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And trust me, there are a LOT more like these.

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Kirby's Dream Land
  • Kirby's Dream Land has an awesome ending, too. Kirby defeats Dedede, TURNS INTO AN ENORMOUS BALLOON, and brings the food back to Dream Land. How awesome is that?

Kirby's Adventure / Nightmare in Dream Land
  • After spending the whole game thinking Dedede's the Big Bad, the player learns that he had been trying to seal away Nightmare the whole time. Even after getting beaten into submission, he gets up shortly afterwards to try and stop Kirby from putting the restored Star Rod into the Fountain of Dreams, going so far as to be dragged across the ground part of the way there. As if this setting the tone for his behavior in the future wasn't great enough, he ends the scene in a somewhat badass way — He swallows Kirby and the Star Rod, then spits them back out, into space, to deal with Nightmare. Ladies and gentlemen, the king of Dream Land.

Kirby's Dream Land 2
  • The ending was nothing short of memorable, if not counting as both awesome and heartwarming. After Dark Matter transforms from a katana-wielding warrior into the one-eyed monster we recognize, Kirby fights him with the Rainbow Sword in outer space as they slowly descend into re-entry through Dreamland's atmosphere. Kirby defeats Dark Matter but seemingly passes out due to exhaustion. A cutscene shows Coo glimpsing a shooting star while the rest of Kirby's animal helpers watch the sky as somber/hopeful music plays, and even Dedede is shown wondering about the fate of our hero. Kirby wakes up, only to find out he has been floating down safely thanks to the power of the Rainbow Sword, which Kirby grabs and flies around with as day breaks and the credits roll. If played on the Game Boy, the streak of light that comes from the sword at the last moment appears as a rainbow. Cue end. The entire sequence can be seen here.

Kirby Super Star (Ultra)
  • The series has its moments, but above them all stands the Kirby Super Star segment "Revenge Of Meta Knight" in its entirety. Storming the Castle turned Up to Eleven, reaching HSQ levels. Seriously. And you get to hear the bad guys becoming progressively more and more afraid of you, as if you were the goshdang Batman, while you singlehandedly destroy a freakin' airship! Hell yeah.
  • Marx gets an amazing one. After tricking Kirby into summoning Nova, he pushes him aside and wishes for control over Popstar. He then turns into an Eldritch Abomination as a result and flies off, but not before sharing this tidbit with us:
    I did it! It all went according to plan! I got the sun and moon to fight. I got you to go into space... It was all according to my perfect little plan!
    • So how did the Sun and Moon stop their fighting? When Nova starts heading towards the planet, the Sun and Moon immediately stop their battle and work together to stop Nova from destroying Popstar.
    • Then Kirby assembles the Starship, and flies into Galactic Nova through a level that plays like a Gradius style shooter, destroys the craft, and crashes onto Popstar for a final, epic duel with Marx to decide the fate of the planet.
  • In Revenge of the King, as he goes to the final stage, Dedede shoots him down with KABULA, a character who hadn't appeared in OVER TEN YEARS, as Kirby falls down helplessly... and assembles the Starship out of the three Sparkling Stars he got before from the three previous bosses! Cue amazing shoot 'em up boss fight.
  • And how can we not forget the most epic quote in Kirby Super Star Ultra? When Kirby finally makes it to Dedede, who sent minion after minion — even Bandanna Waddle Dee — after him, he leads Kirby to his old boss arena, offers his old rival a Hammer to fight with, and then says this;
    King Dedede: So you made it here. Now, arm yourself! Our grudge will be settled at last... (puts on a metal mask as his new boss theme begins)
    Masked Dedede: Meet my powerful secret weapon — the brand-new Dedede Hammer!
  • Meta Knight in Meta Knightmare Ultra basically slaughters his way (including thrashing his own Halberd) to Nova, the wish-granting comet, and asks for his wish. What is this wish? To put it bluntly, he unleashes a Godlike being that was sealed away due to being too powerful and proceeds to kick its ass in a way that would make Chuck Norris cry. Why? Partly because Meta Knight just wanted to become stronger and mostly for the sheer hell of it. If that's not badass, then nothing is.
  • Marx gets one of sorts... He's killed after crashing into Nova, drifting through space, but his soul, out of anger and pure madness, absorbs the entire power of said wish-granting comet and resurrects as an even more monstrous Eldritch Abomination just to kill Kirby at the top of the True Arena.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
  • King Dedede gets one when he teams up with Kirby in Kirby 64.
  • In Kirby 64, what happens when you combine Spark with Cutter? Kirby gets a DOUBLE BLADED LIGHTSABER!
  • The final boss of Kirby 64 was a Crowning Moment of Awesome for both Ribbon and Kirby: they face off against the embodiment of all evil together, armed only with the holy crystal of the fairies. Oh, and did I mention that Ribbon actually CARRIES Kirby throughout the whole battle? She doesn't even drop him if they get hit! Her wings expand to three times their size, just so she can carry our favorite pink hero! And afterwards, she kisses him, which causes him to swoon. (This is his only kiss with ANYONE in the whole series!)

