Nightmare Fuel / Kirby
Cosmic Horror has never been this adorable. And yes, that is blood.

Kirby is cute, so most people don't realize the true terror that exists under the surface. Who knew a place called Dream Land could be so Nightmarish.

Considering the other series HAL Labs is known for, however, none of this should be surprising...

For the anime version, see the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Nightmare Fuel page.

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  • The final bosses of the Kirby series tend to be really creepy: it's appropriate that a series that started in Dream Land would have nightmarish villains.
  • An enemy named Scarfy is a cutesy flying creature that resembles Kirby, until players turn their backs to it, try to eat it, or get too close to it, at which point it shows a demented mouth and a single eye and tries to eat them. If not killed soon, it explodes. It gets worse in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and Kirby's Return to Dream Land. In the former, they serve as an alternate skin for Mumbies and their transformed state comes close to Uncanny Valley here. In the latter, pink Scarfies are introduced and act similar to Phantos when collecting keys, sometimes forming groups, and they do this all the time in Extra Mode.
  • Club Nintendo (the German version) had a special Kirby comic, wherein Kirby (and likely Dedede/"Nick") is a detective; it starts off with a human woman named Annett giving him a case. At one point he, Dedede, and some fish who isn't Kine investigate an old castle; they sit down at a table expecting to be served dinner, but instead the lights go out. When they come back on, they've been joined by Annett's corpse.
  • Kirby is a Sugar Bowl of happiness, but the occasional Sugar Apocalypse's being "occasional" doesn't diminish the fact that Dedede is a king who never does a whole lot, there's a race of eyeballs trying to take whatever happiness there is in the galaxy, Kirby's eating everything that walks and maybe even doesn't, there's a race of mice who steal things, and there's no police force to stop them.
  • Most final bosses that aren't Dark Matter have a second form where Kirby fights their soul, including Marx, Drawcia, Magolor, Queen Sectonia, and Star Dream. These bosses often share attack patterns, many of which cover the entire screen in projectiles.

