Nightmare Fuel / Super Smash Bros.

With fifteen note  other TV Tropes pages detailing the Nightmare Fuel in different Nintendo games, and five morenote  from third-party games, it's no surprise that if you put all of these series into one game series, there are bound to be a lot of frights. There are also entries in the main Video Game section detailing the horrors in other Nintendo games. So when you combine characters from all the recognizable Nintendo franchises in one fighting game series, it might be handy to take a few deep breaths before playing.

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  • While amazing music is a staple of this series, the Game Over tune succeeds way too well at creating a chilling atmosphere with its Scare Chord, all the more reason why players should not screw up.
    • In the first game, your character falls lifeless onto a table with a spotlight shining on them with the announcer asking the player if they want to continue. Select "Yes" and your character will spring back to life and you will replay the level you lost on. But, "No" has the screen fade to black with the announcer saying "Game Over" with accompanying text and ominous music playing before you go back to the title screen.
    • In the second game, your character's trophy falls onto the floor in a void of darkness with the announcer asking if you will continue. If you say "No", the screen fades to black with the announcer saying "Game Over" with the aforementioned Scare Chord. This continues in the third game's Adventure mode.
      • To unsuspecting players in Melee, this can also come out of nowhere if they don't know that they don't have enough coins in order to continue.
    • The fourth game isn't like this. Instead, after waiting a long time, it shows "Game Over" (in simple font) on a black screen before fading into the Continue screen. While the music is Brawl's "Continue" theme, "No" won't give you anything worse.
  • The "Warning! Challenger Approaching" alarm in 64 suggested a mood of "get ready to fight!" However, the alarms in Melee and Brawl sound more like some abomination is heading your way and you need to get out of there fast. Notably, Brawl's just sounds like a police siren, still alarming, but Melee's is an alarm with a distant-sounding echo.
  • Playing in Stamina Mode can get kind of unsettling. Instead of knocking fighters off the stage, you just beat them down until their HP depletes. The final hit is rendered in slow motion with the loser letting out a Death Cry Echo, and then their exhausted bodies just lie there on the field.
    • In Melee, the screen will turn red when a player's HP depletes.
    • Fighters who are KO'd in Smash 4 Wii U's Stamina Mode just fall to the ground in silence rather than, as in Melee and Brawl, cry out as they would if they were star KO'd. Some players would consider this a change for the better, however, as some star KO screams are downright unpleasant to hear, e.g. Duck Hunt (Duo)'s.
  • Olimar's Pikmin, as well as Rosalina's Luma, can die. Not KO'd, they simply die. Luma might just disappear, but the Pikmin deaths come complete with the chilling cries and ghosts from their home series, which can also be a massive Tearjerker.
  • Master Hand can be rather creepy if not downright surreal; mainly that he's a Giant Hand of Doom fighting you. Coupled by his haunting Evil Laugh, he can prove to be rather imposing for some players.

    Super Smash Bros. (N64)
  • Metal Mario never says a word, he doesn't even flinch a lot from hits, and worst of all, he never runs. Instead, he does an Unflinching Walk towards your character, who he does not see as a menace.
  • One of the most haunting original BGMs to ever come from the franchise is the Lonely Piano Piece playing right after defeating Master Hand in the original N64 title. The so-called "Game Clear" music is indeed a lonely piano piece, but a horribly demented and off-key one, at that. It essentially sounds like Pyrrhic Victory in musical form. Rather fitting considering the theory that postulates that Master Hand represents Masahiro Sakurai...

