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Awesome Music: Super Smash Bros.
Audi famam illius. (Hear the fame of that one!)
Solus in hostes ruit (Alone he rushed into his enemies)
et patriam servavit. (and saved his country.)
Audi famam illius. (Hear the fame of that one!)
Cucurrit quaeque (He ran,)
tetigit destruens. (destroying everything he touched.)
Audi famam illius. (Hear the fame of that one!)
Audi famam illius. (Hear the fame of that one!)
Spes omnibus, (Hope to everyone,)
mihi quoque. (also to me.)
Terror omnibus, mihi quoque. (Fear to everyone, also to me.)
Ille (That one)
iuxta me. (is near to me.)
Ille iuxta me. (That one is near to me!)
Socii sunt mihi. (They are allies to me,)
qui olim viri fortes rivalesque erant. (Those who were once strong men and rivals.)
Saeve certando pugnandoque (And by contesting and by fighting fiercely)
splendor crescit. (Surely our splendor grows.)

In addition to its own music, the Super Smash Bros.. series has a habit of taking older music tracks and making them awesome, whether they already were or not. The entirety of Brawl's soundtrack alone could count considering it featured the largest number of videogame composers to work together on a single game.

Note: If the music is unchanged from its original game, then put it in its relevant section of Awesome Music, not here.


Super Smash Bros. 64



Wii U/3DS

  • The main theme shows that Smash Bros. still continues the tradition of making mind-blowing theme songs!
  • The Smash 64 credits got another remix at the end of the April Nintendo Direct, accompanied by a montage of all revealed characters at the time.
  • The results screen uses a rearrangement of the Smash 64 character select screen!


Animal Crossing
  • Go K.K. Rider! is high on many a player's favorites list.
  • The 2:00 AM remix in Brawl is a neat rock/pop remake of what was originally a very low-key, mellow jazzy piece.
  • Even if not very fit for fighting, the double remix of Tom Nook's Store and Town Hall is so catchy enough to make you come back to listening it. And if you don't, you're gonna whistle it on forever.
  • The Roost/Brewster's Roost is a beautiful arrangement of the original: it's like from your favourite romantic movie.
  • Title (Animal Crossing: Wild World) rains gentle chills of nostalgia down to your spine, reminding you of those times of playing Animal Crossing on DS so addictively. Sucha cheerful tune.
    • And for more dedicated Animal Crossing-players, the composers hid in some recognisable tunes from the series in the tune:
      • Blather's Museum-Theme can be heard (topped with clock sounds)
      • There are throwbacks to 3pm-4pm's and 6am-7am's-tunes (which would play each corresponding to the real-life clock in your DS.)
      • And most of all, the Loan Paid Off-jingle is also included, just for the hard workers who spend their months paying their loan for Nook in order to get a bigger house. (Or days.)

Donkey Kong Country (more)

Fire Emblem (more)

F-Zero (more)

Game & Watch

Kid Icarus (more)

Kirby (more)
  • While Gourmet Race is often the track used for Kirby in Smash, the closest thing to a main theme the series has is Green Greens.
  • Gourmet Race. As a thrasher-metal song. Several commenters mention that Kirby must've swallowed Guitar Hero at some point. note 
  • The reworking of the final battle music in Kirby Super Star.
  • Also: Meta Knight's Revenge.
  • And again, King Dedede's Theme was converted from 8-bit right up to an orchestra piece. Arranged by YOKO GODDAMN SHIMOMURA.
  • More love for Kirby: Butter Building is just so unrelentingly happy.
    • Have you noticed that in that theme they used electronic accordion and bongos to emulate the feel of the NES soundbits from Kirby's Adventure tracks anyway? Try to listen for this for an example. You need to have very good ears for to hear the bongos similar to the remix, though.
    • It's the Title Theme from the first Kirby game!!! They didn't forget about Kirby's Dreamland after all!!
  • Squeak Squad Theme is a needlessly underrated track.
  • Every hardcore Kirby-fans will easily love Boss Theme Medley, which takes all the best tunes throughout Kirby's history of battles and throws it into awesome medley fest. Particularly the first four (Adventure, Dreamland 2, Super Star and Kirby 64) is sure to give goosebumps of Kirby-gaming nostalgia.
  • "The Legendary Air Ride Machine". Holy crap.
  • The incredibly calm and peaceful All-Star Rest Area from Melee, which is originally from Super Star, which is itself based off Float Islands from Kirby's Dream Land.

