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Headscratchers: Kirby
  • In Epic Yarn, the lack of Kirby's inhale ability is nicely explained. But how, then, can he still eat? The same logic should apply. He even got upset with Prince Fluff over that apple tree incident, when the Yarn-world inhabitants should have no need to eat period!
    • Perhaps the magic that keeps Patchland the way it is doesn't "mesh" with the magic that gives Kirby his powers of inhalation.
    • Or the inhale ability isn't the same as his natural ability to inhale. Or he just chewed and swallowed. Never did it say he had no swallowing ability. And enemies are probably made safe enough to swallow though the ability inhale, so he can't put enemies in his mouth, because he would get hurt without the enemies first being made hurtproof.
  • So does Dedede actually rule over anywhere?
    • In Brawl, Roy Campbell actually points out, "He's the ruler of Dream Land, or so he says".
    • I think that he's rich enough to own a castle on Popstar, and hire some creatures as a personal army, but his reign is really all in his head.
      • Like the King Of Town?
      • Kind of, except Kirby's the one known for non-stop eating.
      • His in-game description in Kirby's Air Ride also mentions, "Is he really a king?".
      • No, Dedede's a worse glutton than Kirby. Remember, the plot of the very first Kirby game was Dedede stealing all the food on the entire planet as "taxes" so he could have a ginormous picnic. He pretty much is the King of Town.
    • Considering the original Dreamland plot involved King Dedede stealing all the food, I doubt he rules over anything but his own castle. In the anime, he does rule over the town, but it doesn't seem to be a legitimate rule. More like "obey me, or else". Which makes Kirby's presence all the more inconvenient for him.
    • Maybe whether or not Dedede is a king is for you to decide, kind of like a Noodle Incident.
    • I personally believe that King Dedede commands the loyalty of his Waddle Dee army by giving them food, and all his other kingly flairs come naturally from this - they helped build his castle, spread his "rule" throughout the land by sheer numbers, etc. etc. - But it's pretty clear that he's not Dream Land's king in any sense of the word, as his Melee trophy outright states that he performs no administrative duties whatsoever. The peaceful Dream Land probably has no need for a ruler and its citizens just oblige Dedede's delusion to keep on his good side.
      • Exposition for the anime does indeed state that Waddle Dees settle down where someone gives them food. Now all I'm wondering is how Dedede was convinced to give up so much food to what was probably at the time just a wandering flock of critters.
      • It was that clever Escargoon, and his friend, Waddle Doo.
      • In one episode, it was stated that the Cappies (the things with the mushroom hats) had control over Dream Land's government for centuries, much to Dedede's annoyance. In order to prove he was really a king, Dedede went so far as to plant false archeological evidence that his ancestors were kings!
      • I think in the anime his power mostly comes from his independent wealth, and the backing of Holy Nightmare Corporation, who probably use this model to influence thousands of worlds.
    • Perhaps he was a king of a sort at some point, but over time his edicts became idiotic enough that everyone stopped listening to him and never bothered to tell him. It was the quietest revolution in history.
    • Like a lot of real monarchs, he's just expected to be there in an official capacity - no-one takes all his rules to heart. So he rules Dream Land, but people still act pretty freely. It should be worth mentioning at some point that the Waddle Dees apparently want him as king - in the ending cutscene of 'Revenge of the King' (Kirby Super Star Ultra), he's walking down a dusty track with nothing, but Waddle Dees slowly join him until he has a full royal train and entourage.
  • Is anyone else kind of annoyed by how some people think every single villain in the series is some subsidiary of the Dark Matter? I understand that yes, Zero/02 is pretty much the biggest evil in that universe, but not everything was caused by him. We have the villains who were obviously part of the Dark Matter: that singular swordsman Dark Matter in KDL2, the Dark Matter drone and Zero in KDL3, and then 02 in K64. They're the definite ones. Here we move into the slightly dubious ones, like Dark Mind and Dark Nebula. Dark Mind is probably the Mirror World counterpart of Zero, so that makes sense, and Dark Nebula could be some offshoot of the Dark Matter? But that's it! It gets really annoying when people try to claim that villains like Marx are part of the Dark Matter. There's no link between them whatsoever, and it's the same with Magolor. He wasn't possessed by Dark Matter, he was possessed by the Crown, and it was puppeting his body. Is anyone else irked by that?