    Super Smash Bros. Melee

  • This image appears when you clear All-Star Mode with Peach, making her look unusually sinister.
  • The Brinstar Depths stage is a giant piece of space debris that could be spun around by Kraid. Plus, not only is the stage creepy in that Kraid just comes out of nowhere from the lava and roars at the player(s), but the music is actually rather chilling.
  • This game introduces Crazy Hand, the more sinister side of Master Hand. While fighting Master Hand is not entirely unlike one's action figures trying to kill one's hand; Crazy Hand, is much creepier, since he idles spastically, has a few oddly creepy attacks, and is a tough boss, since he almost always brings Master Hand along.
  • Giga Bowser's introduction in Melee. Just after getting to the end of Adventure Mode and beating Giant Bowser, Bowser's trophy suddenly lurches back on stage with a loud thud, and then crumbles revealing a colossal, far more vicious-looking, SNK Boss version of him, being much stronger and immune to grabs. And his transformation ends with a silent roar, complete with Glowing Eyes of Doom that freezes in frame while the actual fight starts loading.
    • There's also something unnerving about the cutscene that plays when you beat him. With Giant Bowser, you see Bowser's trophy tumble off into the black abyss. With Giga Bowser, you get the same cutscene except now it ends with the trophy smashing into dust on the floor. The fact that you can barely hear the sound of it breaking adds to it.
  • Zooming in on Daisy's trophy from the back in early versions of Melee reveals a glitchy, deformed eye on the back of her head.
  • When you earn a trophy in the Lottery, and it happens to be something like the moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask or something equally terrifying. Given that all trophies quickly pop up in the middle of the screen when earned, it could also double as a Jump Scare.
  • The Lip's Stick is introduced in this game. While its toy-like aesthetic and the utterly non-menacing appearance of its original wielder may not seem too scary, the effect it causes is slightly unnerving to think about. It causes a plant to grow out of someone's skull as it causes them agony. Look up Cordyceps and their effect on insects - the concept is the same.
  • As mentioned in the 64 folder, Metal Mario, especially how he's introduced. He falls from the sky head-first and lands on the Battlefield stage still stiffly head-first before falling over…and then extremely fluidly stands up to face the player while ominous music plays. Should you have Luigi unlocked, he joins as Metal Luigi and the creep factor becomes doubled.
  • While it's not horribly scary or anything, Mr. Game & Watch had a rather ominous victory theme in Melee. Brawl gave him a more normal one, though.
  • Learning that Mr. Game and Watch is actually a 3D model made and then set up to look 2D. It just looks so out of place and could make any player uncomfortable.
  • The music for Flat Zone (which can be heard in the above video) is rather unsettling and downright alien.
  • Zelda's star KO scream, compared to others and even her future games' KO scream(s), she sounds genuinely terrified, in pain or both and it comes off as plain unnerving.
  • While most of the North American chants in this game aren't terribly scary, just rather bored sounding, a few are rather creepy. Take the chants for Yoshi and Falco for example. It sounds like a group of spirits in a haunted place calling to them.

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl
And another realm falls to Subspace.
  • Overall, this game takes the Darker and Edgier approach, with more realistic textures and darker themes, so this game has plenty of scary moments, to the point where The Subspace Emissary, the game's Adventure mode, has its own page.
  • This game introduces Final Smashes, very powerful and sometimes cinematic special attacks. But some of them aren't so pleasant.
  • Link has an alternate costume that turns him into Dark Link, complete with black clothes, grey skin, and red eyes, which, while freaky, isn't too bad. Toon Link on the other hand, with his bigger, cat like eyes, also has a Dark Link alt, resulting in a much scarier look. They both retain these in the next installment as well.
  • This game's rendition of the already creepy Luigi's Mansion theme was made even creepier.
    • It also serves as the muse for Brentalfloss's lyric video.
  • Norfair in SSBB has lava plumes and occasional lava run-off appearing on left or right taking that portion of the screen, and sometimes, a huge lava flow comes straight at the screen and you have to take shelter from it.
  • The conversation with Colonel Campbell if Snake uses the radio successfully while facing Luigi. They begin with discussing Luigi's second banana status but eventually move on to Luigi's magic powers. Suddenly the Colonel trails off and starts chanting "La li lu le li lu le lo...": so either the Colonel is actually the fake Colonel from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, or Luigi just took over his mind. It's kind of creepy either way.
  • The Chimera in New Pork City. When it appears, the screen turns black and it Instant KO chomps on you if you get too close. There's also no way of truly defeating it; you can only stun it.
  • Hacking experiments on SSBB which involved "Moveset Swapping" have resulted in some fan-made nightmare fuel characters. Such as Pikaman (Pikachu with Ganondorf Moveset), Stub Link (Toon Link with Meta Knight Moveset), and Witch Peach (Peach with Sonic Moveset).
  • Luigi FINGERS EVERYONE because WHY NOT!?

    Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U
This thing also covers up the touch screen on the 3DS installment.

  • Master Core, the True Final Boss of Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U is perhaps the most terrifying thing in this entire series. To get to it, you have to play Classic Mode on 5.1 Intensity or higher. You'll come across a path separate from Master Hand where it appears you'll be facing Master Hand and Crazy Hand. Choose that path, and you'll be facing a more intense battle between the hands, and the battle proceeds as normal, and then you do enough damage to Master Hand. Then… something goes horribly wrong. Crazy Hand suddenly disappears while Master Hand floats to the center of the stage, and the hand writhes and convulses before exploding open. A black mist fills the stage, comes together, and at long last, we see Master Core. You see that monstrosity at the top of the page? That's what you'll be facing. This shapeshifting abomination is the first true SNK Boss for Super Smash Bros., and it's horrifying and difficult from the beginning of the fight to the very end. For every significant hit you land, it sprays a bloodlike fluid for a few moments. Plus, the black, perpetual writing substance it commands, known as The Swarm, covers up its name and percentage on the touch screen. Oh, and if you play on 8.0 or higher Intensity, you're forced to take this path and you MUST fight it.note  Have fun and sweet dreams! The boss has multiple forms depending on the Intensity you're playing on. The higher it is, the more forms there will be. At the highest intensities, here's what you'll face:
    • Master Giant is the first form to materialize. It is a giant humanoid shadow golem that spurts out two extra arms. It's powerful and can even pick up the stage and send you straight into some energy blasts. It can also lift the stage so you can't get back on while the energy balls above make it difficult lasting up there. To say nothing of its shockwave attack, where the golem starts shaking violently before letting out a chilling scream that can push you right off the stage. Before unleashing its energy wave attack, it will grab its head and shake erratically. It clenches its chest and shudders before forming two extra arms to grab your character(s), and recoils as it withdraws them. One of its attacks even involves forming a huge, tumor-like growth on its head, which the golem struggles to support… before slamming the head onto the stage and unleashing plus-shaped X bombs.
    • Next up is Master Beast. It is a quadruped beast with a scorpion-like tail, which can also topple the stage and throw it out of balance as it jumps around, as well as temporarily go into the background and then charge straight onto the stage, chomping your character, usually knocking them away.
    • The third form it assumes is Master Edges/Sabres, which consists of five swords that can do lots of damage pretty quickly, easily comboing your character and juggling them.
    • Following that is Master Shadow, a giant-sized version of your character in the same shadow-like mist, turning the match into a Mirror Boss.
    • Master Fortress, which is an exclusive form in the Wii U version. Imagine Race to the Finish from Smash 64 and Melee except with Master Core becoming a sentient, biological castle, complete with internal veins along the walls and what appears to be stomach acid! Additionally, it has some sort of self-defense mechanism with Smash Run enemies that look like different versions made out of the Swarm. Even what it appears to be its immune system tries to destroy you. It was already terrifying enough when it didn't have a biology! Also to note at when you enter it you can hear its heartbeat and it gets faster as you destroy its multiple weakpoints. Oh, and the stomach acid is actually a Danger Zone, so if you hit it at over 100%, you're boned. What makes it even worse is the fact that some weakpoints represent a human's biology. The first one is approximately where the trachea is located. The second, the stomach. The third is be the part where the spine joins with the skull. And the fourth? Well, with the thudding heartbeat you hear, what it could possibly represent is utterly horrifying…
      • Remember that since the original N64 game, Master Hand has been implied to be the hand of a child. A child whose internal organs you are now tearing apart.
    • And finally, the Master Core itself: the last form just looks like a bigger Smash Ball. There's seemingly no time limit, and all you have to do is rack up enough damage to send it off 45 seconds. Wait any longer, and it'll actually rise up and perform one last ditch effort to put you away. But if you manage to dodge its attack, it'll actually self-destruct. And, if you listen closely after you destroy Master Fortress' final weak point, you can hear something that sounds like screaming.
      • And then you wonder...what in God's name is it? Were the Hands intending to unleash Master Core upon the player, or was it a freak accident? And for that there a Crazy Core, too?
    • The music as you're fighting this… thing, is eerie, creepy, dire, and tense. It gives you the feeling that you REALLY should not lose. It's essentially the main theme of the game, but all corrupted, and it sounds… wrong. There's one part of the track that sounds like a cassette tape played in reverse, among the next part, where a single wail is going out of control, before stopping abruptly. And, here is the best part: Nearly two minutes into this wonderfully chaotic track, it goes silent for a bit, and there's some beeping. It's morse code, and it spells out "Master Core." What's more is that the instrumentation that builds up during that part sounds almost like a cassette tape being played in reverse.
