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Trivia: Super Smash Bros.

  • Actor Allusion:
  • Colbert Bump: Thanks to the star power of the more well-known Nintendo franchises like Mario and Zelda, more obscure Nintendo properties like Ice Climber, MOTHER, and Fire Emblem get a lot of exposure through representation in Smash. The Fire Emblem representation even led to every game from Blazing Sword and onward to be localized internationally.note 
  • Creator Backlash: While Sakurai is indeed proud of the work done on Melee, he regrets gearing it toward dedicated gamers, saying that it caused the accessibility level to go down (i.e. the game had a high learning curve for those wanting to get into the tournament scene due to several (in)famous glitches/exploits that required a bit of dexterity and muscle memory to pull off even half of the time such as "wavedashing", SHFFLing (Short-Hop, Fast-Fall, Lag Cancel), etc. quickly becoming the standard for high level competitive play). This was more or less the antithesis of Sakurai's vision of a fun easy to pick up and play fighting game (the man has even said that the high learning curve of most modern day fighting games is a glaring problem in the genre as a whole). He also has regrets with making Brawl too accessible (i.e. the game had several controversial mechanics that rubbed competitive players the wrong way such as tripping, acting out of hitstun, the physics engine being a little too much on the floaty side, etc.). Thus, his M.O. for 4 is to help find a compromise between competitive and casual players. This effort seems to have succeeded to a good degree, although some Melee and Project M purists are vocal in expressing dislike toward the game.
  • Dear Negative Reader: In an interview with Famitsu, Sakurai has called out people who insult him for including Moveset Clones in the roster, labeling them as "children" who aren't satisfied with they are given and don't understand how game development works.note 
  • Defictionalization: Since Melee, the series has involved collections of in-game character trophies. As of Wii U/3DS, Nintendo is making real-life Smash trophies as part of their "amiibo" NFC figure line.
  • Development Gag: Brawl!Sheik is actually based off some early Twilight Princess concept art. Though Sheik didn't reappear in Twilight Princess, the design, including the braided hair and thigh wrappings, was used in Brawl and then again for Sheik's appearance in the fourth game.
  • Doing It for the Art: What would be pretty much the base for the entire series. You really have to admire all of the extras and the songs they created for the game specifically. Even lesser-known games get revived by just being featured in the game, Kid Icarus being one such example.
  • Dueling Games: A subversion: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Sony Computer Entertainment isn't trying to deny they're playing Follow the Leader, but, contrary to popular belief, they aren't trying to "compete" with Smash (especially seeing that Brawl came out several years earlier), but rather just have their own equivalent.
  • Fandom Nod: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS's random online multiplayer has a "For Fun" mode that explicitly removes Final Destination, a stage notorious for being played frequently by both competitive players and stereotypical wannabes. The "For Glory" (competitive) mode turns off items and does have Final Destination... in fact it only has Final Destination. Almost every stage in the game has an optional Final Destination version that keeps the backgrounds and textures but reduces the playing field to a flat platform, and For Glory exclusively uses these versions.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • The most relevant in competitive play is "shine," the down-special move of Fox and Falco. This term is much more accepted in the community because it implies its usage as an attack, rather than as a reflector (the official name).
    • The fourth game, itself having a Recycled Title, often is referred to as "Sm4sh" or "Smash 4" for ease of recognition. Before the reveal of the actual title, /v/ called the fourth game's subtitle "Kerfuffle", and due to the somewhat confusing subtitle it's often still referred to that. Indeed, the nickname became so popular Googling "Super Smash Bros. Kerfuffle" will give you the official website and Wikipedia articles as the top results.
    • Randall, the cloud from Yoshi's Story in Melee, is considered the god of fate in competitive play. Expect to see a lot of incredible wins and defeats thanks to him.
    • Captain Falcon's forward aerial KNEE OF JUSTICE!!!
    • Ganondorf's forwards tilt from Brawl onwards, a straight kick, is commonly known as "Sparta Kick." His forward aerial is known as Skullcrusher.
    • Peach's Vegetables are known as "turnips" in the competitive community.
    • Pokémon Trainer is referred to as Red heavily often due to various factors. The biggest one is that it's Red's design in FireRed/LeafGreen. Trainer's voice is also extremely similar to Ash's, giving him that natural nickname (this doesn't include the fact that he has the same Pokémon as Ash's outside of Ivysaur).
    • The Wii Fit Trainer is known as "Miss Fit", both to distinguish her from the other "trainer" and in reference to her being an Unexpected Character.
