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For Kirby's Return to Dream Land moments, see here. For Kirby: Triple Deluxe ones, see here. For Kirby: Planet Robobot ones, see here.

  • Most of the cutscenes in Kirby's Adventure consist of Kirby in misfortune, to the point where a Waddle Doo in an Imagine Spot conks him on the head while daydreaming about food.
  • Kirby Super Star (and also Kirby Super Star Ultra): The three faces of Mike Kirby.
    • First use: Kirby dons a baseball cap and screams into a megaphone.
    • Second use: Kirby pulls on a headset, grabs a radio mike, and screams "HEYAAAAAAA!"
    • Third use: Kirby grows a mohawk, grabs a microphone stand, and does a Metal Scream.
  • When you start Milky Way Wishes, the tutorial tells you that you can't copy your enemies' abilities as you previously did. Cue Kirby's obvious, hilarious Oh, Crap!.
  • Also from Super Star's Spring Breeze tutorial: "This is our Hero, Kirby! He's a jolly fellow!" Cue Kirby giving an annoyed Aside Glance as if saying in his head, "Who Writes This Crap?!"
  • Kirby Super Star is a gold mine of these moments, really. But one that's particularly bound to make you crack up laughing is this kind of boss. The Computer Virus Battle is an Affectionate Parody of turn-based battles seen in JRPG, to the point the Italian version of Ultra calls it "Turn Battle". And when you win...
    "You get [X] EXP points! (Not that it matters.)"
    • You are then awarded a bunch of other types of points, like Humor points, Tenderness points, Appetite points, Fever points, Love points, and Happy Smile points.
    • Likewise- if you beat it with Meta Knight, you gain points like Charisma points, Leadership points, Coolness points, Sword Sharpness, Heroism, Dreaminess points, and Mask Shine points.
  • The DS remake gives us bloopers. No, really. Dear God, the bloopers.
  • While Kirby Super Star (and Ultra) had the best quality and quantity of funny moments, other Kirby games have had some hilarious ones, too. Example, the ending of Kirby 64. Just... the ending. note 
  • In Kirby 64, several of the combined copy abilities are hilarious in how strange they are.
    • If you mix Fire with Spark, the resulting power involves Kirby rubbing a shiny plate thing on top of his head, and proceeds to light himself on fire, running around frantically with a hilarious expression.
    • Combining Spark with Ice turns Kirby into a refrigerator that can spew food that can then be used to to heal yourself. Not only this, but by throwing the food at enemies hard enough, this means that you can kill enemies with healing items.
    • Combining Fire with Ice results in Kirby turning into an ice cube that then anticlimactically immediately melts. It's the weakest combination in the entire game.
    • Combining Needle with Needle turns Kirby into a swiss army knife, with a ton of bizarre impractical utensils such as as a potted cactus and a bee stinger.
  • Admit it, the first time you saw Meta Knight's Dramatic Unmask when you defeated him was hilarious. He looks just like Kirby, except dark blue, and immediately flees as if he's embarrassed.
  • Kirby & the Amazing Mirror has his reaction to being attacked (kissed) by a Leap.
  • Kirby's Epic Yarn:
    Narrator as Kirby: This grass feels feels like pants.
    • This is made even more hilarious when you consider the fact that practically no one in Dream Land actually has legs, pretty much making pants unheard of.
  • Revenge of the King itself is one when you realize that Dedede is basically ripping off Meta Knight's scenario. When you get to Dedede's castle, which has the same background music as the later stages of the Halberd, you start seeing him conversing with his subjects about Kirby's progress just as Meta Knight did with his crew in Revenge of Meta Knight, then you get to the boss room and Dedede has donned a metal mask of his own and left a hammer in the middle of the arena for Kirby to use just like Meta Knight always tosses Kirby a sword before they duel, and the mask even splits in half inexplicably when you defeat him.
  • The first half of the Kirby's Dream Collection trailer.
  • Using the Paint ability on Heavy Lobster. The reactions of the crew just sell it.
  • Losing a life in Waddle Dee's rides in The Crystal Shards results in the ride comically flipping over. You'd have to go out of your way to do this, though.
  • The world transition cutscenes after you beat every boss in The Crystal Shards tend to be this. When you defeat Acro, Kirby and co. are playing skipping stones at the ocean and on Kirby's turn, a tidal wave washes over the poor thing. After clearing Neo Star, the party runs from an erupting volcano while entering the portal to Shiver Star. Dedede pulls Adeleine in and Kirby jumps right after as Waddle Dee struggles to catch up and Kirby comes out to help Waddle Dee sucking him into his mouth. It stops being funny when you clear Shiver Star, though...
  • In the levels you control Dedede in The Crystal Shards, there's something quite hilarious about how, when they reach the end of the section, Kirby motions Dedede forward before Dedede grabs Kirby and chucks him through the entrance before waving goodbye. Even more hilarious is the fact Dedede is willing to let Kirby ride on his back. Also, whenever you lose a life while riding Dedede, he faints... and Kirby steals his pompom. By accident. And then he gives the camera an Aside Glance right before the Fade to Black: you can easily picture him thinking "Wait, what just happened?" or "Oh, Crap!".
  • Kirby's Dream Land 3: Several of the stage introductions are funny as well. The first one for Grass Land is similar to the first area intro in Kirby's Dream Land 2, with Rick and Parasol Kirby walking towards each other. Instead of him riding on top of Rick, though, he passes by him and Chu comes and joins him instead. Rick just does a jawdrop and looks all dejected as they ride away on the spinning parasol.
    • The second one for Ripple Fields has Chu and Kine fighting over who gets to be with Kirby, until Kine just swallows him to keep him out of Chu's reach. She's not amused.
    • For Sandy Canyon, Coo, Rick and Kirby are playing with Goo like a ball while Chu is gazing at a nearby flower. When Coo causes Gooey to land on the flower and crush it, Chu turns to scold the others, when Gooey gets up and licks her from behind. She freaks out a bit and then puches him hard into the wall. Realizing the others watched this, she tries to put on an innocent face while the others just sweatdrop.
    • In Cloudy Park, Nago is playing with Kirby until Pitch comes by. Nago then loses interest in Kirby and starts rolling Pitch around while Kirby is still rolling around. When he realizes Nago has left, he angrily chases after them.
    • Iceberg has the group making a snowman. In the middle of making it, Gooey gets covered in snow and gets used as the head. When they come to put the finishing touches on the snowman, Gooey sticks his tongue out and freaks everyone out.
  • Elline's wonky drawings of King Dedede and Meta Knight (Page 18, "Kirby's Friends") in her Secret Diary from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.
  • A meta example: at a con, Meta Knight's anime voice actor, Eric Stuart, said this. In case the video doesn't load or is taken down, it's Meta Knight confessing his love for Galacta Knight. And it's utterly hilarious to hear a badass warrior in a romantic tone.