  • In the Smash Bros Direct video, there are points where they show you a close up of a trophy and you're invited to guess who the trophy depicts. Well, one of the trophies LOOKED like Palutena from the back… but then it was revealed to be the nightmarish Pseudo-Palutena from Kid Icarus: Uprising, making for a surprisingly creepy reveal. The upbeat Kid Icarus victory theme playing didn't help matters.
  • The Orne, much like the Ultimate Chimera in Brawl, does a One-Hit KO. While the Chimera is simply a goofy-looking magenta lion-like creature, the Orne looks a little less goofy.
  • There is something unsettling about the way Lucina's looking at Luigi, and the Final Smash's glowy affects are not helping at all.
  • 9-Volt's "Gamer" mini-game from Game and Wario is a stage in the Wii U version and it's every bit as creepy as the original. Not only does 5-Volt retain her door-opening, window-shattering, TV-jump-through-ing abilities, but because the stage's layout changes every time you fight there, there can occasionally be more places for her to pop out from, including the handheld console that 9-Volt was playing in the original mini-game! Never assume a prop on that stage is just there for Call-Back purposes!
  • The Wii Fit Trainer, a newcomer to the series, has some traits that make them a little stranger than the other fighters.
    • Their pale white skin and extremely faint facial features make them fall into the Uncanny Valley. note 
    • Their cries of pain when they get hit are a bit unnerving, considering how emotional they are in contrast to their other calm and collected voice clips.
  • Little Mac's Wireframe hoodie costume can look more than a little creepy. Especially the victory poses where Doc Louis cheers him on and he strikes his badass poses, but under the neon green hoodie isn't a human face, all you see is a neon green grid. Doesn't help that the Wire Frame costumes are The Voiceless, making it unsettling during battle, especially since Little Mac can be one of the more devastating characters.
  • Shortly after the Wii U version was released, a player's copy of the game was glitched, which distorted the character models to look like this, this, or this. There's even video proof.
    • The poor sap on the recieving end of this glitch managed to get another copy of the game to test if it was just that one disc or his Wii U's hardware causing it. The glitch was still there on the new disc. It was his hardware.
  • The Amiibos, in all honesty, can come off like this, when one realizes that Nintendo has created AI that actually adapts and learns from you, working to become better and eventually outclass you by learning your every move.
  • Finishing All-Star Mode as Bowser Jr./Koopalings rewards you with a lovely image of what looks like Bowser sinking into lava and Bowser Jr. watching as if he was The Starscream to his own father.
  • The Mii Fighters (most of the time) have the same expressions when fighting, which means a Mii could KO you with a smile on their face, or even be laughing at your demise. This is even creepier when you have to fight them in Multi-Man Smash, especially in Endless Smash/Cruel Smash/Rival Smash, where you can only escape (without exiting with a special code) by defeat. Thus, you will have to see them KO you with no remorse or emotion. Of course, once you see through that fact, you will have frustration after that, especially when getting the challenges. Another creepy thing about the Fighting Mii Team is that they aren't your Miis, but they use your Miis' faces.
  • Hey, what's going on in the background of (the Wii U version's) Final Destination? It appears to be an Earth-like planet that's…being drawn towards the Sun (or perhaps a burning version of itself, given that they're the same size). After they collide, you're transported to some sort of primordial ocean planet whose own Sun eventually burns out.
  • In Ryu's official artwork, Wii Fit Trainer's Thousand-Yard Stare just looks creepy.
  • The shadowy monster on the other end of the scale before you start Classic Mode. At first it isn't so scary, but as you go higher in Intensity it appears more ferocious, eventually gaining more eyes and teeth. Right at 9.0 it changes to a wide Slasher Smile. The sudden shift is rather jarring, but now it's going to enjoy ripping you a new one.
  • Occasionally, when a fighter gets knocked out, they fly out of the arena and hit the screen hard. A cute, fun little flavor thing, right? Wrong. If you manage to pause the game (or just watch it and pause it on YouTube), nearly all the characters' bodies twist in some truly gruesome ways which make it clear that hitting the screen hurt. Link in particular has his neck twisted in a way that makes it look like he's had a Neck Snap, and the Fire Emblem characters all have this blank look in their eyes that suggests they're dead—which, given how death works in their own series, may not be too far off the mark.
  • Yoshi's drowning animation is just sad.
  • For her Final Smash, Bayonetta summons Gomorrah, the Devourer of the Divine from Hell itself to eat her opponents. Normally, the attack will do damage and send the opponents flying, like any other Final Smash, but if a fighter is above 100%, that fighter is instantly KOed. The last thing you'll hear of them is a death cry, and the next moment, they're simply gone without a trace. It's especially frightening if the victim in question is either someone as adorable as Pikachu or Kirby or someone whose home game is filled characters that can die a Cruel and Unusual Death, like Mario, Link, and the Fire Emblem characters.
  • Corrin's Dragon Lunge IMPALES the opponent. In a Nintendo game.
  • Moveset swapping is back with a vengance. It's basically the same as in SSBB, but in HD and without crashing. Enjoy!

