Nightmare Fuel / Street Fighter
This place shall become your grave.
While not nearly as violent or horrifying compared to Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter is no slouch in the Nightmare Fuel department either!

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    The Games 


  • M. Bison. (now pictured to the right) The man is, without question, the most terrifying character in the entire series. He's a fucking literal nightmare in every sense of the description. He's not just a tyrannical dictator hell-bent on world conquest; he's evil incarnate. He willingly purged himself of any and all good qualities for a power that turned him into a Physical God and is fueled by every negative emotion under the sun. Sorrow, hatred, name it, he gets stronger from it. As Long as There is Evil, so too shall there be Bison, and the Shadaloo crime syndicate is his engine. The horrible atrocities he commits are nothing more than a means to strengthen, sustain, and entertain himself. The only thing that can stop him is if his body is either destroyed by someone else or by his own power exceeding its limits, at which point he just hops into another body. And if story details of V are to be believed, despite his current body being the last known existing one and having all avenues of getting a new body destroyed, he may not actually need one anymore, since he's now a ghost that may be able to live without a corporeal form.
    Anyone who opposes me will be destroyed.
  • All of the Shadaloo fighters have some frightening aspects, but Vega is easily the worst of the lot- seeming more like a slasher villain then a martial artist. Setting aside his Uncanny Valley mask and vicious claw, the man is a completely ruthless Ax-Crazy killer who can go from calm, refined (though condescending) conversation to screaming, raging bloodlust over even the slightest injury to his face. Worse, when he's not fighting in tournaments or carrying out Bison's orders, Vega passes his time with serial murder- stalking and killing innocent people whom he deems ugly with no Supernatural Martial Arts to protect themselves with.
  • Certain move animations of Akuma's are accompanied with the creepy, otherworldly sound of what appears to be children laughing. This is never explained, but a popular theory is that since Akuma has power over death, this is the sound of lost souls laughing as Akuma condemns his victim(s).
    • Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu. The screen turns black, you see a flurry of Hit Flashes, and, if the attack finishes off the target, you hear a distinct scream, the kanji for "Heaven" appears in the background, Akuma stands with his back turned to the camera, and his opponent just lays there. To top it off, most games will NOT call out "K.O." when this happens; the implication is that the victim isn't just knocked out, they're dead. Then there's the lore behind the technique: Akuma drags himself and the victim into Hell and they each take a blow for each of their past sins. Already scary enough for the target who will likely leave the mortal world for good in a few seconds, but also consider that the user can kill themselves with this technique. It's a good thing that Gameplay and Story Segregation ensures that in in-game matches, the worst that can happen to the user is that they leave themselves open for a typical counterattack.
  • Some aspects of Dhalsim can be nightmarish. For one, the fact that he wears the skulls of children as part of a necklace. His official bio says that he does this out of remembrance for the children in his village who died in a plague, but you're not going to know that at first glance. To newcomers, he'll probably appear less "Martial Pacifist who fights to save his village" and more like "Jungle tribe cannibal with freaky powers who eats children for breakfast". Second, the fact that a martial artist who looks emaciated is fighting among muscled and physically healthy opponents. If it weren't for his Supernatural Martial Arts and Richard Reed-esque stretching power, he's gonna get pummeled very quickly. Third, his establishment as the series' Nice Guy can make his "I will meditate, and then destroy you" victory quote from the original SFII extremely jarring.

Street Fighter I

  • While not as well-known as its successor below, its defeated portraits were nothing to sneeze at, either. A prime example would be poor Joe, who apparently had one eye completely gouged out.
  • When it isn't unintentionally hilarious, the heavily digitized voice acting can be somewhat creepy, especially the Evil Laugh at the end of the quote that plays when you lose to any of the opponents.