    Dream Land Series (1, 2, 3, Crystal Shards, and Return) 
  • Kirby's Dream Land features Mt. DeDeDe as the final level, where remade versions of the levels can be found: at the end, there's a clone of Kirby pacing back and forth, and in order to move onward, the player must walk into it, causing it to pop.
  • Kirby's Dream Land 2 features Dark Matter, the black eye that possesses things. He possesses Dedede as the fake final boss. If players don't get the good ending, Dark Matter is only shown as a silhouette and listed as "!?", while Kine looks to the sky knowing something isn't right.
    • When fighting Dark Matter, he first appears as a samurai, and shoots energy swords and throws an orb. After defeating the samurai, he turns into his eye form and attacks with black lightning from his pupil. If not killed quickly, Kirby will begin taking continuous damage, meaning he's burning from atmospheric re-entry.
    • Dark Matter's samurai form is notable in its reappearances in that it usually has some sort of new effect. The "Kirby Quest" subgame in Kirby Mass Attack has it pulsating with blue lightning while its clone in Kirby Planet Robobot not only has darkness literally emanating from it but can change the color of its sword depending on the attack. Sometimes it turns black, sometimes it turns rainbow...
    • Planet Robobot also adds another eerie aspect to Dark Matter. Star Dream, a clockwork star built/re-purposed by the HWC, was pushed to its limits trying to analyze a sample of Dark Matter Blade. The game also notes that, in spite of managing a clone, it could only partially analyze its data. That's right: a computer comparable to Nova, which can reach through space and time as implied with Susie and confirmed with Galacta Knight, yet it can't figure out exactly what these aliens are.
    • In later games, a possessed King Dedede will open his stomach, forming a mouth with part of his clothes becoming teeth. It's not just a mouth, however: at times, it also is an eye that shoots out blobs of darkness.
  • The false/bad ending of Kirby's Dream Land 3 concludes with an upward camera pan to a far bigger, more ominous silhouette hovering in the sky only listed as "?", which then opens its single red eye to glare directly at you, the player. It turns out that this time, Kirby doesn't only fight Dark Matter, but also fights 0 (Zero), who is a large white sphere who attacks by summoning mini-Dark Matters, and cutting slashes across its surface and shooting blood. After depleting his health bar the first time, his eye rips itself out of the body in a fountain of blood (as seen in the current page image) and begins chasing Kirby.
    • The original 0 may in fact be even worse than 02 (see below). Seriously, the thing shoots its own blood at Kirby. Thankfully, Kirby's Dream Land 3 has so many Nintendo Hard memory games and Guide Dang It moments that most children won't even see 0 until they're older.
    • Halfway through 3's Whispy boss battle, Whispy's face turns demonic and he starts chasing you!
  • Adeleine's facial expression the moment she is shown to be possessed by the Dark Matter in the cutscene "Art Attack".
  • Kirby 64 features 02 (Zero Two), who is the reincarnation of 0, and mimics the bleeding out of his eye, and the floating white eye design, only he is an angel now. Not to mention that, after destroying his halo, his green cactus-like "tail" with thorns around it that "bleeds" poisonous gas will extend from below him, giving you an opening to shoot it. Also, although he now shoots explosive lasers at you instead of blood, his concept art still shows his eye bleeding. The platforms in his stage are made out of hexagonal, cell-like structures. And the place where you fight him is a dark red vortex reminiscent of Giygas with inexplicable swirling bar codes in the background. Also, the official strategy guide refuses to mention the final battle (even going so far as to call 02 "a friendly inhabitant of Shiver Star" in the Enemy Info Cards section), leaving players who just got all 100 Crystal Shards desperately shooting at 02's eye and wondering why the hell its health meter isn't going down, until finally being blown to pieces...
    • And, for those thinking they can cover their losses and end the game, they are unable to quit the game during the battle with 02 without turning off the console. The Pause Screen reads off one single line:
      Pause Screen: "Tough it out!"
  • Shiver Star. At first, the levels make it look like a cheery winter-themed planet, but then comes a factory stage featuring evil machines with demented smiles, enemies from ''Kirby's Dream Land 3'' in containment capsules, and one segment where a giant phoenix miniboss is fought in a lava pit. Upon closer inspection on the map, the layout of the continents on the planet look suspiciously like Earth, and the planet even has a single yellowish moon orbiting it.
    • A popular fan theory states that the franchise takes place in the very distant future. Earth is now a frozen wasteland. In order to survive, the human race has become the smartest race in the universe (See the level designs!) and turned themselves into robots. The final boss of Shiver Star could be a superhuman mech...
    • Speaking of 02, try beating the boss rush without getting damaged at all. Kirby becomes a weird combination of all of the bosses, which is strangely disturbing.
  • Ripple Star's second stage had a very scary theme, to the point it's not even found on the official soundtrack! Here it is, for those curious.
    • In the game's sound test, Kirby appears, wearing headphones, and will dance and make faces based on the song. For example, if you play the boss battle music, he gets an intense look on his face. If you play this track, he gets a terrified look on his face, and it's really quite disturbing, especially combined with the music. It's the only track where he makes that face.
    • There is one other track he makes that terrified expression; the music for the bad ending. And who can blame him, really?
  • The "death" sequence as Kirby in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. The scenery fades to black and Kirby stumbles around, then falls down... and during this, a loud, slow version of the regular Kirby death music appears out of nowhere. Losing the Boss Rush is worse: there's something terrible about a red-tinted screen showing Kirby and his allies looking depressed.
    It's hopeless...
    • Dying as Dedede results in Kirby pulling on the pom-pom on Dedede's head, and actually yanking it off, all in a vain effort to rouse Dedede. This is humorous at first, but when you think too hard about it... (Dying as Kirby and Waddle Dee, however, just results in their ride flipping over on top of them, which is just plain comical.) It should be noted that all three death animations use the same music. Oh, and there's one more death animation. Lose to 02, and Kirby and Ribbon tumble endlessly into the void...
  • The bad ending in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, which is made incredibly creepy by the last couple of notes that play near the end as the Fairy Queen turns to look at Ribbon (or at the player, as if to mock him for not getting the 100% completion).
  • The final Ripple Star level before the boss has good music, but that final room with the N-Zs in it has that ominous dark cloud where the ceiling should be. Kind of eerie, thinking Kirby's right beneath Miracle Matter himself at the moment.
  • There's an enemy in Kirby's Dream Land 2 called Propeller Bomb. Not a threat without animal friends, it becomes a Phanto-level menace when approached with one.
  • In Return to Dream Land, the pocket dimensions, where you have to OUTRUN A BLACK HOLE. But after that, you get 2 Energy Spheres! ...which get possessed and stolen by a demonic bat-like Sphere Doomer miniboss that you have to defeat in order to collect the Spheres.
    • What happens when a Ship Part Sphere turns into a Sphere Doomer? You get the Grand Doomer, the boss of Nutty Noon. He is a giant golden Sphere Doomer who isn't very nightmarish normally. But on EX mode...
  • Magolor's One-Winged Angel form is pretty frightening.
    • See that red and white eye in Magolor's mouth? Perhaps not all of it is an actual eyeball...
    • His (first) death cry, and its two unused variations give the infamous Marx Soul scream a run for its money.
    • Magolor Soul's death cry deserves a mention, too.
      • If you listen closely, he's screaming Kirby's name repeatedly. He's either begging him to be saved or cursing him with his last breath.
  • In Return to Dream Land, a lot of the bosses look much creepier in the Extra Mode, especially Magolor.
  • There are sometimes statues in the path of Monster Flame Kirby. They are very creepy, and quite possibly their faces resemble ReDeads from the Wind Waker.
  • Level 5-5 in Return to Dream Land spawns Kirby on a cloud walkway leading to a tower in the sky, with only an ominous wind in the background (which, if played long enough, will eventually add a whispery version of Nutty Noon's map theme playing in the background). After the obligatory, gratuitous Suspicious Videogame Generosity, Kirby's then greeted by four (five, if you take the hidden entrance) back-to-back miniboss battles set to a rendition of Dedede's theme. Surprise.

