Funny: Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

  • Episode 2 has Kirby kicked out of the castle by Dedede. His friends try to build him his own house. After many trials and much tribulation they succeed, only for Kirby to take up residences in the tree nextdoor! Though the bird he'd stolen the tree from seemed happy with it...
  • In "Un-Reality TV," Dedede uses his televisions to brainwash almost everyone into attacking Kirby...including Kirby.
  • Meta Knight kicking Dedede's car down a hill—after saying he was his most loyal servant.
  • The first time Kirby becomes Mike Kirby in episode 31. Even the NME Saleguy had to send him back.
    • Prior to Kirby, though, the Cappies were trying to sing oldies songs. Even earlier, Escargoon sang "Hound Dog".
  • The entirety of the pie episode, with almost everyone in the main cast getting hit by a pie in the face at least once. Even Meta Knight.
    • Even in the dub, right after that happens, he glances to the side and announces, "I feel...dirty..."
  • The end results of episode 49 (Cartoon Buffoon).
    • Hell, the whole thing. It's filled with a ton of subtle and not-so-subtle jokes about animation.
    Cappy Girl: "A producer? What does a producer do?"
    Cappy Guy: "A producer doesn't do anything..."
  • The ending of episode 50 (Don't Bank on it).
  • Meta Knight in a penguin suit, posing as a guard.
  • Really, Meta Knight's status as The Comically Serious lends itself well to these kinds of moments. Another example would be in Episode 61, where everyone else breaks into dancing while he just stands there stiffly.
  • The fitness fiend episode where NME saved the day by working Kirby out.