Street Fighter II

  • The defeated portraits in both the original SFII and its sequel versions show the characters suffering injuries ranging from bumps and bruises to bleeding wounds, along with expressions of pain on their faces. A notable example is Blanka in the CPS1 games, as two of his portraits made it appear as if his eyes were falling out of his head.
    • While the Super Nintendo and PC Engine ports use the calmer and more basic portrait, the Sega Genesis port actually uses Blanka's more expressive portrait for some reason. If that weren't enough, just like the arcade version, the Genesis port actually fully animates the original 8 characters' portraits for the continue screen.
    • Guile's portrait suffers from a bloody, broken nose, is clutching onto his chest as if he's going to have a heart attack, and is breathing as if he's gasping for air.
    • In Super Street Fighter II, take a good look at Zangief's defeated portrait's left eye. Not only it looks like it's about to pop out too, but the socket's bloody as well. Ouch.
  • Akuma's first reveal in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, where he suddenly sneaks up on Bison and kills him before challenging you to a fight. It's well known for being a completely unexpected "Holy shit!" moment. But when you think about it, knowing Akuma's motives in hindsight, he may have been keeping tabs on you the entire time, hiding in the dark unnoticed until the boss battle, where he decides to judge you worthy of a duel to the death. And if you fail to defeat him... well, you might as well sign your own will.

Street Fighter Alpha I-III

  • One of the bad endings for Street Fighter Alpha 3 has the face of a statue in the background of the Thailand stage opening up to reveal a Shadaloo superweapon. Quite a creepy surprise.
    • If you lose to M. Bison in Alpha 3, you can't continue. You're forced to watch as he stuffs your beaten character into a machine to power his Psycho Drive, which kills them in the process. He then proceeds to take over the world, destroying cities with the weapon. The music for the fight with him, titled "Brave or Grave," really sets the mood.
    • Matter of fact, some of Bison's endings show how horrific The Bad Guy Wins can be. In Street Fighter II and its revisions, without anyone left to face him, he goes on to conquer the world. Pretty standard-fare for a villain, but since Super gave the bosses illustrated endings, we could see in effect what Bison's brand of world takeover amounts to: he destroys entire cities with his power alone. Then, in Street Fighter Alpha 2, he kidnaps Ryu and subjects him to experiments entailing mental torture. And Street Fighter Alpha 3 doesn't need introductions: it's the same as the other characters' Bad Ending, except you fight Ryu in the final stage, and Bison uses him to power the Psycho Drive and destroy entire cities.
    • In the Dreamcast version of Alpha 3, Ryu goes inside the Psycho Drive to try to gain Bison's powers... which is exactly what the dictator wanted. Ryu is trapped inside, and it ends on him screaming for help as Bison prepares to make Ryu his new host body.
  • The story of Bison's elite assassination squad, the Dolls, is a fucking nightmare. Twelve teenage girls kidnapped by Shadaloo agents from around the world, with their families and relatives never knowing what happened to them, and subjected to heavy brainwashing and experimentation in order to turn them into the perfect killing machines. They have no personalities whatsoever, save for complete devotion and loyalty to Bison. They're even mindlinked to Bison so that if he dies, they'll die, too. And despite their high success rate, when they manage to locate and capture Ryu for Bison, he rewards them not with promotions or vacations and all that jazz, but by commanding them to die, which prompts all of them to betray their master. But when they're finally freed from Bison's control, they don't even get to enjoy their newfound freedom because their brainwashing goes so deep that they literally can't function without Bison, which crosses into Tear Jerker territory. And it's widely believed by the fandom that Bison might have been doing a lot more than just brainwashing those poor girls...

Street Fighter III

  • The defeated characters' poses in Street Fighter III: Second Impact are pretty freaky, especially Akuma's and Oro's. The former spits out green blood in a freaky way, while the latter's eyes sockets appear empty, making him look like a zombie. Notably, these are the first and thus far, only games in the SF series to depict male characters shedding tears after being beaten.
    • Some characters, like Urien, look as if they were literally beaten to death. Ken, on the other hand, looks horrendously disfigured.
    • On the subject of tears, this becomes very jarring if the victor's quote implies that the loser is about to be killed. Example: Dhalsim stating that "I will meditate, and then destroy you," after having just defeated Chun-Li in the original SFII.