     Kirby Super Star/Ultra 
  • A Gator attacks Kirby by taking several bites out of Kirby's face, taking away a third of Kirby's health, and when the Gator finishes his attack, Kirby doesn't get knocked to the side like with most attacks, he lies there for a second, eyes closed, not even moving.
  • In Kirby Super Star Ultra's subgame Revenge of the King, all the enemies are given different sprites. Scarfy is replaced with a grinning Granny Smith apple when happy, or a laughing red apple corpse-face with empty eye sockets when angry.
  • Kirby Super Star features the minigame "Revenge of Meta Knight", in which Meta Knight attempts to take over Dream Land. After defeating Meta Knight, you have a time limit to get off the ship while Meta Knight is chasing you, flying into a huge rage as he angrily hurls big electric sparks and sword beams at you. He enters this segment by shouting "YOU'LL NEVER ESCAPE!" ("I won't let you escape!" in the remake) as he spreads his wings and bears down on you with everything he's got left.
  • Kirby Super Star's subgame "Milky Way Wishes" features the final boss: Marx, who is at first a cute guy bouncing on a ball. Once Kirby awakes Nova to wish for the Sun and Moon to stop fighting, Marx knocks Kirby out of the way and wishes to rule Popstar, causing him to transform into a demonic jester bat. However, he isn't as bad as Kirby Super Star Ultra's final boss: Marx Soul, who is an updated version of Marx, looks more demented and insane than regular Marx, and attacks in a similar attack pattern as Drawcia from Kirby: Canvas Curse (reusing her Paint Barrage and Big Bang attacks). He splits in half to use these attacks, and when you defeat him, he lets out a horrible, ear-bleeding scream as he splits in half, and each half explodes.
    • And if you corrupt the battle against Marx... (You can find the battle halfway through the video.)
    • In the remake's sound test, check out the 347th sound effect...
    • One of the first form's attacks has Marx split in half and open a strange gate in-between the halves. What happens if Kirby is drawn in? He's briefly sent to a world made out of pain, where he takes a third of his health in damage before Marx spits him back out. If anyone ever tells you this is a kiddy series, you now know what to show them.
    • Speaking of Marx Soul, the introductory video that plays before the fight, showing his creation after Kirby first defeated him is rather... unsettling. It begins with creepy music and a flashback to Marx being exploded with NOVA in sepia. Then, we see Marx's limp, discoloured corpse floating in the debris before he absorbs some of NOVA's pieces in order to transform into Marx Soul and fly off to seek Kirby. See it here at 0:05-0:43.
  • Super Star Ultra has Masked Dedede at the end of "Revenge of the King", where Dedede goes crazy and attacks you wearing a metal mask and wielding a upgraded Hammer that has various weapons built into it. How can you tell he's snapped? Well, even before the fight, he's sending Mini-Boss after Mini-Boss after Mini-Boss after Mini-Boss in a panic. Afterwards, he sends a poor defenseless Waddle Dee after you out of sheer desperation, during which he suddenly becomes eerily calm. When he begins the fight proper, his equipment is faulty and keeps giving him electric shocks, and he shrugs them off like they're nothing. Also, rocket launchers, a flamethrower, and even the arena itself is electrified — he really means to finish Kirby this time. It's distressing to see a normally Affably Evil villain use such drastic measures.
    • On the other hand, part of the scary is taken away because of the awesome battle theme. Then again, it also gives the battle a note of furious frenzy, which is perfectly in tune with what the creators were going for with "Revenge of the King".
  • From The True Arena, there's the rest area for the Final Four. As if the overcast sky with lightning and menacing coliseum in the background weren't freaky enough, the music could probably be described, actually fittingly, as "Ruins of Alph radio signal cranked Up to Eleven". It must be heard to be believed.
    • Wham Bam Jewel, who appears in the background and attacks after defeating Wham Bam Rock in Helper to Hero (where he's fought right off the bat). His face is living rather than made of stone, and every time he gets hit, his face goes to a distressed look before going to an evil look. Although his face does look kind of silly.
  • Galacta Knight. He is a badass, like Meta Knight, but Nova's description of him said "He was sealed away because of his great power"; he's a godlike being, who, upon defeat, flies around as if having a seizure before blowing up and having his wings ripped off.
  • Heavy Lobster wouldn't be scary at all, if only his theme wasn't essentially despair in musical form.
  • In the original SNES version of the game, the opening cutscene to Gourmet Race probably made many kids wet themselves when Dedede tauntingly looms over Kirby from Kirby's point of view after he's exhausted from flying up the mountain. The way he appears much bigger than normal and partially in-shadow with a creepy look on his face — combined with a scary musical sting as he appears — gives the impression he's about to eat you or worse.

