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    Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo 64) 

    Super Smash Bros. Melee 
  • Giga Bowser at the end of Adventure mode. It looks like you've just beaten the final opponent in the Adventure, when all of a sudden, Bowser returns from the pit and transforms into an evil demon version of himself. And if you think that's already epic, take a look at this unbelievable Giga Bowser KO.
  • Two words: Wombo Combo.
  • The intro movie to Melee. The whole damn thing. From the Mario trophy coming to life with the help of electricity and a wailing choir, to one of the best Title Screams in video games.
  • Melee getting recognition and respect at EVO 2013. To elaborate, for years players of other fighting games didn't take a platform fighter like Smash Bros. seriously, even though Melee had great players as far back as 2002-2003. Getting your favorite competitive fighting game added to the pool of games played/streamed is not easy especially something on the level of EVO.
  • While it's still reasonable to want Ganondorf to have his own moveset, there's a brilliant thing about having him as a clone of Captain Falcon. The Captain's moveset is the most true to Dragon King, the alpha version of Smash Bros. So when Ganondorf copies his style, it's a shameless way to shoehorn him in at the last minute, sure, but it also means Ganondorf is effectively using the very first moves that were ever developed for Smash Bros, fitting for the ancient King of Evil.
  • Pulling off a counter. "Your Marth is about to get Falcon Punched! What will you do?" Your friend laughs maniacally as you stand there about to get punched. On more second and- *DING* -Cpt. Falcon disappears off the the other side.

    Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS/Wii U 
  • After years of waiting- a fan requested favorite finally joins the roster... Heading for the Wii U and 3DS release, is none other than: MEGA MAN!!! In his original form, packing all kinds of heat.
    • It's one of the best intro videos. In the beginning, he silhouetted to the point that you can't tell who he is at first...till the helmet appears. He then starts beating up the other characters, but takes quite a lot of damage. Then he gets serious. Mario has an "OH CRAP" look as he matrix dodges the Metal Blades and Link gets a similar one before having an mix between, "Holy shit" and "What the hell just happened?"
    • Not to mention the background music being remixes of Mega Man 2's legendary title theme and Wily Castle music.
    • Special mention to the finisher from Mega Man's Heroic Second Wind sequence (set to the aforementioned Wily's Castle theme) where Mega Man slams both of his Arm Cannons into the ground before sending Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, and Kirby flying with Flame Blast.
    • The crowd reaction at E3 when Rock appeared on the screen was unanimous: the masses roared their approval.
    • Just watch his trailer here. It's awesomeness objectified.
    • YouTube "Super Smash Bros. 4 Mega Man reaction" (or like variant). Pick a movie. Unless the audio feed is desynchronized, everyone's reaction is more or less as follows:
      Challenger approaching!
      (Reaction Shot, silhouette shot)
  • Sakurai himself gets one for implementing the Wii Fit Trainer. He specifically wanted an Unexpected Character, and boy did he succeed. Then for the Trainer herself, she oneshots Kirby, Link, and Mario at the same time in her debut trailer.
  • The old red biplane from Pilotwings and the new seaplane from Wii Sports Resort in flight together is pretty epic. It represents two generations of Nintendo in one place!
  • Sonic the Hedgehog has been confirmed to be returning. Know what this means? Mario, Sonic, and Mega Man, three of the most well-known platforming icons, are all going to be starring in the same game.
    • His introductory video, while maybe not as WOW-tastic as either MegaMan's or his own for Brawl, does a good job with keeping the suspense in its first moments as the other two did. We see Mario and Mega Man fighting in Battlefield... only to get hit by Sonic's downward A aerial attack. Cue the main theme from Sonic Heroes kicking in as we see Sonic kicking ass, while also revealing that his home stage in the Wii U version of the game is none other than Windy Hill Zone.
  • Little Mac's reveal trailer, showing him in an Training Montage with a beautiful art style much like a comic book (It seems someone on the dev team is a big fan of Jojos Bizarre Adventure, the art is very similar to the Jojo anime). And when Samus mocks him for his height, well... Say hello to the Star Punch. It says a lot when you make skip-rope look awesome.
  • Rosalina's reveal trailer is just made of all kinds of awesome. First off, the lovingly rendered Rainbow Road appears in the trailer, because why the hell not? The karts are racing, when Kirby suddenly blows right past them on his Warp Star, showing just how much Kirby deserves to be a DLC in Mario Kart 8. But then the trailer pans over to one of the star gates that Mario uses in the Galaxy games and a beam of light powers through it. It cuts Kirby off and sends him crashing to the Rainbow Road, but then a smaller comet breaks off from the big one...and a Luma comes down to make sure they didn't hurt Kirby. The racers finally catch up and stop as the Luma turns and runs Rosalina. Disney, take notes here, Nintendo manages to make sparkly princess eyes look Badass. Then, after the trailer goes through the customary clips of the new character, we're treated to Kirby and the Luma dancing together. Because obviously this trailer hadn't been awesome enough already.