    • Mac's obese alter-ego from Captain Rainbow has already been dubbed "Big Mac" by a few fans.
    • Greninja is either called "Frog Strider" by fighting game fans, or "Disco Ninja Frog." Also, Narutoad.
    • Kamehameha for Lucario's Final Smash in Brawl, and Hadouken for its Aura Sphere, due to looking like each respective non-Pokémon move.
    • Omnislash for Kirby's Ultra Sword Final Smash in Smash 4, due to both being rainbow-colored Spam Attacks using enormous swords.
    • Mega Man's Final Smash, calling forth his various incarnations to combine their Mega Busters in a single, powerful blast, has drawn a lot of comparisons to Power Rangers/Super Sentai; the general version is "Power Rangers, Fire!!" but Toku fans sometimes make more specific references like "Forever Blue", "Mega Legend Dream", or "It's Time for Final Buster!" It has also gained the nickname "Backstreet's Back" primarily thanks to this video. Greatest Five is infrequently tossed around, thanks in part to that Dual Crash summoning five of the Belmont Clan's all-time greats, not unlike Mega Man's Final Smash.
    • Maximum Greninja for Greninja's Final Smash, due to its similarities to Maximum Spider (particularly the MvC3 version).
      • In the vein of Marvel vs. Capcom references, Ragnarok is equally common, in line with the above "Frog Strider" nickname.
      • To a much lesser extent, Zansei Roga, with the final attack of both moves actually resembling one another quite nicely. Lampshaded by D1 during the celebrity match at E3 2014's Smash Bros. Invitational when, after Zelda's Greninja successfully lands Night Slash, D1 yells out, "SLASH!" note , followed by "This ain't Guilty Gear!" soon after. (Sadly, as of this writing, Baiken's Tatami Gaeshi has only caught on for a few players in regards to the Mat Block leading into Night Slash, ironic because Tatami Gaeshi is the actual original name for Mat Block in Japanese.)
      • There are others who dub it Shouou Jin'eizan (helped by the fact that Bandai Namco themselves are co-developing the game) or Blut Vollmond.
    • One reporter dubbed Villager's Final Smash as the "Habitat for Inhumanity."
    • A few members of Nintendo's Treehouse refer to a Villager in the hands of a skilled player as "Killager." In the hands of Bill Trinen, he's known as the "Billager."
    • With the large amount of playable female characters in the fourth Smash Bros. game, a few fans have started to refer to it as "Super Bash Sisters" after a line of Palutena's from Kid Icarus: Uprising.
    • The hunkiness of Ike, Little Mac, and Captain Falcon have lent the name "Super Smash Bara" to the fourth game.
    • With the addition of Shulk's swimsuit alt., Samus' Fusion alt., and Captain Falcon's prominent bulge and ass, the game's been gaining the nickname "Sexy Smash Bros." fairly quickly.
    • Color TV-Game 15 is almost always called "Pong", either due to the Weird Al Effect or easier pronunciation.
    • 360 No Scope for Robin's Thoron where Robin spins his/her body in a 360 degree motion prior to firing Thoron, which has one of the fastest muzzle velocities in the game for a projectile and is nearly impossible to block, dodge, or reflect/deflect unless done ahead of time. People have also began calling Thoron Kamehameha because how it closely resembles Goku's Kamehameha in Super Smash Flash 2, which has the same amount of range and damage (17% for Kamehameha and 18% for Thoron with the B button held down). The only differences are that Thoron takes less time to charge, can be stored, is reflectable, and has a 10 second cooldown timer after three Thorons have been fired. It also helps that Lucario lost Aura Storm in 3DS/Wii U and his new Final Smash is now Mega Lucario.
    • "Duck Hunt" is almost universally known as "the Duck Hunt dog", since the former doesn't really fit as a character name or description. Some fans have taken in calling the dog "Duck" and the Duck "Hunt." Apparently the European localization team agreed that "Duck Hunt" didn't make a good name, since that version of the game renamed them the "Duck Hunt Duo."
    • Dr. Mario's Final Smash, which involves giant pills, is sometimes called "Lethal Dosage" or "Overdose."
    • Ganondorf's blue alternate costume seems to have gained the terms "Smurfendorf" and "Ganonsmurf."
    • Mega Man's Mega Buster shots are frequently called "lemons."
    • Dr. Mario is usually just called "Doc" or "the Doc."
    • Rosalina and Luma is often shortened to "Rosaluma."
    • Oil Panic, Mr. Game & Watch's down special, is usually referred to as the "Bucket."
    • Little Mac's punching barrage has been dubbed by some as ORAORAORAORAORA.
