Nightmare Fuel: Street Fighter

The games

  • Seth is completely naked, but his cybernetic implants manage to hide his unmentionables. Full-Frontal Assault, indeed.
    • Subverted just slightly in one of his downloadable alternate costumes: it gives him pants and boots, which eliminate the first part, but contribute more to the second part due to the pants being extremely tight.
    • His Ultra Combo from IV. If he can do that, imagine what else he could do to you.
    • The BLECE weapon Seth is working on is a pretty gruesome thing. It releases an energy that causes cells to boil and explode, hardly a pleasant sounding way to die.
  • In his Big Bang Tornado, Rufus starts to spin on the place really, really fast. While doing so, however, it looks like his head is standing perfectly still, watching at the player with scary, evil eyes. If you look closely when the game goes into slow motion though, you can see him spinning his head. He's just spotting to keep from getting dizzy, and he's just doing it really fast.
  • Certain move animations of Akuma's are accompanied with the creepy, otherworldly sound of what appears to be children laughing. This is never explained, but a popular theory is that since Akuma has power over death, this is the sound of lost souls laughing as Akuma condemns his victim.
  • Evil Ryu. Remember in Alpha when he was just tanned with a black gi instead of a white one? A rather badass palette swap. Here? He's got Shin Akuma's torn purple gi instead (ala Super Saiyan Goku vs Frieza), spiky red devil hair, glowing red eyes, elongated canines, and a huge hole burned in his chest with Akuma's flaming symbol burned into his back, both of which spout lava . He looks like a zombie straight out of Resident Evil or like Akuma merged with or hijacking Ryu's body Xehanort style.
  • If anything, Oni may be even worse, considering it's Akuma, but there are No. Holds. Barred. Even worse are his victory and game over animations. If he wins against a character, you'll get to see the lighthearted depiction of Oni slamming your character into the ground as they have a near-dying expression on their faces. In his game over animation, it's implied that he dies.
  • One has to wonder what happened to Juri to make her the really crazy way she is. She's plenty of this already in game canon, considering the way she hits on her victims before she beats the tar out of them.
  • The defeated portraits in Street Fighter II show the characters suffering injuries ranging from bumps and bruises to bleeding wounds, along with expressions of pain on their faces. A notable example is Blanka, whose portrait made it appear as if his eyes were coming out of his head.
    • In Super Street Fighter II, take a good look at Zangief's defeated portrait's left eye. Not only it looks like it's about to pop out too, but the socket's bloody as well. O U C H.
    • The defeated characters' poses in Street Fighter III: Second Impact are also pretty freaky, especially Akuma's and Oro's. The former spits out green blood in a freaky way, while the latter's eyes sockets appear empty, making him look like a zombie.
      • Some characters, like Urien, look as if they were literally beaten to death. Ken, on the other hand, looks horrendously disfigured.
  • One of the bad endings for Street Fighter Alpha 3 has the face of a statue in the background of the Thailand stage opening up to reveal a Shadaloo superweapon. Quite a creepy surprise.
    • If you lose to M. Bison in Alpha 3, you can't continue. You're forced to watch as he stuffs your beaten character into a machine to power his Psycho Drive, which kills them in the process. He then proceeds to take over the world, destroying cities with the weapon. The music for the fight with him, titled "Brave or Grave," really sets the mood.
  • Matter of fact, some of Bison's endings show how horrific The Bad Guy Wins can be. In Street Fighter II and its revisions, without anyone left to face him, he goes on to conquer the world. Pretty standard-fare for a villain, but since Super gave the bosses illustrated endings, we could see in effect what Bison's brand of world takeover amounts to: he destroys entire cities with his power alone. Then, in Street Fighter Alpha 2, he kidnaps Ryu and subjects him to experiments entailing mental torture. And Street Fighter Alpha 3 doesn't need introductions: it's the same as the other characters' Bad Ending, except you fight Ryu in the final stage, and Bison uses him to power the Psycho Drive and destroy entire cities.
    • In the Dreamcast version of Alpha 3, Ryu goes inside the Psycho Drive to try to gain Bison's powers... which is exactly what the dictator wanted. Ryu is trapped inside, and it ends on him screaming for help as Bison prepares to make Ryu his new host body.
  • The deal with the Dolls is already scary, but Decapre's side of it is even worse. Not only she's the only of the non-Cammy Dolls who wasn't kidnapped and brainwashed, but she's a *clone* of Cammy, meaning that unlike the other girls, she doesn't have a past life or anything outside of constant experimentation by Shadaloo. And this is made worse because after the deals in Alpha and the beatdown from Juri, her body is decaying and she's about to die. The effects on her body and mind are terrifying.
  • Bison's Dolls are girls who were kidnapped and brainwashed to become super soldiers. Most of them remember nothing of their past lives, are completely loyal to Bison, and even after Bison's death, the nightmare doesn't end. In Iv, Seth plans to experiment on them all until they die, and Juni and Juli are traumatized so badly that Juni can't remember anything and Juli is near-catatonic.

Anime and Manga

  • Imagine rejecting an interview from a pretty woman due to being busy. That's nothing outta the blue, right? Well, then imagine that said pretty woman is actually a Manipulative Bitch (with a Hidden Heart of Gold and her own agenda, but you won't learn that for a long time) who then goes after your spouse, gives her an apparently innocent doll (which is rigged), and later kidnaps said spouse to manipulate you and your best friend, who also is dealing with a powerful Enemy Within of sorts and you cannot do a lot to help him. And also said woman ends up torturing another friend of yours and provoking your best friend into a Roaring Rampage of Revenge caused by said Enemy Within, which only another of your friends can stop though at great risk to herself. The Ties that Bind invokes quite the Adult Fear, and it proves to be quite the nightmare on Ken Masters; now, try putting yourself in his shoes, and you'll see how it's sheer HELL and massively fucked up.


  • The UDON comic book has a cameo of Dr. Wily under Bison's employ, studying a captive T. Hawk.
  • Decapre's unmasked face is heavily scarred on one side, and she suffers from Clone Degeneration.
  • The final step in Bison's mental conditioning of the Dolls? Send them home to kill their grieving families.

The cartoon

  • "Getting to Guile" had Bison captured and brainwash Guile into attacking the heroes by giving him surreal nightmares.
  • In "Cammy and the Bachelor," Bison awakens Cammy as his sleeper agent with a deadly glare, completely turning the tide of battle in his favor.