  • April 8th, 2014 Smash Bros Direct.
    • First off, you thought one Mega Man was enough? His Final Smash will have five. X, Volnutt, .EXE, and Geo all appear to fire a unified Charge Shot with the original.
    • Villager's Final Smash involves asking Tom Nook to make a house to encase the opponent....and then it explodes!
    • Online play has changed for the better. Remember when you had to play in Final Destination? Every stage has a Final Destination mode, breaking up the monotony of the same stage over and over. Plus there are two modes now: For Fun and For Glory, with For Fun being items-on, no-Final-Destination, wins-only recorded, and For Glory being items-off, only-Final-Destination, wins-and-losses recorded.
    • Assist Trophies. Dark Samus, Midna, Chain Chomp and Elec Man are coming in! Oh and Pong, apparently.
    • Items include Bombchus and Firebars!
      • The press kit album reveals even more fan-favourites and returnees, such as Super Leaf, Blue Shell, Beehive from Animal Crossing, Drill Arm...
    • Afraid Zero Suit Samus and Sheik got lost in the shuffle? Nope! They're separate characters!
    • Poké-balls come in two flavor: regular and Master Ball. Master Ball will have all sorts of legendaries from Victini, Kyurem to Arceus itself.
    • And last, returning and newcomer characters. The setting is a desolate desert and it rains Pokéballs, showing the various mons coming in. Then Pikachu is on a cliffside watching, when Charizard appears. Then after a humongous fight with many of the veterans, who appears but Greninja, a Gen VI Pokémon. Oh and Charizard is packing heat with Mega Evolution X.
      • During this reveal, an individual one goes to Mario. While the rest of the smashers fighting Charizard used ranged attacks, Mario decided to show some serious balls and just take the overgrown salamander on mano y mano.
      • Just as Mario and Charizard are about to collide into a fiery explosion, a giant water shuriken cuts them off. Cut to Greninja standing epically on a tree branch. Then after some cool ninja posing, he blasts off into the sky.
    • It's a subtle one, but in the first shot of the Smash Run reveal, the first enemies seen are Kremlings. You know, those guys DK hasn't fought in years. Maybe Sakurai has plans for their leader...
      • It's even awesomer that Kremings and Tikis fight alongside each other.
    • Bowser and Yoshi have been shown walking far more upright than they have in earlier games. This is especially good for Bowser, who now has a badass running animation as opposed to... whatever he was doing in Brawl and Melee.
  • E3 2014, and we have an animated cutscene of Link and Pit fighting against one another. Just as Link is about to blow Pit away with the Gale Boomerang, a barrier emerges. Palutena descends from the sky. Pit is confused... until Palutena uses her magic to send Pit flying. Then she says...
    Palutena: "Oh I'm not here to save you Pit..."
    Palutena Alights!
    Palutena: "I'm here for a little... uh, Divine Intervention"
    • Also you gotta give points to Link; even after Palutena revealed her place in the battlefield, Link doesn't back down, he openly accepts the goddess' challenge.
    • This is also the first time Link has been animated without being an out-of-character goofball.
    • In her trailer, Palutena uses her Lightweight power to move faster than Sonic, the fastest thing alive. She's not quite that quick in-game, but still.
    • And at the end of her trailer, Dark Pit's little cameo. Especially since he technically CAME from Smash in the first place. That, and foreshadowing he's a playable character alongside Pit and Palutena.
    • More E3 goodness with the Mii Fighters. How do you promote them? Well, how about making Iwata and Reggie fight each other?
  • Pac-Man has joined the battle! This also means that Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, and Pac-Man will be playable together in the same game.
  • Sakurai revealed this particular curveball. Yes, that is a Rayman trophy, revealed entirely casually like it's no big deal. Third Party characters will now be represented as trophies.
  • Sakurai threw another curveball with the July 2014 character reveal trailer. Everyone thought that Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening was a shoo-in, and he even showed up in the trailer. However, two characters from Awakening were unveiled: Robin and Lucina. Made even more surprising in that Chrom is part of a Final Smash instead of a playable character.
    • You can also play as a female Robin as well.