    • Due to similarities between StreetSmash and a certain token-based mini-game, it's been known in some circles as "Tin Pin Smash."
    • Captain Fabulous for Pink Captain Falcon.
    • Pink Dong for Pink Donkey Kong.
    • DIC Bowser for Green Bowser, which is more likely based on his sprite from Super Mario World.
    • Before their official names were revealed, the five forms of Master Core were known as Sapient, Scorpio, Swords, Simulacrum and Source. To keep with the theme, some call Master Fortress "Subterrane," "Stronghold," or just "Stage."
    • Almost everyone refers to the first game's starter cast note  collectively as the Original Eight (or the Original Twelve, if the secret characters note  are involved.)
  • Game Mod: The community has an extensive collection of codes for Brawl that can change everything from the mobility of the picture camera to default versus mode settings. Also, several full-on codesets were created to greatly modify Brawl, essentially turning it into different games:
    • Brawl+ changes everything from characters to game physics. It's no longer being worked on because of its decentralized development, over-frequent patching, lack of a strong idea on what the mod is supposed to be and the fact that it's still not Melee. It wasn't at all a waste of time, however, because Plus became the starting point for the mod team's next mod: Project M, which unlike Plus, specifically modifies Brawl to play like Melee.
    • Balanced Brawl mostly balances the characters by buffing all of them and only nerfing a select few, while keeping the core gameplay and physics as close to regular Brawl as possible. Also, there's no random tripping.
    • Brawl- might be considered a parody of the above; whereas Plus and Balanced try to balance the characters by making them stronger and weaker in essential, Minus makes balance by breaking everyone. Its physics and attacks also make it much faster-paced than Brawl.
    • Project M is made to be the "true" successor of Melee (Brawl being a general installment of the series). Currently in its first "final release", it emulates the Melee physics engine while also adding in tweaks, major and minor, to the Melee veteran characters as well as the Brawl newcomers (along with bringing back the much-mourned Mewtwo and Roy) so that they play both Melee-esque and competitively viable. For instance, Fox:M is exactly like Melee Fox, Snake:M is geared more towards quick tactical approaches, rather than his grenade-camping metagame established in Brawl, and Mewtwo:M is an Implacable Man with an unparalleled recovery and aerial game rather than than the "that guy who dies in one hit" that he was in Melee. This mod also changed most of the stages to be tourney-legal, and including a few stages from Smash 64, along with adding two original stages — Dracula's Castle and the Training Room. Once decried as just being a product of “Stop Having Fun” Guys out to "ruin a perfect game" during its demo phase, it's since become its own Super Smash Bros. installment in its own right.
    • Melee: SD Remix is a fan-made patch for Melee that balances the cast by emphasizing the characters' inherent strengths (much like the more minimalistic designs used in Project M) and provides more tourney-viable stages.
    • The community is big on character and stage mods, which in practicality come in handy for team matches by making characters that look too similar in every color slot (e.g. Sonic, Charizard) easier to distinguish (Red Sonic, Green Charizard). Other than that, it's quite entertaining seeing Hatsune Miku fight Boba Fett in The Great Desert.
  • God Never Said That: Masahiro Sakurai has been on the receiving end of this more often than not:
    • Some people insisted that Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS would have less characters than Brawl because Sakurai said so. What he actually said was that if adding characters was the only thing he did, the game wouldn't be any better. Even when the pre-launch revealed roster for Smash 4 exceeded 30, with many veterans still unannounced, and months to go before the 3DS version's release, such people still insisted the cast was going to be smaller than Brawl's 39.
    • He did not say third-party characters have to originate in a video game when he listed the Brawl third-party criteria. He only said "no manga/anime characters" and that was it when it came to their "origins."
    • When Sakurai lamented about The Subspace Emissary cutscenes being uploaded onto the internet and said he wasn't going to have cutscenes like that in Smash 4 because of it, many people took it to mean that Sakurai abhorred spoilers and would thus not try to keep any content secret in Smash 4. What Sakurai actually lamented, though, was since the cutscenes were something that could only really be enjoyed on a first viewing, that a player would not need to actually buy and play the game to enjoy them if they could just watch them on YouTube, i.e. the massive amount of development and space that was put into the cutscenes went to waste as people who didn't own and play the game could just watch them on YouTube. Thus it was simply more feasible for Sakurai to put all that development and space into the actual game.
    • Many are insisting that Mii Fighters were not worth the development effort because they're not allowed online. They're actually not allowed online on "With Anyone" mode; they're still fair game in "With Friends." They are also the new Multi-Man mooks.
