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The series as a whole

  • Broken Base: The series is extremely popular, but there are many fans who believe that Capcom is outright shilling this series to death, for several reasons. It certainly doesn't help that they've basically shoved Street Fighter into several titles already (Street Fighter X All Capcom being an example of this taken way too far) and announced Ultra Street Fighter IV, yet another add-on to the Street Fighter IV games. The announcement of Darkstalkers officially kicking the can (for now or forever possibly) and Ono's infamous comment "Street Fighter is definitely not dead" during said announcement finally did in Capcom's overall Fandom and the hatred for Street Fighter proceeded to rise to unprecedented levels.
    • Though the fact that the series is a known case of Capcom Sequel Stagnation ever since Street Fighter II. Many have mocked Capcom for doing this over the years on how the series has more reversions than actual sequels. Though some try to defend the reversions by how at least Capcom is being a lot more honest about them (and think that most fighting game sequels are usually reversions anyways).
    • Ryu, is he an exceptional example of the Warrior spirit who is one of the finest examples of how a Blood Knight can be a genuinely good person? Or is he a flat out generic "karate man" who doesn't have a life outside of fighting? The former often like to point out his Character Development in the Alpha series. While the latter often point that aside from the first game Ryu is very much a Supporting Protagonist in the main series.
    • Street Fighter V being revealed to be only on PlayStation 4 and PC has not been well received by Xbox One owners, while PlayStation fans say this is retribution for Rise of the Tomb Raider being a timed exclusive on Xbox platforms.
  • Fan Myopia: Fans have complained about whenever Street Fighter adaptations use Guile as The Hero when M. Bison is the Big Bad instead of Ryu even though Guile is well known as Bison's main arch-nemesis.
  • Fanon: It's a general consensus in the fandom that Ken beat Ryu when they met during the events of II. Ken promised not to marry Eliza until he defeated Ryu in a fair fight (during their match in Alpha 2, Ryu was preoccupied with other matters, namely the aftermath of his fights with Sagat and Akuma) and by the time of IV (one year later), Eliza is expecting a child and actually gives birth to Mel in SSFIV; Mel appears as a child in III.
    • Chun-Li's father is usually referred to as Dorai, which was the name given to him in II V. His Canon Name, if Capcom has even bothered to give him one, has yet to be disclosed. Similarly, she is usually given a surname of Xiang/Zhang (originating from the live-action movie, where all of the characters were given first and last names). It might actually be Chung, but this piece of info reportedly came from a source in the early '90s and was probably forgotten or kicked out of canon by Capcom. Recent games don't bother giving Chun-Li a full name (considering it isn't already her full name, i.e. "Li" as her given name and "Chun" as her surname).
    • And from the first live-action movie and American cartoon, several, such as Ryu's last name (Hoshi), Sagat's first name (Victor), Guile's full name and rank (Colonel William F. Guile), and since he was called Dr. Dhalsim in the movie, Dhalsim would be his last name.
    • In the EX series, a common theory claims that EX is meant to be a retelling of Street Fighter Alpha/Street Fighter II. This one isn't so far-fetched, given the appearance and apparent motivations of the cast, the SFII and SFA vets in particular.
    • Ibuki is highly subjected to this, particularly in rumors that she's the daughter of Geki from the original Street Fighter.
    • Fans often assume that the Shadow transformation from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter happens in the series as well. UDON even used it in the comic.
      • Until Capcom canonized it, Charlie Nash, which is the combination of his American and Japanese names.
      • Many fans claim Rose is a grown-up Anita from Darkstalkers.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
  • Foe Yay: Vega has a one-sided case with Chun-Li. She's a cop who's only concerned with arresting Bison (and him, by association) by any means necessary, but Vega shows concern for Chun-Li for the same reasons listed in the Pet the Dog entry below. As long as she is alive and oh so beautiful, he looks forward to the next time when they may cross paths.
  • Fountain of Memes: Any depiction of Bison, but especially the film's.
  • I Liked It Better When It Sucked: A minor example. The first live action film and the cartoon series are both meme fountains for their cheesiness. More faithful adaptations like Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie and the UDON comics, despite being well-regarded throughout the fandom, don't get quoted anywhere near as much.
  • Ugly Cute: Blanka. A green-skinned feral guy with fangs, clawed fingernails, and orange/red masses of hair on his head, chest, forearms and shins, who can electrify his opponents. But he loves his mother and friends (like his "master" Dan and Sakura), and can be very nice if he doesn't consider you a bad guy.

