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Funny: Kirby
For Kirby's Return to Dream Land moments, see here. For Kirby Triple Deluxe ones, see here.

  • Kirby Super Star (and also Kirby Super Star Ultra): For Mike Kirby, he yells three times to cause damage to enemies. The first time, it's a screech. The second time, it's a megahorn. The third time, he sprouts a mohawk and screams into a mike, "DISMAL!!!"
  • When you start Milky Way Wishes, the tutorial tells you that you can't copy your enemies' abilities as you previously did. Cue Kirby's obvious, hilarious Oh Crap.
  • Kirby Super Star is a gold mine of these moments, really. But one that's particularly bound to make you crack up laughing is this kind of boss. The Computer Virus Battle is an Affectionate Parody of turn-based battles seen in JRPG, to the point the Italian version of Ultra calls it "Turn Battle". And when you win...
    "You get [X] EXP points! (Not that it matters.)"
    • You are then awarded a bunch of other types of points, like Humor points, Tenderness points, Appetite points, Fever points, Love points, and Happy Smile points.
  • The DS remake gives us bloopers. No, really. Dear God, the bloopers.
  • While Kirby Super Star (and Ultra) had the best quality and quantity of funny moments, other Kirby games have had some hilarious ones, too. Example, the ending of Kirby 64. Just... the ending. note 
  • In Kirby 64, if you mix Fire with Spark, the resulting power involves Kirby rubbing a shiny plate thing on top of his head, and proceeds to light himself on fire, running around frantically with a hilarious expression.
  • Admit it, the first time you saw Meta Knight's Dramatic Unmask when you defeated him was hilarious. He looks just like Kirby, except dark blue, and immediately flees as if he's embarrassed.
  • Kirby's Epic Yarn:
    • Another one is the cutscene where the Yarn Waddle Dees attack Dedede
    Narrator as Dedede: Hey, that tickles! OK, that hurts! UNCLE!
    • When Waddle Dees try to tackle you, they only get about an inch before falling on their face with a squeak.
      • Or you can push them over yourself, and they never hurt you. You almost end up feeling bad for them.
    Narrator as Meta Knight: Kirby, forgive me! I blame the yarn!"
    • Before that:
    Narrator as Yin-Yarn: Mind if I sock it to ya?"
    Narrator as Yin-Yarn: Nyahahahaha! Dream Land will be mine! ...Not sure what I'll do with it, but I'll figure something out."
    • All of the cutscenes in that game are hilarious, if only because of the Lemony Narrator.
  • Revenge of the King itself is one when you realize that Dedede is basically ripping off Meta Knight's scenario. When you get to Dedede's castle, which has the same background music as the later stages of the Halberd, you start seeing him conversing with his subjects about Kirby's progress just as Meta Knight did with his crew in Revenge of Meta Knight, then you get to the boss room and Dedede has donned a metal mask of his own and left a hammer in the middle of the arena for Kirby to use just like Meta Knight always tosses Kirby a sword before they duel, and the mask even splits in half inexplicably when you defeat him.
  • The first half of the Kirby's Dream Collection trailer.
  • Using the Paint ability on Heavy Lobster. The reactions of the crew just sell it.
  • Losing a life in Waddle Dee's rides in The Crystal Shards results in the ride comically flipping over. You'd have to go out of your way to do this, though.
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