    Kirby Mass Attack 
  • The villain, Necrodeus (seen early in this trailer), is not just frightening in looks. He nearly kills Kirby at the very beginning of the game while the latter is just having a nap in a field as part of a visit to the Popopo Islands, an archipelago in the south of Pop Star. Then, he wakes up to being zapped by Necrodeus's evil magic, which splits him into 10 completely defenseless smaller Kirbys — and shortly afterwards, Necrodeus actually proceeds to murder almost every Kirby, with only one managing to escape his massacre by following his (literal) star-shaped heart.
    • The game's goal is essentially that of survival: quoting NoA's twitter for this — "The new villain is so powerful that he almost wipes Kirby out of existence". During his boss fight, he can devour your Kirbys alive, with no chance of recovering them like in the regular game, meaning they don't turn into angels — they just stay dead for good (until the ending, that is).
In the Strato Patrol EOS sub-game, you fight Nightmare at the very end, and when you defeat him... his face stretches out, making him look incredibly creepy before he dies.
  • Dying in this game is surprisingly brutal and disturbing compared to a typical Kirby game — usually, it results in Kirby being comically knocked out and falling offscreen to a fairly cheerful tune. In Mass Attack, however, if a Kirby is killed, he just dies: his body will lie there for a moment, and then turn into a spirit and begin to drift away. The cute little angel wings and being able to bring them back by dragging them down again do little to lessen the shock of seeing Kirby's lifeless and broken body for that brief moment.
    • And that's assuming there are any remains in the first place — as if a Kirby catches fire and doesn't get to water before the timer runs out, he'll burn alive and then disintegrate into ash. Seeing it through Kirby's eyes is pure Fridge Horror.
  • Something to really cringe about is the Soarar egg that players must break in one level: not only it was an unhatched egg, but breaking it releases undeveloped Soarars. Abortion and murder for the sake of a medal.
  • In the fourth level, one of the stages features the Banishback, a purple, blob-like ghost. It does not harm your Kirbies (it only sends them back to the beginning), but just the look of them is frightening.
    • It gets worse: There's a Checklist requirement to not touch any of them at all and not use the goal shortcut.
  • Necrodeus's name literally translates to "Death God" from Latin. Awesome as it may be, it's still pretty extreme for a franchise that's usually considered super-kid friendly.