The Legend of Zelda (more)

Mega Man (more)

Metal Gear (more)

Metroid (more)
  • The Main Theme (Brinstar). Melee's version is a huge fan favorite. Brawl's would be too, if not for the voice at the start.
  • Vs Ridley is nothing short of raw, unmitigated badassery in musical form.
  • The remastering of the original Metroid's ending theme. Especially epic because it plays when you beat the final boss in Classic or Boss Battle mode as Samus. Delicious chills shooting straight into your soul, man.
  • Melee's version of Brinstar Depths is just amazing. Especially when the melody hits the second repeat and the drum track kicks in.
  • The Theme of Samus Aran, SPACE WARRIOR. Bonus points for playing the part of Theme Music Power-Up during "The Subspace Emissary" when Samus gets her power suit back.
  • Norfair is a fine bit of electronic music, really suited for the bubbling lava found on the Norfair stage.

Mother/Earthbound/Mother 3 (more)

Pac-Man (more)
  • The reveal trailer for Pac-Man gives us a rock remix of "Pac-Man's Park" from Pac-Mania.

Pokémon (more)

Sonic the Hedgehog (more)
  • The Angel Island Zone Remix. Such a pity that it was the only Sonic song that got a remix for Brawl...
    • The instrumental version of His World is nice to listen to while fighting, mainly since there aren't any distracting vocals to put you off.

Star Fox (more)
  • First off, they have both Main Themes from the SNES and N64 games.
    • Or if your prefer a more orchestral, cinematic even, approach, here's Venom/Star Fox 64 theme.
  • Corneria has always been a fan favourite, though it took until Brawl to get a remix of it.
  • And of course, Star Wolf.
    • And again, if you prefer a more orchestrated sound, here's the Assault version.
  • Area 6
  • And finally, the Space Armada remix.

Super Mario Bros. As well as  (more)

WarioWare (more)

Yoshi's Island / Yoshi's Story (more)

  • Shin Onigashima. Really, if the original song would have qualified (several more are cited below under their original games), it got put into Brawl and made even more awesome.
  • Lip's Theme of Panel de Pon-fame is very technoish and catchy rendition of the original, with more clapping and beat than ever before.
  • If you ever wondered how to make Tetris music more awesome, Yoko Shimomura did it with Type A.
    • Ever wonder how a Mariachi remix of a Tetris tune might sound? Well, now you know.
  • There's only one Golden Sun track, but it's possibly one of the most epic battles themes ever.
  • Clu Clu Land is just addictive.
  • When you finish a great match, you know you love to hear your favorite character's arranged victory theme. Especially if you know where it came from, and can reminisce about how great it felt to win back in the day too.
  • Shaberu! DS Cooking Navi might be the most unknown theme of all in the whole of Brawl's library, note  from a electronic cookbook application for DS, released only in Japan (back then), but you can't help admitting it's also the one of most magical tracks in the game.
  • Ice Climber, a medley of the two main music tracks from said game. The harp-led transition from the energetic title screen theme music to the easygoing level music is a particular highlight.
  • They can even make epic tunes from sound effects, as shown from PictoChat.
  • Pikmin has an absurdly underrated soundtrack, so it's awesome to hear two great remixes of its music in Brawl with Pikmin 2's World Map theme and Stage Clear/Night Comes.
  • Brawl's remix of Balloon Trip just makes you want to get up and dance.
  • X Tunnel Scene from Brawl again. A little-known shooter game from the Game Boy gets a kickass techno remix.
  • Gyromite is a great song, especially for R.O.B.


  • The orchestral live album Smashing...Live! is chock full of fantastic arrangements of melodies from Melee. One such piece is the "Smash Bros. Great Medley," especially the Big Blue section.
  • The Nintendo Special Big Band, which has many members who have previously worked on Super Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8's music, performed a Smash Medley with main themes from all games and it is glorious.
  • The guys at Balanced Brawl chose a really fitting soundtrack to showcase the improved cast with.
  • Project M gets accidental Awesome Music; if you try to play through the Subspace Emissary, it's easy to get lost in the adventure and forget you're playing a mod. And then you get to the Rayquaza battle... Bam. You get Nostalgia Bombed by the Saffron City 64 theme. It really helps you wind up and truly get into a pokémon battle.note 

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