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Nightmare Fuel: Animal Crossing
Welcome to the wonderful world of Animal Crossing, where everything Tastes Like Diabetes... or not. Despite being one of Nintendo's lightest and softest yet, players can still find reasons to cringe at this seemingly harmless little series.
  • Lucky, a big-eared dog with the Lazy personality. The Nightmare Fuel kicks in as soon as you see him: his entire body is covered in gauze. There's a little patch over his left eye that shows utter blackness and a pure yellow eye. His default catchphrase is “rrr-owch.”
    • Lucky's house seems to be based off of Egyptian tombs. Not helping is the fact that he has K.K. Dirge playing in his house...
    • Luckily, Lucky has a "Lazy" personality, which softens the blow.
  • Furthermore, the City Folk/Let's Go To the City manual claims that Mr. Resetti might be this to younger players.
    • Funny enough, Resetti ended up being optional in New Leaf because according to Nintendo, he scared the younger players and even made a few cry in some cases. This can end up averted if you aren't the mayor, though. Even if you are not the mayor, this opens the Reset Center project FOR the mayor. And the devious siblings rejoiced.
  • In the original GameCube version the music plays at 11:00 p.m. as well as the music that plays at midnight can sound really spooky for such a lighthearted game like Animal Crossing.
    • The music at 2:00 a.m. also made many players jump because of how out of place it sounds compared to not only the rest of the late night music, but also the rest of the hourly music in the game.
  • 4 AM in New Leaf. While the music is unsettling enough on its own, an industrious Japanese player created an entire village meant to be visited in dream mode that is Creepy Pasta incarnate, and it is always 4 AM when visited.
    • Hey, I wonder why 4 AM always sounds so sc — Oh, riiiiiight.
    • I feel as if the 7 PM music somewhat falls under this category. It sticks out from the rest of the music played during the general time like a sore thumb. It has almost a creepy sense of urgency to it, almost as if sorrow is plaguing your character.
    • 12 AM in New Leaf begins with a Scare Chord that repeats throughout the song and has an unsettlingly fast-paced part after some instances of it. It sounds very out of place between the sad-sounding songs that play at 11 PM and 1 AM.
  • Coco. How many people have seen her walking around with her back turned, go to talk to the new villager and get a load of...this? No, her mouth is not open because she is shocked, she always looks like that.
    • Her face was probably meant to look like a Gyroid, or more likely, a coconut, but it's still sort of a strange face to give a character.
    • And guess what song is playing in her house? Yup, the aforementioned K.K. Dirge.
    • It gets worse. Gyroids are based upon Japanese clay figures that are buried with the dead. So, by extension, Coco could also easily be connected to these figures. This may also explain the choice to use K.K. Dirge in her house. This fact also contributes additional horror to other aspects of the game as well. For example...
  • In the GameCube version, if you were unlucky enough to not save when you're away travelling on the train, you lose your money, your items, and your face. Yep, imagine the horror of stepping out of your house, turning around to the camera and having an empty, gaping face. Empty eye sockets, open, expressionless mouth, warty skin, and a disturbing resemblance to a ReDead. Apparently, it was meant to resemble a Gyroid to remind you to save.
    • Perhaps this is the same fate that became of Coco.
  • Rasher. He's a boar with quite a few visible scars on him.
  • Phil, a new villager in New Leaf. He himself is not scary (and is actually very friendly). However, his face when he's surprised can be unnerving.
    • Similarly, Dotty, a peppy rabbit villager, gets red eyes when she's surprised.
    • Roscoe the horse is black with red eyes, but the whites of his eyes turn yellow when he gets angry.
  • In all games, the piranha, when in an aquarium, will repeatedly bash its head against the tank towards the player when they come close, clearly trying to bite the player. Though, it quickly becomes annoying after the initial shock wears off.
  • The tarantula in Wild World onwards. Thankfully rare, if it sees you approach carrying a bug net, it flips out and attacks you. The horrifying part of this is that your character PASSES OUT and the screen fades to black. Luckily you end up in front of your house no worse for the wear, but it's still a horrifying event in a game where the seemingly-worst fate for your character is being stung by bees.
    • The scorpion does the same. And the bees themselves aren´t much better. When you shake the trees, sometimes a beehive falls. Your character gets an Oh Crap expression and if you're not quick enough to capture one of them or run into either your or someone else's house, the bees will sting you mercilessly, causing some rather severe wounds on your face.
    • Though, these all quickly become more annoyances than anything. Either you use 400 bells for medicine and keep playing (if you got that far into New Leaf, if you're playing that), or you save and quit, then reload it. As for fainting and getting sent back, it just wastes time.
      • In New Leaf Uchi/Big Sister animals will give you free medicine upon noticing your stings.
  • With New Leaf came the possibility to share dream versions of your town via Internet. Inevitably, creepy places started popping up, like...
    • Aika, a village that does something unlike any other: it tells a story. It's a horror story filled with more interpretations than this game has items. It's all VERY unsettling and completely out of place in such a cute series as Animal Crossing. The dream address is 2600-0218-7298.
      • Hypno K.K., a song that is terrifying in its own right, has been infamously used with Aika village to the point where the song can barely be brought up without any mention of the town.
      • There's also K.K. Synth, used in a maze in one of the houses. It combines Nightmare Fuel by being rather sad.
