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Nightmare Fuel: Street Fighter III
  • Yun and Yang are the same age in every game they appear in. Thankfully, their appearances in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Capcom vs. SNK 2 are non-canon, but even in their SFIV cameo, they look the same as ever. It really makes you squirm sometimes...
  • We don't know anything about Q, or if it's even a him, or if it's even human. He is a creepy looking figure in a trenchcoat with a seemingly metal expressionless face, he breaths heavily and grunts without talking in fights. Absolutely everything about him is unknown, and he could be anywhere at any time.
  • Twelve is overall quite creepy on his own, but what really takes the cake is the downright chilling voice he has while copying an opponent with the X-Copy Super Art... It must be heard to understand...

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