Street Fighter IV

  • Seth is completely naked, but his cybernetic implants manage to hide his unmentionables. Full-Frontal Assault, indeed.
    • Subverted just slightly in one of his downloadable alternate costumes: it gives him pants and boots, which eliminate the first part, but contribute more to the second part due to the pants being extremely tight.
    • His Ultra Combo from IV. If he can do that, imagine what else he could do to you.
    • The BLECE weapon Seth is working on is a pretty gruesome thing. It releases an energy that causes cells to boil and explode, hardly a pleasant sounding way to die.
  • In his Big Bang Tornado, Rufus starts to spin on the place really, really fast. While doing so, however, it looks like his head is standing perfectly still, watching at the player with scary, evil eyes. If you look closely when the game goes into slow motion though, you can see him spinning his head. He's just spotting to keep from getting dizzy, and he's just doing it really fast.
  • This game's version of Evil Ryu. Remember in Alpha when he was just tanned with a black gi instead of a white one? A rather badass palette swap. Here? He's got Shin Akuma's torn purple gi instead (ala Super Saiyan Goku vs Frieza), spiky red devil hair, glowing red eyes, elongated canines, and a huge hole burned in his chest with Akuma's flaming symbol burned into his back, both of which spout lava . He looks like a zombie straight out of Resident Evil or like Akuma merged with or hijacking Ryu's body Xehanort style.
  • One has to wonder what happened to Juri to make her the really crazy way she is. She's plenty of this already in game canon, considering the way she hits on her victims before she beats the tar out of them.
  • The deal with the Dolls is already scary, but Decapre's side of it is even worse. Not only she's the only of the non-Cammy Dolls who wasn't kidnapped and brainwashed, but she's a *clone* of Cammy, meaning that unlike the other girls, she doesn't have a past life or anything outside of constant experimentation by Shadaloo. And this is made worse because after the deals in Alpha and the beatdown from Juri, her body is decaying and she's about to die. The effects on her body and mind are terrifying.
  • Although SFIV's Ultra attacks often contain Visual Effects of Awesome, some of them are executed so brutally that you have the instinctive urge to wince every time your chosen character is subjected to an Ultra.
  • Oni. He's basically a blue-skinned, demonic version of Akuma, except this time there are No. Holds. Barred. Even worse are his victory and game over animations. If he wins against a character, you'll get to see the lighthearted depiction of Oni slamming your character into the ground as they have a near-dying expression on their faces. In the losing character's game over animation, it's implied that he/she dies.
  • The fate of the Dolls in IV. In Alpha III they had a Hope Spot in E. Honda's ending, where he gives them a place to stay and teaches them sumo wrestling. Here, they are stored in capsules while unconscious, subjected to a brutal Curb-Stomp Battle by Juri (who also uses Juni as a human shield in a fight against Cammy), and presumably subjected to experiments by Seth until they expire. Juli and Juni manage to escape their fates, but Juli is near-catatonic and completely unable to respond to external stimuli, while Juni, who got off lucky by comparison, is so traumatized by her past ordeals that she can't remember anything.