    • Nightmare is also not connected, but equally annoying is that the show made Dark Matter Nightmare's minion, a throwaway minion! Marx is not connected, and it is strange people try. Super Star was better received in sales and reviews than the Dark Matter trilogy, but Dark Matter and Zero/02 are the most nightmarish monsters to be bosses, and a subsection of the fandom is always gushing about Kirby defeating nightmarish abominations. Maybe they try to tie Dark Matter/Zero into everything to justify is status as a monster worth gushing about?
    • Magolor/The Crown itself gets connected to Dark Matter a lot because if you look closely, Magolor Soul is actually a giant floating eyeball that looks very reminiscent of the guy, and he's copying the fake eyes thing 02 did at the beginning of its fight. Nightmare and Marx, on the other hand, have no evidence supporting any possible connection to it.
    • Now where does Necrodeus fit into this? Just a random baddie?
    • I believe the final boss from Squeak Squad, Dark Nebula (Dark Zero in Japan), was actually confirmed to be a rogue piece of Dark Matter and that's it. Any other final boss is its own evil entity with their own evil plot.
  • Was Meta Knight under the influence of Dark Matter during the Revenge of Meta Knight storyline in Kirby Super Star or is he just actually evil?
    • I think it was more of a Well-Intentioned Extremist type of thing; he figured that Dream Land would be better off with him in charge. I mean, look at their current leader.
      • It was never stated anywhere that Dedede rules Dreamland or that he has any sort of political power. Going by his description on Smash, his "rule" is probably all in his head. That, or no one takes his rule seriously.
      • I'm definitely in the Well-Intentioned Extremist bucket. MK simply wanted Dream Land to stop being so damn lazy and figured an attack would shock them into action. Of course, all it did was bring the wrath of Kirby upon him. So at least MK found one person willing to fight.
    • He's just a Grumpy Bear.
    • Considering that the rest of Meta Knight's actions in the series have good intentions (most of them keeping the Sealed Evil in a Can in check which includes Kirby's Adventure and his attempt that back fired in Amazing Mirror), I'd strongly rule out Meta Knight being evil.
      • This troper thinks that Meta Knight is the only one that takes seriously the threat posed by all the nightmarish things that lurk in the setting, and he is desperately trying to rouse the Sugar Bowl inhabitants into doing something about it, hence his decision to hide his Sugar Bowl appearance behind a darker and grittier mask.
    • This troper (mariic) points out that in the Japanese version, he mentions something about corruption, which probably means that he's trying to stop Dedede from making another boneheaded mistake (again, for like the 1,000,000th time).
  • How Kirby has no qualms over killing dozens of creatures, be they evil or not, over a piece of cake.
  • Related to the above: In Kirby Squeak Squad, WHY THE HECK COULD HE NOT GO GET ANOTHER SLICE OF CAKE?! Surely it couldn't be the only slice of strawberry shortcake in the whole of Pop Star? Sheesh, Kirby!
    • Well, have you ever seen another slice of strawberry shortcake as any health pickups in any of the other games?
    • Clearly it must have been homemade. Nobody messes with Kirby's Homemade strawberry shortcake.
    • Because if he let those mice get away, it would set a bad example. What next? People will start borrowing his cans of pop. Someone will make a sandwich with his bread. Things will continue on in this vein until someone makes spaghetti sauce with his Maxim Tomatoes. And woe for existence on that day, for Kirby will decide that any universe that steals his food is no longer worthy of existence, and consume it all. Dedede 12:17.
    • Some people think it's because there was a famine in Dream Land during the events of Kirby Squeak Squad. So obviously, Kirby couldn't have gotten another piece of cake because there wasn't any cake left.
  • Why were Kirby's eyebrows Photoshopped into ANGRY KIRBY~ for every North American release between Kirby Tilt 'n Tumble and Super Star Ultra? He's supposed to be cute, not bitter.
  • Possibly just reading too much into reading too much, but... can't we simply count JBM about Kirby as simply "dream logic"? It's Dreamland, after all!
    • Dreamland is where the dreams come from, it is not a dream itself. It does explain where all the final bosses come from though, and why the dream fountain was turned off in the second game.
  • In the Meta Knightmare section of KSSU, why does he blow up his own damn ship? Just because he wants to prove he's just as good as that goddamned marshmallow boy?
    • Meta Knight is just that hardcore. And possibly GRIMDARK.
      • Alternately: Some former minions hijacked it, and he's getting payback.
    • This troper believes you've just answered your own question.
      • Indeed, the whole reason Meta Knight did everything Kirby did was because he wanted to become strong, and what better way to do it than to imitate the actions of the one guy who's defeated him and countless others many times over? Even if he had to waste a whole recreation of The Halberd, it was worth it in his eyes.
