Awesome Music: Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem Akaneia

Fire Emblem Jugdral

Fire Emblem Elibe

  • Shaman In The Dark, the final boss theme in Fire Emblem 6. Idoun's theme as a character is a sad, tinkly little piano melody, but when she turns into the final boss, they take it Up to Eleven and redo it with a pipe organ.
  • Victory from the first game, which has been remixed as A Knight's Oath in 6 and 7 and its FE 9 version Vow, usually accompanied by some awesome loyalty speeches. Also Unshakable Faith which helped create a CMOA in the final chapter of FE 7.
  • Campaign Of Fire is one of the most epic final boss battles ever.
    • Everything into the Dark is equally as epic.
    • And the good guys aren't left out either. The heroes of FE7 get their own "epic boss music" - Blessing of the Eight Generals, which plays whenever a character is using one of the Legendary Weapons once wielded by the Eight Heroes. The song is slow, beautiful, sacred; not what one would expect of a weapon theme. However, considering that the theme's very name means that the greatest heroes who have ever lived have chosen to pass on their deeds and weapons to you and your companions, it's an extremely touching and powerful final battle song. And it's yours, for once, not the bad guy's!
    • Blessing of the 8 generals II, which plays when Ninian was revived.
  • shocking truth II, which plays when you find out Eliwood killed Ninian. Combined with the autoscrolling, unskippable text, it makes for the best cut scene out of all the Fire Emblem games, including the 3D ones.
    • And to twist the knife even further, if you got an A Support between Eliwood and Ninian before she is taken away, when Ninian speaks her last words, a new, unique theme, Shattered Life plays, as well as her speech changing to reflect the new mood. These changes ramp her death scene up from "Nergal, you bastard!" to near Tear Jerker levels.
    • The scene where Eliwood's father dies also gets suitably heartbreaking music, namely Final Farewell. Awesome enough in itself, but becomes almost a double Tear Jerker to those who've played FE 6 and remember the exact circumstances in which the original played.
  • Ships and Homes, anyone?
  • Softly With Grace the perfect theme if you ever plan to be fighting for your mere survival when being ambushed by an overpowered badass swordmaster in a dark, misty night.
  • From Rekka no Ken, "Together We Ride", which plays upon entering a character acquisition cutscene.
  • Inescapable Fate, which plays towards the last few chapters of the game.
  • "Shadow Approaches." Both versions fit the Fog of War mechanic perfectly.
  • How do you know you've almost finished a long, hard struggle? "Winning Road" starts up.

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Fire Emblem Tellius

  • A Trusted Ruler. One of the most calming tracks ever written. First appeared in Path of Radiance, but beautiful enough to be re-used in Radiant Dawn. The latter game also remixed it into a boss battle theme very late in the game. Yes, a boss battle theme - Wisdom of Ages. And it works. It doesn't hurt that it plays for Dheginsea, That One Boss. Expect to hear it a lot in that chapter.
  • Heron galdrar. All of it. For an example, listen to the galdr of rebirth - it's less than half a minute long and it still manages to be one of the game's most beautiful themes.
  • Path of Radiance had more than its share of great tracks. For example, A Battle and a Beginning as well as its full version, Ike's Resolution, Congregation of Ambition and Crimea Attacks, the last of which was included in Super Smash Bros Brawl.
    • No mention of Path of Radiance could be complete without Life Returns, played at the end credits.
    • Rally the Spirit.
    • Bittersweet Victory. Some shit just went down, and the music makes sure you know it.
    • The character promotion song Moving Up deserves a nod for being pure epic. This song is made even more badass when you actually see the scene of the character you have nurse from the beginning of the game being bless by the heavens to take their rightful place as your new destroyer. For reference look at Ike's promotion scene around 2:31 and see just how cool it is to become a lord. [1]
    • Father's Back is a particularly moving song, full of melancholy and sadness. It plays after Greil's death, leaving 2 orphans behind. Mist is devastated, and soon after begs Ike to not die too, him being the only family member she has left. All the elements are in place for a Tear Jerker moment.
    • Side Battle is a phenomenal remix of "Light and Dark" from Seisen no Keifu. Sadly, it only plays in trial maps.
    • In general, most plot-central characters in the game get at least one Leitmotif, and none of them disappoint (and most get an even better remix in the sequel). Take for example Beautiful Princess Elincia and A Messenger, Elincia's and Sanaki's themes respectively, and compare them to Radiant Dawn's Queen Elincia and Empress Sanaki.
  • Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn has Pray for Victory, the song that plays on the Preparations Screen in all four Endgames. A powerful theme that gets the player pumped for the final battle(s).
    • Additionally, the Black Knight's theme in its prequel, Path of Radiance. The song was made even more awesome in Radiant Dawn with the subtly altered The Black Knight Lives. And what could be a more fitting and badass name for his battle music be than Unstoppable Destiny?
    • Radiant Dawn has some standout pieces of music that didn't make it into Brawl. The biggest one by far is the final boss music, A Grasping Truth, 9 minutes long and with an epic feel to it the entire time. It does have to be pretty epic to beat out Ascent, played on the chapters right before it and definitely an awesome track in its own right. Then there's Bearer of Hope, played during all of the defense missions in that game. And of course, Beauty Is A Mad Mistress, the remix of Power-Hungry Fool, the latter which actually made it to Super Smash Bros Brawl. Damn you, Oliver!
      • Finale in Fear, the main battle theme for the final chapters alongside the map theme Ascent, keeps you on the edge of your seat at every single enemy confrontation.
  • Many of the battle themes in Radiant Dawn are amazing.
  • If the Crimean Royal Knights had one good thing going for them in Radiant Dawn, it's Proud Fight.
  • Sorrowful Prince Pelleas.
  • Time of Action
  • The laguz royals all have their own battle music in Radiant Dawn. Try on Naesala's Wheeling Corby or Tibarn's King of the Sky.
  • Another from Path Of Radiance, we have A Mighty Foe, the battle theme of the Four Riders of Daein, which wants to make you completely aware of what kind of boss you're facing.
  • From Radiant Dawn there's The Strong, General Zelgius's battle theme. Sadly only plays in cutscenes because you never fight Zelgius. Well, you do but as the Black Knight, who also has his own theme.
  • Stalwarts Unite.
  • Change of Scenery, which plays during a number of Path of Radiances later levels.
  • After almost two games of hearing bits of it, the full Galdr of Release.