    • Before Mewtwo as announced as the first DLC character, many were insisting that U/3DS would not have any DLC because Sakurai said that he didn't want any DLC. What he really said was that he wants to make the game as complete as possible, and that he wasn't opposed to the idea and would consider it once he felt satisfied with the released product.
    • Sakurai never said that "Ridley is too big"; it came from an argument between fans on SmashBoards that somehow got misattributed to him. His actual response to the question (which was in a Nintendo Power interview) was that Ridley would probably be impossible, but said (in a likely joking manner) that if they put in their best effort, they could do it, but he would be really slow (also implying that their "best effort" would radically change him). However, Sakurai did eventually state that Ridley would've been ridiculously scaled down... therefore, he would be too big (among other things).
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • I Knew It:
    • People figured out that the Ancient Minister was R.O.B. all along in Brawl from looking at the shape of the Subspace Army's logo. It's a Gyromite disk.
    • Now seriously, who didn't expect Mega Man to join the cast?
    • Many people also predicted Villager (since the only content related to Animal Crossing that was missing in Brawl was a playable character), Miis (the precedent being Mario Kart Wii), Palutena (because of the popularity of Pit in Brawl as well as Sakurai's involvement in Kid Icarus: Uprising), and Pac-Man (because of Namco's input in the game).
    • An early screenshot for the fourth game showed Kirby in the middle of a starry sky. Several people predicted that this starry sky was a Super Mario Galaxy stage. Sometime after the stage was revealed, a lot of people were speculating that this confirmed that Rosalina would be playable. One month later, the Nintendo Direct proved this to be true.
    • When previews of Pokémon X and Y featured the Mega Evolutions, people were already saying they would be in the fourth Smash game. Lo and behold, Lucario and Charizard have their Mega Evolutions. It didn't hurt that Sakurai himself mentioned that he was considering them if he decided to bring back Lucario or Mewtwo (neither of which were confirmed at that time).
    • The reveal of the Smash Arena boxing ring stage at E3 2013 had people guessing that it would eventually be revealed as a Punch Out stage and we'd get a Punch-Out!! character. The latter was confirmed the following February 13, 2014 when Little Mac was revealed to be playable. Then, as of the Smash Bros. Direct on April 8, the stage's icon is revealed to be a boxing glove, confirming it to be the Punch-Out!! stage.
    • A fan managed to piece together the full layout of the Garden of Hope stage from development screenshots before it was officially revealed in the 04/08/14 Smash Direct.
    • Several had guessed that the Wii U version would come out on November 21st in North America, given how Nintendo usually releases a big game one week before Black Friday.
    • People figured that an 8-Player Smash mode might have been available upon looking at unused data. It justifies that if 8 Ice Climbers were to cause slowdown on the 3DS version, how would 16 Ice Climbers look like on the Wii U version? This isn't even going into characters with multiple forms (Zelda, Samus, Pokémon Trainer).
    • Fans have thought up the idea of Pit and Palutena (and Viridi) having conversations about Pit's opponents much like Snake's Codecs in Brawl, even coming up with some on this site's Just for Fun page. Turns out it actually exists on the Wii U version.
    • A couple of people figured that the tagline for Duck Hunt's trailer would be "Duck Hunt Takes Aim!"
    • Many people correctly predicted that Duck Hunt would get their own stage in the Wii U version, as the Wii Fit Trainer doesn't have any home stage in the 3DS version, but has the same Classic Mode stages as Duck Hunt.
  • Killer App: The Super Smash Bros. series reached the point that its arrival on a new console is almost as anticipated, if not more so, than Mario's.
    • Melee sold over 7 million units, making it the biggest system seller for the GameCube. It's also the killer app of the series because it created the tournament scene for the series, and it still has its own tournaments ten years after its release.
    • Brawl has sold over 11 million units, making it the 8th best-selling game for the Wii. It's also notable for being one of Nintendo's fastest-selling game ever in the United States upon its release, selling over 874,000 copies on launch day alone.
  • Magnum Opus Dissonance: As mentioned above, while Melee is popular at tournaments, Sakurai dislikes that the game is too competitive for casual audiences to get into and considers Brawl a better game (though tourney players disagree, coming full circle). Some tourney players have however taken a liking to the Project M mod, proving that while those players prefer Melee's controls, they acknowledge that other changes in Brawl (graphics, smoothness, characters, or at the very least, ability to mod) are worthwhile.
