Funny / Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

  • Episode 2 has Kirby kicked out of the castle by Dedede. His friends try to build him his own house. After many trials and much tribulation they succeed, only for Kirby to take up residences in the tree nextdoor! Though the bird he'd stolen the tree from seemed happy with it...
  • In "Un-Reality TV," Dedede uses his televisions to brainwash almost everyone into attacking Kirby...including Kirby himself.
  • In "The Fofa Factor," after Kirby gets split into small male and female versions of himself, Escargoon comments that everyone probably has a male and female side to them. This leads to both Escargoon and Dedede imagining what a female version of the other character would look like. This makes them both shudder.
    • Moments later, this split ends up happening to Dedede. The two sides promptly freak out.
  • Meta Knight kicking Dedede's car down a hill—after saying he was his most loyal servant.
    • Although mostly known for its appearance in the Japanese version, Dedede and Escargoon's bickering as the car rolls down the hill in the dubbed version is good as well-
    Meta Knight: Sire, it is my duty to warn you. Kirby has great power, now.
    Dedede: Yeah? Well who's the King around here, you or me?
    Escargoon: Move it or lose it!
    [Meta Knight kicks the Tank down the hill as Dedede and Escargoon panic]
    Dedede: Hey, what's happening?!
    Escargoon: We're going backwards!
    Escargoon: They won't hold, we're gonna crash!
    Dedede: Do something!
    Escargoon: Like what?!
    [The Tank reverses off a nearby cliff and explodes off-screen]
  • The first time Kirby becomes Mike Kirby in episode 31. Even after warping him to their headquarters, seven monsters (ones often seen in Meta Knight's flashbacks) that were eagerly waiting to come at him with their jaws open found his singing too much for them to handle and explode from the pain suffered by hearing it, and the NME Saleguy had to send him back.
    • Prior to Kirby, though, the Cappies were trying to sing oldies songs. Even earlier, Escargoon sang "Hound Dog".
  • The entirety of the pie episode, with almost everyone in the main cast getting hit by a pie in the face at least once. Even Meta Knight.
    • Even in the dub, right after that happens, he glances to the side and announces, "I feel...dirty."
    • In the original, Meta Knight makes a Curse Cut Short instead.
    Meta Knight: Oh, sh-
  • The end results of episode 49 (Cartoon Buffoon)- Dedede Comin' At Ya! (Hoshi no Dedede in the Japanese version.) In case you're wondering: It's a half-assed, poorly written, hilariously hammy version of the first episode of the anime, except Dedede is Kirby and Kirby is the Demon Beast. Hilarity Ensues
    • Hell, the whole thing. It's filled with a ton of subtle and not-so-subtle jokes about animation.
    Spikehead: A producer? What does a producer do?
    Iroo: A producer doesn't do anything...
    • Similarly, Meta Knight's attempt at voice acting, particularly in the Japanese version-
    Meta Knight: (Enthusiastically) Yes, it is our hero! Fire Dedede... (Beat as his enthusiasm slowly wears off, before turning to the audience and shaking his head) Even I can't make that sound cool.
    • In the dub, he instead says-
    Meta Knight: Look, it is Fire Dedede! Our hero... (mutters to the audience) ...I would never say that.
  • The ending of episode 50 (Don't Bank on it).
  • Meta Knight in a penguin suit, posing as a guard.
  • Really, Meta Knight's status as The Comically Serious lends itself well to these kinds of moments. Another example would be in Episode 61 (Fitness Fiend), where everyone else breaks into dancing with Max Flexer (Macho-San in Japan) while he just stands there stiffly.
  • Fitness Fiend, where NME saved the day by working Kirby out.
  • There's a point where Kirby is about to be eaten by the Monster of the Week... then out of nowhere Kirby gets SWOLE. It looks as ridiculous as you'd expect.
  • Kirby's mouth is inspected by Hardy, the dentist demon beast, and Hardy's surprised to find that Kirby has no teeth at all.
    • What's more, this revelation shocks Hardy into a Villainous B.S.O.D. enough for Kirby to finish it off!
  • Dedede and Escargoon attempt to see how a Waddle Dee eats.
  • Nekodamashi.
  • In the dub, the Island Sisters' (Twin Nuts in Japan) song consists mostly of soprano singing along the lines of Léo Delibes' Flower Duet. In the Japanese version, however...
  • Tiff's reaction to seeing herself get turned into an anime (Hoshi no Fumu-tan) in Tooned Out.
    Tiff: Is that airhead really supposed to be me?!
    • Shortly after the chase begins, Kirby joins in running with the Otakings, with a big goofy grin on his face.
    • When the cartoon is first shown, King Dedede and Escargoon's jaws hit the floor, and they spend the rest of the episode staring at the projector screen in complete shock.
  • Japan's episode 46 (English episode 53, Scare Tactics) making the shout-outs to Psycho, The Blair Witch Project and The Exorcist.