Fire Emblem Awakening

  • The game doesn't waste any time and right at the beginning it treats us with an awesome Opening Theme.
  • Id ~ Serenity, the Avatar's theme. This gets remixed into multiple tunes, most of them awesome.
  • Let's see what I'm capable of now. In other words, Took a Level in Badass: The Song.
  • 'Don't speak her name!' plays throughout Chapter 10, immediately after Emmeryn's sacrifice and sets an appropriate atmosphere of sorrow and determination for the chapter. BGM Override (a trope this series is not known to use) being in full effect only gives the mood a greater weight.
  • "And what if I can't? What if I'm not worthy of her ideals?" plays during the aftermath of Chapter 10, where Chrom is blaming himself for being unable to save Emmeryn, and questions whether he is able to live up to his eldest sister's position and ideals. A very powerful and fitting piece for this scene indeed.
  • Conquest/Expedition and its Ablaze/Fire version. The non-Ablaze/Fire version is already a calm and beautiful piece that welcomes you to explore the world of Awakening, and the Ablaze version is undeniably one of the best battle themes to kick some Risen/Street/Spotpass team ass to (or any of the DLC chapters thanks to a random bug). What's more, while it's mostly an original tune, remixed notes of the original Fire Emblem theme come out in glorious spades towards the end of the songs. Even better; the best aspect about these songs is that they're so good that they fit perfectly on any map they're played on. Chances of you getting tired of hearing this song are low. Apparently this song is so good that the ablaze/fire version returns in full out of all of Awakening's songs in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and that's not even getting into the song's normal and ablaze/fire versions slightly remixed for the next immediate game in the series!
  • Storm Clouds and its Ablaze version; hoo boy, do these songs darken the atmosphere (and they are usually played when things get really tense story-wise). These songs remind you that you cannot afford to mess up here while intensifying the battle and absolutely making it more epic at the same time.
  • Duty and its Ablaze version. It's a relatively nice tune that is first introduced in Chapter 3: The Warrior Realm (fitting for the song's first appearance). They set the mood of some good ol' fashioned fighting and that the fightings going to get real serious, with a real gauntlet-esque feel to it.
  • Destiny and especially its Ablaze version. This theme appears in the mildly intense battles. Except that they make "mildly intense" sound "frigging epic", somehow!
  • Divine Decree and the Ablaze version, does a good job setting the mood for a climactic battle. Particularly in how the music in Chapter 23 switches from Chaos to Divine Decree, once Validar's plan is foiled.
  • Chaos and its Ablaze version is deliciously eerie and tends to play in latter chapters, where the Grimleal has the upper hand.
  • Annihilation and its Galvanized version play during the enemy phases of the later chapters (and most of the Spot Pass Paralogues), where you are usually dealing with more powerful Risen or the Grimleal, which - as one comment on the normal version puts it - combines For Doom the Bell Tolls, Ominous Pipe Organ, and Psycho Strings. Chances are if this is playing, the enemy you are fighting is not screwing around.
  • Id~Sorrow, the reflective and moving version of the Avatar's theme used for a late-game scene where Lucina cannot bring herself to kill the Avatar to prevent the ascension of Grima.
  • Mastermind, Gangrel's and Walhart's boss theme, is absolutely fantastic. The piece used as an intro for it is also really cool.
  • Id~Purpose, the Triumphant Reprise of the Avatar's theme, redone for the Final Map and Grima's Battle. In addition, it works the Fire Emblem Main Theme into its chanting. There's also the theme before that which is used to build up to it: Id~Return!
  • Monstrosity, Validar's and Aversa's boss theme. Sadly also an example of Long Song, Short Scene. Unless you're fighting Validar on any mode other than Normal.
  • Champion and its Ablaze version, unique in that not only does it become available for skirmishes once you beat the game, but also plays in the final Paralogue, where you get to fight Priam and a massive army of mercenaries. It also features a musical Canon Welding by reusing some notes from "Ike's Resolution".
  • "You have power... like mine." is the theme that plays for most if not all of the scenes involving the Manakete, Tiki, and is a beautifully haunting and mystic piece.
  • "Don't you put any stock in this destiny hogwash!", a triumphant piece which plays in Chapter 23 as Validar's plan begins to fall apart in light of the plan everyone pulled off to defy fate.
  • From the DLC, Main Theme (Beach) and Main Theme (Spa). Both also double as a Funny Moment in music form.
  • Also from the DLC, Id~Hope! Plays during the battles against the Future Past bosses who are all affiliated with the Avatar in some way (as the "Id" part gives away). AKA the Morgans and another version of Grima.
  • And last, but not least, the credits theme: Old Battlefield!
  • "Agh! Won goph in mah mouph! Blech! Ptooey!" is a perfect music to accompany funny moments, and has the nice added bonus of having the most ridiculously awesome name ever for a musical track.
  • The Game Over theme, despite its somewhat spoilery name ("I've never seen one fall so gracefully") fits like a glove. It is very sad, yet beautiful.