  • Marth Debuted in Smash Bros.: The Trope Namer:
    • Marth's debut game (technically a remake thereof) did not appear in American and European markets until 2010, almost nine years after his first exposure to Western audiences. Lip's Stick also has yet to be seen in its natural habitat.
    • If you lived in the UK or anywhere else in Europe, Ness can be this in the first three games, since his game was never released over there. Ironically, this predates the Trope Namer, Marth.
    • MOTHER 3 was never officially released worldwide, and the Fan Translation wasn't completed until long after Brawl hit shelves. Some people didn't even know EarthBound had a sequel until Lucas's reveal on the roster.
    • A couple Assist Trophies fall under this, namely the Devil World Devil and Helirin from Kuru Kuru Kururin. Saki Amamiya from Sin and Punishment just barely averted this, with S&P getting a Wii Virtual Console release five months before Brawl debuted.
    • Smash 4 has Assist Trophies that fall under this, namely Prince Sable from For The Frog The Bell Tolls. Narrowly averted for Takamaru, though, as Mysterious Murasame Castle finally got an international release between his reveal and the Smash release.
    • A stage example: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U has a stage based on Yoshi's Woolly World, which at the time of Smash's release would not be released until the following year.
  • Meme Acknowledgment:
    • A Metroid trophy in the 3DS game explains that Samus' Power Suit lets her roll up into a ball so that she doesn't have to crawl — more than likely a reference to the "y cant metroid crawl?" meme.
    • Collecting every piece of Mii Gear yields a message that says "Your body is ready!"
    • One of the randomized usernames you can get in Wii U is FILS-A-MEK, after the character in the video Nintendo made announcing what they were showing at E3 2014.
  • Name's the Same:
    • Several jokes have been made about there being two Roys in the series; Roy from Fire Emblem and Roy Koopa. If you want to be technical, there's also Colonel Roy Campbell, Snake's Mission Control.
    • Please don't confuse the Starman from EarthBound with the invincibility item from Super Mario Bros..
  • No Budget: It's sometimes hard to notice, but the original N64 title, which was a mere side project for Sakurai to work on during weekends. Nobody, not even Nintendo, was expecting it to fare as well as it did. The sequels have proper budgets to go with their status as a major Nintendo franchise.
  • The Other Darrin: A few characters have had their voices recast over the years, often to match their changing voices in their series of origin.
    • Master Hand and Crazy Hand have been voiced by different actors in each iteration, sharing their voices with the announcer of each game: Jeff Manning in 64, Dean Harrington in Melee, Pat Cashman in Brawl, and Xander Mobus in U/3DS
    • With the transition from the Ocarina of Time character designs in Melee to those of Twilight Princess in Brawl, Link and Ganondorf's voices shifted accordingly. Link went from Nobuyuki Hiyama to Akira Sasanuma, and Ganondorf from Takashi Nagasako to Hironori Miyata.
    • While Fox in 64 and Melee used his Japanese voice, Shinobu Satouchi, during gameplay, the secret taunts on Corneria were voiced in English by Steve Malpass, his voice from Star Fox Adventures. In Brawl, he switched to Kenji Nojima and Jim Walker, his Japanese and English actors respectively from Star Fox Assault. In the Wii U/3DS installment, Fox uses Mike West, his English VA from Star Fox 64 (and 64 3D), instead.
    • Falco uses his Japanese VA, Hisao Egawa, in Melee, while his Adventures voice, Ben Cullum, voices his secret taunts. However, his English voice in Brawl, Dex Manley, did not voice the character in Assault, but rather fellow Star Fox team member ROB 64. Mark Lund from 64 3D takes over in the English version of the Wii U/3DS game.
    • Each game beginning with Melee features secret taunts on its respective Star Fox stage. Corneria and Venom in Melee had taunts using the Adventures cast, Lylat Cruise in Brawl used the Assault cast (with a few minor recastings), and Orbital Gate Assault in Wii U uses the 64 3D cast. This gets REALLY confusing in Wii U/3DS, when the two combined feature a stage from each game, leading to three different sets of Star Fox actors showing up in the credits.
    • In Melee, Peach is voiced by Jen Taylor, but in Brawl, Samantha Kelly assumes the role, as she did in the Mario series beginning with Mario Strikers Charged. (Though one of Taylor's taunts as Peach can still be heard through the Wii remote speaker when Peach is selected.)
    • In Wii U/3DS, Pit is played by Antony Del Rio, his voice actor from Kid Icarus: Uprising, succeeding Brawl's Lani Minella.