    • Captain Falcon in the same trailer deserves a mention. It's implied that he single-handedly took down Chrom and was handing Lucina her rear until Robin showed up. Even then, it appears that he was able to fight pretty evenly with him.
      • He got a lot more fanfare than some other returning characters, really. While other veterans were reintroduced with some screenshots, Captain Falcon got an animated trailer in which he beats up one of the newcomers. The SSB team seems well aware of Falcon's status as an internet legend.
      • Even the way he fights Lucina deserves note. He's a hand-to-hand fighter taking on a swordswoman. However, he controls the flow of the fight regardless, throwing off Lucina by nearly hitting her head, and when she tries to stab at him, he casually parries the blade with his hand, knocks her off-balance by kicking her sword hand, and would have finished her off with a Falcon Punch had Robin not interrupted. That build of his certainly is not just for show, his reputation as a Badass Normal bounty hunter in his own series seems a lot more believable with those kinds of martial arts.
    • Even if Chrom isn't playable, his fans can at least look forward to seeing him in Robin's Final Smash!
    Chrom: I suppose I'll get my chance... another day...
    No, you'll get it today.
    Additionally, he makes a cameo at Palutena's Temple in one of Pit's conversations.
    • Robin's introduction deserves mention. He starts by pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment, blasting Captain Falcon out of the way right as he's about to KO Lucina. The screen pans up to show him floating in the air, hooded and smirking, as he snaps his tome shut. He lands on the ground between them, lowers his hood, and pulls out his Levin Sword, crackling with electricity, as he calmly proclaims that he's going to turn things around right now.
  • Shulk's accomplishments during his reveal trailer involve blasting an unsuspecting Bowser away with a well-timed Back Slash, and preventing his psychic vision of Link and Marth doing the same to him by fighting them both off singlehandedly!
    • The Stinger.You can feel the awesome radiating as Shulk prepares to fight Metal Face.
    "Fancy meeting you here, Monado Boy!"
  • Master Hand's introduction when he's fought solo. Giving Someone the Pointer Finger never looked so badass.
  • What better way to kick off the fight against Master Hand and Crazy Hand than with a brofist?
  • Master Core, the true final boss of Classic Mode. Crazy Hand explodes, and Master Hand is ripped apart from within to create a giant shadow monster. This boss has five separate forms, making for a very challenging boss. These five forms include a creature that throws the stage around, a giant scorpion, five black swords, a doppelganger of the player and a Womb Level.
  • Of all things, the inclusion of Duck Hunt Duo! Now, we finally have the chance to beat the living shit out of that bloody mutt!
    • Meanwhile, if he's Rescued from the Scrappy Heap for you, he manages to be a hilarious Troll character, with no fewer than four references to his signature laugh: his intro, a taunt, a victory animation, and in classic pixelated form from the side lines when he traps you in the gun duel of his Final Smash.
    • His trailer has him being challenged by Nintendo's classics, namely Mario, DK, Bowser, Samus, Link and Pit. You can really feel the tension created.
  • The fact that Nintendo and Namco-Bandai were able to finally make a roster that was genuinely balanced is amazing in and of itself.
  • For the longest time, Smash fans have wondered an ongoing mystery of the series: just what is the "body" of Master Hand and Crazy Hand? Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS delivers in a truly fantastic and menacing final boss, and it does not disappoint.
  • After years and years of musical cameos, Ninten and his game finally get some proper representation as an installment in the MOTHER series with a stage based off of Maria's Magicant and a cameo in the background.
  • Take a look at the Intensity scale before beginning Classic Mode for the 3DS version. The top screen features Mario (regardless of the character you chose) going up against a spectral creature that changes its shape depending on the level of intensity (from a scale of 0.0 to 9.0). The higher the intensity, the more monstrous, fierce, and larger it becomes. This is where Mario's reaction to the creature comes in.
    • At an Intensity of 0.0 to 5.9, it goes from Mario not being too concern about the creature to taking a battle stance, as he becomes more wary of it. He is visibly frightened from 5.9 to 6.8, but despite still being scared at 6.9, he stands strong. From 7.0 onward, he becomes more and more determined to take on the challenge, as 9.0 shows him leaping at this hideous monstrosity, knowing now that it's all or nothing.
    • The background from 0.0 to 7.9 goes from a tiny fort, to a large fortress, to a series of increasingly larger fortresses. For 8.0 and beyond, it ditches those for an otherworldly mess of floating squares with a tiny ledge for Mario to stand on, and by 9.0, the ledge is gone. Meanwhile, the treasures become increasingly vast, becoming an ever-flowing river of gold at 9.0.
