAY YEAH. His response, "I don't want to understand you." is appropriate.
  • Shinji and Lelouch marvel at the power of love thing Aquarion EVOL does. C.C. calls them cherry-boys. Graham and Setsuna have that whole " it must be love!!", "Love?!" Bit.
  • Chirico and Heero (in two different stages) piloting Bonta-kun. THAT IS ALL.
    • Let's just say the reaction people got when they found out who was inside Bonta-kun is the equivalent of small child suddenly finding out that Santa Claus isn't real and he was just some dude wearing his outfit with a fake white beard.
  • Stage 42 (Relaxing Route). Tessa transfers in to the same class that most of the cast is attending as in Fumoffu and everyone (especially Sousuke) freaks out.
    • After calming down, the students take Tessa to the Kurogane House for the hotsprings where Sousuke excuses himself to go do something. Kruz then takes Hibiki, Boss, Nuke and Mucha up the mountain to go peep. Naturally, Sousuke has littered the mountain with mines and other traps, placed the Wing Boys as guards, and stands at the very top in his Bonta-kun suit.
  • Nearly everytime Bonta-kun shows up in an event, Alto will just call him "Bonta" only to be immediately yelled at and corrected by Klan that he needs to add "-kun" to the name.
  • Kruz immediately hits on fellow sniper Yoko. This sets him on a rivalry with (also golden-haired) Kittan. Later, when Kittan is about to sacrifice himself, Kruz is the first one to understand that it is for Yoko's sake, and yells for Kittan to go for it.
  • Some of the Ace pilot congratulatory conversations with AG are this. Some examples are AG continuing to scream Congratulations at Black Ox thinking he can't hear him because it isn't responding (Black Ox can't talk). The stoic characters always replying with "...." (Heero finally mutters a thanks, and AG is relived as he expected Heero to say "I'll kill you" instead.) Hallelujah getting mad because AG thought Allelujah was talking about Soma as his partner. AG expecting Setsuna to indentify as a Gundam. AG telling Kira his skills are expected as he's GSD's "Main character" (And Kira replies with "Hmmm...I guess so...")
  • There's a scenario with the DOGEZA from Evol. When the reinforcements arrive, Ryouma's paired with Boss. Nuke and Mucha complain that they couldn't team up with Sayaka, Kallen or even Klan but instead got stuck with Ryouma. Ryouma gives them a look that could freeze beer and tells them to get their heads in the game. After the scenario, Amata teaches Sousuke how to properly genuflect. This is a talent that he will sorely need to master, at the rate that he angers Chidori.
  • When Big O fights against with Beck's robot in scenario 55, Roger Smith immediately says "Big O, Action!" Beck is like: "Come on, man! What about a negotiation?!" Roger counters that he has no time for that.
  • Riddhe tried to pair off Zessica with Shinn because he was feeling bad for her, only for Shinn to freak out and Kira to calmly explain to the former that Shinn already had a girlfriend. Riddhe then apologizes and asks if Kira had one too, to which Shinn says it's Lacus. Riddhe goes into mild shock since he's a Lacus Fanboy.
  • The boys at Danaan's birthday party when the final bingo reward is announced to be a kiss from Tessa, at which Basara starts singing and causes a chain reaction of over-reacting where Shinn and Banagher yell, Takeru glows golden and calls for Gaia, and Quatre puts his goggles on. Duo comments he's way too much into it.
  • When Sousuke is asked to help the Rugby team train and does his Drill Sergeant Nasty shtick to them, he asks the captain who his favorite singer is and he replies with Ranka Lee, to which Sousuke starts insulting her to motivate him. Alto is standing close by and gets pissed at Sousuke as well.
  • In one of the bonus DLC scenarios, the girls of Z-Blue are holding a Miss Z-Blue contest with AG and a very unenthusiastic Misato being the emcees, pairing off the girls into teams, except for the Ptolemy, which is a mothership and thus can't be paired off. Teams are: 1) Ptolemaios II with Sumeragi, Feldt and Mileina as the contestants and Lasse being strung along for the ride; 2) Ema and Mao; 3) Fa and Suzune with Hibiki being strung along and Fa noting his eyes are dead; 4) Noin and Hilde; 5) Klan and Kanaria with Kanaria trying to say she is no longer a "Miss;" 6) Kallen and C.C.; 7) Dancouga Nova and Aquarion Evol with Mikono and Zessica entering for ELEMENT; 8) Noriko and Sayaka; 9) Asuka and Rei; 10) Youko and Dari; and last but not least 11) Marida and Quess with Marida wondering if it was okay for them to even be there.
    • The contest involves the contestants battling until one is left standing and as soon as AG tells them to start, all the teams immediately pair off to fight. Team 6 vs Team 9 in a battle of Red units, Team 7 vs Team 8 in a battle of Supers, Team 4 vs Team 2 with Noin raring to go up against a Gundam, Team 5 vs Team 10 with Klan saying that to beat a Sniper they have to get up close and take them out in one shot, Team 3 vs Team 11 with Fa saying to focus on the funnels...leaving the Ptolemy without an opponent... which suits Sumeragi just fine.
    • The contest is shortly interrupted by Firebug raring for a fight with one of them rooting for Tessa, only for Kallen to say that she's not here. The girls are less than happy at the interruption and proceed to go straight to max Will and kick the crap out of Firebug, who realize that they are in deep shit.
    • And in the next DLC they plan to have a MR Z-Blue doing the same thing with the males, but nearly all the main male characters are confident enough in themselves (helped by all their various female companions backing them) that none of them bother to show up, meaning only the b list male characters like Riddhe, Katz, Hathaway, Malloy, Kittan, Shako, and Captain Otto, show up for it, eager to show off for once, along with Gyunei Guss who repeatedly says the whole thing is stupid and a waste of his time yet dodges the question when asked why he came with them in that case (it's because he doesn't want Hathaway to show him up in front of Quess). Before it gets started Geminus forces show up, and crash the party, but Gadlight insists the small fry aren't worth his time and runs off, leaving the rest of his forces to get decimated. After the thing is over, it turns out the whole event was cancelled because none of the well known pilots wanted to participate, causing all the sidekicks to feel dejected, although they do get some attention and morale support from everyone else for trying.
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