    Kirby Triple Deluxe 

  • Pyribbit's death seems needlessly graphic — it drowns in lava, struggling to remain at the surface before being hit by its own levitating boulders dropping out of the sky, forcing it under the lava and crushing it at the bottom. For a comparison, imagine being smashed into the bottom of a pool by four heavy objects — drowning and crushing all in one. Nintendo even reused that animation for when you defeat him again in Team Kirby Clash. Ain't that sweet of them?
  • During the first ghost house level — a Haunted Circus — there are enemies that are disguised as doors which try and crush you when you enter, as well as ghosts disgused as the floors that can lead to Bottomless Pits or spikes. At the end of the level, two ghosts randomly materialize to chase you as you leave the haunted circus tent.
    • Also worth noting is the fact that there's no entrance to the tent when you leave.
  • In the second ghost house level — a more traditional Haunted House — the entrance has a stained glass eye that follows your every movement.
    • Later on, the Mini-Boss of said second ghost house, a Poltergeist King, possesses a few objects. One of said objects is a piano, which essentially turns into the infamous Mad Piano of Mario fame. The Kicker? It's now in higher definition, so one can see the fleshy roof of its mouth and a reflectively slimy tongue hanging out the side.
  • Enemies that can only be offed with Hypernova desperately struggle to avoid being eaten. If it weren't for them trying to eat or kill Kirby, you'd be really feeling sorry for them.
    • Waddle Dees involved in the Hypernova segments are put in rather horrific situations when one thinks about it — particularly the one that get sucked through tubes in the Lethal Lava Land levels, and the ones that hide in their homes (re-enacting the Three Little Pigs, with Hypernova Kirby as the Big Bad Wolf) before mounting a mini-boss turret out of desperation.
  • Dark Meta Knight is constantly bleeding, showing blood flying off of him in his intro and his Turns Red cutscene. Likewise, his Flavor Text reveals that since the events of Amazing Mirror, he's become a ronin, remaining alive solely for the purpose of wreaking bloody vengeance upon the ones who defeated him.
    Flavor Text: He's Back...with a vengeance. The darkest shadow of the strongest warrior. Sealed in the labyrinth of the mirror for aeons, this dark knight returns with one thing on his mind...REVENGE!
  • It being implied that the once-benevolent Amazing Mirror corrupted Sectonia into evil and allowed Dark Meta Knight and Shadow Dedede to escape.
  • Remember that Dark Matter possessed King Dedede bit mentioned above? Well the King's Mirror World equivalent is pretty much that, but in full 3D. Even worse, his pause screen description implies that he is being possessed and now fully controlled by some dark force.
  • Dedede Tour seems to imply that King Dedede is going out of his way to successfully invade Floralia, or at the very least annex it as part of Dream Land, now that Sectonia is out of commission. Though fighting the DX version of bosses and mini-bosses seems to be purely coincidental, and in some cases are just accidental, it seems like he's adding insult to injury by beating them again.
    • Sectonia returns as Sectonia DX here. Since, it's implied that this happens after the main campaign, there's three implications as to why this is. Either (a) Sectonia survived her defeat and is now hungry for revenge, (b) It's her Mirror World counterpart coming to take everything over, or (c) She came Back from the Dead.
  • Flower Sectonia DX looks as if she were already rotting away before being brought back by the Miracle Fruits, being colored cold-looking shades of blue and purple with wispy-looking flower petals and the Eye Scream associated with her previous encounter.
  • The second half of the fight against Soul of Sectonia in the True Arena. After her first health bar is diminished, she rips herself out of the Dreamstalk (which looks painful as she struggles to get off) and fights Kirby as little more than a head and a set of wings. What follows is a hectic battle disturbingly reminiscent of Drawcia Soul, complete with Teleport Spam, breaking up into a rain of nectar, turning into a fireball and rushing Kirby from the sides of the screen, and manic giggling. The Pause Screen text stating that she's gone completely insane at this point does not help matters.
    • The after-images her soul form leaves behind while flying at the screen are a little unnerving as well, especially because she slowly gets closer to the platform.
  • It outright states in the pause menu during the cannon segment that Sectonia's species survives by brainwashing other creatures into their service. Not only does this confirm that the enemies in Royal Road are just husks of types of enemies like Waddle Dees and Bronto Burts, it also implies other horrific revelations:
    • By nature, Sectonia's Species does this, so she must have used it to rule the people of the sky. She was once a fair ruler, so she must have gotten a Heel–Face Turn at some point, only to have the dark side of her get control over her again, performing a Face–Heel Turn and becoming a corrupt villain.
    • She must have had hopes of kidnapping the hero of Dream Land to turn him into a zombie; imagine if Taranza got the order right instead of getting Dedede.
    • There are more of her kind.
    • What kind of horror she could do as the undead Sectonia Soul.
  • Coily Rattler. It is supposed to be the god of good harvest and peace for the sky people. Since the statue has been given life and corrupted by Taranza's magic a once revered icon of the Sky people has been reduced to nothing more than a savage predator.