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 

"It's-a me...MARIO..."

  • The reveal trailer for the game, as awesome as it was, can also be this. It starts with an Inkling girl facing off against an Inkling boy in a Call-Back to the reveal trailer for Splatoon. Nothing unusual yet. Then the white background goes completely black and the Splatoon theme fades out. The Inkling girl turns around to view the Smash logo, huge and fiery. The Ominous Chorus of what could be this game's theme and Mario and Link having their faces framed in shadow doesn't help.
    • The sight becomes even more terrifying when you look at things from the Inklings' point of view. In their world, all land animals aside from Judd have become extinct after rising water levels flooded the earth some 10,000 years ago. Apart from what little information they have from digging up remains and the Sunken Scrolls, they have no clue as to what these other animals look like. So naturally, the sight of a group of unknown fighters carrying strange weapons who clearly don't look like Inklings or Octarians is going to make them scared. The only other creatures that'll make the Inklings ink themselves are the Salmonids. They're more or less going up against entities beyond their means of understanding.

""Too big"...If anything, this plumber was too weak! But he did provide delicious human cells to feast on! Is he here-- or here!?"

  • Ridley's trailer, which serves as a shout-out to the Alien franchise (with Ridley as the Xenomorph). Samus, Mario, and Mega Man are walking cautiously down a bridge in a darkened base. Suddenly, a blurred shape silently takes out Mega Man and Mario one by one (with sickening crunches to go with them). Samus senses this and turns around only to find that nobody is there and only Mario's hat is left on the ground. Then, suddenly, Ridley bursts out from underneath the bridge and taunts Samus with Mario's hat before he attacks.
    • Ridley twirling Mario's hat becomes much more disturbing when you realize that Mario has Cappy in this game. Ridley is taunting Samus with a living being who is most likely paralyzed with fear.
    • His moveset is one of the most brutal, animalistic, and outright violent in the series and reflects just how much of a monster Ridley is, which includes a ground variation of his famous Wall Grind, skewering foes with his tail, and his Final Smash has him launch the other fighters into the hull of Samus' Gunship before blowing all them up to high heaven with a devastating Wave Motion Gun of a Breath Weapon. A good reminder why the High Commander of the Space Pirates is one of Nintendo's darkest villains.
    • As an added detail, his tail stabbing attack, presumably if the opponent is at high damage, causes them to slowly limp onto the ground, and then get instantly KO'ed.note  No flying away from the stage, no scream or yell of any kind, they're gone.
      • It's also worth noting that as he demonstrates this on Link, he specifically sits there, crouching down just to watch Link struggle to get up before dying.
    • Can we just reiterate that Ridley's victims were Mega Man and Mario, AKA one of gaming's biggest heroes, AKA Mr. Nintendo himself? Mega Man can at least rebuild himself. Mario simply doesn't have that luxury.
      • He might have had some 1-Up mushrooms on his person, but it's still one of the more brutal deaths he's faced...