    • This was the original case for Lucario, whose Brawl voice, Bill Rogers, was the Darrin to Sean Schemmel, the voice of the character in Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. However, in a bizarre twist, Schemmel once again assumes the role in Wii U/3DS, becoming the Darrin to the actor who Darrin'd him in the first place.
    • As of Wii U/3DS, Sonic's voice has switched from Jason Griffith in Brawl to Roger Craig Smith, who has held the role in all media from Sonic Colors and Sonic Free Riders onward.
    • Lauren Landa voices female Robin in U/3DS, in place of Michelle Ruff and Wendee Lee from Fire Emblem Awakening.
    • Ali Hillis, who voiced Palutena in Kid Icarus: Uprising, has confirmed that she was not available to voice Palutena in Wii U/3DS. Instead, her friend, Brandy Kopp, took over the role. In fact, all the Kid Icarus characters except the Pits have had their voices changed from Uprising: Patrick Seitz voice-matches Fred Tatasciore as Magnus, Stephanie Komure takes over for Kari Wahlgren as Phosphora, and Julie Parker stands in for Hynden Walch as Viridi.
    • Kosuke Toriumi replaces Matt Harty as Little Mac's voice actor. Since Riley Inge returned to voice Doc Louis, many had thought Harty would have reprised his role as Mac.
  • Promoted Fanboy:
    • Shortly after Brawl was released, Matthew Mercer created and acted in the webseries There Will Be Brawl. Five years later, Mercer actually got to be in the Smash series, reprising his role as Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening for U/3DS.
    • Xander Mobus, the announcer of the fourth game, is a big fan of the series himself.
  • Recursive Adaptation: In a franchise first, the Smash version of Greninja is being released as an event distribution for the Pokémon games.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Not the game itself, but some of Nintendo's lawyers tried to remove Smash Bros. from being streamed at EVO 2013, one of if not the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, most likely due to copyright paranoia. Once the internet found out about this, the negative outcry was so great that Nintendo allowed the game to be streamed. The situation was originally even worse than most people know; Nintendo didn't want Smash to be at EVO at all, and the news that the broadcast was canceled came after a compromise with the EVO officials to at least allow the tournament to take place without the stream. This was averted in 2014, to the point where not only did Nintendo have no problems with Melee being streamed, but they acted as one of the sponsors for that very event. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime himself even made a special video for the event where he wishes the players luck, and gives a shout-out to the fighting game community by saying "no johns." The video can be seen here.
  • Sleeper Hit: The original Super Smash Bros. started a side project by Masahiro Sakurai that Satoru Iwata allowed him to do on the weekends at HAL Laboratory. Eventually Iwata became interested in this "King of the Hill"-like fighter, and the company asked Nintendo if they could use some of their characters. Nintendo was iffy on the entire thing: keeping the budget on the game incredibly small and planning on a Japan-only release. Despite little promotion, the game took off in Japan and was brought to the United States and Europe later that year, becoming a Killer App for the Nintendo 64.
  • Teasing Creator:
    • Pac-Man's reveal trailer, where Mr. Game & Watch shows up at the end to show that the two are the oldest characters in Smash 4, predating even Mario and DK by a year. This was Mr. G&W's only pre-release appearance. In addition, his intro splash was his classic sprite, before revealing Pac-Man's model, acting as a tease for those worried that his latest (and divisive) redesign from Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures would be used.
    • One Smash 4 pic of the day showed a couple of Miis wearing masks and cosplaying, one as Samus and one as Meta Knight; when the latter hadn't been confirmed yet and the caption joked that this was Meta Knight returning in the new game. Two days later the real Meta Knight shows up, with another caption joke claiming that he may have attacked the "imposter" from the first pic.
  • Trolling Creator: As of U/3DS, Sakurai has taken a new level in messing with the fans.
    • The trailer for Rosalina & Luma starts off in a way to trick viewers into thinking that a sequel to Kirby Air Ride was being made. It then shows Kirby appearing in a Mario Kart setting, making everyone believe that he might be DLC for Mario Kart 8. Of course, both turned out to be false.
    • The Waluigi Assist Trophy reveal for Wii U/3DS stands out, as he really seems to be rubbing in the fact that Waluigi isn't playable:
    Once again, Waluigi's Assist Trophy joins the collection!! ...Which also means he’s not a playable character. Just because you try hard doesn't mean you'll make it into the battle.
    • The Takamaru reveal did the same thing, with Takamaru boasting about his abilities and throwing in an "(FYI, I'm an Assist Trophy)" at the end.
