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Awesome: Animal Crossing
  • Awesome Music:
    • Go K.K. Rider!
  • The Animal Crossing series is getting the Villager as its representative in Super Smash Bros.!
  • Whenever you pay up your home loan or buy/find something very rare. Especially if it's a Coelacanth.
    • Your character even does his/her own Happy Dance after paying up the loan or earning a new badge.
  • Catching a bee is a horrendously difficult task. It's INCREDIBLY satisfying to pull it off.
    • Catching a tarantula or scorpion also counts, as they are rare spawns, they move much faster than bees, and like bees will incapacitate you if you fail.
  • In the original, catching a banded dragonfly is just as, if not more so, difficult. Catching one is incredibly awesome.
  • The fortune in New Leaf that reads, "When all else fails, don't forget to Show them your moves."
  • When you first move into town in New Leaf. There are barely any villagers, Nookling Junction barely has any room to walk around inside, almost all the stores downtown are abandoned and boarded up. Then you came along, downtown eventually getting tons of new stores, a salon, a nightclub, (where K.K Slider MC's nightly) Nookling Junction becoming a megamall, new stuff built like a lighthouse, a coffee shop, police station, cozy bridges, a bigger museum and redone town hall. Yeah, you changed a dull little burg into a bigger better place to enjoy. Aside from that, your character just being a good friend to the animals and planting trees and watering flowers. In other words: "You" are a crowning moment of awesome (Unless you play just to be a jerk) to the animals every time you play.
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