     Kirby Planet Robobot 
  • Clanky Woods is the first boss in the game, and the first indication how monstrous Haltmann Works is. Some might think that it's just a robot made in Whispy Wood's image, but the boss description and the name of his pre-battle cutscene ("Victim of Mechanization") confirm this is Whispy. This means Haltmann Works Co. took Whispy, the easiest and one of the most familiar bosses in the series, dug him out of the ground, and killed him by hollowing out his insides— converting him into a murderous, robotic abomination that the natives fear and run from. And then Meta Knight gets the same treatment later on.
  • One of the mini-bosses, Miasmoros, seems like a regular poisonous bad guy... until you realize it's a Galboros who has somehow been mutated and partially liquefied into a giant puddle of sludge, its main defining features of a Galboros having been so distorted that less savvy fans might not even recognize it at first glance!
  • The ultimate fate of President Haltmann, full stop. After his assistant Susie betrays him and steals the helmet that allows him to control Star Dream, he gets absorbed into the machine's consciousness, giving it sentience. During the final fight against the Star Dream Soul OS's core, you can hear his last thoughts in the pause menu, cursing himself for trying to use the machine to bring back his daughter (see below). Then, once the final phase of the fight starts... the pause menu states that Haltmann's mind and soul have been deleted. Everything the poor guy did was in an effort to bring back his daughter, and in the end, he ended up betrayed by the very daughter he sought to bring back, trapped inside the mind of a mad computer, and erased from existence.
    • To top it all off, when you do finally destroy the Star Dream Soul OS, you can hear one final distorted scream from Haltman as it splits in half— leaving any hope of salvation for him utterly dashed as the core crumbles to pieces. Whatever small piece of Haltmann did manage to survive is now gone forever.
      • And before all that, Haltmann's behavior in his boss fight is also chilling. His crazed laughter, especially as he repeatedly activates the giant spinning laser cube (incinerating several of his own henchmen in the process), really gives the impression of a man who's truly gone off the deep end, especially considering how normal it sounds compared to some of the other Kirby villains' evil laughs.
  • Although it was pretty obvious by this point, this game gives further credence to the idea of Galacta Knight being a bit off the deep end. Before summoning him, Star Dream even says how Haltmann refused to summon him under any circumstances, despite having no such reluctance with the likes of Queen Sectonia and Dark Matter's clones, and says how he "may destroy a nearby planet or two". While it was always a popular idea and makes sense, the fact that such an unhinged being has so much raw power is more than a bit frightening.
    • Shortly after they're summoned, Galacta Knight shows how powerful he truly is by one-shotting Star Dream— and if it wasn't for its Soul OS, it probably would have been Killed Off for Real.
  • Haltmann shows how much of a Bad Boss he is during his battle. He summons several robots when he calls forth the cube in the last phase of his battle. He then blasts the robobts with his cube, laughing while doing so. It's pretty terrifying when Haltmann tests out his inventions ... on his own henchmen. Even if they weren't organic, it's implied he may have done this before.
  • The virtual world levels near the end of the game can be rather unnerving, mainly due to the unsettling music.
  • The sheer implication that the Haltmann Works Company somehow managed to get control of and possibly even reverse engineer a Galactic NOVA. Making this the second one in the franchise to be corrupted by a villain. Just how many more of these things are there?
  • President Haltmann's last monologue as he's being completely erased from existence by Star Dream Soul OS. It's not only incredibly sad, but it's somewhat chilling as well— in that whilst beforehand he'd been acting out of grief-induced madness over his daughter's death, he's eerily calm regarding his fate, ironically musing how foolish it was of him to reactivate Star Dream in the first place. The incredibly dark and hopeless-sounding boss music that accompanies it makes it even worse—
    Haltmann: Why did I reactivate such a terrible machine? Oh, I remember...I wanted to see her just one last time. How foolish! I should have known that no machine could make such a dream come true.
  • The Roar Before Beating that Star Dream makes in its third form sounds just enough like a cat's meow to sound very off and almost demonic.