    • The Ridley teases were just as bad. Occam's Razor dictated he was just a stage hazard (his shadow was revealed in a video article all about stage hazards). But Sakurai refused to confirm what his role was nor even directly acknowledge him, instead of outright disconfirming and openly acknowledging him like other popularly-requested non-playable characters, which made it highly unclear if Ridley is actually a stage boss or if Sakurai is trolling people into thinking he isn't playable. It turns out he's a boss character in the Wii U version, but he can fight alongside the player who touched him first.
    • The Wii U/3DS Nintendo Direct included a lot of trolling. Introducing the Assist Trophy segment with a Waluigi plush in the scene, dropping yet another Ridley hint, showing off a Palutena trophy before revealing it's actually Pseudo-Palutena, briefly joking that Zero Suit Samus wasn't returning, framing Greninja's silhouette to look like Mewtwo...
    • The trailer for Lucina and Robin ends with Chrom sprawled out on the floor, lamenting that maybe he'll have his chance another day. The trailer then cuts to Chrom in-game... as part of Robin's Final Smash, while the subtitles below say "No, you'll get it today", officially debunking him as a playable character.
    • Other examples coming from the 14th of July update include the first Pic of the Day, depicting a Rayman trophy hours before the character reveal video of Robin and Lucina (tricking people into thinking he was leaking the character reveal early), as well as a caption under Captain Falcon's Miiverse post questioning whether Captain Falcon will get a new game of his own anytime soon (made trollier as Sakurai headed Kid Icarus: Uprising which had jokes about the same problem that in series). Not to mention that this update significantly threw a wrench in the up-until-then accurate Gematsu leak, which correctly predicted most of the newcomers (Unexpected Characters included) but incorrectly predicted that Chrom would be playable. Sakurai has had a lot of fun.
    • There's also the fact that the director of Xenoblade retweeted the Twitter announcement of the character reveal, which led many people to belief that Shulk would be announced weeks before he actually was—this may have been a deliberate bit of misdirection, possibly inspired by the aforementioned leak (which included Shulk in the roster).
    • The pic of the day on the day right before the 50 Facts Extravaganza was a screencap of Duck Hunt's trailer — with the image edited so the dog is blurred out. Come the Direct, many people were expecting Duck Hunt's and Bowser Jr's trailers to show at the end, but only Bowser Jr's showed along with Mewtwo's announcement as DLC. Many people were misled to believe Duck Hunt would receive a trailer that day. However, he did receive a trailer in the November 5 Direct.
    • A troll move from as early as Brawl: Ganondorf's taunt where he pulls out his sword and puts it back. In the development blog, Sakurai even said "people tend to make fun of Ganondorf for [not using his sword]", teasing those who wish Ganondorf to be a sword user. U/3DS continues the trend by keeping said taunt and giving him one sword move as a custom special while still retaining the rest of his original moveset.
  • Trope Namer for:
  • Ur Example: Contrary to popular belief, the original Super Smash Bros for the N64 wasn't the first Platform Fighter game. That title goes to an obscure game released back in 1994 by Namco (now known as Namco Bandai) called The Outfoxies, though the aforementioned game and the SSB games have a lot of differing quirks. On a side note, Namco Bandai just happens to be the company that Nintendo hired to develop the fourth ''SSB'' installment.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda:
    • Rumors of Sonic and Tails being unlockable characters in Melee. In Brawl, the very same rumors actually came to fruition this time around — at least for Sonic. (Tails is just randomly-occurring stage decor, along with Knuckles and Silver.)
    • The announcement that Solid Snake would be joining the roster led to dozens of rumors about other possible characters, including Simon Belmont and Mega Man. In a repeat of the Sonic incident, the latter of these characters actually did make it into the Wii U and 3DS games.
    • There were also some rumors (or at least wishful thinking) that Bomberman would make it into the roster.
    • There was an infamous rumor that Toad was unlockable in Melee by shooting every credit at the end of the game.
    • There is a persistent belief that Peach, Wario, Pit, Meowth, among many other characters, were planned for inclusion in Smash 64. However, outside of for Bowser, Mewtwo, and Dedede, no such official source exists that states these characters were planned for inclusion.
    • Quite a few supposed "leaks" of the fourth game's roster have surfaced. Rather tellingly, many of these are contradictory or include fan-favorite (though not entirely outside the realm of possibility) characters like K. Rool and Takamaru.
    • There's a fast-spreading rumor that the Dunk Hunt dog's canon name is "Mr. Peepers." As noted on the Duck Hunt trivia page, this is actually an old Fan Nickname.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • 64 was going to be an original fighting game by the name "Dragon King" with generic characters. Sakurai, knowing that fighting games at the time did not sell very well, had the idea of using Nintendo characters. Captain Falcon's moveset originates from this stage of development.