    • For every .5 change in difficulty, a little chime plays which increases in pitch the higher you go... until 8.0, where every .1 change results in a loud foreboding "DUN!" sound.
  • The backgrounds of the Intensity scale from the Wii U version's classic mode is no slouch either. Starting from 0.0, as the Intensity increases, the player is lowered into an underground pit, with coins piling up in the background as the monster grows in size and determination. Starting at 4.0, flames begin to swell from the background. By 9.0, the monster has become an Eldritch Abomination, flames and dark energy abounding as coins and treasure flow like water.
  • Behold; Intensity 9.0 Master Core beaten with no damage. And with Ganondorf of all people!
  • Master Core gains a Wii U-exclusive form: Master Fortress. It's an ENTIRE adventure stage as a BOSS!
    • To explain this a little better, Master Fortress is a Wii U-only form that appears on 8.0 difficulty and higher. It appears once you beat Master Shadow, and contains versions of various Smash Run enemies created out of the Swarm. The goal is to destroy the 4 'hearts' within the Fortress, which isn't easy because there's acidic Danger Zones all over the place. The new, creepy music playing during the first half of the battle doesn't help. However, after the second heart is destroyed, the player is thrown outside of the Fortress. The music changes to a triumphant version of the main theme and the player can see that huge chunks of Master Fortress are now missing. You can hear Master Fortress's heartbeat throughout the fight, and it speeds up with every heart you destroy. That's right, the Eldritch Abomination controlling Master Hand, and possibly the entire Smash universe, is afraid of you!
  • Bowser Junior's trailer shows him making short work of much of the cast on his own - and then he calls in the Koopalings.
    • It's even similar to the Mega Man trailer, where Mega Man unexpectedly attacks a group of fighters in a canyon setting. Unlike them, where Mega Man has to call his extra arsenal upon realizing his regular moves aren't enough, Bowser Junior calls in the Koopalings even while he has the advantage.
      • He also gets credit for pretty much manhandling Mario. Yes, he beats the crap out of the guy who kicks his butt AND his father's on a regular basis. To elaborate: He shoots a cannonball at him and then uses a freaking wrecking ball that Mario almost gets crushed by. When Mario runs in to charge Bowser Jr, his Clown Car reveals two huge spinning drills, which he uses to bust Mario's shields open and send him flying. And to top it off, he gets run over by the Clown Car and is sent rebounding off the face of the mountain.
      • Special mention must go to the part when Junior drills Mario's shield. Point A: This is the first time the game's shields are done out of gameplay and it's gorgeous, faithfully shrinking down to the point that it doesn't even cover Mario completely before it breaks. Point B: Even when it didn't cover Mario completely, Junior went out of his way to keep drilling on the shield until Mario gets shield jumped like Jigglypuff.
    • Even Mario gets one in that trailer, as he stands to fight his enemy's son alone. His "This is personal" face is epic.
  • The "Super Smash Bros. for Wii U - 50-Fact Extravaganza" stream that aired on October 23, 2014 actually went up to 54. The last one confirmed that Mewtwo will be back as Downloadable Content for both titles in Spring 2015! It was narrated by the actual in-game announcer, with ham levels better heard than described.
  • 5 PLAYER SMASH! ... 6 PLAYER SMASH! ... and while we're at it: 8 PLAYER SMASH!
    • Even more awesome was how Sakurai's "Pic of the Day" was like the day after. Who was shown? All eight fighters from the original Smash Brothers on Battlefield. It's been this far since the first game.
    • The second picture? All of the introduced newcomers (other than Lucina and Bowser Jr, who are an unlockable and 3DS unlockable respectively) on Big Battlefield.
    • Thanks to 8-Player Smash, we are able to have Mario, Link, Pikachu, Pac-Man, Mega Man, Sonic, Ryu, and Cloud not only in the same game, but on-screen at the same time. This is bound to go down as a great achievement in video game history.
  • The intro for the Wii U version is pretty awesome. It may be panned for simply using gameplay footage combined with the newcomer trailers, but it's still awesome to see all of the iconic video game mascots together accompanied by the epic Smash Bros. 4 theme (the Battlefield mix). The first part of the intro music is taken from the beginning SSB 4 announcement trailer, watching both in comparison really shows how far the game has come since its announcement. Towards the end of the intro, the three third-party characters are shown, letting people know that this Smash Bros. experience combines Mario with three other of video game history's most famous mascots.
  • Some of the titles on the Boxing Ring stage are just plain cool. Special mention goes to:
  • Lucas is back. Repeat, Lucas is back! This is awesome for two reasons. One, Lucas is back, and two this means other DLC characters may come back as well! We may see characters like Wolf come back!
