Nightmare Fuel / Fire Emblem

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  • In general, some of the characters' Final Death quotes can be this, especially the ones that abruptly cut off mid-line. In later games, the character's eyes will actually close as they finish the line. The Tellius games in particular have some very disturbing death quotes, here are a few examples. (Note that Tormod and Rolf are children)
    Tormod: No… Move… Listen to me, body… Move… Muarim…where are you? I’m…done…for…
    Nephenee: The world… It grows… so…dark…
    Geoffrey: Queen Elincia! My queen, where are you?! I can’t see… Blood is in my eyes… Your Majesty… I’ll be right…there…
    Rolf: …So this is what fate…had in store for me… I’m so cold… I still had…a lot…to learn. Oscar… B-Boyd… Shinon…
  • Pray you don't get a Game Over in Blazing Sword, Binding Blade, or Path of Radiance. The music that plays during these scenes is very disturbing, as is the blazing crimson background.
  • The concept of the Nosferatu spell: That cute little Mysterious Waif Girl just got her face smashed in by a massive battle axe, then casts this spell which drains the life energy of her enemy and instantly heals the wound she just suffered. Oh, it's a Light spell. It also has a creepy sound effect when cast.
    • Later games make it a Dark spell, though the Tellius games revert it to Light (and then Awakening switches it right back to Dark). Still somewhat creepy, though.

Examples from specific entries:

  • The sound effects of the Loptyr and Naga Spells are creepy as hell and can't be properly rendered by an emulator.
  • From Rekka no Ken, Zephiel's Slasher Smile....which is accompanied by a horrifying musical sting, and is also the last shot in the game...
    • Actually the entirety of Zephiel's family in Rekka no Ken is pretty much this and Tear Jearker. Being held up by insecurity with a manipulative mother (Queen Helene) and a jealous and abusive father (King Desmond), and the latter even attempting on one's life is seriously not fun on its own. It gets even worse when you consider the ramifications this causes 20 years later.
  • The theme for the Serenes Massacre in Path of Radiance is... very unsettling.
  • The way the Battle of Belhalla came to life. Think of it: not only is your leader incinerated to death by the Emperor (and after a Tear Jerker of a scene in which he gets to see that his wife has been brainwashed into marrying said Emperor), but then the whole army that you're a part of is bombarded by a storm of meteors. And you're unable to escape because the Royal Guard has you trapped in there. Seriously, not cool!
  • Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn have Feral Ones, which are Laguz, a race capable of transforming into hawks, tigers, giant cats and other animals. They've been locked into their transformed state with the use of a potion that makes them lose all sense of reason and also drastically shortens their life span. It can also be given to Beorc (humans) for the same effect, sans transformation. Bertram/Renning, a Beorc, is seen starting to go through this transformation, and it turns him into a very unsettling Blood Knight. And then there's his lovely dialogue for when he fights Elincia:
    Bertram: ...KILL...M-ME...
  • The basement room of Gritnea Tower filled with countless Laguz corpses. The dialogue and the music leading up to it are unsettling enough, but then you see the actual room. What really drives it all home, though, is the characters' reactions.
  • Grima in Fire Emblem Awakening. No, the Dragon itself isn't... no. The fact that it kills (from within, painfully) and then takes over you (or rather, your avatar) is. ...Wait, never mind, the dragon is pretty freaky too.
  • The monsters from Awakening. Not the ones that are just palette swaps of generic units, those...things, that sink into the ground. Their noticeably twitching head DOES NOT HELP!
  • The Risen from Fire Emblem Awakening make a helluva entrance in the game: appearing from a strange temporal portal, chasing the heroes down while the earth splits open, lava gushes out, and the surrounding forest catches fire. While fighting them in-game becomes fairly elementary, they're downright frightening in the FMVs, especially when staring down Sumia and Lissa.
  • The Death's Embrace DLC chapter has to be one of the darkest and most nightmarish chapters in Awakening: You come across a village that has been razed to the ground, with everyone dead, then you hear that the perpetrator spared the strongest of the village's fighters, and go to investigate a nearby temple... where you find out that the perpetrator has taken said villagers and raised them as Risen whom he uses as loyal assassins, he has been going at it for a long time, and he has just finished his greatest work, which is a Risen Soldier with a freaky model not seen anywhere else. And on top of that, his temple has spikes protuding from the floor, walls, and ceiling, with the intent on softening you up as said perpetrator's minions go for the kill... so he can have you join their ranks. Worst of all, these Risen, unlike the maingame ones, retain some of their humanity, so you will get gems such as "Who am I?", "Which way is home?", and "Thank you..." when you kill them.
  • Blazing Sword aka Fire Emblem 7: in the last chapter, you have to fight many previous bosses that you already killed (and one guy who got offed in a cutscene... that you may not have even witnessed if you didn't meet the requirements for the side chapter it leads up to, making him a Giant Space Flea from Nowhere). To make things even creepier, none of them have the ability to talk. No Trash Talk, no Boss Banter, nothing. When you kill them, they still say nothing, but they smile as if in gratitude.
  • In The Sacred Stones, there's Orson's conversation with his wife at the beginning of chapter 16. The joyful, carefree way in which he talks to her, in contrast to the empty look in his eyes and of course the fact that his wife is nothing more than a corpse that can do nothing else than repeat the word "darling", over and over again. It's uncanny in the most creepy way.
    • It's made worse by the fact that Ephraim and Eirika find her later, and they're appropriately horrified when they see her. Monica is never even shown on-screen, but everyone else's reactions to her sure are.
  • The (admittedly badass) animation for Nergal's attack, Ereshkigal — it's a hellish vortex of dark magic, and the noise it makes... It doesn't help that you can see tortured souls actually converging inside it.