Street Fighter V

  • Getting blown up is never fun but Charlie can probably tell you first hand it's less about the explosion and more about what would have to be done in order to get you back on your feet that's unsettling. The exposed parts of his body in Street Fighter V tell a chilling tale of what he probably had to go through after his Heroic Sacrifice: large swaths of skin having to be grafted to his body (including a sizable chunk of his head) and whoever did it probably didn't have access to the best equipment, given that the skin patches are held in place by large staples (instead of stitches) and are a sickly green color, meaning that they may have had to use skin that wasn't the most appropriate for his body for lack of anything better. Then there's the Power Gem pulsating on his forehead. Maybe it's there to make him stronger (since it does seem to give him amazing abilities) but it could also be there simply as his only real means of life support.
    • The things he does to his opponents are not very comforting either. While it's not explicitly shown, Charlie's attack on Chun-Li in his gameplay trailer has him ambushing her unawares and and all we see after that is the screen going black as Chun-Li screams in terror. Just the thought of imagining of what is being done to Chun-Li at that moment invokes massive Nothing Is Scarier. In terms of story, Charlie's transformation from the patriotic beacon of justice in the Alpha series to the murderous horror in Street Fighter V is pretty much Nightmare Fuel on its own; to be specific, imagine how Charlie's friends (who all thought he's dead for years) would react if they saw him actually alive and well, only to find that he's nothing like the person they used to remember him as.
      • More recent gameplay videos have revealed exactly what he does during his new super, called "Judgment Saber". After appearing behind the opponent, he creates a vertical Sonic Boom in the shape of a blade and chops downward, sending energy cutting into the opponent from their head down to their waist. And he gives his signature "Too easy!" quote from Alpha 3, but instead of sounding cheerful, it sounds completely devoid of emotion and almost condescending. Jesus...
    • His story mode manages to be simultaneously horrifying and heartbreaking by confirming that his Alpha 2 ending, the one where he's betrayed by his fellow Air Force unit and shot via helicopter before being sent careening off a Venezuelan waterfall, is the canon ending. One has to wonder what was going through his mind during that moment. A paragon of justice and virtue, betrayed by those he once called comrades. Cruel and Unusual Death doesn't even begin describe it...
  • SFV introduces four new characters to the series. One of these four is Necalli, a wild savage straight out of the ancient Aztec with a vicious, bestial fighting style and appearance. He has no real finesse to his style, rather he brutally pounds his opponent into submission with animalistic strikes and stomps. He only gets scarier with the knowledge that his wild exterior and mannerisms hide an underlying genius and a serious cruel streak. For reasons currently unknown, he also twitches erratically and stutters his speech. Almost everything about him is completely unknown, except that he seeks out fights to the death. However, unlike Akuma's cynical yet noble competitive mindset, Necalli does so out of a sadistic "hunger" for strong souls. His alias, "The Soul Consuming Darkness" now makes almost literal sense.
    (Vs. Chun-Li) "Don't st... struggle. There is no escape from me."
    (Vs. Ibuki) "Do not wa... wail so. I will soon co... consume your fledgling soul."
    • His win pose in general. His win pose has him grab his defeated opponent and hold them up to the sky like Oni. Unlike Oni, who slams his opponent down face first, presumably killing them, we never see what Necalli does to his opponents. And taking some of his winquotes into account, perhaps it's better that way.
    • For even more Nightmare Fuel, much like Q, whenever Necalli is electrocuted, we never see a skeleton. Instead, all there is is an empty black silhouette. What the hell is he?!
    • Necalli's story mode manages to make him even more horrifying than before and puts his win pose in an all-new unsettling light by showing us just how he "consumes" his victims. To call it disturbing would be a massive understatement. He basically uses his clay body to swallow his victims whole Majin Buu style. And his Story Mode has him do this to Ryu, Dhalism, and Bison! To make it worse, it's merely a prophecy, a sign of dark things to come. Necalli is as mysterious as he is frightening.
    • His teased reveal in Ken's V trailer was also frightening; you're watching Ken display his redesigned moveset and then comes the credits promoting the upcoming game... and then BAM, suddenly you're greeted with Necalli's face snarling at you all while giving you an intense Death Glare. Quite an effective Jump Scare and Establishing Character Moment for Necalli.