    • Lucas's return itself is awesome and brings his character full-circle from when he started in Brawl. No longer the timid, cowardly boy, he pulls a Big Damn Heroes and saves Ness after Ness had been getting thrashed by various fighters.
  • The very foundations of the Super Smash Bros. fandom shook when the Smash Bros Fighter Ballot was announced, to the point that other gaming companies felt the aftershock. They have taken notice and have said they'd be okay with Nintendo using their characters and are urging people to vote for them. Nintendo also pointed out that third-party characters are eligible for the ballot, showing not only considerable care for the fans, but also that they're willing to work with the other companies, and that is nothing short of amazing. Some notable examples:
    • Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Studios (as in the creator of the Xbox), has publicly announced that he would support Banjo & Kazooie as DLC. A very powerful statement coming from what could be considered a rival company to Nintendo, especially since they'd kept the Banjo-Kazooie series to themselves after buying out Rare. The series started on the Nintendo 64 and is remembered fondly by many a Nintendo fan.
    • Konami retweeted this post of someone voting for Snake, indicating that they may want Snake to rejoin the fight despite Hideo Kojima (who recently quit the company) no longer being able to pull for him. He is a veteran from Brawl and has a very unique play style, so fans are hopeful.
    • Indie developer WayForward is as eager to see their heroine Shantae join the fight as their fans are, going so far as to provide her alternate skins (Smash-related portion of the article begins about halfway through). The Shantae series has had three games on Nintendo systems starting as far back as the Game Boy Color days, with a fourth in the works, so getting her in as DLC would be absolutely huge for the company.
    • Other popular indie protagonists including Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knight, Nicalis' Quote and Team Meat's Meat Boy are also being pushed by their respective developers. They're not as long-lived as the rest and are multi-platform titles rather than Nintendo-exclusive, but as seen with Lucas, fan favorites aren't out of the question.
    • Ubisoft has also announced that they would be fine with fans voting for Rayman in the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot. Considering that Rayman has had quite the history with Nintendo and has been a much-wanted character for years (in the west, at least), it's not a big surprise that many fans want to see The Limbless Wonder appear alongside Mega Man and Pacman in Smash Bros. but the fact that Ubisoft wants to see this happen is pretty awesome.
      • But it all paled in comparison to the E3 announcement (which, admittedly had been leaked over the weekend). While Roy was a first-partier and a veteran of past Smash Bros. games, the mood of Nintendo's announcement can be summarized in six words: HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!!! RYU
    • Even the staff of Artix Entertainment are petitioning for Artix to be voted to appear in Super Smash Bros., from what Alina of the AE staff says.
    • Also, the staff of GalaxyTrail join in the fun, stating that fans of Freedom Planet have a chance to vote for Sash Lilac to join the Smash Bros. roster.
    • One reason that might not be that obvious: Smash traditionally adds in new characters based on fan requests and popularity, though these polls are generally based in Japan. With the Smash Ballot, opinions are far more global and all encompassing: meaning even if your character doesn't get voted in, Nintendo can still see the popularity and give that character a thought for Smash 5!
  • The "Palutena's Guidance" snippet for DLC characters implies that they've forced their way into the fights from another dimension entirely.
  • The June 14 Smash Direct, the day before E3 kicked off, was masterfully played. Lucas was announced to be released on that date, and by now the fact that Roy and a Street Fighter character had data previously planted in the game was common knowledge. So the Direct went on pleasantly, but with not much by way of any real surprises for the foreseeable future - until at the very end, when Sakurai casually announced that not only Lucas and the day's promised content, but Roy, Ryu, several brand-new costumes, a returning stage and a new stage (adding over a dozen new songs to the game) would all be available immediately. The result? The Nintendo E-Shop absolutely broke with the highest traffic it's ever seen in years - not even Earthbound caused that much of a boom. Even when leaked, Sakurai still takes us all by surprise.
  • Was there a third-party character you wanted in the game, but wasn't included? Fret not, for they may be available as a DLC costume for Mii Fighters. As such, it's possible to include other characters that didn't make the cut for the regular roster, such as Proto Man, X, Zero, MegaMan.EXE, Akira Yuki, Jacky Bryant, and Heihachi Mishima.
    • And as of July 31st, that list got bigger, including costumes of King K. Rool, Chrom, the Black Knight, the Flying Man, and even Lloyd Irving!