      • It is actually possible to become temporarily trapped in one of the player houses. One house's main room is a maze made up of barely-visible blocks and stools that you have to jump on and rotate. When leaving the room at the end, it's possible for the player villager that owns the house to show up. Due to the layout of the house, the villager will spawn in such a way to block any exit from the house, forcing you to wait until they leave.
    • Although the dream town is not completely empty, it still feels creepily vacant; insects and fish never spawn, main street is blocked off by a perpetually frozen train, and the town hall is closed. However, the worst has to be Re-Tail, sounding almost post-apocalyptic; when interacting with the door to the shop, it reads,
      "Re-Tail: Temporarily closed forever."
      • Though granted, every Re-Tail in the dream world says that. But Aika's atmosphere makes it feel like it just "shouldn't" be like that, despite being normal.
      • Every dream Main Street is also blocked by a train, softening things a bit... But, again, given Aika's atmosphere, it still works. It almost makes you wonder what Main Street would look like if it could be altered to match the rest of the town.
    • Another horror village is Hitokui, the cannibal village. While it's not as ambiguous or well-known as Aika, it's very detailed and disturbing. You can find an in-depth walkthrough here.
    • There's also the town of Shachipanda, which features a little girl, a fallen superstar, a drug addict, and some very creepy basements. The dream code is 2100-0784-7385
      • In a previous version of the town, the two girls were occasionally represented by two actual villagers: Francine and Chrissy, a pair of rabbits who are popular to have as a matching pair and are frequently interpreted to be sisters. The things that were implied to happen to the girls of Shachipanda, mainly to Yamii/Chrissy, weren't exactly fun; imagine applying that to one's own Chrissy. The town has since been updated and lost most of the creepy rooms (aside from a special few), but tours of the previous version still exist.
    • 4800-2398-3734 is a town called Aniville that gives off the boarding school of horror well as some Silent Hill feelings to it...
    • Although not an actual Dream Town, with Animal Crossing Plaza for the Wii U allowing people to share Dream Town codes, Video Game Cruelty Potential arose. Simply put, people could share these or even MAKE THEIR TOWN scary, and then people wanna just kick that Wii U controller.
  • New Leaf also gives us the 3:33am alien message, only available on Sunday and Monday.
  • The original Animal Crossing started up with a voice saying "Nintendo" that differs depending on how many times you've loaded the title screen without powering down, with the cycle repeating. Eventually, it will start up with a deep voice saying "Nintendo" not unlike the one in Luigi's Mansion, and then while it usually shows a random character walking around, this time it shows a villager carrying an axe randomly chopping down trees. Here's an example of this
  • One of the possible conversations between "Grumpy" and "Peppy" villagers. It starts off innocent enough, but the conversation ends up saying "I keep an (insert random object here) under my pillow when I sleep" from the Peppy villager. In this Peppy villager's case, she says "I keep a knife under my pillow when I sleep". The Grumpy villager will have a look of shock and says she's nuts as the chat ends. Though just awkward randomness, it is very unsettling.
  • In New Leaf, one of the reasons an Uchi villager can give for wanting to move is because she wants to take part in a turf war, mistakenly thinking they're just throwing dirt around. It's mitigated by the fact that moved out villagers occasionally visit your Main Street, but still!
  • When you accidentally hit a villager with a net. Nothing is more scary than the fear that they hate you.
  • Surprisingly, villagers unexpectedly coming over for a visit can be this. Being in another room, only to suddenly lose control of your character while dialogue and a villager come out of nowhere can really make one jump.
  • A few gyroid families are quite creepy, if you don't think all gyroids are creepy. All of these families fall under the "Quirky" interior theme, which says something.
    • The Howloids are a vibrant red, magenta, and purple (Mega, Regular, Mini respectively) and have domed heads. Their facial holes feature a turned down mouth outlined in blue, and bags under their eyes, making them look like they're screaming. Oh, and they do, with a "bending down and covering face" and "spreading arms when rising" motion.
    • The Freakoids (two sizes, Mega and Mini) are both purple and blue with flat-topped eye holes and look like they have stringy hair, with lines under their caps. They also have a hole to be a nose, and a half-circle for a mouth, flat side down. They have the same motions as the Howloids and sound like crying babies.
    • The Lamentoids invoke Uncanny Valley by gyroid standards. They are brown gyroids in the four standard sizes, but their faces aren't the usual holes, but painted like an African tribal mask. They make a sound like a deep tumbling bell, but their colorful face paint is really unnerving.
    • The Poltergoids are more spooky than creepy, but they are pretty strange. All four are beige gyroids with two large circular eyeholes and several small mouth holes forming a creepy smile, making them resemble a skeleton. They have square designs on their base and rim of their caps. They make a rapid vibrating rattle, like a stereotypical ghost.
  • If you tell a villager you're going to do them a favor, forget to (or couldn't find the other villager you were supposed to) and leave, then you return after a long time, then that villager you were doing the favor for is going to be MAD when you return. If you've forgotten about the favor in the first place, then this can be really alarming and confusing.
  • When you catch a flea off of a jock villager, one response has them thanking you for 'saving their bacon'. This is disturbing when you realize there are numerous sentient pig villagers that, sometime in the past, had to have been killed for food.
    • Even worse, there are a total of five jock pig villagers that can thank you for saving their bacon, indicating they're comfortable with this fact.

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