    • Remember Necalli's bio mentioning his ability to possess the bodies of animals? Turns out that it isn't an Informed Ability. The cinematic story mode has Charlie turning around to find a seemingly harmless sheep behind him. The "sheep" then shouts "Devour!" and melts into the visage of Necalli, who immediately attacks Charlie and attempts to devour him. Thankfully it's All Just a Dream, but still...
    • The Cinematic Story Mode throws on even more fuel to the fire. How is he able to get to his next prey so quickly, you ask? He melts into a puddle of black and red goo Angra Mainyu style.
  • While he has always been an insane, murderous psychopath, Vega takes those traits and cranks them Up to Eleven in V; whereas in IV his insanity was much more subdued in lieu of being condescending toward his opponents- in this game he laughs like a maniac after performing his Super, and makes completely deranged facial expressions when his mask is knocked off, especially during his Super and win pose. His taunt also has him contemplating where he should start carving you. Even his win quote dialogue, especially against female characters, is unsettling.
    Against Chun-Li: Bathing in your blood will be the best beauty treatment of all!
    Against Cammy: Your delusions, your despair...They all belong to me now.
    Against Kolin: I will carve you into something beautiful. I'll cut up that weak little heart of yours while I'm at it.
  • Another newcomer to the game is F.A.N.G, a Chinese assassin with the ability to manipulate poison who serves as Bison's chief scientist and right-hand man. In gameplay, he acts very silly with bizarre movements, weird winquotes and a hilarious Critical Art. In story, he's far more sinister, being a Social Darwinist in the extreme sense. He's essentially a younger, more insane version of Gen before the latter Took a Level in Kindness. The most disturbing thing about him is his Undying Loyalty to Bison. Vega and Balrog only serve Bison for their own interests, but F.A.N.G displays a disturbingly fanatical loyalty to him, gleefully following his every order, such as reprogramming the Dolls to be stronger and more loyal to Bison.
    • F.A.N.G's backstory is nightmarish as it is tearjerking. He was one of many children kidnapped by a cartel and forcibly exposed to various harmful poisons in order to learn how to kill using the "Poison Hands" technique. As the training induced a very high mortality rate, F.A.N.G grew up watching so many fellow students die at a young age that it turned him into a Determinator and Social Darwinist bent on surviving at all costs. The only reason why he didn't die along with his fellow assassins when they tried to kill M. Bison is because he wanted to see another day.
    • We also get a firsthand look at how dangerous the Poison Hand technique is. The cinematic story mode has F.A.N.G chasing a scientist that had betrayed Bison. The nonchalant way he chases her, causally skipping like a child, only adds to the creepiness of the scene. When he finally corners her, he impales her with his poisoned hand and the poison melts her away to nothing. While the sight of that moment is awesome, it goes straight back into being creepy just a few seconds later when F.A.N.G proceeds to eat her liquefied remains. Even the staff at Capcom decided this was far too graphic for a T-rated game, so they censored it for the final release. And then it turns out that the scientist was Rashid's missing friend.
    • As if that wasn't scary enough, he also shows no hesitation in threatening to do the same thing to both Sean and Li-Fen (who can't be older than 10-11 years old).
  • Losing a match against Urien, who's win pose has him firing a Metallic Sphere at his fallen opponent, presumably killing them off-screen.
  • Akuma makes his triumphant return with a brand-new version of the Shun Goku Satsu (Raging Demon). Remember in previous games where it was incredibly telegraphed? Now it starts up with no warning whatsoever outside of the special super-flash, and even THAT isn't enough time for you to prepare yourself, as it's incredibly fast like Shin Akuma's version of it. And then when you get caught by it, for the first time in series history, you get to actually see what happens when you get caught by it: Akuma brutally beats you to death by striking your vital areas from all angles at the speed of light.
    • More terrifying than that is his Story costume. The Satsui no Hado appears to be exceeding the limits of his body, much like Bison's Psycho Power. In this case, it leaves actual physical signs like Oni's alternate costume in IV. Akuma's skin has cracked and peeled away, leaving only the Satsui no Hado flowing within him to show itself.
    • Akuma defeats Necalli in his story mode only to be devoured by the latter. Then Necalli goes Creosote and explodes leaving only an unscathed Akuma.