  • So... If Kirby has a bottomless stomach, why can he only hold 5 Bubbles/chests at a time in Squeak Squad?
    • Things don't last forever in that big belly of his before it vanishes without a trace. He doesn't have too many spaces in his stomach that can store stuff.
    • How much food can you fit into your mouth before you instinctively swallow it? I guess we know Kirby's limit now.
    • Plus you saw the inside of his stomach, there are freaking STARS in there; maybe if it gets knocked away too far, it'll be lost in his stomach-verse forever, and he won't be able to reach it.
    • Kirby poops stars. You just can't see it with the low-resolution sprites.
      • Which begs the question of what Popstar REALLY is......
      • Not really. Our planet is covered in worm poop, so it looks brown and mushy when you look closely.
  • What's with all the Eldritch Abominations also known as final bosses? Zero Two and Dark Matter were probably the most creepy ones, with Drawcia being a close second.
    • I know, isn't it awesome?... As a more serious answer, doesn't it make sense that the Big Bads of Dream Land represent nightmares and all that is evil?
    • My theory is that the reason Dreamland is such a Sugar Bowl is because all of its evil is actually concentrated into the various incarnations of Dark Matter/Zero or whomever else takes the final boss spot.
    • It's Dreamland, people. Surely the place is made out of dreams when you go to sleep. When a villain goes to try to take over, wouldn't it make more sense that they would look like something from out of your nightmares?
  • Why is so little of the food in Gourmet Race actual gourmet food?
    • To Kirby and Dedede, everything is gourmet.
      • Exactly what I was thinking.
  • Why does Popstar look yellow from space when neither the ground, sky, or sea looks the least bit yellow-ish? Sure, there are a few places that are yellowish, but Popstar should be at least a little green. Earth looks blue, green, and brown from space because those are the colors of the ocean, plants, and ground respectively. What's Popstar's excuse?
    • A thick and reflective atmosphere, maybe? It could work in reverse to why we see the sky blue, when space is actually pitch black (as seen on the Moon).
      • That might work, but you'd also have to explain why the sky looks blue from the ground.
  • Zero. A boss that cries Tears of Blood whenever hit in the eye in Kirby 64. Even worse, in his original appearance in Kirby's Dream Land 3, it actually cuts itself to shoot blood as a projectile weapon and when out of HP, its bloody iris pops out of its eye in a last-ditch attempt to take you down. How the hell did those scenes not only still get the games an E and K-A rating respectively, but also get by Nintendo of America's Bowdlerization practices back in the day?
    • Clearly the censors couldn't bring themselves to 100% the game and get to said secret bosses.
    • Or Kirby games are just automatically rated "E."
    • To the above, tell that to Kirby's Dream Collection, which finally got E10+ thanks to Zero/02.
    • The "E 10+" rating didn't exist yet, and they sure weren't going to give it a "T."
  • Kirby's copy ability was added because it made the game harder? Huh? I find that his original lack of the ability was harder.
    • Source Please?
    • Not harder, to give hardcore gamers something to experiment with, since they would not be too challenged by simply getting from point A to point B.
  • So... are those red things Kirby's feet, or are they cute little booties?
    • Presumably they're his feet.
  • Are Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright actually the sun and moon? If that's true, than that means Kirby has killed the sun and moon, TWICE.
    • It doesn't appear to be that way. In Milky Way Wishes, the plot is that the sun and moon are fighting, but they don't seem to be Shine and Bright. It's much like The Angry Sun.

  • A mystery that's been present in most of the games... Why does Meta Knight wear that mask? To be grimdark? To say, 'Screw you Eldritch Abominations, I can be even more badass than you!'?
    • That's exactly why.
    • Maybe he doesn't want anyone to know how adorable he is.
      • Maybe he's secretly ashamed somehow. That's dark.
    • For protection. Why does anyone wear armor?
    • To protect his identity. He doesn't want everyone knowing his name if he's going to play Well-Intentioned Extremist.
  • So in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, within the Mirror World or whatever it's called, how come Shadow Kirby wasn't evil like Shadow Meta Knight?
    • Kirby's got a near-instinct to defeat Eldritch Abominations. Unfortunately, that translated into his clone.
    • It's implied that the Mirror World isn't naturally evil. The real question is why Dark Meta Knight is so mean compared to Dream Land's Meta Knight. Possessed by Dark Mind? Chose a darker path because of natural variations between the parallel universes? Or was the one we fought just a creation of Dark Mind, and the real mirror Meta Knight was somewhere doing something else?