    • September 30th gives us costumes based on Toad, Viridi, and Monster Hunter. What's more, you get business suits to make Mii Fighters of company staff such as Shigeru Miyamoto, Reggie Fils-Aimé, and even Masahiro Sakurai himself!
    • December 16th brings us...a Chocobo hat with no costume asides, but it also gives us a Geno costume! After all these years of people joking about Geno being owned by Square Enix, it's finally being noticed. And all it took was Cloud getting in the game.
    • Finally, February 2016 is giving us costumes based on Ashley, Tails, Knuckles, Takamaru, and even Gil!
  • Really, just the fact that the level 9 CPUs have improved as much as they have over the years. They've gotten good enough to competitive smash players. That's Jtails, a competitive smash player who defeated Mew2King, losing to a level 9 CPU.
  • Bowser's known as, "King of the Koopas," on the sign on the boxing ring in both the USA and European version. What is he known as in the Japanese version, "Great Demon King of the Turtle Tribe"!
    • Really, a lot of the Japanese names are bizarre and somewhat beautiful. For example, Yoshi is known as "Glutton of Yo'ster Isle", Bowser Jr. is known as "The Versatile Chariot", Kirby is known as "Pink Demon", Villager is known as "Preacher of the Slow Life", Shulk is known as "Power Hidden Within Gentleness", and Sheik is known as "Whirlwind that Dances in the Darkness."
  • On the November 12, 2015, Nintendo Direct, the first one after Iwata's death, Nintendo knew it was time to drop yet another major bombshell.
      • For being from a game that never touched a Nintendo system and being known now as a huge emo, his trailer was filled with moments that come straight from the game. From the opening song used at the start instead of the standard opener for SSB character trailers, the battle transition perfectly mimicking the original, both the original and Advent Children costumes (with matching swords), pulling Omnislash from the film, and that little nod to Cloud's seasickness when he's dizzy on the King of Red Lions. It felt like as much of a love letter as all of the other trailers have been, and for a game that has never appeared on a Nintendo system. That is awesome, and that is love for the art.
  • On a meta level, Cloud's inclusion means that even characters without many major games on Nintendo systems are fair game for inclusion. The sky became the limit on that day.
    • After the initial shock wore off, the question on everybody's mind was "Does this mean that Cloud won the Smash Ballot?". Immediately after the trailer, the answer comes - a special broadcast the following month will reveal all. When Cloud Strife joining Smash Bros is a mere bonus in addition to what is to come, the possibilities are simply staggering.
  • At the beginning of the final Smash Direct, Corrin, the protagonist of of Fire Emblem Fates was announced as the sixth DLC character. Despite a Vocal Minority groaning at having another FE character in the roster, the sheer audacity of his reveal trailer turned most of the viewer's opinions around. It also helps that his moveset is vastly unlike any of the previous Fire Emblem characters', revolving around Corrin's Manakete powers, giving one last breath of fresh air from the series after Robin. And speaking of Robin, like him/her, Corrin also comes in both male and female flavors.
    • Their Final Smash, Torrential Roar, is a sight to behold! It starts with Corrin drawing in nearby enemies, transforming into full dragon form, and finally blasting them away with a MASSIVE vortex of water!
  • The nature of the Smash Ballot was finally revealed, being a There Can Be Only One deal. So who was the big winner? Three words: BAYONETTA GETS WICKED! According to the game's final announcement video, Bayonetta was one of the top five most requested characters in America and the number one choice in Europe, therefore making her the most requested (and negotiable) character in the entire ballot. Congratulations, PlatinumGames!
    • Eiji Funahashi at Platinum Games, clearly very excited by Bayonetta's inclusion for Smash Bros, creates this newcomer illustration, the final one revealed for Smash 4, and rightfully so. It includes a third of the game's enormous roster in loving detail with tons of clever little touches all over the place.
    • Bayonetta's inclusion is just further proof that Nintendo's brawler series is a love letter to video games—they could have come up with any number of excuses not to include her, legitimate excuses, and not have to deal with the trouble of her being walking, talking innuendo being ported to a game that is decidedly more kid-friendly. And yes, while they definitely tone her down from her home series, not only do they bring her into the game, her trailer is as much a love letter as any other so far. This may be the crowning moment for Smash 4—nobody but nobody believed it would actually happen. Even the people voting for her and hoping for her didn't think it was possible to make her work within Smash Bros, but Nintendo rose to the challenge.
    • Something else to think about. When the Fighter Ballot was announced, many developers started rallying their fans to vote for their characters to be voted in. Hideki Kamiya on the other hand, had been getting so many requests to get Bayonetta in Smash ever since the game's announcement that he had to block and reprimand millions of people. Despite this, Bayonetta still won.