    • Characters were cut from Brawl's line-up, such as Mewtwo, Roy, Dixie Kong, Toon Zelda and Toon Sheik. Mewtwo in particular had a lot of unused data on Brawl's disc, suggesting he barely missed being on the Brawl roster and was the final cut.
    • According to Wikipedia, Snake was requested to be in Melee by Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima, but the game was already more than halfway finished.
    • There were plans to include real time damage in Brawl as well, with characters looking noticeably damaged if they received too much of a beatdown. Captain Falcon's helmet would become chipped, and Meta Knight's mask would have started to crack.
    • Melee had Ditto as a Poké Ball Pokémon. It would copy the summoner and attack everyone else. It was taken out because it crashed the console.
    • Interestingly enough Final Smashes were supposed to exist as far back as the original N64 game in the series apparently voice clips were recorded for them in the N64 version which were left unused along with left over data in the game of the Final Smashes which were also left unused, the concept was held off and not revived until Brawl for one reason or another.
    • Had MOTHER 3 not been delayed at the time, Ness would have been replaced by Lucas in Melee.
    • Bowser, Mewtwo, and King Dedede were planned for inclusion in Smash 64, but ended up being cut, presumably because of space constraints.
    • According to an official post on the series's Miiverse community, the Villager was considered to be included in Brawl, but was scrapped due to being unsuited to battle. However, Sakurai later changed his mind, thinking he would be a unique character and make the game more interesting.
    • Ridley was not always intended to be a boss in The Subspace Emissary. In-game data suggests that he was originally going to be an Assist Trophy, but this was changed presumably to spruce up the game's story mode by adding in more name power.
    • According to an issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly that was showcasing early GameCube games, the creators mentioned trying to implement Assist Trophies in Melee. One of the ones mentioned in the magazine were the ducks from Duck Hunt who would fly around the stage and interfere with the fight.
    • Marth and Roy were originally going to be Regional Bonuses for the Japanese version. They were put in the Western version due to favorable attention from Western playtesters.
    • Leif was in the running to be Marth's clone but Roy won out due to his fire based abilities. Marth has a Leif inspired palette swap as a result.
    • Sakurai considered including Lucina, Dark Pit, and Dr. Mario as Alph/Koopaling-type alternate costumes for Marth, Pit, and Mario respectively, but eventually made them into their own playable characters since their attacks have different properties, which to Sakurai is enough reason for them to be their own characters, albeit a clone/semi-clone.
    • Sakurai stated in interviews that, while they did manage to get Ice Climbers to work fine on the Wii U, they had trouble getting them to work properly on the 3DS system due to hardware limitations (as original model, pre-"New 3DS," 3DS systems cannot handle eight fighters on screen at once and still maintain a smooth framerate). Because of Sakurai's desire to not have "version exclusive characters" (a la Soulcalibur II), he ultimately decided to remove Ice Climbers entirely and focus on including characters that can perform better on the 3DS.
    • Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening was considered, but was replaced by Robin (the customizable player character from the same game) due to finding Robin to be more unique compared to Chrom (as Sakurai felt he probably would have been much too similar to other Fire Emblem characters already included in the game).
  • The Wiki Rule: SmashWiki, one of a few. Interestingly, the Mario Wiki has a pretty extensive section on Super Smash Bros., with it apparently being considered a Spin-Off from Super Mario Bros. However, its Smash content is not quite as voluminous or comprehensive as SmashWiki's. Divinipedia, the Kid Icarus Wikia, has a similar section on Smash (fittingly, as the wiki acknowledges that Brawl marked Pit's grand re-emergence into the gaming world), though not as detailed as even the Mario Wiki's content.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things:
    • Sakurai has stated he will be tweeting less. His reasoning — and he is 100% correct — is that whenever he talks about a video game he enjoys, overspeculative fans take it as a cue for the game's representative being in the next Super Smash Bros.
    • Because of people uploading The Subspace Emissary cutscenes from Brawl onto the internet, there are no cutscenes in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (there will, however, be Classic Mode/All-Star Mode clear movies for each of the characters, as well as an opening cutscene on the Wii U version), as Nintendo, and Sakurai in particular, are uncomfortable with a scene where people don't need to actually play the game to enjoy the development- and space-intensive cutscenes.
    • In the fourth installment, the only time Mii Fighters can be used online is when playing with friends in private matches due to the GIFT making it possible — and inevitable — to come across inappropriate or offensive Miis.

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