Awesome Music / SNK

SNK may be best known for their assembly line of cheap, sadistic bastards, but hey, at least the stellar soundtracks made the beatdown something to look forward to. Enjoy! All tropers are encouraged to listen to these songs ASAP.

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    The King of Fighters 

    Fatal Fury/Garou Densetsu 

    Art of Fighting/Ryuuko No Ken 

    Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits 

    Metal Slug 
  • The 2-players ending theme from the original Metal Slug. There's also a vocal version.
  • The original version of Final Attack that shows up since Metal Slug 2 and it's so badass that it became the most recurrent leitmotif in the series. The two times the original version is used, you're fighting a mothership with Morden's army or engaging into a dramatic showdown with Rootmars. Anyway, this song is guaranteed to make you feel badass enough to fight an entire army and win.
  • A staple Boss Battle Music that spans across all games (save 5): Steel Beast.
  • Metal Slug 3 keeps the trend of awesome music alive.
  • The only thing Metal Slug 4 didn't recycle was the music, and it is amazing:
    • Secret Place (misnamed "Furiously" on the OST). Especially when the piano part starts playing.
    • Snowy Road ("Let's Run Through!" on the OST) sounds like a James Bond theme cranked up to eleven.
    • Furiously ("Secret Place" on the OST) may be the most ominous boss theme in the series.
  • Metal Slug 5 may be unfinished, but it still manages to have the most hard-rocking soundtrack in the series:
  • If the soundtracks of Radiant Silvergun and any Cave shooter had a child together, the Metal Slug 6 soundtrack would be that child:
  • Metal Slug 7 picks up the awesome music gauntlet thrown down by the other games and hits back in kind.