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
  • Shadow Kirby gets a small one in the end. Having been just an occasional enemy that would sometimes attack you and generally perceived as evil, if you lose Meta Knight's sword during the really long Sequential Final Boss battle, he will go get it for you during the final battle.

Kirby: Canvas Curse
  • Through the magic of Fridge Brilliance, there's a major Crowning Moment of Awesome in Kirby: Canvas Curse. Consider the intro, where it says that the titular Power Paintbrush "is transported to you on a ray of light". You hold the stylus... I mean paintbrush. Now, think about the final battle, against Drawcia Soul. She is defeated by tapping the Para Matters she sends out with the stylus, and then when she moves into the foreground, simply poking her with said stylus until she is stunned, leaving her vulnerable. Kirby barely touches her at all except for the final blow, everything else he does is dodging her attacks. Now, put these two things together and what does it mean? YOU WERE THE ONE WHO DEFEATED DRAWCIA! WITH HER OWN STYLUS!!! Talk about involving the player in the game!
    • The best part? It doesn't have to be Kirby to land the final hit. When she's in the foreground, tapping on her deals a little bit of damage. The result? If her HP is low enough, you can defeat Drawcia Soul just by tapping on her with the stylus.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land
  • Any time you use one of the Super Abilities, this happens. However, late in the game, you take Kirby through every single miniboss with the Ultra Sword, defeating them each in one hit, and a couple of the bosses are defeated with the Ultra Sword, and it is awesome whenever it happens.
  • Still in Kirby's Return to Dream Land... 3:40 to 4:10 of this video (watch out: spoilers):
  • Speaking of that, 7-3 has you CUTTING A FREAKING VOLCANO IN HALF.
  • The Final Battle cut scene. Everyone is riding dragons through a wormhole, dodging energy balls shot by the Big Bad, and Meta Knight is zipping around batting them away with his sword like they're nothing. He only gets shot down when he flies in front of Kirby to protect him. And that's just the shoot 'em up phase. The real final battle has Magolor using all sorts of magic against you, and the rematch has him juggling helpless Waddle Dees at you as well as having more powerful attacks, including the Super Abilities themselves!
  • Kicking Galacta Knight's ass all over again in Kirby's Return to Dream Land as a Bonus Boss is arguably the game's best moment. Especially as he uses a whole slew of more devastating attacks this time.

Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition
  • Magolor gets one in the 20th anniversary collection. After Kirby, Dedede, Meta Knight, and B.W.Dee kick his alien butt six ways to Saturday, not only does he survive, he also manages to re-take the Lor and make it back to Popstar! Of course he's had a Heel–Face Turn, but surviving Kirby in general is no simple feat! Just ask Dark Matter, Marx, 02, Drawcia, or Sectonia!