The first film

The American series

  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • In Guile's dream when Escher turns into, of all things, a werewolf. This being the episode "Getting to Guile."
    • The same episode had giant versions of the cast pushing Guile around. That's not even getting into the bacon house monster that Guile and Bison walk inside of in said dream sequence.
    • Every time Blanka flips out in later episodes.
    • Damnd, in the Final Fight episode, sticking electrical equipment into his mouth for what seems to be no apparent reason.
  • Bizarro Episode: "The Warrior King". Even if you knew about the crossover event that was going on at the time, the presence of the eponymous character, his homeworld depicted in the opening scene, and the orb that powers it just make the whole episode an Out-of-Genre Experience for the show.
  • Broken Base: There are plenty whom deem this show to be another laughably horrid adaptation of the series much like the 1994 movie. But the show does have its fans especially on how it was at least a lot more game accurate than the movie ever was. (For starters aside from Zangief everyone is at their proper alignments now compared to the movie.) The fact that the series became a bit more game accurate over the course of the second season did help.
    • Blanka being the mutated form of Charlie. Many decry it for being a wildly inaccurate subplot on how in the games Blanka and Charlie are completely different characters and that Shadaloo has nothing to do with Blanka. But some actually liked the idea behind this subplot as it gives Blanka a sense of actual importance in the storyline. (That and on how it seems cooler than being Dan Hibiki's sidekick.)
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Who else but: BISON!!!! (flames rise)
  • Fountain of Memes: "This.is.delicious!", "Bison!", "Naaaooooo!", "Yesh! YESH!", "No! Not the head-bite!"
  • Growing the Beard: The second season has several character arcs through its episodes (i.e. Blanka's accidental further mutation, a growing rivalry between Ken and Ryu, Cammy's brainwashing, and Bison's acquisition of an ancient healing statue that, over the course of the season, drives him to world-destroying insanity). All this and Final Fight, too!
  • Harsher in Hindsight: When Rose looks at her cards, the final one is "Doom", which is portrayed as a flaming tower. In almost every of her endings in the games, she bites the dust.
    • In "The Warrior King," Bison gains control of an orb that can create all sorts of weather and nature phenomenon and holds the world for ransom with it; one of his demonstrations of power is to create a flood in Tokyo, Japan. Fourteen years later...
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • "No one has ever defeated Sagat, and no one ever will!" Cut to Street Fighter IV, when Sagat is top tier...
    • Fans cried foul when Akuma merely "injured" Gouken. Then comes Street Fighter IV, which established that Gouken did not die and was simply hiding while recovering all this time.
  • Idiot Plot: In "No Way Out", the villains probably would have won if they just used the tanks to bust down the gate first.
  • Memetic Badass: Bison.
  • So Bad, It's Good
  • Wangst: Blanka is sometimes criticized as being incredibly whiny about the whole "Mutation" thing. In fairness, he was unwillingly mutated, but literally every single appearance that centered around him had him angsting in some way or another, despite common sense dictating that he get over it.
  • Watch It for the Meme: Admit it — you're watching to see Bison yell stuff in a hilarious manner.

UDON's comicbooks

  • Hilarious in Hindsight: There's one story in the New Generation GN where E. Honda and Hakan argue before the Olympic Wrestling Committee to have their respective sports represented in the games. They're outraged when they're told the next available spot for both sports would be in the 2032 games. The IOC dropped wrestling from the Olympics (starting in 2020) about two weeks after the GN came out.