  • Kirby ends up eating a whole pack of Gijira extract, which is a spice or a hallucinogen (depending on which version you're watching). Once Kirby swallows the entire pack, he thinks EVERYONE is food, and ends up preparing cooking utensils with the intention of eating everyone.
  • Dedede's attempts to avoid Kirby after having several nightmares about the pink puffball in Part 1 of Prediction Predicament.
  • In the first episode, the mayor and the rest of the Cappies hold a feast for Kirby's arrival. Kirby then proceeds to eat the entire table of food using his inhale ability (Including the tablecloth and utensils!), leaving the rest of the guests in utter silence.
  • Dedede revealing and talking through his wonky painting in Dedede's Monsterpiece-
    Dedede: [Points to a giant, cross-eyed version of himself] Right here, that's me- since I'm what you'd call the star of this here paintin', I'm smack-dab in the middle! You'll note the perspecticles, and I put a big old impressionistic Sun [A red circle with lines coming off it] up there, see?
    [Points to his tiny castle, and a giant misshapen-looking Escargoon next to it] Right there is my castle, and right next to it is Escargoon. Note the lack of depth!
    [Points to an awkwardly-angled version of the Mayor with noodle arms and two giant angry Pac-Man-like sheep behind him] This here's the Mayor being chased by his sheep, [Points to a misshapen Kirby in the corner of the painting] and this here's Kuhbeh. He's being chased by me! See, I drawed him all lumpy to express his inner lumpiness!
    Kirby: [Hopping up and down angrily] POYO! POYOOOO!
    • Even better- when everyone does break down in laughter at it, Kirby is the only one not laughing- he's still glaring at Dedede in a hilariously-angry way over being called lumpy!
    • It's even funnier in the original version because that's NOT the reason Kirby gets mad at him. The real reason is because Dedede drew Kirby shitting himself!
  • Dedede's twisted version of "Old Macdonald" from Kirby's Egg-cellent Adventure, which he sings at a ridiculous speed as he's using his tank to draw a giant picture of Kirby eating Dyna Blade's egg (Complete with big goofy grin and oversized knife and fork) to get the giant bird to attack him-
    Dyna Blade she laid an egg
    Ee Aye Ee Aye Oh
    Ee Aye Ee Aye Oh
    Dyna Blade- (Speaking) Oh, look!
    • And later on in the same episode, when Tiff asks Meta Knight for advice on the matter. What really sells it is Tiff's "WTF" tone and expression upon hearing his reply, in the middle of a mostly-serious scene-
    Tiff: Help us Meta Knight, we've got to do something!
    Tiff: [Beat] ...could you say that in English?
  • Chief Bookem singing Beethoven's 5th Symphony in eNeMeE Elementary.
  • Sword and Blade discussing Sir Ebrum's Pot Roast in Episode 82 (Cooking Up Trouble)-
    Sword: [Watching the group from a nearby balcony] Blade?
    Blade: Eh?
    Sword: Smells delicious, don't it? Of course, anything would smell good compared to Meta Knight's cooking!
    Blade: Sir Ebrum's alright.
    Meta Knight: Say what, again?
    Blade: He's alright sir, ain't he?
    Meta Knight: [Stares a hole through them] Hmmm.
  • Lady Like's breakdown over a single wrinkle toward the beginning of A Sunsational Surprise, especially when she ends up Breaking the Fourth Wall-
    Lady Like: [Screams] THE SUN'S RAYS ARE MOLLIFYING ME! [She suddenly turns to and points at the audience as the background music stops] STOP STARING AT ME! [Immediately goes back to panicking as the background music resumes]
  • When Kirby has a nightmare in "The Pillow Case" (the very end,) he jumps out of his bed Hanna-Barbera style screaming and runs out his house, then stops when he realizes he's awake. Meta Knight also cuts a pillow in half revealing Noddy (the episode's NME monster.)
  • "I need a monster to CLOBBER THAT THERE KIRBY!"
    • "That's what we do best at NME!"
    • "You better get it with a money back guarantee!"
  • In "Something to Sneeze At", Dedede finally gets a cold. His reaction is to run around Cappy Town announcing he has a cold. "I love having a cold!"
  • In the "Kirby of the Stars" prototype/pilot, Ice Kirby uses his ability to freeze Dark Matter solid...who just stays where he is with an expression that just says "I am so done with this puffball and his shit". He keeps this expression as he's being frozen, and casually just falls out of the air when he's frozen entirely.
  • In "Hatch Me If You Can", when Kirby chases after the egg, the egg ends up where Rick is holding a leaf umbrella to sheild Rick from the rain. Then the egg lands on Rick's head. Rick's expression before the egg hits Rick on the head is priceless. After that, the egg lands behind an unconscious Rick, with Rick having a Cranial Eruption. When Kirby reaches the egg, Rick comes to and after recognizing Kirby, Rick says this:
    Rick: It's rainin' cats and dogs, but I never thought an egg can drop on me head.