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  • Support conversations are major sources of this. Example from The Sacred Stones: When Ross gives Amelia a necklace he'd bought awhile ago from a street beggar despite not having anyone in his life to give it to, her upbringing in poverty has her unwilling to accept something so precious to him. His response to this to say.
    Ross: I see. Please just take it and enjoy it.
    Amelia: Really? I can have it?
    Ross: Of course!
    Besides, I've always looked better in earrings than necklaces. Just kidding!
    • And he's just a minor character shipping with a minor character.
  • Almost anything regarding Sain would count, really, but his support with Louise definitely takes the cake, for one simple reason: in the C-support, he realizes a moment too late that the lady he's flirting with this time is already married. Whoops. Cue self-scolding and intense inner conflict, made worse if he builds up to a B-support with her (the highest he can get with her, by the way). Meanwhile, Louise's reaction to all this?
    Louise: ...What a funny man.
  • A gameplay example, from Blazing Sword: this is what happens when the Devil Axe backfires...
    • Made even better by the death quotes the characters have: Ones that are normally heartbreaking become absolutely ridiculous when one considers that the speaker was killed by a wall. Garcia, for instance, says that it was always his fate, and Dozla claims he couldn't have asked for a better ending.
  • For all of its bleak moments, Genealogy of the Holy War has a moment that qualifies here: Patty and Shanan's recruit conversation. Shanan goes to grab Balmung from the Shrine, Patty already has it, he has to convince her to give it to him and reveals his identity... and Patty starts fangirling him right there.
    • Also from Genealogy, Dew's lover conversation with Raquesis in Chapter 5. It pretty much lampshades the fact that despite seemingly being a child, he's a perfectly valid option for pairing up with one of the women.
    • A sort of meta example due to poor communication: in the games proper, Sylvia's response to being called a child is to thrust out her chest and ask "would a child have these?" In the manga adaptation, however, she's got a serious case of A-Cup Angst.
  • Hector's path's version of "Victory or Death". Send out either Farina or Serra to the ruins where Sophia appears all of a sudden. Hilarity will ensue as either girl's dialogue part will almost exclusively be made of her screaming her bloody head off.
  • Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals has the wonderful Saul/Dorothy supports. Especially the C support.
    Saul: While I was doing my job, a young maiden was being harassed by a very rude man.
    Dorothy: You mean yourself?
    Saul: Do I not have any trust at all? Anyway, I drove off the man and rescued the maiden. I must admit, I acted exactly like a holy man ought to behave.
    Dorothy: Really? You're not exactly very strong. How did you do it?
    Saul: I went to the man and clung to him, crying, 'I thought we loved each other, and now you are rejecting me?'
    Dorothy: ...
    Saul: The man fled with haste. However, the maiden was also gone when I looked back...
  • Some of Rutger's earlier supports in Sword of Seals tend to be pretty funny. His C support with Dieck gives the latter the idea that Rutger was trying to kill him simply because he was bored. However, his declining to spar with Fir in their C support immediately leading Fir to believe that he's sexist is even better. But it's not because he's sexist. He doesn't play around if he has a weapon in his hands, he kills people. Funny and badass.
    • His A support with Clarine is pretty funny too, when she tries to be nice to him for once, and Rutger's just like "don't try to be something you're not, you're better at screaming at me".
  • The January 18, 2017 Fire Emblem Direct has some funny moments during the Fire Emblem Heroes segment, mostly revolving around the narrator and Lon'qu.
    • The narrator is hoping for Lon'qu to be summoned, only to be disappointed when Olivia is summoned instead.
      Ah, the timid dancer Olivia. Can't rely on dancing all the time.
    • When Lon'qu is about to battle.
      Fear not, Lon'qu is an expert swordsman— (Lon'qu only deals 4 damage against an enemy with 27 HP)
      Uh, oh. (the enemy completely curb-stomps Lon'qu)
      Gods, such tragedy. I'm afraid our fledgling Lon'qu has, a great deal to learn.
      • Even worse, Lon'qu lost even though his weapon had an advantage against his opponent.
  • Everything Rickard says in BS Fire Emblem Episode 3. Absolutely everything, especially his dealings with a suspicious Navarre. Seriously. Kazue Ikura's performance as him is absolutely spot on and thoroughly hilarious.