    Other games 
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Kirby's Adventure

  • Kirby's Adventure (and the updated versions Nightmare in Dream Land and 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure) features Nightmare, an entity that King Dedede himself had been keeping at bay. At first, you fight Nightmare as an orb which attacks similarly to another boss in the series (Kaboola/Kabula), only, this fight is timed. Taking too long results in the orb escaping, and Kirby crashing into the planet. The music played in the NES version is creepy as well.
    • In the GBA version, when you get close to hitting the ground, the background turns into a creepy forest eerily resembling Van Gogh's Starry Night.
  • The second form isn't much better, looking like a vampire/genie thing with a tornado for a torso. Its death cry can be quite jarring on the NES, being a rather loud buzzing sound.

Kirby: Squeak Squad

  • There's an enemy that only appears in two stages, yet is still creepy enough to warrant a mention: Uja, a black, shadowy rendition of Master Hand that buzzes. Look closely and you can see that the creature is actually a whole mass of tiny black insects taking one of the aforementioned forms. In one of the levels it appears in, it can morph into a sword with the exact same features. It might not be as bad as any of the final bosses Kirby's had to deal with, but it's still unexpected.
  • This music turns otherwise unremarkable levels into pure horror.
  • The enemy-possessing Ghost ability and the miniboss that provides it make some truly eerie sounds, and have an attack where the miniboss grabs Kirby and doesn't really seem to do anything to him but make creepy sounds. The player is left to assume that Kirby just suffered a serious assault on his psyche.
    • Also, when possessing Scarfy and forcing it into the water, its eye bulges in the most eerie way before it bites the dust.
    • The Ghost boss is also incredibly hard to beat without the Triple Star weapon. He's basically a Ghost God!
    • Before Kirby can get the Ghost ability, he needs to collect the pieces of the Ghost Medal. The description of this medal: "KIRBY'S A GHOST..."
    • Dark Nebula. It's just a purple star with a big eye on it. Daroach becomes possessed by Dark Nebula as soon as he opens the chest containing it. Imagine if Daroach hadn't grabbed the chest and opened, and Kirby opened it instead.