  • Simply the magnitude of the roster star power increasing so dramatically from Brawl. When Snake and Sonic were introduced, it was a massive deal to have just two characters that were from third party developers. Now we have six.
  • So the ballot ended on October 6th, 2015 note , and Bayonetta was announced as the winner of the ballot on December 15th, 2015. In other words, Sakurai somehow managed to get a character to be at least presentablenote  in just about 2 months time. Now that is very impressive. Especially considering his tendinitis in his arm.

  • This Brawl Hack to let Ganondorf use his sword. It even broke Link's Heroic Mime status, causing him to talk in Leet Speak.
  • Ganondorf yells "This! Is! Sparta!" with predictable results against a Pikmin.
  • When Snake answers a codec call and is greeted by Slippy, who has apparently hacked into the channel. He even goes "Snake? SNAAAAAAKE!" if you get KO'd during the conversation!
  • Outside of The Subspace Emissary, every character has a Moment of Awesome in the form of their Final Smash, which is exactly what it sounds like. See them all here, but be forewarned: overdoses of awesome are common. Viewer discretion is advised.
    • For at least one recognition, Luigi's Brawl Final Smash, which is an acid trip and a little scary at the same time.
    • Yoshi's final smash, in which that cute little character that nobody ever pays much attention to becomes a colossal Badass fire breathing dragon, based off of his color-based powers from Super Mario World.
    • If there's at least one good thing that can be said about the hacking situation with Brawl, it's that it demonstrates that super-sizing Lucario and having him let loose a screen-filling Kamehameha-esque Final Smash will make your head asplode and cause everything in your room to be displaced by the atmosphere of intense awesome.
    • Kirby's has him transforming into Ultra Sword Kirby and unleash a barrage of slashes on them before the sword grows even bigger and he lands the final blow, complete with a dramatic yell and rainbows. Seeing the adorable puffball do a full 360 from being mainly just cute to a complete Badass is awesome.
  • A real-life meets video game Moment of Awesome was at E3 when the Brawl Trailer was unveiled and, after having seemingly ended, was followed by a codec conversation between the Colonel and Snake and, with his theme music playing, Snake coming out from under his signature cardboard box and getting his name plastered on the screen. One of the most favored characters was revealed to be a third-party character for a game that was already Made of Awesome, and Gamers around the world suffered a Heroic BSOD because of it.
  • A CMOA not for the characters, but for Koji Kondo, Shogo Sakai, Kazumi Totaka, Kentaro Ishizaka, et al.: never before have such wonderful melodies graced players' ears. Absolutely beautiful.
  • Searching for "epic Falcon Punch kills/KOs/wins/victory/etc." on Youtube will reveal a whole host of incredible, self-made CMOAs by players who have managed to pull off absolutely epic KOs with one of the slowest, most powerful moves in the game. Possibly popularized by this off-the-stage victory over Giga Bowser in Melee, or maybe the infamous Falcon Punch in the anime, but now these range from triple kills and handballs to just-as-epic off-the-stage reverse spin victories, miraculous teammate saves and messing with Captain Falcon's real Final Smash to get the desired result.
  • One final Moment Of Awesome goes to Hideo Kojima, who designed the Shadow Moses Island stage. During the stage, the wall in the background will occasionally collapse, revealing a Metal Gear Rex, Ray, or a pair of roaming GEKKOs. Anyone who has played through Metal Gear Solid 4 should by now realize that these were not random references: Snake and Ocelot would eventually return to the island and battle each other in the Rex and the Ray respectively right after an army of Gekkos self-destruct and destroy the Shadow Moses base. It takes balls to do your Foreshadowing in someone else's game. Let alone using the very definition of purely concentrated Nintendo fanservice to advertise the PS3's killer app.
  • A footnote: one common pastime of high-level Smashers is to compile each others' little CMOAs into "combo videos". Some examples, but feel free to search for more.
  • Anytime someone is hit with a Difficult but Awesome move, like Ganondorf's Warlock Punch, or Captain Falcon's knee of justice.
    • Truly one of the most awesome thing you can do is the 180 Falcon/Warlock punch. Basically, if you push the control stick to the opposite direction at the right moment Cpt. Falcon/Ganondorf will turn around and punch the opponent so hard that it can cause an easy K.O.
  • Go on Big Blue with either Wario or Sonic. Give Wario a Smash Ball and have him ride his bike while giving Sonic a Bunny Hood. Congratulations, now you've given both characters the ability to keep up with the immensely fast cars.