    • Perhaps the Shadow characters are Character Exaggeration forms of the normal ones? What do you see in a mirror?
  • In Kirby Squeak Squad, what was Daroach and his gang looking for, anyway? Were they really looking to unleash a Sealed Evil in a Can? Did they think something else was in it? Were they just going to sell it, but Daroach just had to take a look?
    • They were looking for treasure. Them unleashing Sealed Evil in a Can was completely by accident.
    • They're that stupid.
  • In Kirby's Dreamland 3, the huge Dark Matter that Zero used to invade Pop Star broke the rings that circled it. After Zero is defeated, three rays of light (red, blue, and green) become the new rings for Pop Star. We've never seen these three rings ever again. Kirby 64 is supposed to happen after Kirby's Dreamland 3, but in 64 the rings are back to two. What happened to the three rings? It was forgotten? They just didn't care?
    • This troper assumed that the rays fused together to become two rings again, and slowly reassumed their former position. Now that just raises a question on how they became blue again.
  • Are Meta Knight's wings a part of his body or his transformed cape? Most games seem to support the latter, but in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, he clearly takes his cape off and casts it aside to reveal his wings.
    • Perhaps he was cold that day, and it was an extra cape on top of his wing cape?
    • Meta Knight's wings sprout from his back (from the looks of it) when he chases you at the end of Revenge of Meta Knight, and he doesn't wear a cape in Meta Knightmare Ultra, so my guess is his wings are a part of his body and are retractable.
      • Though they are repeatedly referred to as his transformed cape in Brawl and Melee, as well as on the Smash Bros Dojo.
      • And then in Return to Dreamland, the opening cutscene shows Meta tossing his cape aside, and revealing the wings underneath. The cape can even be seen on the floor afterward. Flip Flop of God?
      • Multiple gods, the wings were his transformed cape in the games made by series creator Mashiro Sakurai, but the majority of the Kirby titles actually have no involvement from him since he got tired of Hal's meddling sequelitis.
  • Is the main Waddle Dee Return to Dreamland the same one who recurred in Superstar Ultra? And are either of them the same as the one who helped out in Crystal Shards?
  • What the H E double hockey sticks are Master Hand and Crazy Hand doing in Amazing Mirror? Shouldn't they be at Final Destination or something?
    • Real answer, the hands were created by HAL, who also made Kirby, so they put them in a Kirby game for fun. In-universe answer: It's possible the Mirror World is their home dimension, much like how the Smash characters each come from somewhere.
  • This troper has all but one question: Where the hell was Meta Knight during the Dark Matter trilogy?!
    • This may be inaccurate, but it may have been said that the trilogy was developed by a different team, which is why certain things kept coming back, and they probably didn't want to bring in too much into Dreamland 3 and 64 that wasn't already in 2. And mind you, Meta Knight was still just a one-off boss from Adventure during Dreamland 2.
    • But he gained a more important role in the Kirby series, courtesy of Kirby Super Star. That makes his absence from KDL3 & Kirby 64 all the more confusing.
  • Why does Kirby die when he falls into bottomless pits? He can fly!
    • Remember that in some games, Kirby gets tired when he flies for too long. So probably he gets to tired to go up back to safety.
      • But that does not explain the games that Kirby can fly for unlimited time or when Kirby or when Kirby only barely go's off screen while flying.
  • Why are there energy spheres in the last two worlds of Return to Dreamland? The energy cores were parts of the ship! That fell off in Dreamland! Because the ship crashed in Dreamland!
    • The opening shows the ship coming out of a wormhole while losing parts; it's more than possible that some of the cores fell out on the other side before it went through.
  • In this video for Kirby's Dream Collection, why didn't Kirby become fire Kirby from the candles?
    • Kirby copies powers and abilities, not random bits of the environment. Maybe if there was a boss who specialized in throwing candles at him, he would turn into Fire Kirby, but one just sitting there would not do anything.
  • If Galactic Knight were voiced, what would he sound like?
  • Waddle Dees are said to be peaceful creatures. Why are they enemies if that's the case?
    • They only hurt Kirby by bumping into him, which doesn't seem to be intentional.
  • Why does Kirby always fall face first from a high height?
    • Probably to look hardcore. Also, it might just be him getting into a position to headbutt enemies. If he falls on an enemy before facing down, he takes damage.
    • On the contrary, to have a slapstick comedy bump in cutscenes.
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