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Love Theme
So your favorite couple is in the middle of a deeply romantic scene. The camera zooms, the lighting is perfect, and the music swells up. Chances are, the music playing is the couple's love theme. May also be designated as such in official soundtracks.

This music can take on several forms, depending on the characters involved, the setting, and the story moment when it is played. If it plays over a deeply romantic scene like a Big Damn Kiss or a Grand Romantic Gesture, it's likely to be an epic, sweeping Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. However, it may also be a Tear Jerker if played over a breakup, a Last Kiss, or when one lover dies in the other's arms. Many themes end up as both a CMoH and a tear jerker at some point. In musical theater, such a theme is likely to show up as Duet Bonding and then repeat instrumentally.

Compare Love at First Note, Dance of Romance, Duet Bonding, and Falling in Love Montage.

Subtrope of Leitmotif.


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  • The Disney version of Aida, "Elaborate Lives" serves as Radames and Aida's love theme. It recurs as a Dark Reprise near the end when they're dying in the tomb.
  • Les MisÚrables has "A Heart Full of Love", which is Marius and Cosette's big love duet. However it only re-appears once and different themes are used for their other scenes together, so there isn't as strong an association as there might be.
  • The Phantom of the Opera's "All I Ask of You" between Raoul and Christine, with a reprise later by the Phantom.
  • The Student Prince has "Deep In My Heart, Dear," reprised in all four acts.
  • "Some Enchanted Evening" from South Pacific.

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