    • Sonic plus the Bunny Hood plus the Super Hot Curry equals Sonic outrunning the racers.
  • The Smash Bros. Invitational for E3 had many many scenes. But the one that really stood was the cheers that the audience had when they saw Mega Man's Final Smash. The announcers were going crazy screaming, "SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT! MEGA MAN! FIGHTING TO SAVE THE WORLD!" It was no doubt that he immediately won the fan-favorite vote.
    • Hype for Mega Man's Final Smash is so big, it even occurs during much smaller events, like local Bestbuy demos: Mega Man Final Smash activated properly but as combined laser beam of five Mega Men was just about to hit, time ran out.
    • Celebrity match had another great Final Smash by Zelda Williams' Greninja: MAXIMUM SPIDER!!.
    • At the end of the tournament, Hungry Box has had a disappointing match against ZeRo, but Reggie comes out to congratulate them both. Reggie admits that he's not very good at Smash himself, but with it being on a mobile console, he's going to get better. Then what does Reggie say to one of the best Smash 4 players, and possibly the best Jiggs player in the community? What does he say?
    Reggie: "Okay, so, I spend 16 hours a day running a company..."
  • This fan-made character reveal trailer for the Chorus Kids is very well made. It led many people to believe that this was an actual trailer and those who found out it was fan-made, dearly wish for the Chorus Kids to join the battle.
  • This fan-made trailer for Mario is full of Visual Effects of Awesome. It features Mario (from Brawl) running through the streets of Tokyo to make it to the Super Smash Bros. tournament building.
  • Sakurai Directs to You which was made for Sakurai's 44th birthday. Which features Sakurai moving to the tunes of past and present Kirby games. Especially the ending and the moment where Dedede and Kirby are moving their arms along with him.
    • "Sakurai Directs Forever!"
  • THIS glorious clip of complete tag-team annihilation from the 3DS version, known on the Smash tournament circuit as a "wombo combo". Captain Falcon and Little Mac double sucker punch Greninja with a deadly Falcon Punch/KO Uppercut combination attack so brainbustingly awesome the game starts to lag. (Warning: LOUD)
  • How powerful Amiibo can be in Smash Bros. For example, according to this, someone had a Mario Amiibo, and after eventually finding out that it was starting to win, the guy's response was to pit it against some CPU opponents with an intensity of 9.0! And Mario kicked the CPU opponents in the butt. Awesome!
  • One of the great things to come from the Wii U game's Stage Builder is a fun custom game called "Smashketball", where players construct a basketball court with downward-pointing cannons as hoops and lava for backboards. The objective is to KO your opponent by tossing them through the "hoops". Watch it in action!
  • Apex 2015, the biggest Smash tournament in history, was scheduled to last from Friday, January 30, 2015 to Sunday, February 1, 2015. Though it had already dealt with some issues (such as sexual harassment allegations being leveled against the head TO, Alex Strife, by several female Smashers; Strife stepped down from his position after this came to light), it looked like that was all behind and there was nothing that could go wrong. But then, on Friday morning, a fire alarm went off at the hotel where it was being hosted; though it was a false alarm, it summoned the fire marshall, who found that the hotel lacked permits needed for hosting a gathering of that size and that the building was not structurally sound due to damage from a recent blizzard. (Seen here is the parking garage, which is partially collapsed.) Just when it seemed like all hope was lost and the event was going to be cancelled - in front of Nintendo, who were sponsoring it for the first time ever, no less - the Tournament Organizers went into overdrive, and were able to find a new venue with the help of Twitch. Within hours, they were already transporting the gear over to the new place, and by the end of the day it was all set up. A revised 2-day schedule, with no events cut, was published by the end of the night. It looked like the event was going to be cancelled, but through sheer refusal to give up, the Smashers at Apex turned it around.
  • Competitive player ZeRo, currently the best player for Smash 4 by a wide margin, is so dominant in the game that the tournament organizer for CEO 2015 put a bounty on his head for whoever manages to beat him. And he STILL won.
    • In fact, ZeRo would go to hold one of the longest tournament winning streaks in the Smash community until he was finally brought down by his rival Nairo in the MLG tournament. He may no longer be the undisputed best, but let us reiterate that the dude won 53 straight tournaments before finally losing. 53. And he still shows good sportsmanship afterwards.
  • Disappointed that there were no Palutena's Guidances Conversations for the DLC characters? No problem! The people at Zelda Universe TV made a fan-dub for the first four DLC characters! Not only are the voices nearly spot on, but they plan to do ones for Corrin, Bayonetta, and Cloud!