      • Also note that, when Ridley kills Mario, there is a very audible Gorny sound effect. It's a rather safe guess that, with how violent Ridley is and with Snake's inclusion, the game will be getting a T rating.
    • Also, listen closely when Ridley is stretching up. You can hear his bones cracking. Brrrrrrr...
    • Zero Suit Samus' expression at the end of the trailer is also quite unnerving. If she's willing to beat up a giant space dragon without her trusty Power Suit, you'd better be afraid of her.
    • Even one of Ridley's win animations is this, as it seems to be him ripping his opponent apart even after they're dead. Ridley does not screw around. Then again, they still applaud the winner. (Sore Losers notwithstanding)
    • Ridley's overall contrasting presence compared to everyone else. While Smash Bros does have its fair share of realistic character designs, they're still given cartoony elements that help make them look like they're not too out of place. Not Ridley. He's far more detailed than even Snake and Ryu, giving him an otherworldly appearance that really shows the Xenomorph inspiration. Compared to the rest of the roster, Ridley looks like he originates from a horror series.
    • Worst, think of Ridley's inclusion through his own point of view. He was always a Psycho for Hire, causing a planetary genocide solely For the Evulz. Then he sees the roster. Beyond his Arch-Enemy Samus, there are various heroes and villains, some hardened and others innocent. And a few characters happen to be children, even. But it matters nothing to Ridley. His inclusion would become a severe mistake, as he would have a hell of a field day, ripping apart enemy after enemy, savoring their pain and suffering, gleefully killing their loved ones in front of them, breaking their spirits, and killing any innocence literally or metaphorically. Not because they're in his way. But because he just likes to. To the other fighters, Smash Bros. is just a fighting tournament. To Ridley? It's a free opportunity to start up a killing spree.
    • Try comparing him to the other Nintendo characters who had antagonistic roles. Meta Knight was an Anti-Villain in Kirby Super Star, believing Dream Land would be better under his rule. King Dedede is nothing more than a greedy bully on his worse days, and in "Revenge of the King" he challenged Kirby and Kirby alone. Wario is also greedy and, aside from his debut, is usually just an Anti-Hero. Fellow mercenary Wolf O'Donnell is usually just in it for the money, as well as to defeat Fox. Depictions on Mewtwo vary, but even its game counterpart, a known Blood Knight, only killed because it was lashing out at those who created him. And even then, Mewtwo isn't portrayed as an all-and-out villain. Bowser may be Nintendo's most recognizable Big Bad, but he still has loved ones and standards that even he wouldn't cross. Even Ganondorf, though just as cruel, at least has some tact in his villainy and simply does whatever accomplishes his goals faster, and has at least two Freudian Excuses (the Gerudo Desert's harsh winds and being the reincarnation of Demise's eternal hatred), making him somewhat of a Tragic Villain. Ridley, on the other hand? No excuses, no standards, no sympathetic backstory, and no mercy. Not even Bowser and Ganondorf outright kill in their battles.