Kirby: Triple Deluxe
  • In 6-3, we have Hypernova Kirby SWALLOWING A TANK. And in 6-5 we have Hypernova Kirby swallowing minibosses, killing them instantly, and in the end, Flowery Woods, from his canopy to his pollens, flowers, and even his health bar before his whole body is sucked in.
  • The Final Boss deserves a mention, thanks to its sheer tenacity in trying to kill Kirby... and that's even if you don't count the True Arena.
  • If you play Dededetour!, instead of Queen Sectonia, you face a shadow version of Dedede and Dark Meta Knight, the latter of whom is much more powerful than before.

Kirby: Planet Robobot
  • The game has Kirby driving a Mini-Mecha suit that can scan enemies like he inhales them, transforming into different modes based on his Copy Abilities.
  • The final normal level has you in Robobot Armor having a rematch against 3 of the 4 Holo Defense API's constructs, and later, after taking Jet Mode, flying around while bombarding multiple minibosses as if they were small fries.
  • The Halberd has suffered from The Worf Effect ever since it début, getting demolished in Super Star, shot down in Brawl, even the intro to Planet Robobot had the Access Ark one shot the battleship. The final battle has Kirby scanning the entire Halberd to fight Star Dream, finally giving it the chance to show what it is truly capable of.
  • And at the end of the fight, Kirby still isn't done yet! In one last act of desperation, he uses the mech's drill and shatters through all of Star Dream's barriers before piercing through the machine itself! In other words, KIRBY JUST PERFORMED THE GIGA DRILL BREAK!!!
  • Guess who came back in Kirby: Planet Robobot as a boss in the Meta Knightmare Returns mode with a remixed theme to boot?
    • His intro in that fight is pretty badass too. Star Dream summons and unseals him him to test Meta Knight's strength... and Galacta Knight's first action is to cut a huge gash in Star Dream and critically damage it. Keep in mind, it took Kirby combining the Robobot armor with the Halberd in order to take Star Dream down, and even then, Star Dream took a lot of punishment before going down. Galacta Knight disabled it in one strike. Or not...

Kirby Battle Royale
  • The fact that B.W.Dee progresses through the league battles along with Kirby. While his battles are mostly offscreen (i.e those that don't involve Kirby himself), it's implied that he can keep up with Kirby just fine, which involves him defeating copies of Kirby that Dedede made.
  • The Gold League qualifier battle pits Kirby and B.W.Dee against Meta Knight and Axe Knight. Suffice to say the game doesn't pull its punches from then on.
  • In the final championship battle, after Kirby and B.W.Dee beat Dedede and one of his guards, he says that this isn't over and then forces Kirby to fight him in a 3-on-1 battle. And when Kirby wins that, Dedede calls Kirby to go to the deepest part of the building, where he's waiting with the Dededestroyer Z as the Final Boss. At first, there's nothing Kirby can do to harm it... until B.W.Dee comes to his aid by throwing a cannon onto the arena that Kirby can load with the Kirby copies that it summons. In the end, Kirby and B.W.Dee finally gets to eat the giant cake that is the tournament's prize.

Kirby Star Allies
  • Star Allies gives us the final battle. It turns out Kirby and his friends, christened the Star Allies, ride aboard a special wingpack made from the Warp Star, the four Heart Spears that sealed away the Jamba Heart that the Jambastions worshipped, and The Power of Friendship. They ride off on the Star Allies Sparkler to chase the entity that emerged from the said heart; the god of destruction and implied origin of Dark Matter and the Master Crown, Void Termina. What follows is a long struggle that ends with Kirby and his friends getting into a Beam-O-War with Void Termina's essence, overwhelming it with a loud shout of triumph and finishing it off with a final volley using the power of all the friends Kirby has made along the way, including Meta Knight, Dedede and even MARX (After the DLC came out).