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02:31:34 PM Nov 9th 2014
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Why Master Fortress is in spoiler tags? It was revealed in the "50 must-see things" Direct, so it's not really a spoiler...
03:35:34 PM May 13th 2010
edited by LostHero
I'm frankly a bit disappointed that the reference picture isn't really... scary. I mean, these are games where you fight two giant disembodied hands and that huge glowing guy who seems to be their god. Who is evil, and can <!—and did —> put your favorite characters in Suspended Animation until someone might find them someday, I might add. My point is, Dark Toon!Link doesn't seem quite frightening when compared to a good portion of your enemies.
07:17:51 PM Sep 11th 2014
Fella's got a point. I vote that we change the picture to Master Core once a better quality picture shows up.
12:41:44 PM Sep 21st 2014
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Agreed wholeheartedly. Dark Toon Link is a bit creepy at first, but then he just seems normal. Master Core... is not. EDIT: There's a high-quality version of it's official artwork on Smash Wiki.
03:33:43 PM May 13th 2010
edited by LostHero
Wow. Lotta nightmare fuel for a fighting game.
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