Kirby: Canvas Curse

  • The final boss, Drawcia, is a paint-themed witch, who isn't scary until she goes One-Winged Angel and turns into a living, screaming, multi-eyed paint monster. Mere words don't suffice.
    • Her entire stage as well. The first room has large empty spaces, and long platforms colored with surreal blotches of paint. In the final room, there are snickering paintings with distorted facial expressions. All with very minimalist music in the background. And if Old-School songs are enabled, the stage's background music is the normally cheerful "Museum" song from Nightmare in Dream Land, which might alleviate the creepiness or make it even more
    • The theme that plays while you fight Drawcia Soul just makes the fight with her even creepier. Listen for yourself.

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

  • Dark Mind's second form in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror first mimics Nightmare, but then attacks as a flaming version of 0 with a mechanical eye.
  • Kirby and the Amazing Mirror also features Dark Meta Knight — the Mirror World doppelganger of Meta Knight, and second in-command to Dark Mind. Over the course of the game, he defeats the real Meta Knight and seals him inside Dark Mind's realm, splits Kirby into four in a failed attempt to kill him, and battles him twice. The first time you encounter him in Radish Ruins, he's disguised as Meta Knight and is holding back (though one has to wonder why) — but when you encounter him again in the Dimension Mirror, he reveals his true self and comes at you with all of his power — with a tense and disturbing theme both times you fight him.
    • The creepiest thing about Dark Meta Knight is that when he is defeated, he floats motionless in mid-air, shaking violently before cracking and shattering into pieces like a sheet of glass. As shown by his eventual return in Triple Deluxe, this doesn't even kill him.
  • In Amazing Mirror, a gray-colored Shadow Kirby occasionally appears with a creepy musical entrance. Hitting him yields an item. The ending implies he's just the Mirror World equivalent of Kirby, who is trying to save his own world — hence the item drop.

Kirby's Epic Yarn
  • At first, it looks like this is going to be avoided completely, what with Yin-Yarn, aka Mariachi Man, as the final boss seen here. However, just because the game's cute, the Big Bad looks silly, and the game doesn't take place in Dream Land doesn't mean there aren't nightmares sewn in: those aren't maracas, they're knitting needles (living ones, at that). Given what the world of Epic Yarn is made of, Paranoia Fuel can only be rampant.
  • Incidentally, Kracko might just be the scariest-looking enemy in the whole game. The fluffy cloud's big bright watery eye has been replaced with a lifeless button.
    • Kracko's first appearance in Cloud Palace has it coming COMPLETELY out of nowhere without warning to rain lightning bolts onto Kirby and Fluff before leaving just as abruptly. Once you get over the initial shock you will likely end up being paranoid for the rest of the level in case it comes back (it does, but you finally get to fight it properly).
  • There's something just wrong about seeing Kirby unwrap to go through those narrow tubes, turning into a long piece of string with a pair of eyes. Claustrophobiacs might find it unsettling.
  • Those freaking huge Danglerfish in Deep-Dive Deep that chase after you invincibly...until they get stuck in a hole big enough for you to escape through, but not the Danglerfish.
  • The fight with Hot Wings — you're essentially beating it to death with its own babies.

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe
  • The final boss, King D-Mind. We've seen what Dark Matter possessions can do to poor Dedede. The fact that the worst case of it comes from Dark Mind's possession of the mirror world's Dedede is something special however. When its eye manifests here, the entire body is withered away into nothing to make room in the stomach for it, giving you a familiar, piercing orange eye set in a gnashing set of jaws that pinballs around the stage trying to kill anything that poses a threat.
  • The revelation of just how much control Dark Mind has over the mirror world is very disturbing. What is heavily implied to be the mirror counterpart of Dark Matter or 0 has his world's equivalent of Meta Knight as his main enforcer, Dedede as his new body, and versions of Taranza, Susie, and Landia working for him as well. The worst part is that Shadow Kirby is nowhere to be seen during all of this...