    Anime and Manga 

Street Fighter II: The Animation

Street Fighter II V

  • Bison strangling Nash, Guile's friend, to death with his own bare hands.

Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation

  • The OVA's Big Bad Sadler kidnapping and using the young Shun to power the cyborg Rosanov and then siccing him upon Ken and Ryu so they can be provoked into unleashing the Satsui no Hado, knowing that Shun will get severely hurt during the fight.
  • Shun in general is a walking Nightmare Fuel when more of his true colors are revealed.
    • Him brutally beating down thugs that were picking on him and Ryu, it's not really that pleasant to watch even if it's a little boy beating up a group of adults.
    • Activating the Satsui no Hadou during the arena match against Zangief, complete with a demonic scream mixed with a child's voice.
    • When Ryu finds him Sadler's lab, he responds to him calling his name by turning around and attempting to fire a hadouken with a dead-look on his face, and then began screaming and thrashing about while Ryu just watches in horror.
    • When he is fused with the cyborg Rosanov, inside his abdomen and poking his head and hands out with a Slasher Smile on his face and talking in a monotone almost the entire time.

Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind

  • Imagine rejecting an interview from a pretty woman due to being busy. That's nothing outta the blue, right? Well, then imagine that said pretty woman is actually a Manipulative Bitch (with a Hidden Heart of Gold and her own agenda, but you won't learn that for a long time) who then goes after your spouse, gives her an apparently innocent doll (which is rigged), and later kidnaps said spouse to manipulate you and your best friend, who also is dealing with a powerful Enemy Within of sorts and you cannot do a lot to help him. And also said woman ends up torturing another friend of yours and provoking your best friend into a Roaring Rampage of Revenge caused by said Enemy Within, which only another of your friends can stop though at great risk to herself. The Ties that Bind invokes quite the Adult Fear, and it proves to be quite the nightmare on Ken Masters; now, try putting yourself in his shoes, and you'll see how it's sheer HELL and massively fucked up.

Super Street Fighter IV: Juri OVA

  • We get to see firsthand how dangerous, sadistic and unhinged Juri is. Her first mission is to take out former SIN personnel, but she takes it too far and gleefully massacres hundreds of innocent people as well, with a young child being the only survivor. There's also her beatdowns of the Dolls as well as Guile and Cammy, and the fact that she used Juni as a human shield when Cammy tries to attack her.

  • The UDON comic book has a cameo of Dr. Wily under Bison's employ, studying a captive T. Hawk.
  • Decapre's unmasked face is heavily scarred on one side, and she suffers from Clone Degeneration.
  • The final step in Bison's mental conditioning of the Dolls? Send them home to kill their grieving families.
  • You get a rather gruesome look into Vega's MO in the UDON series. We already know he's a vain narcissist who kills people for being ugly but it's how easy it is to set him off that's disturbing. Case in point: when tracking Ken to his Japanese hotel, he murders everyone he meets in the hall and corners Ken's fiance in their room. When he's momentarily distracted by Ken's arrival he gets a slap in the face from Eliza (as well he should have) and immediately he snaps and attempts run her through for touching his face if not for Ken grabbing his arm before he thrusts his claw into her throat. He also murders his own butler simply because his butler tried to make him feel better about the scar left from the slap, saying that it's hardly noticeable (but that is unacceptable for Vega since it implies that there is indeed a blemish on his face).
  • We all know the effects the Satsui no Hado has on Ryu... now imagine that happening to Sakura. Oh wait, we don't have to.
  • In The Life and Death(s) of Charlie Nash, a suspected Shadaloo agent blows himself up to escape capture by Nash, and a panel later we're treated to the very lovely sight of his charred corpse while Nash and his allies try to keep the agent's very young daughter from looking at her father's body.
  • In the SFIV OVA The Ties That Bind, we only get mentions of the fates of the victims who were subjected to the BLECE project. UDON's comic adaptation, however, shows what happened full-stop. At least one victim developed Body Horror.
  • The death of Dan's father Go Hibiki at the hands of Sagat in the issue Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li. First mentioned in Street Fighter Alpha II, UDON's interpretation shows what happened in its full graphical detail, with every panel detailing everything from Sagat's loss of his eye, to the brutal No Holds Barred Beat Down Sagat dishes out in retaliation.

    The Ruby-Spears Cartoon 
  • "Getting to Guile" had Bison captured and brainwash Guile into attacking the heroes by giving him surreal nightmares.
  • In "Cammy and the Bachelor," Bison awakens Cammy as his sleeper agent with a deadly glare, completely turning the tide of battle in his favor.